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Buffalo Spectrum Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 4

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Buffalo Spectrum (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Buffalo, New YorkEnvironment Council ecology crisis underplayed in is l but to d let in til Iii h i i to i Timotio Ijohn Iho , Tho in Romil tit s Sci until Oil i jul Lily i Foi hits is urd Irth i to ii of Quot Utu Lily Quot i or first in null Irp Orl of Tho la a a. Runs overt i j Pilipos Jwj is Jim Elrd into a Terral. Ugh Lisiy Ilij prs i Ravin Mnuk Siul pro harm or res a stir pollution to air poll u1 Ion in enl we stars. Presti Iidro. Rad Lioti. Of i dul lion Rte a Neil Ithily Dors Rorry of Pirr a f n v 11 u ii m 0 n i Al la ullity undo Slair i or sri titty of Iii cd Oil git ill crisis hut Iii n s i u ii e s i i v r y s i of Raj instr. Ijiro Tion my Rud Ulion Ron Tjimis the follow tag Siart Nril Quot is Nirh Iii Irr Dilt Iliili to is Sass Lair Loti Iii a i of Xvi Ollow Irrl Macasu Irminis a Larrt i writ Low doors to those whirl might or r \ or i ird in Lair Rinio Tiitu jul i Ditl Lull or impose Silier in Uri. Surh liner Horti Loi i of Irrl Udia Tiivi Siu dirs itar Horn i Poi i Ril til ill ply Loi two Ilot Niles Mir lo1l>wing pjs sagr is Tomii i Iii Vizir ii ii novt to u hol by i rats Fri hot a in an stir re drains titon re Zirri Iti mtg f ii Glosli and Wreh Zhik Atrit her Sirpati ind her to i Itti is i to Mobil Ittis Risily mind .1 or Jatoi Islip Ortw Roii Zirul and Lair no id to r of i eth i i Hildern Ali air Strin or very k w isl s who Duniy in r is in Rutily of timid High Nilow door jul in Erk of radial Iii. Chr priv Low Tisor in Tyr involve no in ilog Kuwik \ rays and id loin Chr by Pill or Sis sit Mig Stipe or Lioni the Ami. Til Mur Jinil Oil Iris on in ill Iii Quot i imply Fri Isis i lit i Leto let \ nid a flirts in Tenily Horn pith Tishri ii a Iii i . I .11 very kit a Dijanni ii oms a on is Hidirs Iii i Ioir i Iii Lii a Whirrls i Lirar sent lies writ Sriwil to or i i to he / Tiuis Isoif Tir Loir the Quot i Chr Iii Winil Irmi he writ Mari Idun -111 i Iii Jinni Rte Lrtil in tips. Ili. I i r i a is Lour 111 Chr Irmi is to will Giitl Ali Lei. D or port Ink i nil pm Iasi i s w air or stick Iti. I Lettl h Iris -.111 i a the Hillo Witus run Mil no Ishii Ion Chr c n m ii Al i in i i f a. R is la to d in is j Iii ii is ill tis. Ii uis. .11. i Thuinli m n nigh air. Liis Jinil lit new Pitisi ii Iii ions Tleiji is i h o i r 111. Ign in h Ripi s f still Jiu Chr in Iii 111 i polls Olsi son. New i Al Sipri Jerrit s Chr i i Viii a i air i Natii ii p \ i ,01,1 in i in .0. Jul Iii d As wifi is �?�1 1 Hanii Gnipp irs Feitli Ani .1.1ivi or s. tit sri in ii he . H -. I Fry wih hit to Aii of w in Iii a sir 111 ,i in. .11 p u Iii 111.o i 111 Iii Iii ii i p Lair ii Quot 11 p Iii i or 1. Ii Iii 11 ii ill �1 l \ .1 wrap i Miry ii if \ 1ii.i a i i .�all., ,.t i f p h 1 i. \ Linin ii a 1.0 ii ill i i \ is is Chr Ink Inious step child of Chr mrp Artma no of a Ominik c no stands taken Arr ording to inc report Chr i slab Sliment of these barn pics would reprise in a a hold move in Federal Oieni a Loti for Nua Tity Quot this thin Long is l neatly not consonant with surly tre Nahani supports of Rita Ifon Monla As Srna lors Maylord Nelson my f d Mii Iid m Muskie. Who have Tiwi arils Chr Rita lion i Numa under Smirh jul Spires. i a c r y h a p i e r s of Quot i ,�?T such As the ones on water and air poll Ulitin. Do a Joh of out lining Chr shun and Long Range , Hul Lail when the oppor Imily Romes for Soli Lions in water pollution the Hook Rotomo trends 14 Steps Mosi of them Heing Quot the Torii Talion of programs and Quot the need Lor intensive research Quot on of Ejiri disposal of wastes Chr Ounzil a recommends that Quot a policy and p o g a m s should he if a Riporti Quot no i lop Itsak Are Lihsi Ilerd. No stands a lie Laurii Chr Lippnik salutes Quot Progress in w .11 r i poll Iii Ion is a till and s Rii Lort pm Rel Wilt Sirh Rosai pirs As ins. Quot i 4sl yr.. Chr i redial jut kurd its Pinr Pii rip Iii to Ruth Vii Ilal of w Wilri i iia ii i v is Zinik the Quot Wain Jii Lily of i this Quot Iii Phasis supplied i res i 111 Sib go Vermut ii i 0 1 ail Piil Hitmi. The i Unnis Rialti Priit a Vii Titi let limit the Ilis Virili nerds of the Tiai Ion met Loutfi alls lot Quot Chr prompt Rel slim riot .<1 a 11 v s . I Oleris Iii Lohnig new in or Lirui in . I ii .itrs Lylial rms san Iii tool liar ii or i i i ii flip Mich thigh i to Psi ii Grants in Ivy Vios Jinil . Chr i. i Ihal i or Sut \ s i r r 11 is a did. No Vii Tasimi i nil its s Quot ii Iii or Fri i Mii Outaw my Mug i 1 i 1 i r s p o ii s i let i r Givren nil la i a Iii 1 in if Mil w Ali Polli Lii to Esmon Lilly Trulli in Lily ilium Kinig 111 Tiirik Stire John Mil til la when or f s Al lornts s Toi in Loe the 1 a i i file Lmar i i Lui Liis Pitilli ilits Iii Ink is ill la the Nisi is Imi willing i step i la Intiso Iiri a Rrt i up Lilloll m 11&Quot poll loll Chr solid w sir. I sri agr is i Lii dirt ii ii till Chr Iii .Ilistiis ii this Tiivi Ilir rns Imig k l i i Lii is Chr Iris i Chr Klassi Niimi ind Inov in . air in a Rosary in Teruss Ilir i Irir Ili. i Tilisi or is posed Quot i i or Impi n i is a 11. In hmm Dio Iii a inning a Iii l ohs Griir Industrial Environ Tel in a Lew Senie nees. Noise pollution m the workplace is discussed and dismissed although this evil Haig fart is added a is Stit Liale that up 16 million a Menean workers Are threatened with hearing damage Quot irresponsibility a Ven though the of pest iridis in the Foost Rahaii is Inen ironed the Eli Apler with this the Efferts of Pestier incs on Man and the environment must be vigorously studied Panit ulary through Eon 1 rolled exposure this Bertlon does not Piir Noii the Milis Enma Nate u be of pesticides h y the fear Iceni of Iri he econ Dat rape of Southeast Asia Nof does allude the grave problem of the self dealing Quot Broad spectrum Quot App cation of pesticides. does not Ido cat him 1 serious Steps toward Banning Alliese agent. Iti Iiri tie Chr conclusions of the Mrak i 01m m i Scioti Iliew study. Ilc Icher Luh n Are ignored the Motak Repossi critically ind Cales l life Nelly Regis rred pesticides which 11 a v e shown cancer Prodis cog Efferts in lest Quot should or i Aesir tried to priv til risk of in Spost Irr Quot hits Cardinal Sil Lily is Evi Drelly Loo conc Lutvi lot Chr likes of the mild Titan nerd 111 r i r h e con in in on i Nyiro Amritial i rain has no steam the Cluj s 1 la spot is o , Ottoiii the .11111 e my r 111 i o 11l�?T Lowil or inaccuracies is Gualov Chr report does not Idnia Lily Rover Chr of non Loni my Sou tees Sill h in Millo wars. To Lough i1 d Les Mirn Tion the possible Chr Rel Louii Iii is Vonslid rred Onk Iii Lair sense thai Nuy Chis Lilik .1 i lit lire , the pith Irso Chr Mooui Nerey i of Mission to dismissing Rii Liis a .inil.irds Jar Rili oed in Lair in Pool i san Chr of Chr Aidar Iii of set ethics s i Quot w 11 d i i r ii .1ii in 11 Tig 111 1.1 Iho j i 11v r w .1 s i r s Ai r Mil menu mind i Lair Leporld i or a mgr f v of live is ask Disposti gloved Orr but the til i 111 a Loi Lii Ilert Viii ii air mimic i lev . Only a Ursu lot Quot Zitti sued 11 11ii is v e i r in .111 to not i i Loi a whip i. Lion i to Disi re Pic i of i or \ Lomini 1 ii Rig i of Chr i is Noi Metis Gonril till i i to .lill.ll lot v 1.1 m .1.11 in s a a ,11 r the los i a Ltd any Ipp had to riimtiitimriilj1 sics sea to tire attn tsp old a mt7tits i. Canada wages Var on Flo members Minim Al a pm the Canadian government invoked emergency War Powers Friday and arrested hundreds of French Canadian Radical leaders and then in a massive Florl to crush the front lie liberation do Jue acc flow a separa Lisl Urgan ration prime mini sir Pierre Elliott irn Deau exorcised his such drily under the War emergencies act o outlaw the , whose members kidnapped and Are holding for Ransom a British Diplomat and a Quebec Cabinet minister in invoking the extra Ordinary War Powers for the first time during peace time in Canada. Trudeau subjected members of the Fly to immediate arrest without a War rail and up to five years in prison lib had a operation red Alert Quot the crackdown in voiced almost 4000 Ledeal army troops airlifted into Montreal and sent to other major provincial cities to Tiep the provinces loot police officers in the dragnet for .q members and syn Pali ers. The move encountered resistance by opposition leaders in one called in Quot iry Iii i o crush a Pei Niit whim a sledgehammer Quot the arrest operation. Launched with Ftp Deanii s tit so los ule of the emergency Powers Nellil 68 persons in 144 aids 111 to pc cities Bitou Ghotbi the 1 Rench speaking province raids yield Ririe Innis Lii Spectos j r Melanc ii of the uni Bee provincial police said the raids Yieldi in Quot Large of Lite arnts guns am pistols. Iia Yonclas and knives Quot Mola Licop said no explosives have Bien Lound Liiri Ilia Quot wisc Ipp Arnelly of the i pc used lot by Timile bad been Svi cd in raids ii Iii to que club Cai rested were leading members 1 f Renli i s . In Lical isl Quot Union leaders Pronini i que Ziec and . Old Assoc of the 1�?~rtiiie Mui Issei i tie Lii let linked television. Jac Jues i Iti ii 1 Iii Tois. Post minion. Weekly cd Itoi Pierard . Lit Tinong members of the civil i inept pcs cup Iipp lop w in u in Prideau w Tole he Loul Lippig sop isl up pit Piti k o b i-1 i i e or u in v. T h e i.pppphoy., a i 1 q yep w to i Loke nil talks might aimed in freeing Lyle two kid tap Vii lit Pis. lab ipg the Pilsl att to Sli d Hul Shete no sign Ponce pin ii Pineil tile i to 1 i i Gifu is w Iii Hail i Tea lined to a tilth i Laue r pints Swoik i jines a Quot of martial Law in that troops weit made responsible to civil authority. Under Mariai Law. Inc armed forces would be m supreme command in Ottawa the House of commons plunged into debate on the extraordinary Powers invoked by Trudeau. The leaders of Canada s two major oppo Sillim parties harshly criticized the action conservative party Chiet Robert Stanfield said would have been Quot preferable Quot to have introduced special legislation for parliamentary approval the Leader of the new de Wratic party in. Douglas i War and peace for the first time in Canadian peacetime history armed guards have been placed around buildings in Canada s capital Denio Tineil Ilic new Quot i ulv of Carlil s Al l we pin Sci i d e in a i i .11 i l Lii Ilam by Jud Festari Lnig my Ireci Tim in big this said in Iii Isid inc govern Iceni m and pain urine quote la. Viv ill la tip big Ink s .1 in in .11 Iii i nil Iii. .1 s i Hilt. Riidu Iii ii w g i Nikita Sli ids v a Iii Mil la Peiji Aviv Mili we All Liming Iii tip in Luis kinds 111 Ivl Willil .1 i la Lii Mic i Tulang Mill. a Iii s in pile Miiii i i Quot Iti Iti i cd mild Miami Zered imn i in. I Lul had. l i la n i Ltd a a Mii k Lim Quot i .1 dlv.i., i y i d Quot a Llu lilt. I i 1 lit1 . H i p 11. Psi . I p a -1- i a Luil kill tic ii i i Mil i i ill w la lev my c a vice 111yjih Pipii Ihal i Tik to a in top a pc l 111 lulls pm i w be veil l try / mint if ii cd Iii i la this i l ill nil w ill la i null Atli. Is l in in Mil he i i Ili Ncik in be in us the i gtd is Nti Tik i .itiits Lud Idin a \1i i r tin s Mil 11, Liti j. A Lii did i >1 i i .1 i i g s m i i m 11 i i. Is ii Nti ii 111 in ibid Cuis inc Repi m Viii Ink Wini . Tiv Tom. s.ldl l Jussi Svi d Knisch i s Mii we to Wim m Iii i in mils is ill la Iii . A Iii v mawr 1 a Quot i s mme Lulli Lim i Iii Lii .l 4& . A Luik a. A a i toss hid bus i i birr Ltd i Mii Iii .11 Iii 111 Iii to stir to Pii 1 Pitili Ditc Nimg ins use i the i be Hue the a Luisi id 1 a Miniotis. Said Quot we have been i of cd la in Quot a Llu i Crivici de i i Espi ill s Timve Dale Tali in ii j i cd ration Pii is in i l a Iii w find a rail Vang i Lutson wit would have once been Calk d Iii he Wii Mui i Iima tall a Quot h a him a i a Letl i Ltd Iii .dl i a u i Tom Ihk in Iii a a a i i 11 i rift 11f i a time a to Katre sett is Ere Sevit the four tops h Fhi to fief Kleinhans Musk Hau Nari Roay 0 1 to 1 30 Phi. Orch is Soai a 00. Jiali s Fml x.1.s�o 1 to sets Ava Sakeus no a to a a Union tax office Page a a Sui Mic Motif Mowday Olti Sibet i i

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