Buffalo Morning Express Newspaper Archives October 03, 1851 Page 4

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Morning Express (Newspaper) - October 3, 1851, Buffalo, New York -2cd i a 3 jew. 0, 4, �,t7".", a -"=5 4iv �r-9 a a .9 i � 34 \ a �x�.? \ of to a 7 in t -.-.-3� r a. G ,. " .2& or 4-iguanas-Gunnsrrvaqv-.m4 l a w of. 7 j w-._-,_ to. .,., non Nhun an a.3. ".u3 to .3� -thus-vow-3 -ni-.z. 3-3 a1 5 -73n,v 31% n7g,.u 0 m 1 -3 Viii Dada 1-, n_du.&?, an in War Anan on son. To a Ida when-.-m.= a � one aa �4 a 3�$� Ai n o5� i �1�ikl3.il1%i&�i. So i m.5 a. U Chu Ungur. A -3-. " .5 to t Veu i 2.oag.anv a in0n" i ii dec ipod de i m a a a by Tuwa Ruusu an . 1. Din no Lac View be under . And i shnlnoi.,?in-Umugolthc i won 335 a a of insulin Tho r.n-Uauu-Spnuu . dancing on by Iohd he. Or to Waltz Ruhh a few it go. Or Man trying fog ump Clah human component on Ulen Uluis uld of Joy la manually. One than at Tho a an ?.1 haul do canal. Q Tome poor boy Willi Arnt Htut Man will din window. Billt &,k3?ii to i i33 a a Viust computation 5 Arm Opuni Yalung. And Ukiu in leu Moureu ind uni Luna Umi haunts pm City. a a a hint to nil Solal Anotn Bytho Bonds a my in Angl co Umu. Nap. And Nook fwd Ltd a a Bytho pm ply . ? Lheu Nam Market in in aha Anmol the sate Valcu Laszlu Luck in Allun ant Bull Utun Lunan a a an �1 1juautllinlu 2 fall Una a Hal Unm a Hunt at Nina. 1 is Lex a a and Tho Jamu Bank at iib0i\l.i.n Saiu had the Maul a Osiuk 1hun-and no a i reel tuna hulls a Trail urn in pm nag . la ghllinajkx1izuieaknuacu a pan ibo Nutu Uzun Usan Deco at in Loq us Cuba Razum a noun Anun nuyen Paul Hulun la Dan. No Tuuu Ull Nln nulls dig a Al Usu Sci yer Thuc Ign Alban Hll c-3 my bulb As a Hladny Bulhe e1 i. In string they he Abund n9. Menu 1 a a Gnu a i. By a . He to tuba.� Unz Nhung ni1jl.lhb�lail. Al Dumun Hutu . A1hnv. us Puum .mp3, by a 1 Bath a a he a a Len �nxrul1 1p . Duygu Ullic a tuna. Anal a . .9-abide- l-1l-inr= Ixl i Odin in. A to Iriti Hhd a Nan Kanna Nln ,.�.f .3.�-.- .a?3 in Yiai in .2 Lawn May. I v1djery"i do Riu Reid. A my Lunus lunnt1t.i .0, in a do guck ii 9110. T1.n�.uau- a. a a my us Jan a Una Union is la cond hgr. A attn Nix cell Peml a a the tin lung 1 Zulu Seiy in order was to pm la Juilu Natof Slaw and a thu Curumi Sunu dulled �.2. .�-1. Pm m u1xe �in"3c ., is 7 53 la tended in Lulu . A 1.3 can at. Neon -i13 whl? ????g01. .8150 ?my 11-1. ��.i1-Lanai a go _ my. Ayma. a a a Mii. 5 _ i r.8t 5.1051. 8 or Gnu Camaur. of Kiln. I Fauna .mn wll Hlll , Uinn n noun Gnu. Titan inhuman. Go in 81 iii449" a Ham a. Z 2 a. R of Lull Lian a 3 % us .".=. Inf ref Hahn hghuhuh6u of. Do Iurco do . All Zurun do ? "73 3 v. John a a Hunn Gin Gen ill Only Avo 313 Mil a i lw0nokb-in a a a a 0 228 53 9 l i Allu ainu an. Haunts. " Nush do Al no a kit Uosuqhooy-1 ajlludndl1 Al Nuon in i a Aurum. 1-33s-"-�la� a a a a a Kuhn Nohh a Piil Levu 8 Lulu Obnwn-an-9 i03-n.il.-urn a w.1031 can Uduc Sunun a Sauna ?4 i. .0 Oil in it Indus Mno ill Gydh a my _ an a i a 3 a a. \�k? ??????????$001966 in Hutul on l v_lkch1ny i a do $\0l&niyh Awe -Mac in in 13.3" & 3. $7r ? my no fn�i3o at i w a a do by a a a do i Tauaa Iio no in in suntan. Unlusu a a a -.?..4.-.-.- Maul in Graham tsp he a Infuhr in Lulu Nib . E22122 i Ltd i go Ullig iapc.i.uggg.n�,i- Maiden a Ira i onus Pullou Uoc Kuosu Unm i -0 5 t-1- a Emu Puum Hon on Rry at .Llh-umun.9nal,-ii will Lemd ii 4ccu- 91 i also c-inlmnl.-,0 i90-4 3 that a to Pooyu a a slut ?-0. A uoxi1ia1 Iona. A the i undo and amending of the 00-an- &.za9ttol hii dy0cnoiy.ihh a Asni a a lurtho0oqx Lingo. Mach b i0ilnf"lhi�t Fth a a ,_gg9godihe 1uda , gtgf????????????fi a _ and .nagkro1q�iq.lbnnid?. Pxnnt.-sumxinnwy.uu1jon. W. In an _ no inn Ine Tuty on an la Illas a a ? Hiya. U�a1aau.l o urge As Mig Klinl boo thu to ninth once ?.-i Uge. Onul Nutu Sulur. With 1 loll at my the so in inn amino bother. Ergo int orig that Lbw i j 0 i. Ham a sd_gu9u�y at Man of Auxin 1 a Are Hereunto Mylund and Nind an at a Cmrk Lhnn Day a u1ynxxh Yauu thu Ike i a. Wunu-4 a. New you a. In. ??????????flhuuc 3to l3 Shu. Nan -.3eidiiq\ c2li iii .�=.nuaaus ssyuaiai�9n. Can ?8% Nix leu lungs .3ia0 i ii Adlino Muumuu gluten . .a.-Uaxaouupnd-auuor? ???????? . W t e. a a m -c.-Mi--s.. 1110 -z,.a. a 2. 1138113. -1 . � Aunva a go w. Pm i , . 7�tuuru re 3 a Sangi. Us. i. Cap Una-$33"�ifc, if Ouva. 4 91. Anon--il.viiloi1ial-ia, of in Vort ii i in a ej833068. 9 haunt. 4 . I. in Umu. ,. _. A. a i i Wal. N,Ulz. 1 Man begun. I10 a Ian. Up 3. I . 1 it e. E it Newl. At am my l ..mib � help. a a a a a by � n3-As a. A 7.j5 is this not a. Thin or squat t n i Glt vyp.-jalu???? Ramnau or no ski Junta i Piini. A Ike kullb11. Of Lalu Rqn. A Ness Haguart. Of guns. La Lawrnce my the 4 a Gurncy. Undo by Jinbo App Ninus Jana leu Nurme Ettl Kines l in the Punu and in pan of a orc i know Jerry pm tinting la Nlle fuck . Became who ailed t l in 182nndkxwvhxmlill i535. Kwh and i Linn is with Juhn pm la1mriohiwm Nuat a line jury Ruthc pm . . ugh a Fiona blk. 1,3 i _ has Ai. county Joul for Seu Alvr Geqrge a 34531110. For �gc.-j�.sb Walker for string-x1n i Larl. Norton f-4 fro Cnorr l urls than Hetz. -13. Flu i 0/ p Roslik. In Juhn tee Anub. K i Al 8 Truw ride a a \ _.\.1.n 11. Bantu nkxieis0 a a e vital iii. Ned an m60 it or Buffalo. U Law a i. I a no. 5% in. 2 a. A is menu Munmun Toshu a hour a i.,. V Druth than an in Buus than i Hugu tuna ,v_hxben8xa.in. E Ron Larusc c1 Nan Umjane c. Gaible. 1jmuiiur v pc a. In Tho Sukul us uni Utho As the s p ambu.�8l ii Ali i a tugs 3 i p. I. A no wmm??????????????luuiah a a an a Nahpi in kit Ioalla on has in dnnihhq.As Utu till no mucus Java in Nibar a a an Ivar i Anan inn Cal i. Pm a a ilium Sills to lat Dan ubla2t do Allks. It Bahlo. De Jasper la Youngs go a inv an Aaron Riley g Aurvin. Ajob epic Nan 4 Evan \\ Luao Fra com it Lea and -u Enma a by in l x1�nhnninl_yuzccekd._ Almoud Mulo 1nlb.hauil is.l13.ustro ugh tip use Antwun annl in i d it 1li in il�i�l%i8d Purdha Klinl 5al a i Zgrun and the a Nunn tnae1eti Hob fall Leo us pm Pruun Bibuld a Evdua in h8l pah in no or Gully i do in scum a t.-11rnn1z-Jlh on is aha in Brunt ally Runcan in ==l.-=m8.an�a-=63" a Nymn it-wits-uobq1uua-m.-2,-. Ann Inna Man iun73e-Mxupwhip-oi ii Al . Iauuul-2. Ulutu Ruou of in inn inc Lii inn i whom Avaiu anus a a nth Viiu or no a liens inns tuft Ruoh Lynx zeus i in anus Raszus lunch Yuvi nxadnlanuu.nuiiii3 acti4-to-Val Qkullh-�ii�.fck&huu6l Olas. %�.le.iji? ??"?????????????????????? h Long nude Gnu ult a Nan an Annua Usah a Blu Ishu a Nunn a a. ?? ??-ky5blllilunnhl-eh13 Pugh me e Aole china8 3 ? an 0.-� a. . 0n8n8 Mhz Strong 11 k 8ln s la Palucc m a Thund an ill no ii Junann Nyrl Cuba Englun il-3 01 Ca. No nuns a. In a 1-. want. And How Ekx . Is mans an. Usum Lions wad nah a1 a m Jan pm 11 i 5.4iui Haiti plan -1 Khandu an no. Us he rows lo1"j.lks f Usu. Us urn 1 Hutu append Umunna a pan . Job Bope Kij. In than pm Daft . an hangul Unn nth an. In Oulu a Logncundln-0 Ullic a a . In so Leda Dunn lie a Lnu l ."1a" .3e f " � a b0dl� t1ifilt? ?????? ?????????????? who Lay in mad "?-5 i .1---.==3--at ? i a shh dth0&dncihv&lauohh a a a a a Tel Hunch Bol a inn to. Sonny. In by i .�."".a"? 3 1.3 inn lhiuti.hnulld&dr ind amp Qudem -u-snnin1.i .lnhyvu-9 Rausi Inna shun 5-0--"--p- _io_h�-_dh�j ?a9lhu i i9aunu-l ? ??�????1,???0 Elk Nelm a �.$g.,g�._.3-&.u, a a a i ---9 ,na-an-Nous-�,.a a a a of kl-01 Sjuk Elm. Flag tuna Gas 1. China Lump a a a .-d,_.5.g._.-"_� 5ni Xii a a glad a a , " -tll=�-"an-mt-wtb wan in sri Vynul do m Llnnutubuvilhnllhnnmnarul-rl"""""""""h7 3 a a Nash inl.bdsuq1h\ h"""""1v""-""""$"" i if ,___d_"__p_5lunitnxw f ngsa.anu, i .h?.-Hzu Fqy Ira a an-151-11 a a has a. 3 xxx Gunung a_j_.�._dmh my Gwen month Mxmnux-August-nv1nca.pn9" 3? i.,,m,,q.,-Iyuguun Ink i inn a by he. B7lhh_..hn._ a Luyi wlm a taint in and i Hyva Hulsy Unga . Tau-ulunm. .-.4/� _-k3- a him .,,,_,. mrus a 1tnrnn? Hoven Doii 15 a.3 ,.d 91, Kiln 0&1. I iii Tho in Gnu bag As in nag an nhj5unuxnn Juuwyh-l.ililhibuidiu1 an a a ?? do a ii. Tknlixn-.lhu to All univ bail he in i pans din Many 1-Uulhpurpm i Hutny a a 1-uni a i no Urual shh Hunch ulna na&iiahunnpodhu\"kgiiinhun--9 elms � f Maln 3 505 do Caus a aging Ai % a h0 i Nan Alpaug it. Nan hate 45. An at l1ul -thl.ct n 5 in e531" z a a n.,=?5.\.i i,-_5-i a. Sarinawucauob-w-5 fish Unamun Niue to i Lulu Adah 15. Do i31-Lth Glt a a Leland 5 a a 4 iii a Iiuaih--ou0h3�&� a Vii no Tuchaan Ruusu Salu Bylut a ii iii Luycx so -11-r plan Ganv to Gnu nmn Lam ads j an Ponz Nguu is a no mams in inc by urdu my Vlku Nfn a a a ao\i.k�pp Ign add a i Wanna a.oioualu �n1ur-Oshnnnlfahuai Ca a Cau lust a it no no Anna. 3 p i an a a Bohr a hour. D an Sci laugh As no Ina in a \_5 l1lli, la a J.I.Hi.Hr_Yiaul,u4l-Aazud-Stag no Tautic Hinss in tour inn bar end halal Ocul n .u1nulun-Dlhuu us heavy Wax aa�v51nda13 ? spun had 1 it to it a i i my vhf -.-uutniupntlnoazsuaniy�. up Nobui �-1 Roll Nnenna than Yukuo Walls at k �=c=_.�.ne1&=l==-a. Ice slut i a Cudihy nauesuzaaseeeee9s.--.-As-. Dc2ud&-anon in a a to Lgon Selman a chums at. than a Yunak a i & Kas an any Rush no to my by no a Umel he Dumm . pm Utuu. Ai a . Vanna Kakl Puma m. M-muilsd.-1tb.. Om-3, u Hunt noun a so no aha re or j1?Jve ulmus a sin &s1h an so nuns ,.1nu- a link us no i a nil -Umuloupnom-v\-Lzu-. A by hrs a prov As vet no cola Ann a a twi. the Nve no Summa niacin ii Tho punts spurring no . H41 -1.in ii mint l Flag thugs thy was my Yousaf and-hi-v.t.ji3qusn an a knot no a Usu la a ovum no . M,i_i9l�a-_v3_-9 Ulaucot-inai&dlf.jrnn-7 Viva plan Elvin. Us nah Nouv i .aauunt1 haul �a_u.-.it_�� up Wanna in so Cinnam an 43.m1vh be in 4-1 a no Uzma uni no san thus had Ico Bull ind to 0. Am in. Chm hog Whithan Pununy .u.,.u4 ten Curag a Pya local a he clued -_-.24-.rmmgmna As i249 l-_5u_u2-.3 2-1 i Iulah no who Swan nth a Tutu tar prop a a Trunx Addun thumb a a real do kaput Uius a at hats n�1q.i.dcililitbnslnv n-1ulb�jiol.hv i to thu Chi Odu Houpt Hill ans and -221-Uunnzg-Nae Anniah of lab a cuts leu Chi a panning a a a hu1ui a a Requil Alibani Ion a Bute ii of i Anglo a Gesu and Sunn log i --Uuduuz-2. Hunnum Zig am Cunt to Suduth a .5 a pah Zyx Sash Xhu a unusual Moss May a ?8gbg.�y._., -�l-4 .s-cn? ?????????????n????????fl key Lyhl a Kab ilium Lusign a .un.a.n Oivi an a no chaw Inna Abbah a stun@..sltbti?????that Adams stun Tina auth a Gyung an 4.-Launc Clu vol Ulun thru a Danial pa Calm a Ieuv Idunn 7 a an � a a ill-urihjiiw3 j f&1b-v a. 4 Ikui a Ible a Uunonatu-All-3% wean 4. Dlr a a Ell time Hlaua Ca Uruu an Walnut 1 by tiiu omd i Omen Ian-3 Etc Tsouma ii Alkadi Melanin pm Nusun i -if-�inm.4-Nuunltwan no i�&xuhh.sclibi\-u1nnr�indi a . Noi i urns no a Tutu r302 no Rosm. no Ichibu by thu ibid in ohm also in 64130 Hon gnus. 5. Inns l�na$a.i�.=.\ a a in. 15 with no a in Euvu-4huu1.$nnhtxnailniu my an inn no by in an an n pupal min i Ouno a new ,.nleu-Mvdudclluu-nuanplmalustuw???? in vhf Lola a tiniest-1 -Oiolhrn-1-an Jiobu Japan hic go . I Vihl Icuuutvdn-pa-it-1nnln leu Quai. � .l_.ln. .n a Nanh. 9 a l i1n i�uinn.wdinjud a a Hru Urs Syvuk As is Nunu Nin. a Antto tuk1 i l non. An n i of managing Notni a App mums 1-v-Uneakm a Anta. Cshc1il.1i? ?????????????thu� and a Dou Nymn town mind gins no hey Gnu Mem no Dunn a. Waln to Nvvf a nah or an Oil neg inn cunning. Us urn a a upturn log till in no a a Don unit he Winn Volny mama Norm -1 la wn1.anu is Laminae Man. Try. Amman Lii in Buhr a Vlha a a ups Thush Quad madman Ulvin Lemoc -1rd the Calm to Del Ali l by it spa Ivan Lacz Chinh .l.nduu\bnuux-Clth-.-Ndlhun ruin ill-dbu.v&vpum la pipe mind a no adapt undue Gaulon and a a a Blu yep a Burn a v--5 my Mannon min in Jamms. I a of in oat Ossou Copan a a Civ no in Tho Aona Mon a a Tnge Gnu ramp a a.-a.a\g Gnu a in Lnu Yin-Man-v-Tcxw-4 Univa or Yew 1 twin Iulnnllldu-Tail-Tyuh-s1h1tlopupboui.o iii Kiv Lei nil ill Fly a thl Uku inn -Nan.- Umlduu a in pin Imp win arc a Hynum 3% la olihllr1iirv Qurvdlnchu-his-ck-=lch�bz., 1-0.-aw he a i to Fa-Ktiajilirn-4-an -1 la cumin-9 a a a Alum am a gush All a 3-4-w--Uin 3., a a Lei i ii a i 2 fan. n shut can in .11 it i Xii-20113.�-i in on thus -4 my my 3.1, a a or do Gnu i . Immy an no thy lat-1-an�lomcn.aau-Hmauu-scat a i an Oaut nned Hail i 2. My on any in plur Duyn la that by 1.-ruluumu/unv, at .2. Be do5il1wli-Ustn no git -Dhvll-0r Tobt Houda air it Gnu a. Up a. Us. A Althlr-11313-2 7 3-ant-icuu? ?????? in no Ila an rnrl? ?it-1 Nam univ ask a cloth Awuah a that haunt turn to Dunn Arau a 11-y nor in t in 1� a to Matron Althor Ucrry bound a attn vain in Tush Al my or = n a 5i-199 uni-Llhc-�-was-.x-Iibaa?? in 1-i???????-Ncllanrnu-tll? ????"????? can to inn i arc Cru of papal to i Pouv uns no last All ii Cal-1. Uni on . A a Ctlfhvha-149nils-Urquunilzyhvm �.Llzu ????????????"??\ln.hnm-All-rt a maj Klc Dndr i did Nan Damn i _ 7 re. Iliad ayn Unana s 7. "�4 smut my. .#sr. Gal uni Dakir Maluno Hunan Natch to .riaimicvn.n- was darn Houll i. I i cow.-nj"1 Vivanc Nhut. Us t it a i dead 1 in an Rorm Pliz . a a a a limb Lundn Erid in ii. And uni Onad Laha . no Ltd my pal no pm Anh by la a a an . L\o6�unnniu-runs-Ikr-Pnnathh am Nam Bethe Vehka did nah ouch Punu i a Dibullo a a a a a ?iholyudatbi0li Ascuan Why Tho read ndubegsh8ncn of by it runaway Juana Casau by the i Thanet i la infective Lavu Urlon fat i Winter. Will con Gnu an no 15 i opium annular a Eickho m in. In t133 aided a ice d0l room labfb.ill????? ???? Nculnylsui-3 11� i Mav a Tuuu Annn ape annl Nancu by 8vi&ci.lnri�fnr i1o�np, no no .a nuts Nett an a iih1nm duals in Vnlv. Umra at sown All Law $7 Ray a a a " "�a"". R41 r harm be w Fin inn a Ilynn mbqr.. On a Sqq .1, a it a ."? ii i 35 11 ant pm it has an by in to in it inns. I i he who ill 3 has m i1\ " -1 0-x--y rom i a ,.i�l .11. I r.? . 3.-. My ?1 Brig Garofa a Mil Oil tend a their Nln a .3 my i113 unit ind mom Hugh om..m4 90of he an a Ila a i in on Nan no lm.umn1 a a _ a ii a a Len and inn he a bibs Edy "a5019-h4-Motthsovsnghaalzernnxza of4 a b 1. A. By pm my my Gin Mil umm Croc. I m my nil my Ham when no ill in shots a a a i Danu . Ill a nah the inn at Iho Uhryn Una la lava aah no i Ihal 4 i ?lbzxx.n-417-v????????? v i in a tin nil red and urn Bytko Hulmn in Ummond lbs Nln Uhr Wavu Nam Lalu i in a spoilt Dent Smauin Iro Taiman a Simqu he Fame who of a Nib gov gis l Renric Ilhom ducts claw Awn will by pm Annad and. Heh Gina Mallony Al Long pai1a.n in in mantel in. Hr.0 Bow-uagcmof1hempul1\ontnp umm and Hrisconi Gin Uleu Lump Rmon Ndon a a tins in mule urdu a him apr go thy Dicu Nule a cry rhali.hcl7lliibunchuoi which a mme univ Dye a non. Your ready in no remedy nl1diko unjust and ?w0 prefer the old try 53. Than . At s Inna an no Pasnau. void Gad Dull ,ql11 null Una a a loll a iii Tinfu to n n pics Krona. a a Piimuhoici-0oihumpiini&cu1pknsv4gnh 1?-Ioctufoilun On�.Im$.Li a guns Lional Vnyce. A Usu Upu i Rulx i than uncanny a. I1v.licnunn..nrvoai a Lnu a Punk Llnuuta-adn.inhad. a w. W. Rad Lii pan on land. Ii m at Ken in Dyhan -nuanoni�Al.ioinl. I a Iff Lulf. 7 tunamp???"??0. 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