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Chicago Bulletin (Newspaper) - April 5, 1962, Chicago, Illinois The bulletin. Thursday. April 5, 1962 Pagi i Many prizes i to store for science fair winners prizes Worth More than $35,000 await the finalists at the Chicago Public schools 12th annual student science fair. April 12-15, in the museum of science and Industry. The 260 youngsters who finished on top among the More than 5.000 original entrants in the preliminary District fairs will exhibit projects in Competition for prizes that include 31 College scholarships Over $5,000 in . Savings Bonds and More than 20 expense trips to Industrial and military installations. Ten $1,000 College scholarships will be awarded by the Chicago student science fair inc., from funds donated by Chicago business firms according to Willis Gale co chairman of the fairs business Educa Tion advisory committee. Or Gale who is chairman of Commonwealth Edison company a executive committee Heads the fairs top committee with or. Benjamin c. Willis general superintendent of schools. Other scholarships include four of $2,000 each by the Chicago Tribune charities inc. One of $1,000 by the american broadcasting company and one of $750 by the Chicago heart association. There also will be 15 scholarships available from 13 educational institutions. Devry tech Nical Institute and Illinois Wesleyan University each Are awarding two. Others Are offered by augustan College Bradley University Carroll College Knox College Lake Forest College Lewis College Monmouth College Ripon College Roosevelt University Shimer College and Valparaiso University. The Bulle teen a $100 savings Bond will be Given to the student with the Best exhibit. Runner up Bond prizes will Range from $75 to $125. In addition $25 Bonds will be presented to students whose exhibits were selected to represent their school districts at the fair finals. Among other a a plums in store for the City fairs outstanding exhibitors Are a weeks sea cruise awarded by the . Navy to the student during the More than one on rate their clubs value to Hundred years since the first be Community through a Spe i. I boys club was founded boys Cial Dros ram of events. I a planning and framing Semi clubs of America have helped a11 boys of the Community Erwn a France 7957 Nae will toe presented by the millions of youngsters avoid the who arc 6-is years of age Are ave is in App need behaving the exhibit most closely a a of a Civ in a Pitfalls of juvenile delinquency invited to visit the club and or of it oms my Organiza related to naval defense 1 Chical a youth and grow up a _. At in Mission saturday april 7 from i nit a a trips to the National science1, 5 a Job a Rke a a a part citizens. Fair in Seattle Washington May 1-5, for two student winners Woodlawn monday�?4 ., games room a a a a la a a Quot a a it am u said France will University tournament 7 ., basketball set you til seminar Iii Auburn Park Woodlawn boys club sets special activities name area Man to youth commission drama sports science highlight area schools 0m and grow up to be useful Valu participate in activities during on and two teachers an air defense tour for a Chicago commission on the. I w a pm i youth welfare it was an 2 to 5 In the Auburn Park a. ,. Bounced recently. Methodist Church. W. 75th St. Today with the perils of de the program for the week is Char is Uve a a ecu. And s. Harvard ave. Lin Quency As grave As Ever Las follows _. Members of the seminar will serve As a boy club 6331 g student and his teacher to fort kick off youth program to be of Aye Bliss Texas ent air Force feed in the Community. The ease Colorado Springs and Joe b. Samples of the Chicago plans for the National boys Board. White Sands new Mexico to be youth welfare commission and dub week april 9-14 which will tuesday�?4 ., Robin Hood awarded by the . Army air Rev. Harold Burris pastor of can attention to the Success of Archery tournament 7 defense command also expense paid trips to the Illinois Junior Academy of science at University of Illinois Urbana May 10-12, for City fair award winners who wish to enter exhibits. In addition at least 18 industries will invite students and Tive director of the commission supervise the and 600 other clubs across game Between the senior boys component of the com country Are completing and members of the staff and Quot off member Stork ing in 8 Large Community areas. France came to the commission in november 1959, As a neighbourhood worker. For the Auburn Park Church will serve boy clubs in promoting jul Camp night for boys and on an orientation panel. Venile decency. Girls who have attended the.,.jip ast six months he has served committees in a Ennu Munro than our porn Chicago revs club Camps and nccint1i 4 participating in a now More than Ever a com �?7 a As assistant to the director of the seminar will discuss plans lamented judge Sidney a. Jones it also for those boys and Parent Community organization. One of and methods of organization in or 6611 Ingleside ave., chair who would like to go to a amp the 3 a action Arris of the com the training program for youth. Man of the of managers. This year. Mission the sponsoring groups Feelis with the growth of the coun wednesday�?4 pm Star hot hods by Derree for that Many area residents will try a boy population and the basketball game for i. An i line oe0rge Williams College and has Chell. Germaine bluing what a want to attend the seminar and increasing violence of juvenile Der boys .ll.? "11 prior experience As a social. C Tinc Derige and last but not it seems that area High schools Are really catching on to what s Happy nine. Hirsch Parker Harlan Dunbar and . Have had the faculty firing the Pill. That a basketball for those who Don t know it Steve Van Scott Betty Robinson gave one of the toughest sets Ever attempted around the 51st and Dorchester intersection. According to Elaine Samuels Detmar Wells Andrew Sta Deker and Sheila Williams. It was a playing in there on with the conclusion of the first successful presentation of the Harlan High school drama club Joyce Geary a Harlan senior threw a set for the cast and production Crew of the play the Crew and cast consists of Norma Williams Julius Huff Margaret Jones Jackie Ford Donald Paschal Albert Foster and a a hoi lot More. Parker a physical science club gave a blast the nuclear twist last Friday. Aside from playing the usual jams dance contests were held and prizes were Given. Winners include Norman Vincent Isaac Hughes Bertha Paul Mem Mit Thony Fox won the election for the office of vice president of the Illinois association of future teachers of America. Big title huh its a big Job the convention was held last weekend in Aurora Illinois. Herbert Bruce recently received the Good news that the result of an examination of his ability to sketch and paint won a one year scholarship to the Art Institute. Confidentially to you any a news n views you wish to submit will be welcomed. Send or phone the Bulle teens in care of the bulletin. A a voting machine no. In j in in in in 0 re elect Elwood i Graham teachers on expense Tours of participate in the Long Range crime boys clubs youth guid meeting with a youth panel Dis group worker for be Mary my East Gloria Wilkins Mann polint Flo Sotl pfc it i. 1 in to Anim 1 v a it h a 11 i f la it a i of of at a to a it t t t a it f Wax research and scientific centers program in their respective Fields. High school students exhibits will be judged in six categories a mathematics biology chemistry physics electronics and general science. Grammar school 6th to 8th graders will be judged according to grades. Gold keys will be awarded to first place winners in each of facts by Anne Coggs hey hey and that jazz the nine categories. Runners up and so starts another swinging Ance and Leisure time programs cussing youth attitudes Are necessary to Stem the to Dew a Community of delinquency. A at the Woodlawn Chicago boys club boys Are not Only kept off the streets and provided with facilities for letting off Gigantic critically speaking thursday�?7 Penny carnival. Friday�?4 ., Art exhibit and photo contest 7 ., Junior and senior dances.,., saturday to a.m., scavenger Youthful steam but they Alsot show an 1 receive professional guidance preset station. In a wide variety of activities _ boys enjoy. Physical fitness programs arts and crafts. A a c woo shop teen lounge group goes first things first so the club Hobb c Obsi or just a first thing in going to do is a a Are Mamou Inglr congratulate the Carver Chal Dowell settlement and the Chi a Cago commons association. He is married and has one son. Congratulations to two popular Parker students. An will receive Silver and Bronze Wax facts. As the saying programs ans Ana a rails Haj Ian keys and honorable mention cer goes a first things first a so the to a v, a Unger group m. In j. Ilc Tif 7 1 i tilings first so me dub he it a dub or just a Elf locates for let the t m going t0 do 15 quiet place to do Homework available to every Mem lengers on another Job Well Ber know that Many times some a am a it a ears Pra a cd Friend will come up to you and and my Teri As a mud Academy ask you a have you heard this n a a court judge i have Nev editors desk set Date for guard t rests selects Fri of lop Leen a the director of Chicago Beach William Saxton 523 w. 70th operations has announced that in Knon a Xii Tari an skin Tirpaak c of a a v has been chosen As this weeks applications for life guard jobs top teen. A sax a an 18 year old will be available after april 15. Senior is the a right hand of these applications which will Parker a basketball team the be accepted until May 16, May colonels. Aside from being be obtained at your High school Parker s top scorer he was College or your nearest Field chosen for this years state House. What does your gym suit look basketball team. You can find out if you Quali by Bill Henderson Ina Ted for twelve a a suppose you were Reading awards. Unfortunately for us one and he will proceed in Tell for seen a n cour1 a a. La Hutu jul h the newspaper not paying any when to cashes in its ballots on ing you some corny joke that Peen an act a a merrier of any like is it Nice clean and neat sax does no to plan to enter Basily through tests which will be particular attention to any cer the Academy awards presenta Wasny to Worth your time. Boys club he said. By pressed it or does it look As if netball professionally. He con conducted May 26. 27 and june 2 Tain thing when out of the Tion tuesday we will not Well id like to know have during boys club week an elephant had used it for a siders modern jazz stamp col at Lafollette Park 1333 n. Lar Clear Blue sky without any know whether it is worthy of you heard these records the members of the Woodlawn Chi Pillow letting and the boys club his Amie. First apply then you will t a an a and skillful Leader in the fight for civil warning along comes this Man its honors. As for the Academy a Wyo to song and the flip Side Cago boys club plan to dem who has no More principles awards presentation i do so a Wyo to some to a Organ than an a Valley Tom cat in Hope it is better this year than grinder swing by Phil Upchurch heat a you Are undoubtedly was last year and from or Burnt biscuits by the Tri overwhelmed As i was when i some reports it promises to umps. If you Haven t i Don t read this in the March 31 Edi Joe. Really blame you maybe you be Tion of the Chicago crusader. I have just one person i heard such oldies As these in a in fact i was completely Shock would like to see get an award blues irettes or grow closer de by this i have never read for the Best actor of the year such a totally repulsive and Benjamin Willis. Upon receive disgraceful thing in a newspaper in my life. The a term Quot the chicagoan of the. Year was hitched to Domimic Abata award he was truly great. Boss of Chicago a taxicab drive one can never do too much ers. In reference to the ouster t0 encourage and inspire prom of crusader editor and pub ,. To it. Irv ,. T t Tisma Talent in going to try Lisher. Balm l. Leavell i a a s would like to know just what and do my Hittle bit by printing does Leavell know about Prin any poems or the such that Caples when he can stoop so Cui Send in Good or bad. They Low As to print something As can be sen. M6 adj Hender Nasty and filthy As this ,9q to i wonder just what Balm son c a the by Eton 439 a Leavell and his objectionable 7ist St Bunch of writers Are crusading for. When Leavell chose to Spray morally objectionable ideas to his own associates that is their problem. But when he dares use the press for this sort of thing then something must and can be done. And in a starting by credit cards Are Well known never picking up another one luxuries. However spare time of those impure papers people to Many is also regarded As with taste could do no less. Such. Lets see How a few if Leavell and his �?ocrusaded1006 teens feel about it. Are to continue in this Busi How Doyz a make the Best Genii men t gome i yachts swimming pools and together a Isley Brothers or baby its you Shirrells or cry to me Soloman Burke. I know negro history by Judy Blye you a be surprised at How a hobbies. Williams Saddest to be notified when to appear for number of High school girls ment during the basketball sea the test and instructed to bring who Are neat and clean other j son came when the Carver your birth certificate with you. Wise appear on monday morn challengers beat the Parker Ings. They even have the nerve colonels in the Semi finals. He to yell that coveted word this is sometimes later described his feelings thus a naturally i Felt real bad. This ridiculous seeing that these was the last game for us. But people usually throw their gym sometimes you win and some suits in the locker under Sev times you if you Are male at least 17 years of age by july i 1962meet lifeguard swimming qualifications Are five feet six inches in height weigh at least 145 pounds and have Normal sight and hearing you re in bus you have. Before i end id like new that would be of the great Aad to Tell you about a Partick est interest to you patrons. Lar record called you talk this idea Calls for the develop about love by Barbara George ment of neighbourhood negro ifs really Mello. History clubs in be thought of something eral tons of books on Friday when asked of his immediate mess. Good Luck. Forget about them until future plans sax had this to monday. Say a a in a not sure of the col i done to want to mislead you lege that in a going to but i not of the girls Wear dirty would like to play basketball wrinkled suits some Wear dirty there. My main goal is becom in a Kinda running out of time j. Parker High pressed ones this merely ing a physical education teacher and space so quit while i m us. Recen a ism shows that the suit was taken and coach for some High ahead. So Long. Choo formed its first egg nut Roll history cub. Of which i am Home and form that is i school until the last minute and then proud to be a member. The Pur pose of this club is to acquaint Las put through a porn put that the students with the account Iju a protect i not Plis ments of the negro. Each everybody stalking about Mayfair s classes for children and adults dance a music a drama Mayfair Academy of Fine arts 754 e. 74th i 4-8111 Republican candidate for state representative 22nd District rights. I a for the last i years he has faithfully served your Best interests in the state legit-1 lature. E the Only candidate Hay so ing the unanimous endorse ment of the regular re pub 4c mean organisations 22nd a legislative District. A endorsed by Iii. Stat fed la oration of Labory a. F. Of l. And . Who say Quot on a 4c his record Elwood Graham should be re elected Quot a a endorsed by the bettor government Assn. T polls open 6 a.m.-6 Election tues., t april to 1962 a a voting machine no. 11-El 41 i another thing some of the suits Are holy enough to join carving set or Ness they must learn and learn quietly that a newspaper has use of spare time a i would make the Best use a definite responsibility to its ume b doing readers and it is not condoning some he hings j had been and increasing the use of filthy language. Either Leavell is stupid or beyond Hope. He would be Wise to straighten out or he will learn the hard Way As did the Chicago defender. Notebook by now you probably know that we wont get a Chance to see a judgment at Nuremburg a putting Garland Clegget 6511 s. May St. A i would make the Best use of my spare time by working on my Hobby Frances Brown 6714 s. Merrill ave. A i rarely have any spare the movie along with the a West time. However i enjoy read Side Story a that had been Nom ins whenever i have the time. Helen Germaine Calhoun 242 w. 73rd St. W a spare time is something i done to have much of but when i do i like to go Bowling at the starlite on 87th, bake a cake walk with friends to 63rd and Halsted Wash the car or go Good neighbor club sets fashion show a a View through the win Dow a Spring fashion show Spon a stage show. Michele Blache 6842 s. Lafayette ave. Sorted by the Good neighbor maintenance Block club 7700 s. Vernon and 7700 South Park aves will be held Friday. April 13 from 8 to to In the window of City wide furniture and appliance company inc., 655 e. 79th St. Fashions will feature the House of Singleton and models. A what spare time i have is make up demonstrations and by some work or de dancers by Marguerite Ward cd into a Job a Beauty products and the modelling Agency and dance school 637 e. 79th St. A i like to spend my spare time Reading and listening to jazz or 45�?Ts.�?� Jewell Collins 433 w. 98th St. Tommy Garner 6830 s. Indiana ave. Whew i finally got away from them again. Those Nasty men Are always following me. I wonder Why they re always wearing those White Coats of Well just so they wont bother me again. How have of you been Fine Well i Haven to. In be been running and running and running. To show you How bad it is i have to tie my feet to the bed Post at night because they have gotten into the habit of running the time. People think in a crazy because in a always running running running. I run while i eat i run while i sleep in be forgotten How to walk because in a always running and running and running. I tried to find the reason Why and i think that i will almost die if i done to Stop running and running and running. Every time i sit Down to rest us of Here come those Nasty men again and Here i go again running and running and running. More homeowners americans always anxious to improve their living standards now own More Homes than Ever before. According to a recent authoritative report 62 per cent of . Families now own Homes. This is an time High. In their search for better housing americans Are turning More and More to Quality products. Ceramic tile is a Good example. Among the oldest of building materials it is enjoying a remarkable growth today. During the decade just Over Ceramic tile shipments increased by almost 200 per cent. Student is required to bring a Book from Home and loan it to c ur1, r a a a thread i the Library which the negro a Pethy a without a doubt the carving i agree that Many of the suits set in your household will Rewell taken care of but chive much use in the coming Are Sable Englewood or Westcott yes Are twice As strenuous you students Are interested please should take twice the Pecau confront one of your favorite and most interesting history Tion. One final note remember history club plans to build. As a result of this club starting i got the idea of other High Wou Dnn to it be Nice if everyone few weeks. To get full co opera a starting such a club. Turned out Bright pressed and u f t. It d would be a first for Many shiny once in a while Tho non irom your set. Give ii Goon schools and in a sure most in Idlas should keep this in mind care keep separated from Teresing. If you Hirsch Hyde ds0 after Aht your appearance other cutlery so the knife will Park Harlan Dunbar do counts it and since your Active not be dulled or nicked. A Good Blade needs Only occasional sharpening but it should always be steeled before using. Spread plants when planting late Blooming mums set your plants at least 15 inches apart in the bed. Group several plants of the same variety together to get Lovely drifts of color. A porous mulch will help insure adequate moisture and minimize disease problems. Teachers. Explain that you read Deani Ness is next to godliness the negro history column in a this goes for everything gym the Bulle teen Section and you clothes included would like to do the same for your own school. I would like to see the schools in the Chicago area Start their own negro 18th Century exhibit a collection of 18th Century Josiah Wedgwood portrait me history clubs. Maybe one Day Dallion from the collection of there will be a negro history Eugene d. Buchanan of High National association of clubs. I have not mentioned any other schools but i certainly do include them into the ideas which i have just stated. The advantages i see in a club such As this Are numerous. For example you would correspond with experts from Dif land Park is on display in the Randolph St. Corridor of the Chicago Public Library for the month of april. Modern dances. J three dancers and a guitar i will share the spotlight in a presentation of original modern dances on a Tow Channel Llos Ferent areas visit the negro festival series monday april 9 history museum become in at 9 30 Formed on important matters never revealed before and by Reading books on the subject become a Well read person As an end result and you would find the club interesting and fun. Perhaps you have More suggestions if so please write to Judy Ann Blye negro history co Bulle teen. 439 e. 71st St. I would be most Happy to take your thoughts into consideration. Thank you. Until next week so Long for a while. Break political control of our courts vote Republican for Superior court judges tues., april to a when i find that i have spare time i read some or Sarah a. Burt 660 w. Marquette re. Mrs. Mason Wilkes jr., 7752 s. Vernon ave. Explained that the purpose of the Block club is to promote better business sew interest on 79th St. And to offer programs that will encourage other Block clubs to take an Active interest in the business Art and artists streets of the Community. Art and artists great Britain. Donation for the show is 50 a series of ten programs docents. Seating will be available signed to quaint americans inside the store. Earl Joyce with some of Britain a greatest 7728 s. Vernon ave. Is ways and artists and English owned Art Means chairman and mrs. Wil collection will be televised on Ham Coffey 7729 s. Vernon ave. A Tow Channel la beginning is president of the club. Monday april 9 at to $ 5,000 of fire insurance on your furniture Only $31.05 for 3 years Brick dwelling Harold Berger insurance forms of insurance 1725 e. 79th 288-6644 so 8-7937 after 5 Glasses on easy budget terms Don t put off getting those needed new glasses any longer for far or near vision Only $1 weekly Complete glasses $95 two doctors to serve Tou or. Werner Stern a or. A h. Morris Roberts jewelry optical department 4317 cottage Grove ave. By 3-5800 mgt St repairs Krestes Fin Fia Dufy Jam California styled capris a Green a beige a Orange a Turquoise a Black a Blue a Sabe a Lime Kresge s Low Price use our Thrift charge 63rd Halsted

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