Buffalo Morning Express Newspaper Archives October 20, 1854 Page 1

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Morning Express (Newspaper) - October 20, 1854, Buffalo, New York A , 4. A a 4. 1". In ,�i1 a a or 5 a. \ \\._�\\. to no. 1j = a a zip e_. N.1 vow z1 5 w tv-,3. a 1e g � a i ,3z, ,9 3 a i,=$.,. ,. 5. �. .3 1a .1, v. Of1 53 " k 3 9. 57 it 3. 3. "1 35 i a Xit. 11. �. A. For go a _ pm a. V v in 5 i7 my d u 0 v. In. Friday morning october 20. 1854. N0. 2713. Morning less. A. M. Lapp 6 u1. Pipe Liebig daily by furniture. Etc new York Advt. A _le1 Aid for i i6"ei�iaiii�i a of Aux us ,13 e03 sl1- i a due que burs us imn Xua. La . Iury stash. Huh911.1 \g.__n1g.x.\m.usuaa-u 1 0 a z�=3 13 Uluss. U run Wei glut3. ".,= my 9 23 31. �"10? ??????�????????????? in that Vul. By a 2 in was Eity n i is. Merchant . --4 ..=_ z i c 09., _ ipai.�liaihecl4 Liu 0 Walii louii23- 3 1. Its intersection in tuned.-= it ii Rwy a .e3.3. S9131 Aux Nama cum is vol is Moraal eng magma cu-141,9 in each Ops Riib h. Imp a a Chapu a Lam ti-m38113.-Anluoznulth-Uaunpu-tau 0kxf we Ketih nov amen Wuhu Sulu a nag. My up a Ovid Fink Wal my Huu Vinot 1 . Klidy mad i Kllc in cd Ito Lull Clil ii pal Vns a a a a Aulert or Sun urn leu and Ion Sun Ora. An on , g 5s of a1 f1.i ?2zno ave musing gun ago Inonu Caanal Mam Muhn Watt a. Cut-$1 u i an. Unm c1.utli.\u u.u.1 and Tuum no . It an to nun nil Ldar $6h u s.sln.uj1. Tilan Ofui. Hon iii an gust Emu a no in.-"""""""&1 ".n. .f.".s.l3 exc Vunt a a a a s1-hm-a.hm. My. My. In lilacs a buy named an. Hunt tau. Lnnnnuuuskun.cannycalcs1. An n a i Pupunu an Taciuch in an an in. Psi Brunu . L so an m1253 y Ilde 1bl i u to i2- a z z. Or it human i Omu i Lulu we a a a a a a a Unn i u ure Kin w of p Hung Span a Norvl ammo Jana 153c 5 Edh . 3.% a. Etc Iiah to Iloilo. B7 in8? in ii ice -cr3. 1 a8 just Ripi ived Ari le3 Ufa a no an nun Tad no. Aid cum can u3 & .2a -_ie1""" be in mum Moat i uni 05 Wilt i mix a Nuu nut. 1% Lulu 3?w a55 Ziady Max like ii. In Vlad to dry goods. =. Vol a vacant cur1 a if or " " go evils. Advertising ii ouse. . _ that the begun w Ard Oft cur a1bul l9h inti Nheung ans he myuiill13????????????????????????????????? inn arllo&i.rhhx3aliholi�u6.lntiou.hul. ????????????????????????fivva? ??? durxdh????????????????????????????and n<.ioldinuonwuu8 a my alumni in main us a. at ill la i 3-d0kal4iiu . 389 in he hu? ????????? 3_ll Lix Bolus to i58 1-lb it an. ?ih0 ki%j.&lil.? ?????????? Nan. My uuvunv.acusnu-ui3iui�11% scrum. My wn.i1_. ln�in.== -i-tin-201 Fuu Oklun a a a tuna x5 a i us a pm Mun Iaon-mmndahi.n0ondnup�Unn-4 vial tie ls1 g a Ewakd fur Good Huanai Dnn Wpm a. Mui Cunt Cox my uns Auu no War to Wum Xzin stones nub 33 mum few Fem la 3 =-n1u i um3nnuml non .wn.9bilnb.$$3 am gun. in Limu a us$333 mama Union Rakaan. 7 9 a Intro a a a 1 thu. I l39.i9u3, �un.ln&d5l3ililnfwu��-q5 Xaun ii Man Unis Nom we in103a s i l11i02l 0. Purchasers m2 .u.1 3.f,$"".l�s2.�. It no Public. Watt u int my. M run lung u on Yumul Munu incapacity menu-uplaytnv? ?Gas Mann Numo 1. 8. A Shu i i 3ne couple in Szuhay. the let Holst Glumch. . In. 1% Max proud in it District and nth Nln Lutrull a. In duh Wilt. Any Pup oni Simule Iogal Veblen a cordial a Odou thah Onul cowl though that Roll Gan in pan conduct in lasing porno Parade. To tier Dan the pub iii pm in uni. A Nice iii nude. A Edatha hot Chen with aka. \ Huichu. . Pro Punlork Toczak would 3i8?icnllyq1 text tnuotihul1nl.iu?????in sunni menu no mum a de zm.74,.�-or-\. -42 89 z d a you " 9 hut on 08.9 Soai a Muir uniid" ?"np. W " no oui _f0-n"" or in " we and 1� ,=,-.�. A i -7????"????????? Kwh . A a a .1 Nix to pm a me " 9r�zrof Atoa my sluts ans yu�g1_f_v m. .�.= j.,.zu_- in ,-_.-- to i.nu� a�t5l2".�,.,.,.unii- a. a% As ale noun if in Rau ulna hac.hnwumo-urn-2 no ,Hre-x1ddsjuannhcanmw1auljmuonm&nct the a in put wan to 5 ban nar.lx 9 a Nan Uneatta mum my. E us a a is in by i a i 6 on 9 .-.-.g-.�. �=-1-= i .ii$ldd.l3 i a. M i 1i= in u5c?Illi Jialu Dha Nunn 0 ? 0l4i1rhiii&i.ud he Noss ulna t � Hue 6 us " " a " c i Law u a a Sluta at i inc me a a Uuno a a a Ugualnuum. exp Annuich an bun. La Xvi l la ii pts rial a olsaa.lik.7 clip a i May a i a. In out shh Wood to. I plus $031unruly-Drued. But que 0 pad Earl noun 1 had so a a Sadhu Cuomo us being very cold. Sud . Liam Iru Vuu in. 32 . Buns Ninnger is on Caon Mae Hunt. On on maund a thud bum. By Moalli get Chi out at length the Gate in it add Tho dumb oven Inch cd a Nix a a cake fur the pudding aids the iii Iun Zurll expand. U be in i. Nguc tam us Day 1 the churn u Lmh at Kama. Am running Lumen pm Puu ii iii. Eullho 310 311. He Uko Dov sous Lola Mem Duenn an human fun scold ult Gnu win beyond in w Vudy Luud. us 5ii? ?????1 add Baa sad Hund Nna Uio Nuvold Uhlon. Uchno than Iona Van gum Aldu an Du-1. Us innate a tui null Tum Long the i 011 Pius Nuler new Bruchu mild not Nadhan us was a i of the 5313- he i ran my my use an Ildy a a a a a Zungu Sinh Ca Uay a hungry and inning Tuuu Udu a in Mhz Nkoy he Kin ask nth nid a. Ill open the Duar Mgo by in Dahl Inna. Term a Why us comics am lost. To to in a Assaao ,. . L us we a a a 1. Eur 3e.,_ dish in e a w. A 5&1an 5 nor reaz.1. Rum a if. Nan id and 5 ,f 7"�.,3 a. House Ltd ult Fob Sale--08 81 my Gnu sunni fwd. A a thins. U us Kex Ihetu ruu sanm duh � ai.xnclfm1l.$jbwxr.u can a us9 nun nmn Yauu it vhf in ??????" ? .6 i. A Suhr Tugrul Inna 3&4 Sua Ugajin in a it. A a of. To ,4ut.z. I Igo a a a a a my i a ka7u& h7 fun a uh-m0 Runan 1-h3 nun-111523. Alb Auw l1k?1, magma Imus. w4an Una a aaa tuu Unn eau Vara Khlil Hutu rannu.0� in.lxh.an-. To a chum cd. No and an Lulu Mui a unn1inha1u.unns Lnu ical instrument. V rpm Blue Orvn Gramsz up and us 3 41 a a = a7 1 Huq Exiaa Mun i Arm 8al�80pl. 3hs.aa \ d my on ban Alt. Sun k on As-ia�mna�8i2n-un. 13�." is a1-g to a rn3x�2 s n1. An an a. a ii rpm. 2, a .53.-. 2 .-.2 Gary ii Bifi Leisg Dps i01 Sale-????sp3 a"."3" #.="3"- =.� Cue i ii Fum Una a an a a u-utumta1-Nsauaaa-n�-Uauno baud tau u la ki0ut�\ i his an a Ginthum Nebr Upu i Puiul Wulz no. Alumnus nun -�0 dht??????????l?flan h stamens 5 hand ihrd.us.anwl.31na_mn ten non f5 a a Arr of %�.a3v"",� a a i 3 Guf 31.4a fun inn a Aap aunt ask Foj a a aria a an a urns $1-ab was an non Rny Lam " � --.-an."-.2.-. but la i w 3 id us anus was can u5. 1 to full ii i Winter Wear. In he a a Limo an Nuu. L ii lbs a i la us can than uni an As cub itch us lqa.\4n-Unlu an Cunn h mum naval3-Uyauuemu go ?3uiq�-Inuni Uvlin xnincnd0 Mun Ifju 3 Puta Mav Rug gun bin 3 in 3.gob.ifh1l.eimn v 01 ? no pm run. a x .�.a$3a Max halal nun. . My it � Nnauuc-310390 lug Nill an a a 6. Suxuan Rmel at w Ltd snug Utah _hpulnu2 qua a nun so Lulu Una nun t33 Bur i iii having had i Uudna to Ulua i it pc on a gaunt in Hlynn what Utun lube Inonu Gouda couzrxxusuxm1 21at i new.pu0l i1 on. Uus a us in Sioux. 1 h . Erg. N. ".,%,.ug=s=i Ravi of 9 5 us-Iitqiq-1ni_n-.u-in-Ggbl-nun August. Nanuuuud-.5-Lkxkisa Jen Numa. 1l3�ll0ll3�2?&will 83 cos. &u.is&tiim-&.l&sk? ??? autumn a " 5a.n-us , llj.?�??? it c Earsl e43 Atka a of iii vast no. ??????????�??????o? i i qshnvnauttilil1tnh Udo like u quzm in a a Gunnn is i i Illy a a i Icahn an an a.l2 a m20525 8 h15 iii he $.10�huuocnuisulnuntyuha a i3as?????????? ?= to gun. Of a mame 511125 i. Kill. Likie teb All buiub1til-Llaoslnalltilwvlui. Us ulna Ina masks 3 my 4-Rupuu. La Mun a my Gnu a in a. ? Artuh ???????????????????????????????? ie1� 13113 a Norm m i in iii. =.,.�. .5.au.5-Xv tuna-1. _ ."""".3". Was ills. Lily Una a a a a Ink Nan Uburn a a Nisi a mass Unanue a Mun i-x8815-was Aura manna null a in a turn -i__mq-_k1s._9 a win i stint lain. In umm Uulu jul or a ls.m a a . Gait v pin and Yunlui of iii mus. Tee Eyke 3lj11.d.lm.s i 4 Jee. 35 of a i i e-ll23 0 �1bl a a s nun?-avn.inatu f Munesa Cucker i es-=2.- --. a uru Yuol noun a Youn Yunmo a a Milvon All Whu Pun a 3,11 Toucuu-Slhuunnclw-1 bus i ?hum-1, aug Tuhna Kopd Hyl Hoamg . a ton but . Hulk we Vun not Honor mum my i.un1niipanamlnun.n.ngu Pun. And n in Gou Mumn do Emu am no human .34 mid Hillh add to vim no in Quad no one Atdlholanuaumrhuruumn-4puiu 0310 a ? Pun us Lathall a a a a dlr Gnu no. M4 Herrs Yubonn. Lii w cd Law no Pylon Ihsen in ii Blu dyad gov nud us Ninuel wins 1ogn_ a a Illyn and us on on spa a mum the us Man Man thanks Nunsgum a Vlf and the ii la a a a a a Ciao a a a a a a Ursula mammal Dun Nuu. -.3.-.-nountau 613 1 Oranz Soma Lmiike-Nunnhrnt-1.hu.u&�.ns0 iii Rah u.iill1im.ulunuk.-Uuluhlc i As 3-mu a Minn us a a a Msj Arlah d i cd i25 i links la-.89-hm inn am nuns Liliie Lidci-l.? ??????????? a Xuras Lungo a cum mud a a a to ij2t??? and Wili. Us in Patio Kii Bike. Linch Novlla a but Tutu u of waning an Umu us haul -ucv.?? Riluth Iltz Tutu 1&????????????inn on than Wundt no. Use at yen nun. an no Nuu. Elan to Rev shatter Lilli Ham Tom ii 131 my k i. Xxx unix cd out utl?Lla a Muon nun. Mum 4, Luln Sunu ii Uyi Yunnu Ina a urnsnliydp1"Unn-Nvu-nasal in leu Ihu a ire 0118 v ii m virus a Unnur rid Muu and Sun 1 3 thru ult in i us a Mouw us nun no Waiel 3eltkilian Cut Patna line. Mama div . outta lahnmhujtsn0.? ?????????????????? i114ls9iiil??? Gino pm up Nat in snub us iu6n� inc a no Baumm Cuoq a a to uasi dal nuh ims Nuhic Vod Dum i an i-i17-. -7 " " " u. Cun Illa no. C has urn .z.vu.innlcu. Il3bllh.h Yail Urs in Munnus a a a i we old Lii lab up ski xxx a a nun a can Gnu. Ais hum 000%. Umusa a on Suun. Van 0 u Ungui a Vocu e he Van womb Anu-nu a noun Vii a ill 3i�d mad human Cly u carryout nil a a a in Ltd Lull a i id d. V. Music at 03., ii�1l8.uf a Iiames no ill 878251, i a Call Lull a1 of Toni i i curia oui Era uni us u1& Ulutu ins. Linden. Inlo quiz Man % Era run no a Tbs a a a in no i531. no Sun. Has Alt Emu $4-Ilil-a a nun in a a a Kuhn Ruoh Usu Ana Wausa Gin -nawn.u1 i a Ahnxx Mimz 81 Anguin Moussu Mona Nau. A a Tuuu tuna an Villa inn tank. Inca out Yogg us Unai Otoo snug in 0 la. la rum 54 is a ii Azu unav us to we Duma ?3-Quinn Eva wanhwuss�,umlulch.ta-Vwu-unr.,a Eulav a Juose ails a Tuut Sinnis autumn in mum a the to 0 an Nan to usonhnntllgip1.t1-but-an-gkouna????????? i 3&1? #5. U make 5_11 33 to a do Lawai Tris a rrhi1.m v171-nu-iuvahu????????????????? a mud a Pacai a a a a a no .ua�7. """.3�=.". Ejmi gaunt As injun mum my nun. Amow nuut no. U1�-uuu&- "�.uli. Is a a autumn nun a 9.3 am i talus e80613 am a Guowu Numa to. On nun cd bun gush Nuin Quaw Anni a Lemau Nasau i null no new us a non non i a Alwy and near a Naab no in Milynn Qun Unju us but you Soai a -Nlinludull a Sqq annual Hill Luab a a Ruel Algu Kuwait Hula Ian an 0-quasi go c3 Vlna a a a a an Hunt tech \.611-r. Nu inn a Yawn us Gnu run us i Inq leu Palm a her Ltd a 1nur\.-#xn ill a a a a a a Manly inn Mam by and Muo Kunn i a a i Clyd Hnlwllhnlunnhvlzulil-Luv-�.-1? it no a a chum my inv units an mum Vida i Ollil Hlaj Gong. i Tun coves to ciiijjiif31 leu up us oath a a Lon a an qua an-Uwvua-4 31?b Ich Kyc a amt i a k p Ziaei null a Vlf ,c.nim39-Tc??Nllnotnv-it-0 130 in i a i mu--Oriyaualvulm 4 run Vuu \ to ?10 Brifil in nut. Lihou Aux inn Lama Gnu no Nib uric Alai Hnis Upun of ii it in cum tarsalw19-in-Itchi an on Sou Nan have a Ntranunanu Moo. Kwh. A i in ill an one a until a din Islaub Anu biannual m. _. _.-. Us. Hi3 no Vii to i a pm Isil luile&8 ,-==-.-.-.-n"� a a daunt no on Una Hulth not and an ugol Tayz 3-Anmun a ran Nevi i us in Blum anyway.????????????01$ saunas-4vu&�ih\ii-a Aura can Yai agg13-uh-on� non Len to lbs 7qnl-x? ?????"????"???????? .11 cani18. Urn what and Clarita urn Cnnunlpujonuh-1504 U? ?? the american i land Tutu. A Diu a. Nroa Ronyl Admul i sol rom us illfl???????li1 .7??????? a Lii a a ruler. Awash we am an Hobo Una la no no Nanho Umon a lev an Aru Zhu inn 1 you know to the e can Ihu Hill Irei a la .11l in no i a Manh rugs can nun a up to thu in turn i or Tuzun my a or Nuu. Us x-1xw a a i 0&1 my�ivvn1i& porn Ulz a in a us serum Raull c to gut u la a a .4 Sauna Width a run Lull my in wow up. - i Vav my noun in up an a bup Cut has i Hanhy pros a Yuan my i Luau Talmin a Purl inc. Uni my in on a a twin i no Nan duh he and in in un7i4, Imus Natl i ii aunt. ?i1 i in my i Amu to so 1-Sfdihl " it i the Bill Nhu la .4 a -111 hid hic eve v � we Ely add o0n? a l0 i a a a a a at fun 3i an alumni Awta so u i in to my an an to lilln? ???????????????? to paint an Nunu Mumau mtg run sub a hurl has Valrs void a a =.l dind i a ?, no Pun Hula nub taunt inn Minn %. Puiq out Ina Nuang 11 31 pc in la Puatu 39-. An an no. Than Isth non. Gnu a. Pm a Enlil a us to numb icy it i pm in a. Bum Fth i 40 in Quin run Inch Intuit Natuan is,. Nuhn v i L i in to 0-Uvi my Bu-obu1-3. I do no an a on Arnu a a Cormus ia-a101 qm1.ia-pie -17 out Hnnry has an my a au.3. A a Assam Bend sup i Ihn Fnu on no Urr ran amt. To to won rum my-? ?????????????l????l????v-go my no Ion Pelt lib a we Ina a a an us Konu cd in no inn a -.-. = 3,._ to t. A _5. "., a �. .""?-"..","" = a can ?Onnclelnnu-1, and u in. . Use v us Yunnu ugh Rev a Lynnr Nain a a a Lurk Pun us no gun am a Lam of a a Norm a llal.lz--230 1 nuts ?\r1t1�gnn_ 3tji. -�4uou.odi�uvvni hut i a a pin to w\l2bf a real i the pr3 in iii2 a a a a Sun lunar Inna big ii danni.un-nt???????? to a Idem Muy 15 9 Idun Inu Aorta. Was a Moll. As Vau i Ilia Oil Ina Cove Spuur flu to Ovi a a Blu my a a a on at a in Hnryk Udoman this ind lbs elect to Allin new Max my. On in. W 1 Van Lully Max but Vown than an an an us ruled an door no kind Olpe won. Should be pm Llund to occupy the Nonh loan Man. N in Lodle loud cd a not unite us rum to which bin link spec buoy la Hod a a Why then add in to put up with poor upon modulus Bix. renamed to use Kitchen. When Lynnr Mahd usual Hon uhf beam us Cums he link mid Illmus any Luddo coded to in pm Hydl in turd 1 m name of their Nam. And Linen be Euno dim and Home to a Boon us a the rum 3 a my up Bird irn min indo upper nun up. h a owned 0 codes urn Short cute and by lewd Uckun us All Ranon Tho Ubow 3 when cml Mcnew we Bud u to in eur it would do not in hello ibo Nruh orb us Imp. Urn Liruo am but fun Shad to Gnu who cos mix ii ii a in Luuy i. It looks of lxoipllh1o infill own in Long Hon and not us him to Jam them 50. Mung w run omm Luuy be up Klu dlr and to com to be an nos decline one in said our the meal by i w. And the Oleo Pound on Tho Brad helped. And the Man there us yen sold it the Ulla. Who Bud buning Huned u Una Druid in his but murder to Grace cd Mnxlnu-1 Scep Tun Charles i la my of tin a Cpd the pure no fell a mute no or Law in shaving Elm 01. Oven he ran their Hun bin my or honoured bun up a curly in such to in my Charley. Add. W., my the Man no Are my in in inning Inch Chub can run to Gen. Ilner Prilly hymn Mumn teamed you Lux Chuny am led of filthaut further a Maun. Indre Gand vary a cunnely two orb to of m an amp meeting hymn us pm then my in pull. Novi Ceel Hilt you iii the commandments thu he a Ipoh up the Mother. Well planned i her cd 4 pet form nce a Gnu Joy repeated them with Tbs wad of. Ulm mag Lamy Are there " naked on Hance a hesitated and than looking up at a gig sugar nor whom he an Aid innocently noway in than the unc Houglun for pomp Unn Anu had us i if in doub9r. Elma no there not eleven in. W., in unit lined Mun a Aid her husband a a a More rebuke . Zulz Poa Lihla air defy a do no know boy my comm. Meal More no How my an she Cone Tell Mug Gnue a Curie. A Wiuli. _ my non. Lit a. To okla with fa1.o7 sgt on panthen�.1,e,. In1c 1 i 1 i Weihn a mlle Bocan no ii de my Ive told an iii a addressing 59i.,. 4i 12011 and to. D u some min Uteri Lam Taghi Kira we pm. A you wants non Boua in us onto " 10in ninth a uncut Chalul i 2. non Ziti Alan no no a Nanti a no is Dina do enut up i vunnu_1n.ae m-Aanuordo-7ca a. A Chahua Unsung an. 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