Buffalo Morning Express Newspaper Archives October 27, 1854 Page 1

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Morning Express (Newspaper) - October 27, 1854, Buffalo, New York A a. .�.�x"-�m,.xs ,3.-,.u-� " " "x.i7 -?7.35. " .-7"%�2ft. ,2. A 32_was esif3= As a. re a a 2 u. 1 of ,4_2 ?. 7. -1 a .w.,.---u-. A.,m a a. 3- 1 a a by .,99_,7,_,3 ,,m,i. 3--251,95. T ,5. $5, i _ _ k 5" " s .1 $ 1-"". I a r1?3z 3 i7 no. I. Of .4 a _ i a i a ,.l,." a go Buffalo an a. We 354. 1 31 no. M. Vol. In. Frida y morning october 27. I854. H 271,9. i be. E i. A of Heoji this 11� let and you fun . A . -15- mum a Quale. Onh Mun. No Tessma Dmura ulna the Nutell ? 3 131 mul to May and in a newly an uru _ 03$h5 e i or l be House and l4- i oct Nanca by nne cum cd buy Sun a an us Ugwa us an pncoi.$d??? dry goods. City notices. New York Advt m7e_chan i tailors. M01tnini�express. A. M. Clapp & c0. Nyx .no2? ????????????????????????????? nun. 1-sum. Us i. 1lcl 0nal.d. To �69 in Nuur Eis Viii ii iii. F303 a in news general advert sin Iju Eji Ila aria us and Bumvu pm Yum a a a abialc8. A at Zaas. On. h indy a a a my. Outrun. Sumo Milwe. Whypp Ned momus a ten no ally the Enlil chill . And adm anew flu the us tuu he Julg engaged la leu Keg Over a go of exc Bangta Chain the of acc door tru of Idem thrown Oyen. And m ppm i rough making $2, at Ponman la Ghl. Cd ii n Conga of ,5puu_. Or uni d in by Ham a bundle cow Lapid in pm Mannl rom increasing demand fur g001 v cd a a by carry up lbs bum Mgo Ninn an vex. to carnal let dts la nun Uglum mus a the at-2 a twin to an us pm embrace nun i 199. 201and 913 Mun Nuru running Umbaugh in pm h0 i.nd1l�\va 1uunn4-i Luu a Ihua. Abms a and human i hum i Cannon xxx Elul Pun us Degann net Cabin Mam in emt afar vlctu1.s a pm thu in so i1c, Ya-0 i Yam rum to urn a Tun pm 013 Gram. _ Dunn sch but 30 ism 10318 my on Man 1 1 Anna pm balled Ininns Yunsun hano? ????????????????????runa Izu Nus. Ihl6bv???????? at mud a a Asare the Sauna wad. Which in bundle re a my Lrudd Clown blur iras incl Vian us bring an in i Sun was us guv no a a a a anoint c1u uuad1xuczo1n1d\\ud maw Dwann m Ankum Anas my Damn Atno wanmous13. Nmn a a a Limul. U in b5133 a Uza a ,. Mum nor mugs a a Kymn in. In my Cunt Anding a a menu 4 Xuxa us -ramcu.ouu�,&mmh"f.�mmmw no Leple sex Dalian a sums Crmen epic India de vend k003 htj.8.w1l.00xui5-50pu Mun. Umcil a Roncz. Or 54um menu Tuuu % most yx13 re guns nary can an. Cd tune doll re in my. 1. Wee Lydum Tao-13. No Guam by Cuhl a Nln a uncut d332us la i�b3ie i la by a Alltha at uuuanollhoax1znjol\3onnllhnnvnna in Ruiu user alumnus. W i uezrd1. Ibo uus i a ? sol Blie a. and human Mun. Pm pm Ilum Haum Alan us my slap Unhul or us Salsa Goupil 9 00. \7 a a print seller. L lit Unur or urn my Ilu Aam Mung nun 1. Ounce. Inn i Hudun. Lawn. Do m till a a no yen Man my us a to uni Penn hum fun Hal on an i it Mam in.1aou_nnduclighoahidi i us Lull Sanand Clam Brynn an Hatum do ouupnoucnnwr?????????????????????????? Buo Rogind in bu4innau1aaa? ?? ??????? no sad Gnu ulna. Wed Yunnu rul in gun d in u1du-Inlacllnululul 3 in Pund _ Alum Aurlian Han and Mun Horm. On �ip_t.a.4.uxnmun. Rui Drace Olav in Bunon. A a 3.-.0 Aln ill Ulto Flea pump 1nlylvpt no Cupul Nway a a a a at Usu a . Mug tau Shugu Vul Kus haunt. A. Us Yam Nurm do Usu no air an1 Surap Kane i us Bale a \l1 i i a Ndugu my in is i2 Nonea no Tauy 181 incl Thane Pau us ulna As a. .1. 04x3diiu it i at Anbu Hanan lie has Ouy Luu for a Ulm a j 3 . Urn Turl in pull Ulm Imam us no Ogum Ouuor Mua Omo a Aux. 1. A by u a Liioi and d a la . To an. A a Alnah of i????????????fljkvllci-iaam�.3 1mr.nndujlbir 2.lu0a dime hum in d my. Nun a in or-ajm5msp\? ??????? la i in a Usu Annh. 03 us n - 0 a and i us act. Us such my. un@iiwd urn Huldd of i1-nun--o.uaaziin ovum a a Luau Una Man Mumn 73-knnl.t. n Unen a Bau Annua u use of amur Hunu Uin Lakil a l8 Quiri Bilku Wax-11011383 in Unn my a Nunulu thu -3 Lumu. Ates-q.ma4--Arm Aux rho. Was �n1.n Lam anal by null Lumen Snerr Onul Ourn. Late bun Sauna. Aunt my us runic o1 1 01 at Maul tut an inn. In Mamo olio at the spun Kville Emu Duqum i our vol Lur be reply us with some curl Sny As to the noun which pm Tedin what. You Are to a Dilner. I Mckayin my can cured in a inquiring one you Are right w141 no an my my 1 Enoch Bulbuck a Millho cum i 1-Umune. I Buzz Nuzym a Demon 11 mum jul Culet hum us i Viii s.n�� Sud uni in cuned i j Coupe to you sad Mil Vou could t give ukr Rhum to edit sunk Why 831 3. Man some enl Duck no mob App my and noun my know 1 l3 a ukr dim All dung cd Lewun la am i ppm in shun Roqu Gnu aum Uoo. Judge my and i us cum que mum us a ulna rep&1ed iii se31-nq gig i Luau Tail us i barn to undue a bum m our haunt Tun my mums and Lin and my and c1-Phi-r a been thu in no null bump us must he Nunulu Sluja no Cuas us us . Nuu Uyesu \\� mum la an incur nth pm Busun a 1�.Nln.. 1a up 1-Altul any n a a a a uuu\s1\vnu._ easy and Jimon chairs. Nus Loo my Cru Puu Mut us ague Nus and. We May . Am. Nina Sun Aye Buu Haua no an Gunung Van Len menu Kiln. ,Hik-v9ii�pliao Hun xb\1.0ur nsaumi.i.ihuno%,3c.,. Uit in Glam. Dunk Pun cad bed 1 .hluua1 01.2313. a a non uni run 14. I instant ?? women Simals Gunnn Furnn pm. A no Gnu i Liph Ahson j3 ind a Hunt Lllan pm 1 inn. Dot i Bell. No on a. I. 1 Sun Ion. Law port uni my Nix Tuuu As a Ilu Unland any Unlusu Trumy Ken. Ind Mill inv Luuba us meant anon pm. Anal up Nusyou a null a sub Ilu Lulu Nav Lbw baud us mama .1 in in a Sundby us Rrue la hunk lnliv5 dibs up nil no. My auttha.k4�.y-381303 May i Indus Lulu re Thunn urt Wannu envy am-n1h. Omen Spur Hun Lurk ant Fuji urn Pia Hoh i i put 1 a la i pm b a Ahi Ienir Unis Xura bran us a urn no so us a a a 11� a a no up i Habu Ruusu Sabu map Nunn an Duy Gnoun Mph Tinmu lhalanrullalhsuumtncnu0 Hue Sun s4utaxman a Dawn jew a a i 5 Vii 1 --1-.�-"% a ."., u 1 ? No. In Yunqun a scuds. j m�1-noun a was Unn Lynnee pm jew a Dunz Unish &m1w?????? Purugg Wpm hearts. i ma-an--ugc.d�zuuu�uuuai�lr1u7==rz\v? ? Ranea Qun ,aulnnrum.7ocanu Hueu gym Purul can uug?????????????????flnunmgtlow a of a new. 00 a mum at uni Lynumn amt Uruu re Uruu. Jul lid Uii tid ii v Jan .Ujwbnu Hiu i Ai Umusa Buu Acu re 4 ..s o Jun Hwmlun-Ihunlopohucmacnnuuunun my hot a Aina. "17 new r a.-us- v c1.u1ll1su Hall. 8nanm.b00invuu As-v2nin.&ilpunn n no a n1v.tn�qun.3 us Yuan in. 1one anon Gnu in i dam and. M to a Hniz a srnau.n4nngudnnm= a annul . =,Inta, i Sai flu Blunn ?pbi.llj1l la a real estate Wiur 3 amp i ?-nun.-at.hn in 5-ax-Umudn cues him map ii Hec a a j i i.iu8.e= Tull Ned i\m1.n Nuu i in eur Crux nun a a Viva a Drusna Adlung Usuwa Fhy Len Luthc Ghusn is few 85-i. My a i la Lorns . Xxupuxpmoal-1nu.\-umrcsaeuihus�ncu.mo=Duon inf a Manv Yuul my s.in Kun an Spud sgd ainian Wei . aau a unit. Inn Maui in Yum cum leu sum 5-jhtlr????????flnrdlannl??lieu Naun Summ to. In up am Wuhu us udits due ult tall a hm.7\ u Ulm a Anunis-1 a a Ian lit Imil am in its Rud. in Lull uh6u. Jul Hahn vow 1 a Gnu ill Laura Vandurand mania nug us #50i. ? i i b d. Lr801aht tailors. H par"ner.\h i pm. " o31=. Nua. I have p1113 Day disposed p he haul Noirm a i a u.xsui _ a 10115 j flesxz5s to above be a ,h1nlm thu murmur Bunny. Cd Mun i 5 inn i a. On in Ycu idea told us j la is. A am 7 j b aau jazz Lynno a Libya not airs i Evans ha3 cite in q a a a a Tus Bung in Vucu no Gasman a in no in i jul rec n Uno Lam. Jayeo Eva to Lmh lid .�-Iala snarl Hui you an. Aid .1 mutant la Hill Luv Mun nun a aun Utooun n ?u.1.a.=-up us. Kail i a Hub dui cd Knitl prune again a Tbs a Tiu ii iii Kai-\.kxbt3. I Ammy swung snug aunt a Vuu ulna amp Nuchten Wail Ticku i a unit Esau 1 Lump -2� ilk Lii. W. Thnh. Lar Tchell tailor. Any Miurha ainu a a a no taxi ail to jibe apus clan Lulu in. Lawn. Has a untrue Ruth Raith i i i iii an. Nan Agwu tuns a .-.1 it us la .3-& i Hull i Lull i i thu 11 equal bun i thought a Tuduy a -2- Man. U. Sauna Ugo i pm on huh june. A an 59 a mix .11, name. My do 0mull soul hot i Man -411 is my Innus Gulf a a a my old us a nut he wings Iua might ii cell 2 guns us in you Budu Gnu ii Ive -1 go me sir Lluc in .1 Mac 5.�. I � a a in pm Thuar not to Bola Lou Utu ird is my am in Mutt an n Nul Kyls on to tut i ugh Pinr on us yous up a my Kvut Lipri i its Len i us in the my � a us -18 Ca dust cum us cad us Ido Lungmus As 350-wnsthll??????? Lacuna _ huh a Seiil a till the Bride ali1 in a i Isle a cd 33 3-xuulhnrus.-at-Cuua-Iualuuruwanlm no Alumina 9-lrunnusl?????????????????????????? -9-on-.s. Us a -Dnlsuna-urua.d=nus1&vy-than-Unnlui Tum nun us . 51 rail Lull Hunti i jul no. Aqua. Nul to a i Lufi n2x Dhu Nuon. Nun . Usu Buh Mung Blhut Ragm an tau Ina an 1hong Zulu Jimh a i innit Tutu land.-9-wot a undo-ir-5-can no avg-1 � a Ito i want Hong Antl a \.i i i i3 his till. In _ _ i -Znaasm-1.15 Nan a uni Mph 1 ouplbtnxrskipilke.e1\ or 8lv2x ulna a a Uman .x.-Drudnnvanlunsuustlsalvuunu-un1niu= Gnu-1 to xvua1.n.-Nmur can. Unn Ninn 0 ply Iha c.nexullinu-4.nnd.s us my Dulu ugh. Umma nun i or Lilb a a Usu Inch Vul tads a a a a Liq Fin a Gnu a cd. .14pauuqlhhact l1ni, Ark no .\u ii b kl5li Uudbuunuudlhltjlhtp-nlh1z ?.ls no alas Gudaa had of snub no Kuhnl aunt Utlex Luau spun. Vhf i i dlk1li???\0 i ll1 hut my lb.nn��udnamn0uii-Unpunylunnl a Yovu int pm 1 i a..$l.Usu us to let a 3.313238 in shh Kiwal ii car a a a a Candis . Wit cd Aan us jul cum in vat my a a a a a a a Gnu innate an Ann Unauraul-it-1.-g a arson j klai1????? 8-Vvmtulun k-4-pa\a.nx.3-. up nun Mun am Teri mum-2 Otto 11- a Huunh a a us it u-1--no--um in an 0 us thaw us a d cup the an inn Oqru-a--&wluoi1mh-Aoroadmuunany tag Luv us Vul and tit Aura an an. Bulanio one print item. Itei iii Lii i052 i of ?5 can in Xii Batu i i an Nynah Uinsbuuac-Nnuuaountantlna-1 my a a a a a a a an in in Nha Tuque i an i no Cus Puu shunning Sun. A to -Nanny-in--5 a lust units nun to he-a.iuu-ndshnouwalu??????? l a n3lutlun the?Abt? a a w2hm%xmdnonnuu�a-Lhuul Vila in Aunuua Udu Iua Rilus 1 15 11 a Aasum us -130%-un.uud us yen Buyau unlit a nun Adial ,ly&n1rill h Clayis a Juli wind Yalu Urun a pm pllla.slr�u5= a Mol re 1m an Canvarv an got Ngui taut and Nnunuquknnluguu-d�uqs1n.i go. 7 -an-annnln???, pm 3 in Unz Nult hints an lliiib1ld a Deil ammo an Mun -no--n.1vd in a a in an non a Kuliu sol nun ii. D a it1 Var a\-oi-q4---Nhu- uni run it prunes. Sin\n1 Calm i up Haw my Gnon and us bar 2 a 03oir� a kit Lulu la a if i i iii no. Guz Agla can lath inc it Tan. A 1 Yew no can nurture and t-3. Rum i m up up to Ennel Dun Tun. No a a i a tunings a 5 Yukon n in 91-wrung unum ii. A. Us Choc hat. Want an Luh she t in a was so nov nun in no 1.niln3 la i a 514. Vib a Kab up the Fla 1 i uwuncu.-Uuuuuuu- Hun urn a Lloil Dib i. Alf bul. F5u�a inc ta--4 bands As Luau an u. Us gab Willi Allum att Stii Niv a so it Snurr la 71 Erxleb by a a a a a a Hes or Cun Mua us Rex nov Xiv m Lei 11. A vim pm u no ii Tulys i Quail c to uni lath n in 01 i a a i on a y5iu3vv\�&vhu inc i Uri was 1 an an an-.3-nag incl la a Van run Ilia a a in to unix let no ten enl an a As on iii a Ila m Ila pm--v-Ltvu-in-0041 that lion in mitts an an a a. ?.-v-an new an a Tolu Lii la Xiii Hill id. I--s-n1-sour.-r1nv n1vsl i an Buu Ulutu anal Lav anus by Nab a i cd jul an Ciro ii Uzl 0-n i a it ctn a a run Alliv knit a�inh1tbiq.ndrdl Caviani Nyo boo no unman suns-.53 Gnu a ill Gnu in ?Hon-13 let guv of Slink Uadb-Rnvynacth-r1 Inq Ulm la i i i .Zli 1 urn m no & m and to -3 an cd. Ran of Ian pain Baron i on tin us is Nunu Kyi njo.oiun1i Orhun i. Uty Enqu Gnu. In Gnu All an a qua -.3-Pocvdsuww Upu i uhf pm lab bun Ilutm-36� Navy a a .5 Hill a Boandl. Us. Hin us a old a 3 11 nun-1 cad Kaaua. But i a blah Nunda i ii ulnar-n.i1onq.no Ync anon ooh a la trawl Vul a a i i313-it my li.- lhh\t11u no Wnu-.i1�\\- Iol Lusa an no a Uhlna Ana Luln cult it-0-Quuvn-mount. I umlaut i Vhksnu-Iti-4 Ulyst Udovc an or Holh up-cit-$8-in-to-urn Luna ova aun no up-Mun-on.-Vyhuusnn-n-ox-s--1 i i in Billy 111911133 u?????? has a tin ida.4 Lurus i a my ?61 �-Runnmqtunnvtnccrnginuvl-4-0 anal -1 noun Uusi a a a a a a Agu. in dint can Hunt a con of. Holy unlit--Vuunmvscuvuu-xghu.tb1uun is Nengan $4 Dud that no. Ola-in-1aldu.&il1\�fvol r -5-a-Nxnu -4-�. Was mom a i 54 c 4 Lhrn-c_4-a.� a. N May an and on or Luau-so�-1 -4 pm uni in sub 51-??? or � i3i\&xiii1il .i�eii8lxll???? -0434 no 1-use i1u-Iiili us us a. U a wrong Rand in clot ii Mutt a a of ii Taku in non in Audi Ai up As aha i Lam it Yunnan he Muhuheu us Levu a on li.--Aulimtvnl-run. A evil .-u his a-4 hfuunoyvv1u%skhnn1 Ili Viil i. I in Kuhli f1nll1 re esd rtt Aulvil 5 a re an cum Huban so an a i non is an you up 3 .-.5 .1. Cd tub you Luau Lbw an 1 can a in a Tuum. I.,u he in us at -.1.� 3. Dultiz a a x Hal j a ran in i m Hun Danna Iain a Buxo a nod a a a ind s or Quin i138 in in a 1 i Unm a rms .3� a dik1.a\ imll1 Street Sam Mem adm Attai snub i Blind ii1$a�. N-11 crib nut a a do Rymyc no Tun i Snail iii - Law-.ilooun4u. Muc no 1-in--5-� 30-jsgsxuu?????????????????? no us ii Civy -l.ik. a 1? pm a no Iggy 1,. $1111 a i i a stun Emma it nun an us he Glasl Naifus Unryu Umas manna ins a a a put i-11 to discern an ugg bout unon .-3. I a cd i my Obi it up no Houg. Of 3lmlllhil7\r 1.-a cd to nit of que Tuuu any a Lumen and m Man 5 i--3-aihuunin� \r1.uiiwhnagg,., l-i-3-hi--Onlwa a a a Uulytrylxal-Rvuxavsdluautu-1un_ -9417 ii n.4.? ????????? ill a paint i ruin a in in in i a a Ilka inn. i. 4up in. .5 Unsung. A Maiv Uyl .r Lii i a Tail ii. To do re in in run 1m� Illi Tunu up Satull Lowll a mama i Loo Umu pub no say to Sun Abc a Ngu a a up a Gnu Ull cd non no nut iounbupueoa? ???????? Uaauusar-Uaunu-1 Mung. Uay -2 -gm-.uounu-. Of can is no iii May uncut-$119 i Lulu of Apt 1 us Ihu i ii id n at and of Barb my. 4. My a Nazmul i had Loigu bans. Us 0 any name Luau pm. Lawn in a. U 1% Vulio Boll Hunu Dullin a Nero in a Nix on a. Sur a us a no Lilly Viii i Tiit i i run a Quad. In nub been an an Allah Urgo i Ernst pan d -91 hot. Long my Mahru Ltd Elk Oil a nerd Una no i 111711 Pun Juno land in Hal the amt who pal. Hum. la Ramg a rum. . Mics 1-um 0131. My a Plains. Lull and in punt. A. A aunt. Duna tuna hausainn.0-. Lucu my As ruin an Unis Innno. a Lar us ency hop inc on. Mat n my talk right. Bang run a All no. Old @114alwyn Hunts. No hand nun 30 5. Ian 4 on Jungle a and night Ai beat. A of elf.lli.\f-ii 9 new urn ruin in Thrul no-4 an an a re Lvuv lll1kulh ?.-Urnu no Umu an mum n anneal uti Gnu can you Hutsona Uoolniu-Ubnnlbduw-i---9 1---vain a live on in Deli Lulu Tubili inc dam i &rio6$llhi a on cuu Una Nus opus of Dybwad a Wkaux-1.1 a p.10--e can Udu no Numo in arc a Kulil Nonnet no vow�yn0-c-11 -As-i-Nasgl-is.qi\o- Ca duh an in Nunuz in and o i Forsooth us a tp.an.-nun-Ludwpvuu-u1enub.ol7toi"nnn us i1 claim Mulh Lovvo tub Obdy i i phantom Uuro he us orc Dan Lent a vile Rev ii 0 nun tut Ollhof with a Leno -4 Sun -.-can our uhme nn-1 Duall 8- Hull i la Cuoq. But. A to Gurunl pm i Nan pianos. �3 -11 lived. Still i t gin.a\ i. 1 my 1111 the upa no. of in gun 1 Gal .9 in cd of Lulu Ntuli Ndanu 1 a. a Ca i Suau win uld non and Apo us it an won and up a in.8 .45 i Allis Allrn no e Yuri i.lakl pm in a us m iii it nun1 in an land in an hit in a a a and haul and Dunn run on on Vul Nulu wuss cull out us Junul _ a a a a i in 4. Gag.-1 in Norv Jav i lk�ylilx7ivi Unn Linon vac uus a my menu no Nan an us Vel 3 Hal an on an and cant my lb01 Nii bun mud ii noun -at-1 m in of in uni i us unix m on Mounta in an an Hun pub 11 m19 4 Ihu Torlai i Gin Yuul a a up no a Una us can a. N. A you Nuuma by Hun cd in Sun our ulv told any-134 and on Nguo. In no Man 1 Ryd Ilu of Pun 0- n Umo a -u-an-.1-Hamu my nun Sun a 0020 Ila Ila cml. And an i\ll3lll guru Nuzym he a in vial Man no my Gnu null. A n.a-auum.-- uni nun Nyu i1 a Hub m Yuan my ii Hon 11�-i i Cawi he an run Lucan go Luv my. 5 my in nth an i .1 Iron Plum fort rom Penny. Vaia andi1 la in st 1ahl us Numa us nit a 1 no Law Imp hot Abduhl by an a Imam plan bun Donn cum tuna Hung Iron hut Kui Nonh i Vaso can Lulu a fund an 4 Nunn hug and mum a nun Ubu Hana inc Rug hons dad i a urn in hum spam omenn.uon -4. Ihm Yin pm a a few ?i-h03 the no us Amana an Boa. Ilam not. Would Call the a Union of than show in .-hum.-,.io lha Iper Nelll Lunnun Nutu cd 6. Is. in a a my. 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