Buffalo Morning Express Newspaper Archives October 20, 1854 Page 3

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Morning Express (Newspaper) - October 20, 1854, Buffalo, New York J or. A a 2 c a ,., to -,".,?.- 93.val .3 in avr.�.-no.213.99-. Hum. cd Mohe \ lurks ul.U.N. Iez 1by l Loll lloy. A 94 v .-.-9xx 3 Fryz a a mum Sun i n ktnc_baua.Nan.ui??????? Hybl sv9�.m. 4�. 4 a a to Stasun Max f03 3-\�=� a t5 7 a wow a n was run uses. 31 sow. T with a an a a x i .c53 Zut an to rormhr.?= Rue ilium. ulu a r1 a a in hip anal to thin 01 it Hijii a Tho. 20.18.54 f.j.i�.$a?.? is a. l6i is 1n 1 1i i .3, 3. OOf warm swot Blu a Max in Hutu Nuanphan at id. A a Ai 1? do a uqtnbkaq�1il1il.tl0i1��0ds"5" �.��. �""1�.". ?.�.a"�." q e.olv6 non null. T. "-_it--. Uv_.-.��., l."".l""�"�3f� � of 54 .m. � toi a iian ?4 61 1.01 Are can us. M9iu Kim Nuu Nyz Gnu Our . Aux t f03 Eal a n1main swans a Kunaus Niu a Cums a in a a a a a a a to ignore riiii5ir�ui i iii Xinau Pur up riv.._., r--.-v-,.,""" a $3�"."�.i.t��"x.e t 0 " or no 5 an i 03""" Saidai. Oct. 21. Us 10o a. War Mzx san us run no � e a ult. Ball Camp on in Galtin \ e,.4_3u jul . huh a tau. 1 x1i Rlyn a a a a su1 Connun a fun Sec 1w .1.o r 371 no ,5� -595 .aus a a a Cru Yunu. Oct mar de. N in Dock a h lots b1100 each. Pm �.n".? Lynnd luoikuno.nu0a-Nomnroluvush \ =?.�rupum i q17i 1gk Hanan Fox 8al.ba Irisa i ixolo1 As 3 a no a a i 33"\f 9 by Glt a 3� a ni-ie1 in wad. Ital it Parv will a pm ,u,.,�, %i0o4oth il-lumulsuua1 Llvy Gge non nil whup liw a in 5. .,g.,. $18il??????ed Olin Unap Man. Its. Uni inn in ?i39 ?cuu.--m.2� a 3 e. A on. Uri a. 3 i i when Mummy Wax Gnu . 1 i0 9 Lurk a h \ a i � Sinunu .U.N. a Thohn a no an. Adi shun 0 us i .9 5.33342all As his pen. Mun win in j a Hbl glad c tout % Hll . --2-"�i 5"%-2. 9 a a � eau i pm. A e " to a 3 at us a . nb.nn.hhlnconhhn l Honan noun. A Culcol Tutu. Do ii Wihl in a Nve a a . Way Day a a a bntrtunun.nnonu4tu. . a a main 1bunldntn a a a Caan Delucy. .3 slain .U.N. Sothan us 3. Name Mun .U.N..U.N.on i us Low . Man snug ???"????????????????? ill i __l1u Aura sui3i5 icing a Kunnap Lynu Chovin a altqann.smnilkiinnaa-Gnnulh cup Man = a upwind 03 Naumu on col _1wln.1un. In eie.suu_3, re a a a a is ? Kris iii. . It of Buchann. No a a a a a a a hunks As a if ill Abdal gluon now gtlho0unpta Lih Aiila Hix huau.unihn21.nur.U.N.by a a Gundic i mmoluu1pnavmuconnpo a quil Ujj re nun 3.1 .s1cn.loav�nt a Nhuoc of enu we in w50 w33 .U.N.Chol in c it i an Inch pledges in a gang. �"&1 f."&�. A. a a a a a if i not Wuhu by pm 2----� a .U.N. cd rect. Mud Sauna than Annama us Inalou nuns a a it in continued in thin a ? a a a in in 0 Uovmnnt-_53 , Lyudmi us Hatsuo. a a a a haul Huuton. A a a a a .U.N. a a Sun.0nt1im a Luna Kmon Dundus at Pun in in he. L nun Yuk in rcom Lhnn. 155%i23 in Edni Yuchu hon.nbc.pir8ynipopuiu1xyoimu . Mrol1unuin-can Mas urn mount ?nauv.&nnnu.h, . A thu Ike Mumm no Man an cit Zug Mun a Max Ngu Aeu Vuu Lahann Onul Xinliu . Guy anua4pnq.nsnuul � inal2itu-Nlguncy-gul.???????????? 1i in Gucu ii touapuu.ue.uuumugns Hruz summits pqunuuli.si5&? ????????????????? ?7_psl___f_ i in Hen York a Recclauanmaeumur i uni no l9???? ???????"???????????????????? lhmelm.eni.ed, will plan Nacho an Nllbclltlhp-0ui1ag.il Zun in Zulu ,. A Luw at Nan aunt would i fur it id. Pew n0. 15 in gift Al a a us a. . Tii1.i snub Tun mum Dis a com us an .4 xxx than than Ann a nun by Ftinlh-uxnt1u by .7caar.unnaihnu.rdu no. 2 131 a 1 Jun Shah lashing 08.,-f. 21uuonuhumrvaa-Mau a mans a a a a lli.bl514 f � . In Daoudi instr no Gmun anus. Us Gonul when .1?????????????????? ???????? can Bahner eur a a a a Dull Irolli .U.N.trails Kn-j1. Of a an an . Go a " k., 2 a ?2a.". A. A Ngwu Mcra As. .313-Innxmn. Is a inn can out All Al bin lvb.iivvuh&1und�marina Iasi Pun ush. a a m. Iashnnuna.=.???"?? a a in i.9hqnphnitnau4. inn . U . Non tuu my Unsung . in Nunz Nurs Hay garb v .2 International tank. 155 an Mun a it is inn iii in new is ch.5. Pickud a halos Batu-n1 Zun. La 1 a a n aun Axxal Liu Vum Inu i it Al ipe Silky l8liak.uil 0k a2c i.i1 l Yawnii Oriald ii nun-us Huuuixhuuo 1lii? ?????????????an Hhd Camp Tum uftth.�1& h$ah.hiae.wdii&nqua� Stilt shun ageing Bah och Misc Var to dual Ann and. Han .U.N.a a a a a a Anluldhllul-i21. As Musmann a aug a a i in a a Lunyou a a Umil Urh Tull Sun no a tin in hour a Quail 1 Wannu than "�."1.$.?? a a a mail by re a a ulu i21-int -asa1�ip Mira Phi Clair &l36ivi. Cur Ernso d1rh1.leeblffftul. Iaal suit no numb hum Dianna. $6&�=== to a wag at Nim a. 3cannon-an f base de ban a Cru. 1 is .�a."$.?. a .U.N.nah a vpudu$n3titznii. Martian new a Cunt a Arthur & you us Corner 5 Man .uuncuu-nndti???????? ? 2 last Noung. My a a a c.n1n\ m solve in 3.\llr.a Good a Xix baft a a As no iii lot i j i i Cul Uzun 5walknu$tdd.ni�ukrx Qunaun Natl 1 a Tottel Loans rum he a Mun can 1 Unsung a.t.�-Lxwunhm-Rsrnann Fanny cd. Ell in pan Ash Jonnn san h our no Sard us gunw.n1u Oihi Nosb to Nan Munung num .U.N.a ups Ai =Nthat 35%? . q c . Puxzct\n.b. No a a inn 91qh.iiilz�nnuo a a an 1" tilt Lisny Tuv ii Titan nusl.thann.nuouuyn-an a Punk that --i.u1.auuniuri�hn a a my . a to 01 can in a a a ii whilst n1hf& Cailjr a -.ialuiii�u3nnshi&nnn Ilu fed & Cly it ilk .U.N.. Llt? ??????? Vlaun Tycon & a an Uga Tuiuri inn ii -.35-ilk of $33.- 33"hi to 0 tapr\ahu-iuliw1scsct--.\us a a a a a j 8% 1 t3 it"�, Usu a new Urmah an a cunts � """ile�u7. Man in a 7c 1.x 0\.il.a ill Tturn vow ,g.,.m.,�., my a us mum tanning. Mar he up of of f Nova us 1.01 i . Or " a 5aaggggg 7 a a a 9 a 3" 0 %=s19z.-==s.== =x=.==.=.=-As Xiv. 53 "-ii Mcgant a. In tii Al a 5. A maunn�gg4_.�\.,. ,a a Aas cd .lasa.� has in 5hm uv.i15.3 5i a to x., mmmm% As of ?=13 -.9.-=.=n Ray Una a a a ,3. A o2s4l. A was a in nut an �3"?-iat----nun a How Lumnerammum-.U.N. 5 i ig4 no uni memo Vonu tune in y Lawu a 3mauli Itoi a As Ansn. vuvum.uuu0p h3tul eau Uusma hear nq.,.m.,.,,.a.,., nag . a a a a a a a .9 a 3 �notn.i1lln\uniii1h.n.awunu a a a0 3 a. A vapor eat ii. Ii i Lilsl-in1sa. v.Kn 3. A9 in Man ._. ,_., a .1 a. 2. No-ennui1 As. 2 2 32.22 Man May 1 Gar _1l _??? ?7 0 let a a a a a a a a a kit 4 Zurr us 1 3 sous =223 Aeu x1st &1_4.12t_j. a a a a a Mun brawn Nus a uni i cum. We snv=--"13an=.u.n.-.�.i ._mmu.�.. U c a a 5 j a Al 3can-Aaamnuupvzxa in Ann Annn at \.Vunu ugh Mun 35 us i lowil.um. ua ram ugh. Unclenan injun Wun aunt Mil Chann a ,3 .Ggn Inu ibuaoqlararum3 a a of 7re a xxx Fasuk in in Al a y"�isn0rtl us a .3, of a a a a a a a ?&uon.csun. .t.\.,\ i us in a us i in tug. 5 ., ,.$hau3q,?1t an a pc Uduc to Ca a a a Haw i Armuda no ..4m n us 5" we. A nah new a r " a Cornu Zulu. An can .aamu.nn. .u. Cuminus v43 4 Lam mum wring 0 t a ii in ii a its a 7 50" 1-, no Ouw no Buu Uulu mums. Can no cum. My. Than Fri a Lite a a a we can As-Sean can a. I run mud a pupa mp3"&"-u" my a a a an now asun.� As 5, m a4 a Nam is u3. " a do Dune an t us. Lbt 1 ".3. 3. �.n,.w., an. My i. Ilia ?"�.u""" 3" an nun menu a it us all7 5 15 Ian b4&it i ii a a " _="-��=-0 fag -$1 Ummi .U.N.f03 311 53_ 13 j1c�w7b on As in a Sun to no. Qinci-33$ iii Lii 1&3 3. &1. t a a t or Gnu ? " a nay to a cd v.p�lnll let " an 1\nuiinu-Lati no Nan an Uura a ? i 5? i03. 15 � d i Ingul can urn acne. """","3v"""" nun Hagan nun in at an Len he 3 us. Go gym. 3.3, Aura a 3., de nun a Maggan. a .aq61" no Guj 3 f33 d1tkllsltlush i a a a a. .___l___. .1 antsn.xnn 1lauren-Kaug Muumuu we .u.eat us us .U.N.a a a a n a him a. Of. of 3 anus. U0n e 4s.Nan�munaunauuvpuuuu.iasi on a Tiamu Xmas uuxt.=7\uuxxv1.an "& us Al ud� Utah Usu Duogn ,2 Ato any-no-naps-nmmvuou.x a. Ina no a 9""-" � Umnxxawcnon-Natuianosrou. a a a a ? ?????????l??????????oo 1, an i,.,.,h\.U.N.w.�-an.sawusw 9 Han jus inuit a lib ramu.l.�unvyuumnnm. Via Uruu ,.uas4a Wea 1.- -9 a. M 3" a a.?."=31_ " 5 a Vuu a in 1.5 i id 5 in Abs a h n 1 4 ham.-=, twin. Is he a. On us a a a a a umma Ivyhe. No a y b i. in. .u,., mfg .t.x". A ayin Gugg. 9 a a. 1 a Nommay a a 1, a no leu no " t Aunuua Naun a ulu Mbaeta-i6-d0-vs3i.????????? h13 081311 some. A we a a Illa an Iguananannanaoms us Sinh i can Man Usu .�.,. Us 1 3�.z.4 " a " mtuh1a&nnwmi&m".n of " a 91 iau a Asu aug a in a mar Tugrul in a 10my lab Tuuu on an.U.N. kick m_un..� , Maxw cd or anti Gnu i iii a ii-Alla-Varuuanm is a an Vaw to i ,i-----="-.-.-. -1.- a. a in q. A Quot Nam a an. Buns i. A a ?. No a " a shh i re Uii a a a. I 3pu. Tumi1 cd???? i18 u??????????fliitvm.iii a 4anosurmnu-tn us a Manta a h in an an &ni4a .U.N.Vii a on Anneau . An inns a ,. A. L a autumn Tvrz Huxol. 2 a9__, an ??0 he i3 i to but 7""""""""� Ulf Hill. Tun mall in a n a us Dju m2a".??????nth Oak a in a i mean Cru id us a a in Mun no us q. N. .-announ.�-anus. tuna to on inn at a lug ta-ate-q3, ""3"" 3.�-u.mznuualuufu1 i Yran----an� a Ndungu i he 5 a .""9"�" auuaa.soas-Nna t on Sun rum Ainuu Watsn us "-03 Ann Tuum Huson. Nun. No.--ia-Notong a ,�.m,z,�7.-., Oll Olumn a.�.� us an pm " 4ilu-nuc? ?????????? .px"""" i13 chic.9.??????????????????????????"????? Mwau cub vow 5 " Unur pumprny2a Mug in in .m.&1& a 1#.3 00ntn4um.aal8g.l. Xuynnn Vii mls t11 nah Wibo Lihi Llu a Vatu Onu ooh he cum in in Lulkcul Gnu -.a..,., _,.us Naii or inn i Ungo Meta iguacu.m,..p. 5. a a in Gugg. My Leann Luz y.ununan.q.�.g.,.us 3 Mega mown q1yw Aiumu it an anus m41 a. Wang q 33., tau. 3 Iniati a.U.N.Mem. Mum us pm --.um. Vul no inn a in Mun. Us xxx As us a Mug urge Vamp a 1 or a a a a a a a a a a a ill "---i Iyih usk.lld\ �myehn6icii Mun ??? an a .?.3 of. A is i an Nuu a. Nns.4,. Cuuu-Ana nun Nan Ooauuuuuunxnut Ingap. My a a nubby a a a iuoizy.,.by 593 i any Duih Vnus lib a a a a a a .-uucnuwants-Atcu. A has a a a in i�s1ii 4h\ilb.i. W at in\Ai�,8f1 a lit us cannu�.- vac a 1 Irvn Liqun egg a than 2 cd to Quvus. .31.1 ours in an a 1 .,2., a .321, in Van a .t.".�"""t?? a an a is atm Van j "l8v4uc akm in Ai to Vul .U.N.ammo o cum nun us Wanna cd manna a . 1 .,_., yun?????????????????????????�? \. shunt Runau i can a in a a a a ale an. Ecru 0m9mini ,. An inn. Won Mimnau di0ii . A. N3. A a it .f." .-h.--a1.U.N. in our itmaun1" a a nun h l3f � 3. 3 3.� an?.""�". I 1 ""10 1�mlf i. Of a ,.,_.,qlu? ???????????????????mmdnuntiln?? Lull Yuan " my mum. Not Upan-ova-.--Hfannam fun Oulu Vlna Yunnan. U apcu., gain.U.N..U.N.Naolu arms Nunu Nul a mkt a no a an Una no i twin Hunan no us a i1-Unadwluruslnsu-clean-ug_g�., Oid a Var Dan i Uulu v Liv llllwe3i 3il1, j 5 in in vh0aj"blit in Huq Zynn do a a a a i\��o1�Vuu=Al, Symn a runs an iiuf"fi.l. A. A. -.-1 3. Za.,.run 1111.2� a no Van us it us i ._,.�,f,.,a a4_r anon a no us us Mun a Asgunmani ""-"-11 Union .n.rmnnn.pnwsua4ua.,.- Knipp a inn nun huh in Flung a Lhnn 1 no Nusum nah que can. 3. an Livia i you a Antua mum ??0 of egg Fig a. ,. . .,.,. � -1,m--- a4v ?4�ak in Brunou Sci a Oil Tun Lajb nun allo a a a 2 ="-4a m. My. " it. Egx Fugg. Glss hum a . Nus a a in i ii Urr run mums a. tumm Houmu. �. U \ Usu Oulu us. ,a. Go l.,., a Amautumn-inouaui.annnp 0 Hale i0 aim us Mimnau or �haingiiiaiwiil1d Anim Muumuu in 3% eve i in 9 9 3" jut. S???????l? Iaina Gui no a ii --Xiv-an-.-"-.3 ill1y7\ Sylvo inn Many Namu. Aa mum yv1. a rid Giari i Bill i uiting 1u? ? a a no nun Pun. Jul a a Armand R ka.-. No. Man 1. no i to Uhuru Uhuru Mtyr Nauru a up an Man. Mum. "3 in i re Rhu tk1ip3l0w1. "1, i &.ur1 1? 3 any in in it fab us Van. Lana. Nun aun he pay run. Up a " p0r Elle lot a vet a did t in a o i us. C. Gun no. .,., ca.g1nm a in a ium.nnuva?? .0. Flu taut ii n no i .U.N.a Tel.U.N.a. Name. And Mam 0 an Caad in a am n.,us Gugg an a. An inn in Lulu noun a in won As ,m.p,.�$. 3 o.-.r.a.� has 9-. ,.t.7 no. Boa Ulla us an Sui Eale tee hours mid i101 uni rungs in-nun-Anxn-Iuttr-ova-Anh. car a a a a a. Amen hum i i 3? 51 4 in mrm. A. A. My " a .,-.-e.""-" 1v0 a an lie an ,.�.uuu-tuna nun a pea any ".2" .1f ii i. 143 a lyy1kr h inn Sannu punt. It Inez in Branan wan. 5 41-a1ito if Gnu Ozhik High 2? a in Luau. Ann no a to Luau hau\k$i..U.N.,n no if mini a a ",3 3 v use .3 " we h1swave 3? ao3 re Wen he 1 a Muma Up a in c3,"-�"3.�". 0 a9" 3003kii.umih 3hvlngvint 9. 3. A 31--� of =-"v a to. .7 a. L a 70 a. 0. nov �--5- --3"��t"" --1 an Nus unum a in onto mum us. .�&undlnsh&y.0 81cl$4 by .U.N.a ii. 5017 a Wain 11 Annzuu to ? Nnhll a As Lohn. Alli�inhrii1 Tho mum at i tm-""33 3 a a 53 w .x1"=3=33i=&=="ic.?--�= a a � no5 and Nan Al null a a ova Nna manna a. . I by m-",_az.f a vhf Mem an. ,-.,. Mun no a autumn it of 2.-%. A q i a n i n on an it. M an duo a ?? ?????? ?$1il � Man he a .i"."�t germ 4 a gang a great Baru Xanh no sex rums a a 0 notify 1�ikibm Ile Roua cd s1ulmls us Naal a " a a \mflhlh1irrsr lhnenuy.n a �iiruuvlth1vs.? ???"??????????????.,.n,. M,�.,.,_, a. 0" a a 51" Muumuu a no in nun i161 to Nam yen Damn. Nuns n-.�,u . A. 7-" a a =i1"%ii-All ..Nvsmgnaaxyvuuuoamm pm. Cult Auml Nonman mum. worn al1til us r " a a 14 n a Nqguunmua Lovah Lcuy a ,.-. A. 432. -3. a us pupae a Dix thou much nil Gamay Grum. Us .94 Uruu Avean he Irani .\iinn a Levi it. � my. Smug 1isuzu.�-Suauvcnnctv-v1uaiiun11.zig in. A. W uni at x.1.naa 1 Nam a 3 901500 pm. 3n.hsa s., my .5a. uru Canron it. V i \unuu4h i. Is it not in Vgyx-au1? of a a a a a a a 0" in. 131 Hycl a ii Epli i dl1?? ????????? i Amman r1at to lull0vrr y h .Lsntm is. A � j a.U.N.a ,."�", Nova he i1 i mum land agma Uzzo i 11 in ctn . 334. Aoa lal Villa and. ,. .1. No 3. 3 � 33l a 1\. L.�y? ?????????Mun. Iota Raven. Ulun Diora klan, Cona conn.p sol re1 Ixion atmn1mrm i .na us Era Mem a .0 the la1munjulnn,nnopeed2y pal log Zug our i.afox saw Mug Nuuma of ,0il13 p or nov Rgee Nfn ill locus Ltd of a d Mun a men ,1, prof i cum Mnacham Mux of in a d a a 9 a a Wulze Hlad �2 a. Or b�5k z a Haw l21. Riiawl3 Alli nov 33 18 a x under 0 a ny2i= Citi Suvino of a Keaau nun new due of nor 5&1ni1lik1& Mun-Ronsvo.Nun--.nsmu, a � 11�h ii .U.N.ud_i_. euuu_-_9_y_p_pos1u Cann mum. 11l�h= in 5mlhou Bueb a Fez was Mun 1km. Ji$?.�" =.-n.a.1. " Del urn nuns of full of gang.5 pm. 50 cheese. Normd on met kilns a City or neg us. Or mrm i moot r inn Rahmo a a Gnu a 1 Mem of � Oliu a 2t.?f. Of in no aa"7a.?� 7o� ".3 us a 2 .".�12wizor Gumez .U.N. Nta Ityl thu an. Inn min pt2xrxrix. To and bfp3 95 32. A Xii 1 j2_i.mlhll to v.?3. A " a " " com. Elk a ?1ai i fir in a sumac nude men no zen nuns. Or. As. .?.�m ,.$ a. �.?". Egg. A 1 was 00� no. At 5 9 Mem a7 inrs end33 new a if Benz news Vaco � in. 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