Buffalo Morning Express Newspaper Archives October 03, 1851 Page 2

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Morning Express (Newspaper) - October 3, 1851, Buffalo, New York A i ,. ,-2.-.= 4 a A ,--41-. 4 a 34 ,5� 2 i " ��.4i a. R. 1 3, _ f w transport Ati Lili is Lea Mej ans Ura n %esw�w. Jams Unamun. ,.r1m.i Vav. A. No ,? 4 1 3 pm reas a tent j -, xxx Soini a my 5.0.i 5%up". A .g9xnac.",� .,-x=.� i a iut Huw pkg. Co it no in. U 3 ail a se.,." ya1.g".".,"��. An. Tuha1v.$".l u 9iga_ 75 ?????ld1.q =m.m., 145-Ling q on maw 3_-- it j Lull Xhaj. Oum ot7,y._0i.,.Ila Qiu ski Ijjas two u 0 1 amt. A gumi4q. _ w5 iq.,l, lm.1im 1. ",nm1foymmb i us n i ? no. L . I .5 ct-rs-1. x.?,u Law i ,Utin. Alundu Piv though a a Vamp a a sum. 1 ,._wxl,.g-. A 3-#1 a " a 5?????#????? ,.=-,-.-,.a a \ in by. A in a 0,. A a 1,3397pi1u1.,& -1a1.,"_ 1 1 Guy a a Villon Ullh Lluz a a a. We Max. a9-2 comma Puma Orlu a Wmgiu-,.?????? in. Ind Lull Suauu Laham. 1 mum. �-Jp,n.,. A L.Leviiplmvmuuxsnu"Nalaa my May Liu i Mel,.boi@ . I push. 19. Us. _ a " $ a % a. a _ a lift Ann no. Warn on urn Cun nov or urn invested under Sanction and a pm Deq n&inolm3&l 5$.�.�� -2 �2,. Haul a. No an 0.1.5m 13.51-i. Tun us rna l is r Mes my. .u?.n2_,? a in 3iv_,? 3337- aus nluo1 3" � w a #"%"".""x. A a a. ? -=-ii- .r-.l. Ell 4 --.--.7 i. La gig a 3c a Mitt. i a i Al Juio. Unnnumm5 no?s7 1-� r Manman Voct. L .0lli?????????????, Alhay. Us Emu. Luau Wurn. Grunt ?2. B Una. Us my b i =.3i a. I. In Gal . a Nan ?i.w.n2. Inn by i of in Lulah ?112.6194 la gun. G. .2 in. u.h57$. 5.4. I Greg a gig a t1 1 a Bron. Rank 0 a. A Uura. Luliblu1i.f of to Lnu Unnur no Ely of. Mini a Oai Ial. Tannin in Nous Ianozi to Mun a1clung. 3 m., an m .,.i. I of u rrua5 i a 3 a a a kurd .4same� a. Ullh Andis Velum of god urn. Pun-1 Iola ii Nih Andul Blu Sun no Ruguan of than i Wudl Ribhi Lul l Ala-i318 .�pl0.anun lung hang Wuhan. N a Udall a. I Wilus a a did y.ak.? ? Vej Iuda. Juno n 15 Bodysuit. i5 illilu..0d 3 a dunday. Juy i wudn&1.ou d Nln undly int 23 to dung. I2 Wulin Toxy. A i fill. Ite Amei ghoidl$d1 did cum 1. H. Linn. Hurts j julnl???????.i.ii. N. A a a a 3.1. Ilby i. 3.him. 0.illnhnck, a a 3355223 .1 win , a i0.horn. Jab. G. Evans. V. Phallus. In 0.1.32 . 11 1 Gnu . Us. Of -9 3 h saloons. Sui a Anil . Us urn Pike Iuka Altuva an i Impi daily lbs Levy Elk Yull Ifni exl tits Sunru Hulk 5114. A339 33 51-???????????a. Lox Oppus 1r ."u.bs1.???????? 9 i 71 i a ulna 2 w is i .4uuh june 4 a Baindu aria wad us Jun i8 Edn urday i Dup Day july i Wiz Qiu. On. B gun Day Wod Nab Low. 5 Wiz gig a a Mas . Irnell. Iii York . Al la new York life ln8 �.�i. Of. At Oral and a. La a 3333 my Dubu Shiv Sun Muo 7l.e- a Mung Burn bulb my cow1 my .r2- hum a Peru a in a an 5 Uli nil a i u1&q� . Drlbknhl? ??"?????????????????? human la Ulai ind. my in in has Naoupu i Tuvuau-1-. Mud we now am an con xxx a. Ulna in no Gnu Guzum. Ian i. Put a Toxuan. Usury. Troy and one am Nunu Ink cat 04550 jail la in a r i. Pic a a a a a Elwyn Vuu 1. I it a no ja.1.uo.uua-Oantop Hohu Kamw a manna cum Zulu tub an05 up Ali Foi la no. Nan la la kl0� a lick a Lui nazi with tax. Pug Jav Knorl. but Hulun Alpo us ski undil.n.vnh-Aoupznaau-Adnqaukk us 1 u a l l1luu Nuufou 5 . And imps. 33 cuu Annan by tut us. L in. I zip us . Bih eau fun , h Ilu Nunuz i Aya aus. ,3 ? thurs Englun i in can no Anan us Uulu e253 a Btl \.3uxn.unnau1. 33um 11.1851. Yuwu. Realm and sync so bul Roul Lazaru lath. In by i 15 Wei a Hung 1.-.5, Jun 13 huh no Juanhid pm aa i in 533 95 77 Huny Alt 5 Luna 3.". 5. .021. 3 23 i in m i l a Al l ?iuii5 Dunno Ina. Lbs Penni Ida punt int. 11?. .bi?, g la and Del. Mum is d Llama began.Ila any Jun 0 husky 5 9 3 Vanda Juna Lawn in is Back j10 31 look in 3 is nxx1.u Ulm so Nan. Anew in a u me strangers Barb. 5 i c 5 c Jun -1. Huh. I ii Callon in Yul. I. xxu.n.1lnuaa 1 and full. Iunlit. Isle Yunus or Jun Len us Ulku 1a.3 0. 2. Tin. In a. Ann Llo . Liunhnuvn.huclt4n.n 1d 1n� " Dap to onv0 maps. my us pm of Janine a Dunn Gumin manual Del a up cd Liq of by ."?.� 00 m ?,a i m than Jinn Chhu Bahof gun. A a 33-,. 2 new . Gnu Mug manna Dun i . Ullri3 a , in. Inna 7niii.. D. a a a a a a a a . My last ii ski. Land Hka a i981 pkg 0 Inch a ii in nude l9 o Inch 16 1 madly us q in-4 1 8 Honda to lal no ?f? ??i1z.awai.b$ Ink 3. W yarns uuusn5.5 i Man u123 il3u-.-.ux, Al to Al no an us 1.u.unul a at iiuln????? a cosh no an Unuhuuu-Iliad-3i-8 Iih-Ifh-i1-. Bannaian a. U i us O than Art won u a can Puma Luau i. Nun name a a All thin a Only \\???h-.g.v0-Uunvuuntuu-.cia in us has what. W On any la. . A i noun Tsurou Owyous of. W-.0iaiiv-rt. a 1.9 i nov it As Amno-.11-.-�.5 i a kinhu.t.ni a us in Man 8? ?.&Mil sin such Llo i 7 Burns. I Nunzy. Us i in �23. In 7u can us. An Luv you. .1., a i3 Lirl Ngung in Xiv us a i mwdiui1.%??????91 i m a and and inter Dan As and Muon my. N Vovan Iilyvvi-Uoirvruuunm-nuanc3153 cd Al ---llivl????comaniv�ur1ir??????????????? in it lat Lnu-Nutyoo-alum�.-Myun-i in by a pm at-00-Ucnlsutm-q Onan-me-5 ,q, Inoun an can nuns 31uuu&nltul7 ihi1it Niv Cru a no n�,_ a 7"- 1 ii i lung Qlan in a Idt tag ii n pg1, 1-. �_._m,g., 3 3. Manual or 91. " a 533 = w .7. A. "".," my an.e4 undo. Tuanh Ornu of Capuy. Oliff a u an a a a re qua a a cup that bus but my up inch4 in Nocny in 0 ii in my Law Haw us or Surv Ali i 1.4 Baital 01801. Enl Hilmon mia1inca ii. A Numen a in i .32? l w on., Ulla High Lupus of puny. ,",." a i of at is. Lum Lawna. Pm e85. My 1 Many . Num. \ .1 0 All be a Lam 3&3a31n5sa � Tolan Yin and lint Gnu. A nth Unnue Sapnu talus. a a a a 4131 2 Puma n i an vat. ,. _ a. A Viu um\1&2 suns . �"r7- n.ilwuun1"rnu-. Cd in la tvs i. A Davis a31-min. An a v1 7-"" 3 r � cd 48i. . 3. L.e25 3."".�"" i35.tn� raid 0 us a Mun i an Lnu a a a a a ?unborn-3 inlay at by i a to gym. 11 w33 97$? 3473 to Yiai an Hwy Aid l 4. Illm.u1aunu. Nirm. It 7313-50 Mung. _ i ai4i5i.�. Leg. � . Mywit Fig Nuon nucleus farm mus 1 not 1 Nam am 1 Nam. 9am i my 0 111011. Una Uzi. a fc1i 1 e 0 a h ""-"-"."""�, go a immense 8ales. I 2 ,-3,of a7. A .,._. a mme m�"?.?i i17. We undersigned. of a. Mamm 5 . a my to Oahu an la ring Baa an Norm a .-amen an Aru Lutr xxx a Puma. A p3 �"n�8lifli Elk 1nllyno. On him Ofouvnnl-.aoilnerlcbnioddc.l0i\ i Ino in Pun la Biff Xiii Lugi you Pond hut i50 of Bill. M my pm. A. A z � .3- a. " a. I in it Ulm a a a a a a a0511mun. Alt ? i William mum. Pm. A Mun 9 s.oo. My. Rumour. As i Mun no . . Irn a. Use a .3.xut".�""., � Uminn Nunu xxx Oman Zug 0 3� 4u? " a a i w npv-9. A la. " a s 2 y. A it. A � a 1l.ia�?. Ump ran Yuan m � and i in Deks in a a in i =.qygud.oidqdhmd ,ihniii1?.l a if Man us 3 9 i Sud my of us and u Lotus dmm in hol a Poi or i. In gag noi6m_ Biu in. Duran june lmrc1i_l a. 1."-=="""." "m21.- "$3- � a. My $22.- .r.�.,". A a an a 3 on aim up pm to emf Lilly an i an Mlbus read. In nooan2.1q.a a. Nun-�2 my a. A a �ox"1vx?a a 7- 1 -.= " "$5. It u Nylon a pugs gun pain can it gym my 0� Xuy Rueoma Puu. .7i_1__c vol . V i it a a .51-mjil2g ,1 a. 1 5 cd. N0 m upon Rene nip 0. Lay. An 01 a ,.a. No ?-1. V 4 unuof"jlil1 in to Ihli any Hdldn red pm an ?, Una Moon Vii iitp5 of 0 bahm551vii i Juan Huacon Wuu Muo Tunn Nuumau w a I. Iver Nan w5 " 19 a shool wrapper cruel Roll ipod up. I 9 la 811. Summon vouch a noun. 3. Banana. No. 0 cd w.�, 9 1 i 3.3.1., april 1.3., to. _ or Hyrum l it. Lour. ibo of Monr Nelm Naff Ftp i Kwh m any or. Ally menu aunt no in 15& a u u7a o1"�"""" do intlo? ???????m m1101a an Sadoi. Pm in no. Smut eur Oil an-4,. Cal wag. J31 of. Ialo Tiu r or in a Talonn i my pm. 3n. of h.,., 5,0. _ us .______. n a at .0a w As a. 1 M.M. i "".," "., a a i ru, can 1 �-�.r.r.". Pm ctn r1.as1 nit1 1u Unic have con i 0 pg.��o�,-,gg.,. A Diml a i in i Ori ninth ctr isi8. Luv a??? ??$????????? ?"?$a gov. Unm Almb urn. .511.r, a. A 7 a . Etna Ndu name a. 4 not pm an mania ?an. Myd on � t Mawanna Sari immune . ,_9 0inlu& �ucd_j_�_1a_u_cf. _ in Noi Ixta minor pm 0". I8 . V a. -��.n. Max a re slim i Linwin. O l .elf tax us us i Vlna a is Hung. Moo Likely do Illo in use a � ii Eli a ii a a in ,.,3 Sulu Jotun ring a a Dun you ulna my am Umu us. My. . X my a nil re Yam Sholun Lunau by q1. No . 22. Mai. S. " a "1 0 or 0 u =".-m-.,.� . Vac pm 9. Vax Usu.a.ulv in a Ooi y0&3 .__7__.___, to Penl enl by banal for Sale by. 10 i6. An a id a uncool. Munuz a Vega alumnus. Nix us. -5 Fin. Irma in gun Nunn. 1fun res Lusu. Cd. 1. Cap Fiji. 61a i lock Uxmal a. I Quai 5111 Ethan. T8&3jg q9. In jul bulb i u a Hall in -%-11 7 we ills us Cyan qyunlavu3 this in rur having 9.1.-.an.an-Gnu? by Lahut in-Oamtum-9 4 an an Hynum lg-,&-i_=-=.--.a---- --_-=9-- a Onhsy agma has Quin i an 3 25 �. Nix in 114$� to so Vii Ilse Uta la. 1 a .lq.g1_n_ ill in a i. I a 1us. Us fiscal a a a ii we in Ducth a geese 791-391 u 1. I a ii As 6might l.-==_ =1 l �331 . A not at um-1w8mw a � " autaum studs n Man _a.. Htzuupnuunnlu-1.lsnnur-3 Jun Usu Sun us no is mus .3Nun a to 1-- h 7601 .5x-u.u a.x11 3vtv? Sai Suu my ts-nn1441lnx�? ???"???????? i liii\il�ugnron-ru-1 nn.," la t u1.�.-a.-. -3.�. Us up Mesa u1ti..n.uu_a.�u. My. To a n us on ail u 1,t a Kua a us Gibu Mthm. 3nu-i a no. L run 14-�t o a a wan Innil a u 51- 3350$7- Nan Hung Zgun owl sri " ,.1, la latal ?cu1-Mo has in Usugan n v390-355- " 5--"" a a. 9 Hultti t i to a a Luyun i com 6 a us. Us Tan 1 Hill a 3 66. 31733 to left Zug Ioir a 50 ?6 a a4 do Lim Yah Nodi 34 till in l Ai los Ixia to .11uzvutbula-u Tinl us Job a orb a 5 la ally a it in a 1. Ann 18.� med if Vaiii-i us numb. a up has we us Tov wi0� 59nu., an a an i � n a a no an -.1 lungs Kaanapu Truman Zauza Aamann Thung 0 ii Buss 0 Cari by it to 3vugu&i Lloja. On was a of a a a Usu . Noun poo d ii Quin an ii a ,7,a 1 ___.,.,._-._._a. Snug us no Man in 0 0on-Nowic hii of a1a A a. Irrl Aux Vul Vanna l n --.3 _3 a a u an a wean ovum am a Mart Vul Hon a i in a a Anybut a Anu Nunnun no 3g3,. Ali\i��w.yu.n.bpuuun-uni-in-ulna"--3 1 h ,_.. .u�u.r iantuuiil�.iidl5l1" " a Aan-Vssluuwuul-ouuuiuv.nw.li.i5iu 0n. .y.ani �.up.au421� a. ? Tun it i eco Iid ii tic a. J 1 in a a a i. In in nails 7 a on 0c i to a a i 01 .n an so a an 3ruulruu4a_yn.ao @ m vu9????????????.g.= a a a a .5co a issus la10 any ii Toul i u ii a v3�"" .,., z. Go it a a a a a a a = a. Pc .-.2 11., 2 no on 1 Ca menu vol Clu no a a a a a a Gay duct ave an Umu us an. Cd tuna �. I85 _i q 4 c0 an. Pm u an a a but on Landa u.,_. I n 2i- Hutn ii Cut to3 ctr ufa�f3u3 3i Wwu u enl Alt oust at last. ill it inc81 wnr.u. gown a Aaigoej-b1 i a him 9� " 51$ 1 451 55$ 1w3 7 a my 75 ?-3350 u.ll\i135ouu.g_1 1 i mean. no 3hgym. A i u an so cd . U. Can u on5. An h1w . Nun -$18� i ?.- i Al it in to on 8 04ill non irm has i mt-2 a a u .Ila a ii i. W13 3 2. 5". Run tin Thanmu-1 n9 Kia ii 4l. -n,3avcrawl around. 9 d a 1 Us a noun. Pm 1,$ uu1,n au-.1. Iguana 1 5 Nfn Ninna. Mann 1.j satan. 3 i ant Inna r 3.1, against lain il. C 1 p????????aninn we Bryn .,.gmiiiyvn.a- my i us a i Fri Cal ,. A a. A a taut in a kill no us m4 ii Al 555� ,. 155,17 a ,.- or a. 21 my m.". 1 a -��-.-�------b3 a .3. A a a a .,_ re my w tlavi4 Unis 3 w an-Uirutan. B ?,_,,5._vr a a. To a puny As Vav a. 3"---"-j 2 i .-m.auun.�m.u.aninr a Moxa 3 til my i Iwhy u d 0 3.73.? 1. 1 we on. A -2- he a 0kw"--m w.�.1.i re 1 i in in 1 101-- 3my n"""""" " 5 320 do ii Oil ail j a \9il Al 3 a Calcium n 3e 1851. 1 5f .h., Rev Mvi 3215.0 Rel up than Low Puu Lunara Vahkn 4,."" ---.2- arc Noj if a a a comm on menu Iliavi =i2cuo w.�.,_mul" .0wat-7 Odny info. Id ,Iihnahvr a funds m31 i1 filthy. M a a i 3 a a a 0� a 2i. On u win do in 5 3 a nn9 .__u._s_,� 1 suf a a Iranno an cum ?2 93-Al-_f_"11,- 3� ?1851 ?4.-"-"-rt- am a3 in Una . Inna. Will my 2 "�".7& u i. A a a a a a a Voni 1- g._l"i3 Amsun in 5419 1pm Esau 1 a him Lunonia Nan Sun so vw.�.,. .1 us is Sauna. An Dowana Axy 1 w y an. La Lawm do my a a 0 we on. Ish1 a in i 5� a 33. On. N wed Mug on. In mus a 4 w " " Row 3 manna Tov. Coo us Nuhum an an --"r3721 wean-1to Mil-v01 2 3 a 7 of us sewn urns-Ahai As on on ny.unai-Atuaq ,., no Quin ii\.oin-Immun-1 1. H__03_-�,i. I in a " " a an of an much new up 9 \ Wuhl. Kb-.1 can Nankiv an Fuu to a a Den a us any Imu " � ""1. " drum Mainuu Pm a ,.,. Of � ."., . " a _1 uurmn.p_3m. In 7 up a 13". Vt.n.Nan-ap my own 0 ill Hull tut. Mem of .uamih.-. 5art As up warn of. N ii Uil la Ida a i a put Iuo e= Agrni-ai1.ll 1.l., ".,$flb?.� .,., ,.,?._&., ?? a qj??o3 in ii8i.". ? is pm 9- in i rpt i. un.--9 we. Grt_-_rr31g 3. .�"3. ,.eu u i in Tab m 3- s it via. � 5,., 2 3- pal in. Al i a n Ine-Inken-p.- ? a a 3 i m"�-."r". ".,." ar. A 1 \ u1 non a i a Unton. �2 a. A. A a Minnelli am lift .1 43. .4 Ulpin. A \ ii , Judah Sii Nyann i 1 no i hn1�uugd, Nau no .2 a ladle no a a a a Pic Gnu . Heat in a a i a it Nijdl int Tram i no Ullh a i 2 Gin Lilu Sun i Bunnin i Mugg no 3 in 2. N u us of nuns fun be � 1 at my Jhonhy s Balm noun 3 emt in it Nunu. No a Nuuanu at-shun-un\.ilnilulcr.?u . 3. 0uniuuunni&l a a Wmma. � a 33�p ill Dull. I Lou Ilin Neuv Sruv in in la Azan. I a Dunn Munnt Chunc Egon on in. U l i a Ivori i a new Hona in d. Q. Kwi Libl Juno or 5� Hal no id and 1 r in anal ,a- v5 in i a mulls. a a a a a a an Punk vol it Fiji 01111 a .--. A Iain hut a Alvun a. Sweat no Khuzam cd ruin and a snuff i. In . Am on Wnnnsuhpunl. Mun Riann Tux us Ann i vv1u_ \ in. in Caitilin hid ?u71 in jail no an a loan.rat7 Man but. It in ? ?Pat-1.Ila Nigara of Paull Kiil Illa ii cmdr. No. A Aux Sun. My. On my. Of a and dept. An cd i in o a a no la Vul . I1vi t561-Hilly 0 1.z,. .3 � a 33 �. 123 $213 % 3 i. 2$ � 3my Jan pm Volkes to & $0., no. 64 Max n�x.�.1.�."i no a m7 Usu Avii. A . A l�?.-n 3 3 t � 52".-i. .5 .3 #airoi,in\1&Al m 9 ji-.o.a-, is Ai a a i in Rifo & clash item. Luxury. S f i sell lbs irs Are now Randy to Las 0ffi � Orni in c0 ????????6 Rock 4 to t. ?.$l"." 2 .3ei.sr� a ."s."�.�r"%. R Long Ikall 1 you so Dun a vs a. Ungo our Flat us it tall a in la. ,. _ ,.v, _ =. =77wu Nous no. A. , .i.,�\ of a in flu 2s a. Am. us. Us. of Loundo. ?Ul-rnii.hnnbnid.el�. No 1j l.?&� Uci Bolh i Louh Raj no we a a Velj nne a a a a a by Tunu ogura.mm2 an no. . 2 4 Mph of a.i t oin . A Lapin pm Buum Gnu us a Hopr Ucman la an Mybra #5. I7 Lul . Jam. D0mpson, would respect la Illel hindu Iupati i by a a a a a a haul flu Ottlo a sunny sol in an Nam so Ilu. theh once. Of sumy 0ian Mlvnnluhdure-1ioonlnr. A a a Alumna. Huu. My. To much. Ran mum. no. Iwuc non pm l unit pc. Hum All in Cal Luau Rhea thl9lloi h0un Buu Cullun a a a. Bunyor Nylus net my 1 an Utida Nelmi. My but Nuwt my. =.ii=�"._ in a ."%i?%.?" i we Coo Lynn a Stdio India rubber co a a. 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