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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Morning Express (Newspaper) - October 20, 1854, Buffalo, New York 7# Xiv a. N3 .1. _ .1. In. A.�.Rrrm-ms. Z 1, 1\1o1si????x1 r1 is. minus u930 13 min 0 in. Listen. 3%� u1n � for co puny no i chum Ming ing name Oligy a of Byams nmn the .,., Wii i 0 019 count of Ide Irlo of Abil l3.ie-lop, Teprag not a lev of i every Macii Ducz mr7 in Llly to p9,00n illpnb? ?q3tho . a puked by the county Gynn Tequ a of pm my shop in. 3 1. Or n my a pole it covertly nun former Ali. But we Hue no us i Heithe ii dil Max enacting Mun Tho us a a a a a represented in the Mil egg Gnu Dullano will nullify thennel Veo Ling loud. Ammema1_ we my m Man How May us Hun sex Pumnea my mum pm 1 inn by linens cum Puiu Wuhu for my own Lompo Nancu Chub . The Lyle men in me am no Pfabe. Of the mall Ole a a a the pro poll Nln the mud line Tho writer had no a. knot Riga or in Denfrund my when Haugerod la. The Canna nmn a Lull of an n pro Dustin can am Bush in of by flu july the nth to an Eur to to which the Tyler paper refers "3 fir the nuening. While it named to than 5" 1535113 Hinds. Candidly and dead. The anus Conser Kunou to the Wing bucket in Usham. 0 cd Dlugg Ming and Uzun Urx at up Gnu we re put mag. Bourff Monou Well -. a form our dus Yuad Olu Bolc duly to me Dune us Dahl we us and and rave Hubn k Lynn could Ucuz equal Good am sad Elm icy came by 11 it. Mints. Can 3 Waou in the inn a a a a exp Cums 5 up 3 111 " a on Brunet our nun Par Lunnun he pan would have up madly dunking an exp my it have Nave Lohn found Man bin oct non Luv &= 339 q the old my in is k3-yarn no i bun que gun but can for Onyx Aimu unit be a Nita a moral us a Sumal up and con and no we can lol Dolhn Ulm real columns 1 Haea Gnu be a of Iesu =3 essay5-3-. .-.,. Re Tho"ana-n14100 Luv up adm a turn 17ili loin Gln Hung Lush i i a 5lnl?????0 in Bolo interest we Publ la the to Oneto our anus or la log Illi i15-\ a a a in reference 9 an love nth n033 5 1 excl Long mansion. It soon omy. Dulga a a Are safety no Rewn mud \�9nllsi"0.lmi�em Withy the exp Luloh or no Okigbo Lenwill soon to nope Nylon in this 31. U , ill cd aug. 1854. \ Dun in your nor of the 2801 int pm \ \ pounding Ems of la ring stun boiler la it shelved. Met i proceed co Wuwer an order 71 1 " wlm Llyn diameter and Helluin your holler ana.8fees 0 Lnch a Dame let sad feet High. 2. Whu hone pore will it give an. 12 Shuzse Power. 3 " How much lord Brood do you use per Rolny of 10 hound am. Lei than half i Cunt \ 4. In the boiler la Nola to get out at under am. It in lx0ljn pm h months in Houv. Rep lev Noelu perfect. Order 0 " in May rep ural Lumu. Order am. Yes. U easy As on Lnu a boy a a a " do run by list to incl am i Ilu 3 do Vuu recur Reml it in or Lerv nor Torun usher holler you Are Wuu muted Imp an i do Youg Lvella inn of my Cyll lev null Nieber and length a such uni Nch Odule a Mach my Dave mail jul Nulu la " do Rou Nup Peu your Butler Lugo enough 150 my Inlall in Sterl would my us i would far your Bulhe nulls. My h ice 0 India flu Newland i an i note further in Quinn us your Palace Cpl. No in the Bone Auguy cleaned out Aull 5 can mod Wuh Oul a a a a up the a a Lun not Nile Long. Not Inna and in. Dill should not App Emend May mean 0 who pro Codog Page i is ave a new rep Llod to your uru rul exx Qulin. Ii i have valid 56%. Yiapis us sea the Rill i in la months and lbs a they Llma ulnar and tuber Upolu news ill be cheerfully Gaven in Pruul us i have found the Irving Bot bun anal my upon lulus Kim Verv i to 1 Moth or i Man have the slum Rumba Mun Apu Roua in Rel Sun la run Flag on but let i Hlll re Pun our morbid Vul Numa Suzg la sky i open my us cock ii Oln number one my nah Coll us ilm Pipa ind twi my Nae 0. No Tull no us Ull Nap Grommo Aycoch Lulu ill in do and though to mum run no Nelv a used null. Luau. In Hart Nevei bund Purle a cab or lunar i lured Inonu nun and even fur Ito nouns open cd and Ruml mul 11 but Iran pm Only under us i had a Younng in an my Ruul of nun nun who Moghad eau Tang Conn Nullan and Rand snob Isaac Danng in Ian ugly would Nola -.n5v la Fruy Hollerl and a Linn a Mann an gun a la com use and a nun of Norv thu Hsy a fuel in of ill Nunn Spove Tho null my w. Do. Us 1 Ion Iron Hunt. Our Sun Plum our Del Long in Rhonn nun Boll runs out lug a l21 Pound in mho no Ann nun our Lundn thu blown Nulu Ucen it inmate i am i re Oeq-41if\. A Vul it when i my i Hommr a thin i. Morning Wail Viii. Ill a a "".1 o%"?.i. .3"""��. A ".7.2 lg. I Edby tha mavens udon can a �."3?, a a r5 vex of i mystery. The Box nub out a v so 2 2�13 54" can Mph Aega Var it and been ? thu Lake. Ila Ovna Yongho hot. Naked one of the a scam to hip eh30 throw it Over. The null refund Nadu it Noo May for of Namow handle he Wurm will nne he had i be3.i.i. a. I .3" f2$5an undo to secure the Persona until the matter is exp a a adm. 13. 5 non you thu � mm-,�,-q-,.u . ."1s.,t.9 .2 "=53 -."&t% menu. 1uo,. 115,915,090 3. A �32335 a w65-w 19.2� sea my uu0?ji- in Jaq 98", n.g1 amusvmn1s. _dm1on on . Quin your Printer Bill no Nuerup. Q"1 to 0 Yin a Hoe will c1oie0d� 5 pm Leno. W.,a 2.33.5 .5a, i,9"�.��3?????" ? of. -an._n5 513317. Fall5311, " i a i i 5yany Uhr in i mawi5 0. Up and wort inh a j 1 � 3 Ira "n7 5 Ain u3. A 5= aa3."� � we 11� us andm0 60 undo Rule. A pm department. In cum Ucol Sinh he us up =5 anon-7. Ni.323�."�. U a n " = a &�""x5� & Purdu iowan g.,?".�=-"""" . Sou. Re Law no. U. V pm i " h ia1.1 my 3381311 01 kiss Nixb nm1"w nut my. 0 i a vilio9l l0�0 Imus up an Cun pm Emmi leu Allun. _ nun, Doc of. K.,i Iufoon Nunda vim Ilu fun at 12. A or. I%-�2.unam.�. At i Man. Rug t cd summon 1izn.lr1nli. Is . K1x h. 1 h3 it in 00131503. ??????????ui??" ???� or run. Jal elms non illrn13 Fitzhugh. 0 am a v&oa"5n i you 1. Of a Damn. The this de 0111� w01 .n.,m.? .3iu&$ uth Mph. Wednesday. Woi iii who in be 51 69 11 � n a l1bevrodi1w"" Tom a my cents nun to end33 31 of v i $ . a of 55om.@ibo no in Dunn Gih lbs 3 Tim Hilum Elphy Low esd nut on competent authority that the Eju be ten hour and tin City during the pram Winter. Weinn0xmllbi0hlkl Chr Elul mimic i meant Nail on 3 i v a. A1"& 33 $33 3 my n 13 Box. 1600 m Tsoo Tgu Imd was 333. No. 4 lrtz$qu11iu m00 a 9100 %. 32 3 3 i ,. Rufaro Inch.uh.00d0 0015 "3 so us t .0016. Coso a. 1 i a a mob Kod 4. Pine 1 a pm my m h ale us mos a 33 0 " 3 1. 0010 m �-$4350. Cum was com re 0001 ,pxnc1m. 1 2100 8 Noo no " 2 $00 0 $33. Of $019130 .18 my 0 .u00 8 we up 4 i100 m 4� 3xq1x woo a Moo �. Gym 0.," � 22 Anem. Rule new in wh.llwlood.chllrp1lnl 4500 a 3 ,.""" 3 3 4 3% Chlud i cd ""9"z a3.31. 1500 " in own. " 900 h 300 recons letters hmm England mention Tbs in Mel Rogers who in now Over 92 Yam old Oppem to Burg Reed much cd his Mun a cd rage Dinglu gent Puk every Fine Day a in us Onton to descend to the mormon Church his wife an children not being a a a a ii heirs. The Church in the Solo heir of property we canny incl Suun mxo3 a. Haven. A y n v1vrjax,e d. Warren. Instill of to Nuon Jal a c. Paul Supnuy Trdat .�m.us1 n b. Tomms g Drigg a Lux or Emu xxiilgniiigent paste aria in Rug us ,.% .�.?�? �.,."�.$ �?.3"f.2 us Nyhof exaum o1u..,_ top Ini l0whle1ldhall. I Tully evening on. 25 ii in in 0 Hull Gehtz Cam nun Ike mum81050 l0lil1.ll_ no Nahum Man. Lun.,_, Thuu with a no run in no. Gland vocal and los we 13x. an in Yunu ._,., % a % �?is2�=m" 2 hut co no la eur second Ann Eal e2v"flv i i la a bus rum Srr nani1lig3 snob us even. Tug the Rev. Henry Ward Butcher Delv cred Sermon on the Rex Mil Hutu to Tim Dan a a iii Renurik in n the in Trodty or individual Doo Plymou ithe put twelve nog the Nock Sun four a ame Ian vault inc Ludlon than on Tho Lak uni rive i has been lost. The tune length of time. The number of rend 2 lost. Throughout ten Mound to the yur 1350, the Sven a number Ches not last allover the world. Avenged 3,000 1. Year. E the �1 by the lame in Suranye comp flu in at York Lut yen. Unnamed to twelve million. The Louo Nind by no Rouh ind other Wile amounted to eighteen millions making the be thirty Cuil Loru of dollars vol Ishmen nun cd punch wan and Michual a Hyp a to Btu i cripple named Ellis 0 up a inn week Ihn he died in chm quince. They be Lodge a in Jln diaper and Rieol Story deplr1 hint. Wily annuity Lon Huuha in Dun us lll1a.i w. Wed. 24 " Bollin peril in. And " Ezra p 6081.124 a " Seth w Goddard. I the a out i. U"mm1-mhe -18 my 33. i. # we am no us Gnu the a Man says la bus in of Ngou to the Wixx Ituen Junta s. Volt Nof Kimny. By receive the appoint meal 0 superintendent of the c s armory in tin City in a a Hyrc cd god inn thus Uumo chm , Touchs Nguu n�hvcm5ph18jnua&nilhadn Nuu cuu Curacy on Duchane. Una Ufa in did fun la Devin Long the mauve a huh Chaldu is ecu Northu 15 Pzmnoisncpculnthuammdumnnxnu Ofir Hutu a of we pnxlidhtt\& li no no mus an the we a uaz1.�cmol mum ibo Chen Luoc ,ic.i.6ei h.ten11$1h is Zebu 1.muupmastrnnu to h Uluth Nancu uu1sxndnum n1dt a Renud Chiachi us us. Scanned. And yunpuru1.ji .np6$un a m muts 1n .45 Nhac Hll Fili-jo1.iuu1ii . A \\hagpu1i lou11cl a .u1. hex �2xu-Rmuu-Aux Luuy Duru or a5 sex Lunn at red Perkin of win Chuwer. N. 1, who in a whig a Dave soil number of Tbs 82d Sun gov Xzin us we Suevena in Lynn has been Rev a ugly umuuzm.dled Nhu residence us Gnu � Day but cloaks All Haiti Las. Or an am Gonna j Ira by French a Tiv in 1 Colon. Also the Bic Zuest and finest Lyons vol veil a. Black and in Odom and Superior French a Lotko a richly to an a Inna opened on thu Odny oct. To med ,8bl.unun t lowing incline Luau inline mod under la or Puen a 8� tem is lb.l3, Ca Tum us Kutzli. 2p? ????? -.2 bet Iao Hinr invented of the Nenda of gov Seymout Clem fur us i , Nonelon county hop Tome amount alone Unamun due Lun been ruled.1 thu Cauty this Yeu a a whig. Lum the Mouth of september then died in thin City. He Ploua Over eighty Jean 0 nge. Wad. Bat. Limn Colum Mun we an pm. L0xlml .0a l1. .�.?l f "3?" a. = M " i be run Tuum we Mzx us Doc Bull cues Lnzgznskn-1. N a ghz a Lhez a a he a tall. Pm a n.\rt. I a .m.n. Jump he of Coxa a 3 at que .nuo-1 Cannon. " " and Han Tea journal a a a Hiya in Bangor Vuomg. Or name Puncuh Moon. To go in and pamment of the coun pm among Thllcaniunu-5, we reported that Len can of Choker occurred us Mong the court Ira a us a a or run of 1 panel Marine news. ?1551 q by a a a a i1???????"?????? Jamal. Haninnpu1wu1u�o.innddi1iiuarchnn4n, us Uanna Nunuha musing. She Ira 53-4 new York Mark 0uwal6p m Hon n to . us or 81 Toquzxznnxlm-al0ii1x i Ida Huada. Is bm�50twt unildb.s�056lurocnnalnguuiounnndmlxtdtokncyllcmxlalnd Indium no inn. My in and i no inn lao Mauu m thu Albany papers a Nunna the dam of the Rem i Hofmo Nadol b. I Templa but ecu Dancu us that City on lands morning Tux she died . I Dluge under Winch la had Long been my ring we my trough Lynn Nlay a a you p1.hr-unnalvmil.1h.n&in.i1navu1vuna Inna hag .H&Niuiudfh\Kihoub l50.0oil " Llu. Tau la 5 Niv 0 1 v5. 0 . of "a1".nv"$1 w a 04,111 in Cru annual 3. 1. I .?-.3--- flu the Way 01 of Togy nc1luu.iho Wuhl Nown papers me Down we world on Sunn by int. The a Nomel Bud to in column ? j33 veto of us Ems cd sum Bank a i333 Lily Manu �l3ij. Alb Kurt lbtu.lj-dn Kin a no inny1-iiis o a he Vuu Lonna Ulun Ankru a a a a a a a a a a i rid Tzul. in a ,ilnnn.�ndh???"? a a a = jag-_vua�.-2e1i_h-see-= in in nah Rush inn or a Sut Hulln a a Bunny so nah Yanyu a en. x line a rut a Vlad Hun Ullh 01.13 exp Lylha prep Dan r.1 am Tynt Annm wow pm a a ii a a a a ? and noun Nushon bun Indus mom h1.rndsuaxl mui?0.i.@hn can non iic1?i6l i3bai a jux 6unm, i a i311 ill of in Andun Man lib a a a a a Paa ?in�.dihhii3i i for nuut Upp cud uni 0am1 us Tywan s iti7eivn 0. " and at Law a.nd???????? ????????????????????? of urea-1.d a a a a a a Liam i Huzman we duo no lion in nut h a inns Hinnd Anoba Yaged Ghoul 16 can ?1111 my Onwu Lunt ,f�1llo be ground Bruk Inho not Unrun near the vim 11 to 1 ind fracture. The Bane cutting through the Kim alb Kazlun. My in Ninsi. ? in a Una Summa a 35 ?-=--j it a. By Xiuru Ulo in Pon num i. It Ody. us. A Gumm suturing a ills Dong. L. _ a Mlo tulu .5, _ new we Len lung in Nunn a a vol la us a re wi1hiupsm..�Nau-.lxm4,. Ulna Luna vib. " at Anu mat a us can in nth a .__h4-Ya-Lftcuu munntnn.- 3. A. A i tak tune on Vlf a. In Khan in . Vici i1 a off to w Oai ii. lllh.80n. Wio Lelli All Isiah. Iii Alwill a Emu up in 1 tune xxx in-ii.o0iiauul a i Gunnn egg 80mryunavln at 0� Noah Sohnn Nunu a a a tuna to �. In no Dun can Punn. M. V a non a leu us --Uaan .5ulcuuautxzgpnxr=vn-1 n. .au?? Cunnin Donual us Gadu Uva hag. A dus @5353 f 2d=y, n Muu cd i us Zulu Sci or our Lulu a to in Oahu. A in thrown by the c.rxnnmlmaiullh��xxg1n und Ruhl vhf Nellu carny Sluhu knee Lluch Lugtu Hac Annm a cover rare amm to d Aux us my 9091. 1_u is Zumm mama the an run Nuu Nllunuurvu-21.lhmuxsxpudtul-rum them late a it l14 it 130 Lbw us in. A trough Munu adme re Utrosa la tune us of in new Sun Elu us mrs clued iib�n�71ihd�d no a a a Par y us in mum nit in Nuriu Blob pm n manual Maul him inn id ii Nan puns wan i Tomuo tug pm 1pn Hohu Mac Ned a a cum coma up zen Dun with try ram to in Kava up Oman pros Namh a la u3? ??? "????????. 17 Nan ans Ornu annul stun1l i1 g la Wiby lick Kin. T by uill$11holnicuniry2. La an any on ind by lidhhul@i0k�ihkuinw1.nu1unil0luau upend Nuu. An null a a a a Onon Nul ?Lhxo-dalu???????? c .launxg1iidli1lilj.lgiibodbi1l.�iij no i Shii hrdx.vtc1l4 b1iwd&&d.vamassing Nau my 1msa nug Urdl Namu vib Uvu-9 Iyanla Carnu. Qch.iipu4hr&inu Ruri. " n3 i was r do to liver Pool Norton no a an that Smith b.r1en my bal ecu Pun Zungu by the Norm him method the Purdun i not win Tony whether he came ? had. Us i Auu Ahu Lawn of ibo Day Bunn the in Long Allie Patzt. in in Dau non we inn 13 Nealroddlxu a """"3" �weu?o3n$" a Lull cell discs ii Lidiia ii i ug.,g. Vurlon dial his i.i1 Ali a Anu Pau a Meillu. .ahnc-. Or tau Mann Kluun Lannu a nun via in a t. .Lhup cd Nway n_1ibv.pul_iil�ltl ii-nr-Ulnouaus a use has we Haven = cninnr1dan1 ii can no so a a &1iidnnqul to up us Uuk pts 10rlll.n he a nun my Ina a this Ltd a Niue 1 us tip in a in an .134 a in 0npm1u. Uncut i1tttkiili.i a $ a a i a a a a la Hyul Lii iii i Iiid-.ri.."3 pm a sikh Luln Relur in Hub no we Aux mum a Launez a a a a a p1nu la 1i4l ldi1uee_uni gum no Esau nun1 la. 1g, Del Gaggl hum in and. And ?1. Annual Mutman Wax us\.-. Canu Dull 0 ii a an no h mum so a a . 1 i in in 1 run la f7d� 0 51=-,.� � �"".=" "., .0. E Esh Hoydu i axe tardy Elhiu mane in by Nomnmusgoxuunnnglr mum cd us Luau Englad admin when found. An bodviuqmloenk1-Erulbu Qju. . Mad for thematic Gnu data. In a Utada Ann Sudul a sound Sun prunnlhrnovcnyu11 Thule in May bean in-1 you co1u. Thu Nordlu nud nihnyur1nlhornvdne1\ 1v Iha us ,0c1l wid Icli Luxl hip Anoil i us Bili iii Luigi 0am.i�n outta Lhnuuttn-hununnu.o4i.�.riaroi-sat bd??????????????flh? ??? Thuru Nuhum won big a Yud Lynu Katina Tuuu Czaun �oli.0bh-.lxxdhi i i Lului lc75.0n.dii.0 he Baliti i came go Adah 0otwbl8nqu"�3c a a Anunti nmn a a Bankers and iii Eringi Erok Kes. Mun no 30 11.cow. _ Nunsax-4 in. Uni cuu he a Suzan thou Zgol ,-.-Nlsliuu Auono of udlu.4�ahun.b an aair Huxol Adhn Baa ill 1.4 us Sac Nunuo ig1 iii a a i Fowaz tar lnq9hguiu? a to onto to non fall inc f4 a a Jun Lunn. Esq of us the a Dru Nus and ? Haxtun flu rbi1-Ualhnlxlgurlno rim huh h human and in n Tell ,ilsovvrl1.�rcidlhoiiz3il \ in a Udya Lilot Luv Mun Wou not inn Luv not Sumnal in a my Mullion a my a sum mourn a on p7. Con menu out up lunar can Druaud r1haihu x us Yonny id Chi a a Udem Hannall mum a a a it pop Uuro Nan Prada Hal a a in Gnu of f ii to cd a y re a a Arian a hum nun dupe Uloho Rupan Otunbunnppu Lindord atm next taut. Nanny dem Lmh Etnan Nae can fur the of it Juv i mated by la Utu Inin 4turn 7131. Dan Ijiro Mal p00 9111 a. Nan 33 what 0i Haidai Giava ran id a a end Tel. Ind i cya new an Larni. Thu name we nigh harm Mung to Ibn life Dune Olour flux ring nov or pin on us nigh of or by inn in r lid. Nguol us the Mml Lane at no Nan. In in Hixy in on baud who 7�uwu and being not nod in nnd to on them. Lit ipod upon to pug pm a them run Jun an moment Londt Hunt can Cunt rapidly Foroud in an the Plush. Us n i ii us Spud to map huh uni Ollum Plant for the truck tops on of the the Back. Knocking mud into Tho him. Mad a the fall he fore in much Unnold Lac nag a ulling 1 bully us on to nude him dmm he Plum a rope Lobou i Alrh he caught no dating the he Unerv Bax or Duck pvt end it a a a a in Lynnl us one a Aarau exod be a on a an in Dyble sound vib undo the r1e.r.nd in us Runny drawn to use author a non inn than intend to bun. Butin no Bla. From ohm Juan. Nocum a Murllon i iii hold Niue. And be Apia nah unto the near. Mum passed through the . On being lightened. Pied Over his bout my he Vul re non up vim Namou sex Hurt let Zygai 7hm. La. -3. But 1 3 2 9% ii in 2" " than. D Leo Ian Tell lev. 51 Burn humus. Than i. Van an by a Ich Nonu . I a 0 than in i & .hooiu1? ????????????????? Bah air 1 Julian octet1uu-uunlnml.n Mph a l0oc.ad.lnn Mun-onuuaa.i05i-Mam. A and aunly Thul or ii was All plan idling. Inn Ulen pain Chr or soon irn hog a in ooh Jarw up his reasons. Ind found than any did not coma a Ned nov Hoe uld rub Lohny would he though n manna. 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