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Buffalo Spectrum Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 3

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Buffalo Spectrum (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Buffalo, New YorkFaculty Senate changes guardsmen cleared future format still Uncertain of Kent state blame by Jet Ann Annau Spur Anim staff in Ltd m Tei three Long in urn of i Veloric and parliamentary the Fate of a put postal to create a Small represent alive faculty Senate is Gilill Ikic Erlain about 5u j faculty Piei iliuts grappled with the pupi posed amendment of Senate a Daws at Iasi thursday s faculty see ale meeting Mie considered amendment proposed by the Senate by Laws i Pippy Lollee would change the Senate would Noi be affected by the proposed change following or Rennie s explanation Gcorge Ilia afield department of in Ultsh asked the Senate members to reject the plan if they desired a faculty unit that would truly function for a Campus opinions mediocre oligarchy me commented that Oliai is lacking f t to m the proposed Amend evil is Quot some sense Olllie realities of the situation Oliai we would get if Ilie amendment undecided. In Lam us Louii ii Icelius a uricial to a iipiis4 Ril alive. Legislative Lugt by old ii Iii tibets Donald w Kente of Ilie Senate Tiy-1 aws of Milec Coplai died that the Voi Ihl enlarge the member slip of the Volog Fae ully is Teseni Rio Slit Lions on terms of service and by exuding Vieni Pership to Lull time Iii Leai hmm stall ind administration. Hie Volog acuity it wild Iti ii i u n c i i o n through 1 i e i e prese n i a 11 be group of u l Iii Iii Beis i he Senate 1 Sec live i ii Omillee Woultz be elected by a Mil Troisi this boil it special Elim Mitless i 111�?T also pros Les lot Slit civil my Noil till y nil on inc special and land Iii Corii Millers huh Woultz e Iii i i n the p i i ii s i p a i polls y Teco Muus and Ting Bodic a Itu Senate i Little be is Bill Itol Volog to Silil be open to ill Volog Lasi Illy Mil Ollie is ill Only Al Ilie pleasure of the sch in / thursdays faculty Senate meeting Here adjourns Virit Hout resolving the Issue of changing the format of the meeting. Were Biassed Quot Wiful .1 represent alive Senate would in of Eccl. Be a tend Ioctl by a j see ale with eaten Eric. Dis Ideiil or Der Genii polio is a do a Lehtic it Coll louled like 1 Kirby Seriale i ail be v liar Afeleti de try a grow me Homo Neily. With its i Sei Viive Ronin Pittee the Eption Iii of lie also likened a Senate loan exp Hilive a Nate club with the Petesi Ideiil of the inti verily a very close ind Innel bal Quot la would be Itald Tol a the presen Ilive Senate to open i v .1 n d it a n k in v 1111 c 1 e e 1 to e pre Ideiil Quot John in braid i nails of set 1 11 1 a t s v 1 e it o a 1 n d m a i lie ins. Sii polled Llie a regime Ami ii Lui de Itie pets evil Lorli Iii lot loto the icon i one be sure of Ito of my Nikoi i Meiners Ite no ibb to i Send sen lie Luecil my Oil it. 1 ii 111 111 i mud on 01 la legals i 1 n .1 m v it i body would be Ina tit Lesui fusible to Mii Eiloe la Lough .1 Imon i regime to sum the ilk of Itie Teseni i a Nils c Olli Kiili Iii .11 ill a ii. H i 0111 til re ii evil s. Ill i in i Noel a s let ,1 sell tons i.0 h cell Ilc More criticism George Luaco fact Ltd of social sciences and administration. Also critic my the Lott meeting form of government As Lomg close 10 an Type of Enio Lumalu govern Aimee he de elated thai in a governing unil Ece ii i re s Aren t needed bul Poh Leness and Ralio Natty Quot town me Elm lust does t work d Only Tesi Ilov. M the Iii Niile of Many Mosi people Quot in Anil i Eber. I acute y of n Scie Niees and Mai Einai n e said in ins evil deism of the ppe Seni to Tunis i Onnolly Piovosi of i a lit in. La i i is ibid ii i ers ind Oliviel id in is 11.11 a i Seet Llo e. Irani in ire. Deli filed Itie a Owenu Imp is Llie Only Loi Itin discus Sui id he disputed Iii Aigin nein Llanil the pie Seiil so Lein , a of line i s. Ilmi. I 11 Nils e a it i lip Aislinn no of a w .11 King Jii Igi ,1111 i 01 1 he i Inilisi Dulion of ,1 semels grading Lelia Iii. Iii Iii ii the it let Issue ind Llie uni Minoh of Llie lout i Lendil i Iii Iise sgt Lein Iii a s 11. in i tie Jiuu Niolee Toi .1 t .1 c 0.11 1 i loll o i Iii ii d e i .1 the s lined Al Woika Billls is on the in Duil Mill Etta is Luei Ubet la the of even ,1 Iii .1 to r 11 s i w do disc Geins 0 is h a 11 on 10 ,111 e lid and paint Capate Quot Milit a i i big list. Lisp Iii in it is Llie in Iii Mcravy of lists Jil Emiil is Sicili lies in Ibe Thal evviva inv flu i who to lie i1.0 .1 10 g. I did von e his Piu Loiis. Is Cuil Eis inne inn Irso Neway values in upheld i be Vitee Tibig .11 s i p 111 111 Itie Midi ,. Lii Luduig ills and Stii Lionil 1 he prob Terii i he lie i session w ill. Rlii11 Nile i o Nils governance a special Ohio slate Guild jury Tijay cleared the Ohio Nai Umal Iii id try the shooting deaths of four Kent state givers ii Sirdenis during he demo 11 is rations last May 4 instead the grand jury indicted 2. Students and agitators Quot i 4.1 of crises of Quot deliberate Crit Titial act the decision contradicted lire president Lal on Campus in ties Lepori which Lind the Sito Owings on both the Sirdenis and the tie Couin Ismini had said trial a Lionial oops should Nevei go on a College with weat tons Hie Jav Lio Wever Eishi Isid the use of live by Guai Danieu Iii la i Side Ideal Iii lured Quot Itie Iii Omisol some Sii Tilenis Weie i Zuleni Tui 11111u11.1l and Ili Osc 111 sonic Oliie is Weie d a ii p e i o u s. 1 dec k i Ess and 11 ies Stu Sime i be ii Lisi of inmate tiling of Silti s Mill a crowd of Sirdenis nut tie Deal its i Bat i of i o w c d w c i a How eve 1 i. Thitu cd Essaiy. and Nevi usable Quot no stripers i Eai Lici also Thal Ibe som legs Vucic and Ibal i Tieric was 1111 Sid Niue 10 silk Pom the n, toward s comics Itomi Ilia Pilicy had been i tied by Snike is asst Atlo Iney general Jems Leonaid cd incl of the civil Glits diets him. Lot Lep Oittis last aug a i Llie gov e i a rent a d 1 Evi Deluc 10 ship Poi the the Oil of ship i Llie .11 ii Lii i i Tii 01 Lackson slate wit Etc iwo Uiti i cd la leu is were Liol i lie i a Laud Liny. Of Iosevi i said Ilie cled Iii sell detente Ibe Loai lil laity the a a o v e 1 i n d ii t g e it c e .1 it d Quot of he Kutil slate led to the deaths Quot we Fitial Llie liar the incidents occurring on inc Kent stale Campus. Rests clearly with those persons who Are charged writ the admin Stratioti of the Iziver Siviy Quot the report said. It added that the University police Force a was presently constituted. Is invade Iduate 10 pc Furni the Frinc trims of a Law Ciufi Cement Agency. The members of this special ii Rand Juty find that Alt Ibe conditions that led to the Mav tragedy still a farce mis Mai Ini so Dieuci. Whose was one Olibe Lizur Sirdenis killed the Viand Jiniv Lepori Quot is ,1 lace mis Screnci said inc Luis was up of Quot local people who Bate the Sirdenis she Iii ded tl1.1l Ibe Inicis will 01 Quot live with Hlls till 1 he Lesl of lieu lives Quot by tit if sell Sirdenis a cd a Dezii Siisi my Ion my Itie Kein 1 Iii pus die teat Mug Ltd the Tepetl ibes in arched to the bin Liling to Pis sent 1�?~ii�?Tsident Kobe ii Wiliie Wanba list of . I Ike Laid chg one calling Oil Llie to speak oui Jug Aigist be White was not Iii ills Ollice Dihe Imie. Bin later Iii Llie Das he Ilju died on Llie ii Ives ils s closed sic Lii television to address the Stu Seiil Billy Quot i of Viii who have d of whal is in Ilie Lezmi know Thal it Culici is me very Chaipis Loi and o v e i it i Diligence of get 1 an it Ete Meizis ainu in Shoih and Sirdenis i Appeal Hetore you Laici Well is Mill Sonvi Tiou Luis 01 him Cence is yet Iii he Inive All will have Ihnn Das 111 coi Jii Quot a in Ibe pit lice said Ibal the names no those Jyh Isi itis indicted would Biol be released until Hes had been Aii ested Ibal could be expected so nulls unionized drip is i by Nin Loii m.1ii stall Bas issued Elliis acini Nijiu elixir til on the Lornt drugs in Chr 1 inon the Small 111 Hall Leel n necessary to reissue the Lii Lomg Iii Emiil of Pool Iii As a of Tequid Donee tuning the problem of drug a bust and pres rail it Renlie Laws a we Lei to a Lui Henins 11i the Eari i Edric Aluisi is while there is ele ails a Between Taw Eul Iiri ement and Lieut la Educ Nikitin approach is to drug uses Hus Dremina do maids the need to look lilo the drug pm Lem in irs Luteal a Onlest ii us to Deal Willi la As a Semi Hunt to a by Oradei Ptah Leisi Sueb us inc Alieni Ulm of Large segments nerf a a pow Quot our Pii Silipin Ein Obasi is the it cell nerd lot irm dial Tesei Teh mid veg Linual Ai ii ii and As Iii Mejt approve hrs tit deism a with plus Knob Telic is. Lurthie fill 11 is Lupe Oatise to explore Llie role in Lur i Luis sos Lei Aroe to Ibe Diimig it Obi in Ilia Sinei Onugu Al. Bulb Ign Al and Cli Iii Al Asper to into used Ite Eliise Llu illegal Loe of hugs places Sirdenis my serious cd visual Iii Legalli Iii Vidt Iii it i of Itomi ii la Iilah tar i he is Olallo of Atis drug Laws 111 Nair 1111 to i and Dunn toe a Umbi it of tors Tsi Lillge Liui Iii Mil Iii Dale ins drug Law our time Iii 111 Ibe i Niser Sils is Ibe welfare and Well being ii All Slud Euls 11 is because of Liis i i Ivein we i Ike mus Pool Ion and ask Mial in be in spoiled n Mill to h s Tsi i i u i out of i ulu a my my i i inc i mis i s o be. Hillin in. .1 Ali till i. i quote d do a. A Quot in 1 1 t l big p,11.1 i cd Mobil .111. Soil a a a i Ivi a. Lions apr Day care lives Hie Are enl o suit Opi Fitzig m Quot a Critler Al joke Hall i Vatn i t of m cd Seinei Tio were ordered is the Lea Ltd 1 Tueni Loh be to Frt Ilav of line Usu Moises ate Lurren i so kiting Allee in Iettie Diimig Riccio hut in Aoi the. Litif ale await inc Legal and us in my Uii film a s record <0up0fr�?o1 Worth 50< i of word Puu hns of any Leq s3.17 and up stereo album or Tope in Vlock. Site Coupon pet of Toroid tip Rcv monday ill i i Itti there

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