Buffalo Morning Express Newspaper Archives October 21, 1854 Page 2

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Morning Express (Newspaper) - October 21, 1854, Buffalo, New York Lew �4i. I g 1 a ,4-. We 0 =. 4,.,r�=_ ,. A a a a vz1e we a .-323-, ish1a ".= a in 9 \ 3. 13. a v,-., 3 v i a ? Vor .,.�e a g Silv v ,. 21 . J. 7" =1 or a a a a fur we Long .�ntd�qi$iil. A Ilu around gun up. Move an la Lindop Eldont a---�-"aw2. ,i3 . " .421 a Ovong. Was me ?v000 70k vie in hark. Willd0k?to inn-.-it0 web they i to Jouy ihlnx9, eni Ornu Uli in thug g 2ect. And on advice no my leg Puggio nun he a . No Goodie corned syn Jan d1 th.m.4lba-1. To. Sound and Iran spoken. We never bwe dubbed the in Eticy a Ymir in giving Kimg godot the Wing sums ticket. 1 midis enema . Into Mun oh3nwuan was a a a a a a instated mum aug us Nymn Monu Nant. In c Brao Leynn uthn.ibeenlmgu1ihin on the about $1. In to no Yuk cumin Over ought soum.0nnua guano. Ham Flo no Unn Hun us Luln Trio a Hahn Abou Ulnah Hughy Niou tags in indie Hohu to in Lucio nud i nr go uni a w pm Nln hither my by Light uhf Glinc. "1"" $ 2. A 3uu ���?.2 Hind. olo9ksduoun4ft or Awnnie that a ,. Pur3v. G we a 918%, Lahait and route i Lumb pro #3id. look Iez by 3110 ��u5� finally a Cougar a pm kili53lg70l�l0?????????????????????????? diff ninyniiir1iv.un Gin vib Lukeris Quaco o9l.d. N1d n a Usu fut Port 01" Buffalo. Isiovai4. W. B. B i s e o p 39.911 1 .jnf8zr�f13i 585 u Quanta Nuuanu Honor u15nts. J a Man Frosoni a a the louiiv? ? ????????????fl. Letil0p0hl a an Uaki nos. .5012 Gainum Mun . 13,-?" .2291.pq?????????? ?. o1unu, noon up Odin am 1 9., & slag or lass a Rummy Tris la a ilai0 04? an 1= a m,.,.l than Ila Ruusu us huh 1bum. A a i4 Pun my. My Yam us a Orrum e5". 3 u i 1� but in an bout a to Lappell a great Kintu Huppe 0 iii hate isl add Burpet found on gout Unes x a i lunar lloy a v 35.,go i Ega Oua . ",1g�m.g, Bug 1 5 ,. ,3. ?"up and he a he Gnu i mum 4 a May a a loudly g.3. Ill Lou want g. Wuy us a chum a a a i a a -on.1aamsma-jcnmneo.1eenu f. 3.1."�"�"aw m a a a a sum gun u� th�.???????????????fi1 us Hulthen Modou to Ali Low i nn3 1 u11i=iii5� i. In ii&55ii a a nub he Mibu 5.1 .-=@5 i i i i. i $ 0390mb? 3& =tbbhalv.ntldohani9p no a 91 a h1�9 Ilia a a Detroit. Vul can leu. Unis in in-iouunu1w.gu.v1vnm_ileana 90 Hubal Sam Namu bum. Lop Uchau 5 33-i? ?????????????????numl??? inv Plaht Fik Ilsi nu-1n�u no �nz=""3 � � 98� l? ?????????flhhllid? ??????? hmm my new Joyt log a .Nalnaqut by Luhm 1vchopci Noru. Lugs a 2. He. 100 ium la-ramn.inn.nmr.n in Nixa 3 5l?????????????????"????????? a a Mem sual Iklodi Uzuh Smebak begun in a lug a a a an-ia.xhma.rnn-n-. Hue Mains nmn Buffalo. We m Yron. K i Enki j. Hymond. "2 to � iii ��1tt� f1rs?n in win. Ref 00-=3 Xii a i a i3��� a a �$1$m a v in h 950 Wrd idly a pm Fth action. Such a you Comdon shou1d re a Beau mired .1 nature. In a been no the put year that i 3 Amerun people co note induced to Contri Bute uu1claa.umoniltoensurelbs Avoca 0 this Noble Enterprise us 1 la Langhum us the no Anta the people should take the responsibility out 0 their keeping. Tha Monument a Nulbe Dill Muse our Nus Onnel credit and reputation. Let a funds a speedily nude Luuy As Pouble. not argument Donn i hath my bean whnte???????????????illtd u ulsted by i Spuhl Lynu in Nolpha a. And put to the my any died 1383 in Lii kissed by the Brenas a Well might the fun pan in in him a a Ono by about 1 you Cuba pm a Quinol cabbage. 33 int a a a visited with front onto 1213llll-,�hlilwlll� the Bdl us War with a Puhn. Dry ,6 Odds. Juuro a a Fay Rosa is do stun. In nuns Pgggy ? a a i a Labh Htu Tigon a a a an urdu .�i.�"ix?. "uf2"i�.i2. 7.�u.sa lypdon.1nn? ??????? blink. I1 department. Gukl 1�h a Mson " -us-3 i � 5, a a a a a iv Gnu had in the in. 55cd paa1ua,Xan,m Boston on Thoday. An Olen Folh spunk 1 la b33 Yud with ?8810 i urn won Pool i in his own Gavan Mam. Ih1iihml r9$&iliiliill0ul i iii nil yrs Wese in sch. with plan unto Maun aka pee. Whet he Liucc Cuenl or Der Ned Muodau-3 the a Marmot puny in u Rui Exoo. Thull True we Tun yielded to this common be Centy. Uzi in Vum Ilia Pinon so fun Sunho rub the distil acted. Enduring Stiemly Yunu a insulting Hancur a Urban ulv thumped sobe virtue. The Whit a a mud nil Bebel need us Tough the Auto Marathon 6 or. Load. a Melvich. Gold. 4190 a the n y. Eur Ellal to Honky from Bemon Zucol by the co Cache cached to la look mauve. Iwler a a ice iii Opal a. I Ihas a run Ifuku i40 Fawn to Vang Luce mrs or manna 9 an ,. .am .-., my a. $ in Mann in ten Sony evening. 0 1. Aim Andly a k i 40 an 0lui�lbl l5 Bank Ogeka Ina Mung. 510503ll�i1ln_ no i lnnuna.uuuuxnununuu., Lush urls family Inch us pres. Will by Vii and k8 a a a a Mac n in a. Unman an an menu ,._ Dill i a. A = 2., us thu Siatuu lha a a a a a own 8 tonne Gnu 32 och 1 w3 Gnu nirubia.is m la 0 0. Haven. � 0il_i y or i Jalis d. g in &f3amm$dmgg& a a Tho land try my Edson the inn . A moped not a 1.udnn indy night ill. O Many bad to Kiego. I houmoxzn1of the would us Sab Lopol no com pump to be �2u.uo0,o00 the Hula noun have cannot than �1,000.01�. Mum my uni Uonuu-e0 prodigious ulna. X a new Raghu on the thin a a c ibo Pupach Nemo ind Kunn from an the aping us Ngy with slum and the us. I anal us a plug Del Friy and upion Stry deplr1 pm a tally in in no ii a 1wlli.lal w. Weed. 2 1 Rollen Girtain. My " Ezra Goglin. Us Seth w. Goddard. In my in touch ii a a �i3 1. no any a or �.a.""-. �."i1� .-=5 an in . I. I.nun�. Not in Uuhan-Canun. " a Tiff a i oot " in Cupponad-u1d in with Renon when us put Eccl us Glrst glazed. Mum children 0 Liberty would be not Only wining but eager to do in its truth Annie and and inn Man thu Ope Cudiam was Justn Halo that than for whom ngg Lud Perl Llyd his life and 6 tue ind n Durn would Cheo Funy pm mesons ing to than nullity. Tum no no Mahla tribute to in memory the up Rumont Tun been used had us � to thu by but to by Hind completely the Annc Ricon memory has Bacon Bunc. The american and a pm Tina Hue Nmucd-.i Del Dlud nun in thug to Calm but tube the to Honor than i my want in the Tsegi agent snubs vim Camuy Raa Urdl. And run red a Lau Nabe and Uluse tub a Swath Oboh Aid Billy. Busy sunk a hunh though to a than. the Lungu. . Them Nantke Vena Hudiono Laou. pad a ii thou each other. n nears thou a non Shon nation ,. M. a a . Eve re any a Angilo Light Lylha Kinky a a Munch Cine resulting tranche Loofretusu drink 11 my. My Hutu Viennas Uhll Gnu in Tho pm lo5ur.ndarmlng.notonyaohruisnlnesw the mom Bolln Zgud in o cum pm Der the drunk Annau the new a held Unk Maury thinking my on i claw Onemma Uzunof this in hour Mun-2 Nathn a. Ten Mem eve and Home mar have a uttlodlnchet\vln1n. Our a 3. M dog myst Mensh Ngmar links . could us a Gnu Bcxncalun acquittal Alluh a Quad i.n.1 u unto Ullh i Nithil he he Ive Punk u ,orolbcrv.hu1iyn.h h m.u4 urm lhn0n.adju1.novu an .3 a Mun ode Aazaad bloc so Eben than they Cash Sapcstdd Kielh Uruu Uburn Avnal making Rod in 5nn1 a in pcs a name the jul Decaul Marina Daaud Lealh a Yunnu dict Htiu in vol Guilino crud n no us Glumm babe Demk Canna nun �j.i. .z.gv3mx=. & Laezer �221 �22 on_ Poznan cons i Pmidxnx a nil Idolly no Niue a null Palumu slut Lound pen lot Coorg min to the do Lmu a Dumaua and fur Alcum Kia in Hunu us \ \xg1n.u. Run-3 11.373161. Golb lipid aids tight t30q. .bva? ????aed storage Grain. 01 ii ii.iiaili tki ii. You an i. No run in la swam warn res1 v. Asia. Looting mad. Fauna. W. J 3 a wetly Ingmar fun 6oni1p a i. Vcngunnenunzhopsny-mulnn.viihou1n Ca . He sex prank Union Cdr iii band 3a .2 a tam. A a Ned Gros yen pin Ununwvmu. A. M Ira .1 p.,. Duncan a the Given us. nmn ully Umler Thane phlla.&hn. Noun Ungto $644,350 0 my 43512311 h the to acc Imus Suzan curve8151 5 Yang til Ida i0"i 1$i=? " due lard pea. and Pou Sci a a a a a Kalu Ullmn red in , a she. a a gym Nuhad u us re Yuu no Jbv pm Cru no a than Lliel Lncoln Nozu a drug i i Lyon Aux Ruusu .uau.nuzca.uxnu 11138. May dugan.-.-Luuiu. Chin. Hiis a to big Dohk Mhz a 5wii.an-can ug.uu..dxnelmunrethniudnymcxpt? ?????? p".mi.gmnllepn.ndpk1lluih Rud a a a a a we dam by dope a a a a , Ling Mun Luln in a in Nylz cud fnn1 u.mvznovvnyu1mos r to Mmgu-.3 no Tiu nu-7 no Cobbum upon 1 the nun Ulon Mybalanglbn-.1129 Dunc Knuth Rush by a a a a a my Udu an 1 is eau Rombi " Hunu Lukus. pm. A. Law 9.&, �."-nubnah.riar.ih. I54a�o he a a ? in Bubu jul i Khan Hiklan Dun a a a a i 2hna wub4l round 1 Poi Hile f Luann Ca 3�u&nxi.lh8l a Sake a an dotui.�n an non urdu no on1531-Nilmucn-sa-ail Gas Nurm pud -�.-=-a no nil. $5s&=s xxx. Summ Auu,p9a,�m6u, Lem a ,.t. t rr�3 he age 1 a in can in. I47 leu Luau 0.im Alleary wad bucket up i manna huge Vagn thus no iuucht2unmi non Puia a a anu1sughx.ngb, on i .bi1j in ads pm Ihnn Gilic ? ? Stu fan 7110 Rizii iii ,v a a chnlunliln�am-�31031 Kyo aar1arg1nnupuh????????? d s x1pl 42333 a Aid Blyn Llvy Cannula urn Chr us Uhruh in xxx fix Iran 73 Egan $7115 hum chums Nanan by ape Wuhu hip Tanuz an Anu Gnu and the Yunsu a arcs a u%= b1n,y i Lennon. Uric. In ennui Yuul Heumann Canna lust a Aoa Dkl us. Lin due any in cup Dunk 12.15 vol ngtau pins o10 inward. K e0333 stolkrf10 eh3 bub to nne a a a a a a a in n h la h.i1i ? a na., lal Kagann us eurme in Anua or a a a Andy sum run Uusen. Edit a ? uz.nn. Lanai Rny a Mie Virleia ikt1.all" raving de Xu-Nuuuqhar-u.1ua-jn? ?????? a lunar a but Xuy xaiinlr0 a a a a a a a nor Chunnu and in milk amt -=-.5-.-.-, -"7 Faust eni Hlad lne aau to i in8pn&nij3ll-.&uhu off us a 1 4�i Aid a �=="-3 Cunag 1hnberntr.n=Aupi dil a Ltd Ihorn Nynus and gum cuu .ag, a canse., is a Nash and a 3 thai twin. Lad love big haveu.lc.nedn.nddhnn.ru-d u&u&.u.= pm . who an Arr Andrul n 1 Sun is us nov d Lbw he Clun Cane huh Cal Xena Hugnin aunt Xiv is he Bush Uruu Linsz que Zeaunc than1? ? a a i.????????????????????? 179au u7 Clah Abue Naum Nacny no U..Ianu i.umissannnn.g. �v.�.gta1c.7x =Lsaa lld&21 in ,1__4�11 Ody. A a Pau Muu Wanna Gnu Unm Nyu re Lim = Nuli Aiu Agi .u.nnasnnn. t.nsnq.u4., an 3 on Sun an dt??????????finnahuiusuutun0.41. Dud a == a a a Shana a is w5nos\.bn, Snell a ""3 iii a can no to Kocna by in Muzib 5 go och 5. R again v in 553 Xv-an gang 1% =3 Iula Luxa. Adl Nih ,Yiu? us a nut iuhmdb? ????flnt?????????????????? Ruuk urary a my a nu0 Alanna ad.-. �.-=-.im in a Roll 2e�lx 2akv��.- a Jiuu Guvunlotto-.n in. I u in vim Nauru Dun i Ortun Elir do i n.aa.i., Iupmn-�us.1uoeuli.b Humm Onwu Pxlnl-jd-u85 a in audom a Ucnnirnptunuadnluxtumbonspurul .ndiu. L i f51s\�k? ??????????????????????? Pnsnbxnnnilnnngpbudgndmmell. Annn Moln in Gnu eur he a a Wank. Tic a Umunna ?m.ug main a a stamina stun cbth? ???????????????????????????? so he a and in pm Uphill gun Wrath in anon out a uus a i1 5vku=Nll Antic la a a a a uncanny uncut1311 sup n Isiah an nun Xiv us Ltd to a to lax pm array a e main. La hound i a in muted Ndu Amman eur a a dict nne his Punk he Alaga Uman no a Ruolan vow eur flu Huang i wan 5 ?25 31755 uu.n2uut-Loon Are Mam is. u aria-Ovaaunt-a1ianuin Zumm Mummy Usu be 1.�&"$". %. A. A us mum Sunghun nuns a no Ham Pun or card in the cnu$tli1 i Spandri no. mum us Ctunrthxngu the Pun than 013 in u.�-9 ill a Ava Wpm hx.\l1ulnm-Ehnmnna. In re knud13 Yuan Gauuan. Una Ilsa � .x.1a.?aa.g,.,_ a Siuw Wauna Aarau. Hymns1 urn-Saunaan-ban kit us Uzi a air Ktie a a Bung unread Luln bun Delyal us Hutn May ??????????1" hm�? nnihou.mns??????????????? alums a Mumn Pulz Mann Node hauls Puu Watn i1.0r1nhuenema-u�1q.muqpduuulnaxum ii Tan a Mhd ulum upon theu.ndlhipz. 1n i Oak Luu .m.nunnb1u1ulnlnthei osydl1u..= f my \rn1.i cd a on suspend a .hx1njwn. And inn nun ii aunins no a Anuw a rent and Tux no map i Lau i my my rpm up a a no Negm plug in an Vancou ataxia re no Hood. Amrum Mango lbs an �xmpihm.nlvuqlv.c.u into Anu Pun Suhu num Mun up Nalib Mustang you Dud Pica a Iri pm Sana Van but reap Oral us Linc Annulus pal Tuyl runs mama a Hugo Esta mane an he but mar Mun m.1 a Wurn Chi us an incas Lanka Imperial and due mtg Bry gods 1.itan3kuuugniv 3.".i a32. 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Uezxsqunnsutnu-.runlnpnann Muhu Ilvnvstx-�ilh9p? ??????? ???????? Bill Uvo u8 Pimp in a us Tho mum pall and wily by Itule til i. I Liclagnnhuauhnauduuilllin-4 was la a a a us 1 35l e g7h-Uaryder-Sainndsnihup--Uuclu no Tho an or Nahnuacu-1 in nun Amer Lai. S a Jain Dan in .qu1 � the an a nub Tung run Vanthu. Ocul Anytha pan Lam uuii.qi.v�p1narvhil win a i Nain Unrun a i1no Harigal a a do Xuhua nun than. Pm 14 0.aucuq iaqch3nnvh.uiuuniu-nun. The Law Naug Luau us cd a i i 5. Mud a a i .u4and Manu can urn run w1u. a fun a a Duann cd. M Utun Uxmal a a to Thorp a. Uu.n., us Erin nasal ,.a Suia-e Kiiji la a humanism-i1.uan in Gnadt a Oumi Gnu a id iau Sivu inn a us a nit Unuk ung Uruu a 3 Lul a a a Duulnilu in a pc Uvaun Dun �4\\�lnnv4.-u no a us Nuzha a a mks a iantflla8. Pu1nlhcpu1&rmp�lulhubn-Ccagzuu-v u Bdl us a upon own Lhnn us a ulna run �15.41 ?8 5.4715 to a Job a in thulin Vul Gaudu t a a dung Dull isl mid Mph he Lugn 5 154 an All Hubp Ennd ugh an Tzy a a a a Tutu cdunlv.tuvr�i.ui-aunt-Uuamdmavvn a nut Unlxx. Uco Alum manna my a us. Us Lxiv i32n&tdli4nlan1 lad j i 1.1% Hula Hurt illt.bi.rift-3 Pisa us a30 t323 a iqol??????l3nl.$???????????? u1.lusni Rio by . Linen\.nun saws so us. .uiau1iuinonn Nus no a a a ugh. A can nun Gnu a us 5 i Uhnu a a a list Vatu Lac. Debt my a a a cd a a in vet la u c an add a a a a inca. Sinno in Ilbna. Aznin durum a a io1uahtvihqg�? a mans the �&&wv1a but hid e.v.nixlx1 a inn a Unnica Rauw in a Salon hut a can and Nunan a i 3i.i�ona ump Diu Ayu Swanum no Hun Blana Geum Ham a inn 361 Hil Hei to a a whale us Audi a Ivl Ila. Emt in a a a a a a a a no us an ailiui.auuou-. Arm 0iuinun& a a . Longino be9 31 d la Trulyn ban 5 a autumn la on Usu Dudush us Rah .lpn.ny,d Bonus i Dun an Rubaud ice a no Peiu i ik�\6 h ul7ba ranch Reba Cut a us Hon in3011.3 As Lull us nun us Dlo acc Gnu Nul Hoa us Musau xxv Vul la a sunk a Bat Adhn i us As undo cd Chalu an a wow nun the gmudnriayhuuultuauxlnulhoc???????? Oft-u.llvinlb$ gr? ????????????????????? q urn Alku Nuci adms i .1&an 1 Civ i Tun re Bjb. 1�h i e pm to Cucui Uansa Rio Viviav i a a feb Pam v Yuri rain that a -nu-1 to Indus in Hull i a Chunnu. nne a twin an ass nun lbs inns banana. Iut a a i Olowu Elan Cal cum a Hluch Ouhn-.ywlinhlru�1eiicii i out in fianna Gyu nun c? ????????w335 on not on Tenn any. 041. Ii Ian n?????????????1 Ian 4 pm ulna she Dunn Nus bakun Rena � Sll Busi Budh turn and Inu Luu Fauna in he kusum Khuntvnuytuuzhd-1 a a Elvis i Dou a in a a a a Lanai thnh a a a Ned 9 Mam b used hutuh853 w0 ?iitaunt Khz Azniu numb fun sub pm to in 8 �015 Mun Inoa Vui i or iii Usu Tuuu 1gun ii u.i Mun run Mun wowun1oiollhv$ Baitner vvua5314 Bra Vav do Hitko Luna Honl Ila a an guv unit Shuaa Ulua us thin Ian i53-Uhulltsbouvulnsnlh i i a Csc us a 130 a.u.b1�a Herr Sun us Lulu a an. .,._ m 2 73.call 0ni& a in e 7\ oeizmnr1lll i b la i he inn Ems no no us. U Lina. zen. A i.q�nuo-put-Altaca-u q in is i 7 Aasu Xun a a hut l???????????????filfllifui 0 no Hin Viu in Tenn nun oct. In nuns 1 an a Gandho ii uni a Pusok aug allay cd Uund l1nnv� uhvc2ts -i thu Laud Luv sump him dry Buu ammo la Rue Cunt urns Day ugh Asur near in .n.5crnv� ???4m a hat that unon i pens ou.uuahrnl1ad. 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