Buffalo Morning Express Newspaper Archives October 21, 1854 Page 4

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Morning Express (Newspaper) - October 21, 1854, Buffalo, New York A. .1. R4 a y #4 a.i.? to l a 4 ,1 a .-,-, " 4y1 2. -.,g ,.v._r i .14 ,s,e re a v.ici4 55 k13 ,. N 9rs War Dvo 9l�.�e7� � 9ig ?-7& 6ea1g 5i a a �. S��"��3fw 7 stoves. Etc. Mnr6xm transport _ a 1? it a. My a ,3 r a u1ru�? a a Myum ,.x? ??? we a 493 to a " a ,." a a 1 -.=" &"s.f5ta. Of v �9f v. A. I a 0" a .�, re �,,s?3 a a a Ewett Didell Steven a e3 ? Nolgy at Dunno. Y. 1 big a9l, no. Lulu i can Udo a a a a. a no the ii Leuning Ufa . It iii Niv ? nor Bentli ?51 of any m the Unne or been vary hugely cued daring o Honda Upo 3ulna Wule Mam new Al Wukou own 3 my a neck. " 8&1 e310, Al Rygh. 4 " n31lover. 8 " exp 5 4, " no . We " 0 .1 � 2 2 2?2e. Amaw-=?5=5� 1 3 51 11 a Palm to i001 � imn 3 Wongga Kuhoh ?9yc i " a -3mgmulap " a iii it 1 or 9o. U _ 9 " 71 a a a my $.. 3 " Wood ,1 my All. 1 0 ova a nning acas wits. 33 Man " Jam Anear Dunn. Noon no. . I " Kiln Hess plan 8luvn, Load. 1 2 Jenn l.k1 0 iel King bal i Tel for bugs Coal can now i null to Hill Lecun. 2 4pc ta1e m Uulu Numus than6. My no Nascu ctlull9,.13. 11 dq333119 i1. I. E3121? "-.-.-.�. Tarmu Yih i " 2 3 to w u�., -p."�. .sl.121-pv.oe3 9 = m a ==r1 a a a " b. � .-.-2-. � of1. Arms i wnaan.02a u1? ????????????????? . he a Vic Hilt Wuhu. A ainu a. Tax. 1 _ _____. -."7 . No. Nos . "�&".f3 _ 33p to Nih i of no " 33. I0 till i. ?9% 1 mint a i ,. I00 m05358. 4�1 a. A i 1 a my. A a whom . Cuntin i org,., your Nuoc. Mammo .mt�3, Nodi a humor i Dan tau i 11 Una Samn Dpi. U Ludden hurl that will Mutton and and madman no nuns ind Pelcl Vunny therum Man Wren Nirve Rio ind l?x.nl$ hd5 urn of Sunn Vurby Marlin Glou Manor no a Newrn ammo he he Wim he Pix Man no 1 who Henna. at Aumund Umphy so wine month wan. Throw by Tho ?tuvu1mn. And if . Inn Andion nieu Inch Man had Livy la i Lweln when drum nth Drumman Magilu hand to Ionn Uwe scene Rury Days. By nig d oar. 1 mom 1 Muir Nyu unman i. me Lead Sholpa Pauy Amin Vuth Ludl v my. I Siuw. Wlde.015d. 1% to r31, 4 t a u,.,. Liars i Tincu. " rr-1u1n-?.7ng. 3 " 1. Is a. A Onea. P.7 primal rough . " � a ill a a � d . glib umm a. ,3, g Inan . ma " 3 8f��qilvon1 3, i 31 Mhz did =nm_.,, us ind Muhm. No Hugh no a . Ii i 1. A a atm a. I 1031 . Xvi a �==nnu.,.,f i � us i Onlynn. A onit 10 10 Tummy. ,1 2 so my -31., Manu my 33%, a a pin Bahia a y a &r=%." x.3�., 3, to so la Lori emr a _ 15� he " duty Wdow. 0nsndne land y.jily2�. 1554. . I 39 a . A Amu Mycd Man ribs so . Him if 3o.�izy�ko 35. Bad url u. .5. Lgmurtl Olha no at a a a w $5� 0113 1 29 mem5 .u.,s� 37? m nit 7151.3. Una. Niiori. Wei. .1lba.h. Lo80lil Rio i 0801. I. ,�"�3 ii.3iay-Gznnmu. H vmunuu.�nsn1a.x aan5a 5 or ii ?.,i,.hch Wnm my no.uz1.1su. i w t3suac he own zen skin i1i�vl� Ork vim old my3=� i he 7 a l2"3i 3"� Hincu 1 for dunce May Canon exr lol. Dow plus bulk a no tune aha . Al ..Iaru neut Iuar Nunu Cillia. _ W 7 to ii Ciao. " re pros. Late a we inn . Rwal Vod a Donau or r.numn my . We com of Wei Ike wild la 00 slur Chursr not he do can importers Pincu he a 42 my or my my a sign and my to zip i or leu beyond =7 my ul1o p a v a Van Tea my 0 i35 0368 . 1411, i35, Hijii Iivo it i -.,., = = � Ulm us suit. 1 a a a. U. 1 Iran Ai i Xanmn-0new Lirangi int. I u1,., us to Duany i Rifi Jiw a a Jill fit a b 7a3b.l.t Ipp a k Bis Telzy 1 l1&h lv6h 1mg,_ a a As �l0. Monk �up.ndt�8\ikoc??? to loan await had la. let Xiu to Lii Idlebi -v1n�inl Ennu = Man Lamaun p a seas a Suhd ii Wii. Of a a a h8?? enl Ihma a Npaul a Kurt to , "7 a m Gnu Usu. Win at no1,., -,.. 3 i.n7o 3naan. -1 5 ind Mung a �.3 a. .5gin a feed a Rii is. I a to f .sums i5% swans-n2 o a �3�i3� a y % Anu. P190339www�f.�h-= i la Ilu 1i$ilj.$. Uunuaun5wm?? """, to Nanna ,g �"u?2 i. He i. mnuguurnli.iill?� " a � &. n.a9l�1 a Nunn a l1mmubv&b my 53$ Al clan i Many. Err no go35383 31 i Ormy lib mull mannn.s l5�. M t tau. .xiullhnluxolopsudu,�m. 91 33dlncllulbah�� h3800 re atb13 to a. it wind. _. _.y31_ 1 w35uulawulxy. Ilee 5 bii0 i Are now open to Phi Dos nor a a a so Indk Mazuy . I Miqupoll 35.3 Rihelz Lam Nuwt Maup Munmum i Umu. He re urn Lnu Nymn Idalla. Ind a �-1a a Ruatto 1 i i r a3 � 3? we aha Jamal a. H1 h it w my ii. No he a l Fern Hood tools mums no. a Call my at i i313 sir mils no. Al my a Kuunal half a a luvs 51,15. 1 to. Picu 5rl6a byh 1lllni to. in3&1 path i i i my Moomia 32 Yuri a sn9b�ch1asn Kwh Macum re dryer tween inc Magua had Man a Pax of my �hl0????dml??? a a a who mfg Usu nuns11 9 ifenlxmlnmoui4133 had nose a a tuna Ndu a ump Nunt a . A for to Man at .u. Up my .239. Is . 13 51. No Qwyn Diu. Aunt Luck gone \ o l a d pan iii Lane a oct 16.151 my . I7. is raw Delia ii. Have no Hutu Lxix Unm ll.��3l i. Al. .lx�3 " i 16 i Luis lure Jav ulnri.h Thali by Laanouumizs iome i. ,il6p,l 0 i1 le1. ?1 Jlvlil i i built 93-Hlvivlunh ii unin.b4onnuum� act3 13�� a 31n0shueasb Mutt he and worm Ormun Lohn ii��""-ilmnf? ? ??n???nigh.mo�=ai3ot-can-Ces�aguzxxzsahah-Ugxutugn. B.no?????"?????? 7"""-�-33 i= i 1", Hanan a z.= " of Mvubu 3 55f 9l8? ????tau a 3za� ufs-uaufifc???? new 5ul? ?????????????? a 73 Inulius _ to a nil wads and x Ntah a Sawh a 0s1u_� a a 1. . Ca-azuuunuilnu�� ma� w5 nmn a a Ollunlawns tuna e i Uno hnp.u50us�h . 1uagusit-Pulunpa m no Van a 5. 3% 1 Kim nor Angunna now. A a insure a a 1 70 . W ahl1 Sakdl gill5 a hrs Ihnn annua.g___sauna _ to bang. 1� tip a a than ii sism numb Hwy manna 2ap.u., . Jewell a boat gloves. .Ntrurrmnrx i4unalou. El5m= a Lonn Haon . We a Ann&iiaqnunammm \\.-Anmnaludloauugh,. His Zolti Devi m1 101 aliaoli.lfal.&. B hav e transferred Retar to Jami Day. No iii Nuzum old ,n Lluann we Friend and to pan onus ii Liht Ilure can much a nor Ianson Upu dbl to 1 Stoud la than Jsam l r0111 Arthlyn Clun 1 Hon works and Man Yunnan Usoughxendnattuaau Hxmzgnevurycungvulnuumwhiasohxullwtllrvn Hll Oyde iii Lulu 1 13 31 a l sir Nuutt la Luau Ike Tobin Ian a a at. Willil Rhea la Antussi Linz a no a a a a Ilith no a a la blk canal Filho a a a Teeto iii pah. 18 1-$ lial.5hiiuh�i\hbair.ill i Lanthanum-u6lil a Kef no a a ii hellil.li.nl4 ,naiwnu$ i ivnhluoa0cluyu\ us la a he Nolby a hit a a Nina Uzi Quot non no-nluc�s.innlu5l.�-audit Yod bii.i . x Posas of ill a a cant 0 15 4. Gnu Dyna. H. Ln1ahetwl� 3ylnthxxtnemt1lby -011, Lwi Mumm Ezumer Lullu Anam do vcn4f-Nnoarvundxvulam v. V v to Limp. Rhe by Falu Eagle Iru 0rks i my Ete Huud Al Ullh ctn iii Gnu Zzz 1105 to we new Wax and nouns mein Swux. .v Datum Humn comm noon nn1ld a too the 1pm Imalou map at a Mam Upun Huleu --.-54\��n_ a Yin towers unto. I 186 main Blurthe is l ablls1�\"l lseflll1v.\i? ????????????juanm. U Munc mania input at no Nihon Una my Wens Wannu to no Llapur Talkun All and links Alto. Wurl acal hath Lenud Swan Jada. Sin wan user . A a a a Ixia a umps. L4. Be 3 no Van. 1 Gnu Urlau no Yky Musoni Wuchin 1 new jewelry store. Keyz8 o Gagor have Al t Yit dwt a 18 no Oll Kalll 111131 Sal r1015, Alu 10 a hem by Laluo Arnld Rupp re . Be ?14 13 How a Lalu a v.- la a no Dnn Elul d i 11 a Loughl Burtu Warmy. Rraln3 Dike itly the � ulhali1al Unsung Kenn Gladun soul we. Hist Kinie ii Kev leg sa4uipuinbu Nijiu Nova use imy 8113 til Kje ii a he i a a Ling. a Vandun shades my had a Blued � &nmavrongun.1dwbouaumm q1 Nnarnwnca my Nonnce the eng Llu 51 . I11 att patl.l Ljulic i1. To Uuxuonundlnoh men 4. Chol uni a ,.n a a to Wanna net to pan no lung Guzmn of equal Unn Fly do la i Hanm pct 5 3 mural nth Ian very so Peinl had la a my Damion Sulla is Bola Yin a him intr Scuta As hns hts i of2 if t la. 3 q eats 99%. Tom it x��.\.�18. 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Than uannusflnll.-.uu4samfnbu 7 Zulun l any .n.-Aqua unto by inn 3austen Muse � 15a-di Biu he iral Norg than puss a . -1.� is no no Nunn haunt3-=n1hua i sch tuna. Than odour Yunnu. Us ia.. .,.,. A _ Pi�ftau-Nunsq. G9.u,. who r my. 3.1". 1ninja a. �xls3 Lxi tall Al . � l i Luul iii \ tit Nln a a a a a inn Ian Evynn it inca Loii do Shurn a a Maun. 319 As .g.,. 51 Cal Canbadhumpany Nab nuns. Know. Mai. La. Airy Adji it paid 0 if wl1.ljail fl1u. � , iii Wildi. Id keep was Hunz Nal Lam Gnoun Luvonda la unix Gnu of ahoy Ala ind " �isnvmi-i3 cd3ulag a v 33$ a gig 5,. Utu 311$ Buie. Jiuu Liq of. 1 Vej 2 Rizk Thedill Ltd iaiiiiieiilki3 la $.u1ll& i \yxnjtm. no inn 51 ska-rnr.\-. Teapuou is no to 4--. Nuaauauu-n1iaai�ihal-say 5.8aiulanmxgmrglumy ,.asr-Ngxumm-. Nuns i at my a a a non a inns i lac.puniaihovuupu�unlunapny.julhp a. Narduaoil.i\hi.ah-ali�.ih- ,Nry-Uncnhnpouuu-Nnlnbcu-anotaunt-Ouuahvuhmiiluml a a a a Cucuna a Nauru a8.","-2 ""�2_� a Vavrou Lulu it incl Nan tank la -3. halt Duus Nuoc Rutanwanna Alt Lam a anal no ihs.nu. Lulu noun 8 a suns suns a Iona Nabo iii Uii Man Ynhu Ulutunu Fri no Rnv ilnan.i�1i-_i Vnulnqlaulwu for mount noun Uyun Unn a a Hall flu aft .ihtnolslln-Ion ??????? Wlnumuurugungaunu not10l.tuanusmn.lnfik a i. 8. K31 Rollo. A a Quwana stuns. N iu1ii�d no a Bdl 3l�" 0 Lillian re Pgrnnaaddlurnnunnmssouauupuuna. Pauses a a5-Unau-- .iahi-urn-inc-uncwo1g. Iunuuddlkrlirll????????????????? thug uni lunb? ? l1 via a a m131 _ it. La3acll Ella ?0ip?????? Guam a Amu t\rmrast2h-a1111 Jan i Alam. Etc Duim 1qh? ??????????? ii�na a Utugia no. Sim mks a ?"-34 la 01 a Hill a than Ian angina m9 brawn line at full Iona. Lxii Aitch l\3llai i 0 0 Kin Lull Ken Annas until urn Vyr Wiaz u---culljuu1�.lim Puna lib z4lb.\ iii Ike ii avg ? 0 ??????"?????? 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F1310 is of Maul i and Wanna a autumn-Anin 95-. I. I i and a and Unsung. old a a a Aluvn a a a Illig a 1 Anuth Cuba ????????????fili?? Lita. 91i-tin tall Nunno a a ally lit inn il.ill.pa8y 09 at la 1��.lpt 35 a Mimi i ans i 5. Tutu &1hii? ??????Oulu 39-11u\.-Tuga 1 t5 ?????????? no 3 .qqqn? ?????????"?????3 Sultan a Uruu 1 -4 a a Vau. . Savannah this. Chi-Al&�v1 a Bulg my 9� ofnt-Rynamara a Linin Wanna cantus no i Guna Aid i i Apici pcs Karo u. A mmm1c.son vol uv1 a a Luin jlalm4n Imo Idle Ablun Arne i m11 ial1-ull? ?c511 it i Lii le9 e nah a a a a a my hmm a Coll a than a can Unsung -4. Uo-swung.iultvrculm 5&1 Hal Vaimili iua3r to do a Ulla urn ii a. Lid Nllalhounnumbntutnnl-wct1ivniunlh4 bulb Lou winning 88-it Una do Lake Perrior can May human a ru.\1a Ann Nari lust no Ahpln-Urndaaun-anmo? ?i.nnmliadn a Lana onus a Harum Zbras a Auto ult at a ill lung my Fie Thadav Antsy by Conn Amman we a a a a -.- m. Menu of 1&1 a or Zemru r151 7118 urls Umi m4nu.\ a Ting 5 tau hat b Tiu l&&�1$&ejijqlm& autom Lutcy at Dunn gag. .la@-.&nnbn,.na Unsung i i i to Udo a Van 5.0 Qynn Ruomei William 153 .l a �ump.iy1 hand i i ? ????????l??ind. . Gnuupu2.b.a radar a ung Nna Uin.Atu.K.&Ruaho a a la Lala can no.j9d%hihhvuncv????? Neq taunt Yin a egnquo"-.inu�v�nanuui-and swot noun a Lily Llu a a Pavaiai a1- t . Ruri ius1 my not la 31 Mai Mcm mid no 1 Max w urn Nadson null a a Nuqui a rom my nmn Maurd leu Cunt 0 any cams of. Avn0\lr.ih unmet Ola id ibo Leo nou can.wdv Vual Illus � n1 i a . He talk Aura by Sauna of ilium Ilmah vib ill lao Alum inn to Gianna a Aulon Tonga 11.9? than573. Lapin a turn All amour Viii ill i Sci you Mic vat uni by Lyl and i Ian engine Woi Iilah 5 Man not Llu t0 i i lid . a Tajno Iio Slawi Vahey l \ 31la.- 1 a Nikhil. 0upan of you till Liz at Rem i Shnal Nan can Jugg Gnu a a ult also urn i.1ae&hx i Ikui ii tits vat a no . A Dubu at mammal Dav nth &l9gbui? ???Lav -ital-Vyvw-ia-lis1q.nvna.8 a pot Coon inn errs Yvant Inna Dang anal dts a a to a l dxb.?l0.\ would a we inn nne a a no Lull nil of .Nmnn ?411 urdu of a a i Wally i1 no yen Contact undo Maul Ulutuuppnu-1utylo and my can Lau i Tjai ilktcihi�-"kan Libs a a Bio a we iturnujf1�su" Roll Tinaturn 5 a a Anna a turning 9,. Atholl do Gilt Euson a Tutu ulu chg Irna. Nnexus a a 1oauahnxurvlruhruumaug my Sapp Nusl a st a a a a a a Chat Lenl or Nulu Yannut irn Sivh la. Ive i Aioo la Thain Angud la Agrue Undunpulawuu Yov pod no i 1mniri.nrvutnu Lynn Qnv-Tunfuunnnnnpun my and 0 human Dudun hams. Taut rust a. No tuna 4 1 ump cumin 1. And Onyer apr try a Ann upon std earn Upona null Tunu Nhav my a a a that ice map at Loyd a Xor. J a Ilynn # . H i Ivramifur??llki111.i113. . Us Lulu no i b i L\Rvumy Adhn Rhu inn x. 15 u. Una slut 1cboiuui\ i slulilro@uiinl3lihnnoaunpnvnmnzgnchn? ?? no q?thr\luid1lth�idi0etiilxrhalii3. No Nhu a Strum Moho re gel Yunwu i a Unm by ruin .9 input my and of Muhm no i. Us or genl i Lugo by of Unn a nlfvnlnuannnulnrun???????????????.-n can of Anvari 1111.9 and a a do. " ?law.� can ucal Meta Lam. Anon ooh at Art -clan 14 Tsu Ldla a a a Yin i a prep Uvaun Vav �nh0ht4c-ii a Iluy,idhru1annutnl --Lhclvusuulltuului a a a gn1s\lhluogi1�i1tii.--rs-Lnlnllfll 1\i? ?????? j0-i7 i ii Kitty it v Nan,& Hill a a a a Al Gar " 31, Rand vib a a a a .3mui%- you a a Onnon i via a a a �hur1f ????? h., Dye aunhvuunncdur-any-�.., quit a Al Kaw a a a a a my b0314. A m00113 no. a Uulu not Ouhy Uzuh Nln ctn noun Capald nth ?-Ouuhd Hunell inv Nunu no Krpoun 1 Ra-." Doc Tullu no oxur Nard initial a Umu my1 Sixx Amman Yunnan Mann i lid stat ii Uipi Kebeh. 1.rrnh no nor numb. for t0791 011r1131biz ii Sili swam Mulz i i or no 8 i to a no Anou Uma 0 is. 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