Buffalo Morning Express Newspaper Archives October 03, 1851 Page 1

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Morning Express (Newspaper) - October 3, 1851, Buffalo, New York � re 2 3.--. 4 r. _,.3rr. _ . _.,., ,. W.,a v v v a a. A.=, of 4o 3 i\51\z\ djs 1 to 2eu 1. A41iam �2ntv.--. ,va4u,. Jav 7 we a h .2 w2 2 ,._. A a a. V Vav a Vav v33_vv, v. 2 v. A. A v. /. . V 5 ".-. A 9a .$9".-. To zm2 c =2� eggs v. Vav v qf v a r .2 \. A a o. A a v a-,.w. 4� 5 v b the q9 i a v. I 1t23 a e a 4 a. A it my thu a a 9 v r 7� a. Ff.�. Math in1m i Mac ,. 1, " we v v. .z7 62. A v .1 Var v v .-g 5i a a a i. My. Viv 3 Xiuyun v v .3� 4 m38 a s. Vat 7La z i5 3 Fig 4. 3,. V y 11. 9 null 0.kmr mro x 4, Vav 5. I. 3 a a i � 1 go i \ As a h.1v v a i1 Vav. Ii a adv i jav4. A .4v v cml Ras Coq. Hag a 9, v. V v vow Jav. Of 3. Of v_5r,�"a a5" " a a i -.-.xnuux.z.3. Vii. Q7 by a .4.� c. 3 is 0 510 a i 1 a a a v a h a Liq i a. 5 v. v v Ash Gnu. 9. 1 ,. A. To .4, .3 0. A. _ -"--"ww4%h9..wzzw. -we. Ato to a 9". e k2--"." 7 v v ..\v v ,. I�. a. i v of h v�vn1rgz v. Vav v ,7 -\-$3.? A v 11.-.- or .,. U. manual . Or summon Al z,i3rnlqu i20 inn 7 1 i i car Rubiy ii. 1 has Ruul .2. As 4 1 r to 7 Dil_uil_1� a a i. Lomu . sal.31110 of tug x11� a Aura that Lulu inn 1r ii a .1? 1ici Ualncoa-a1 i a.=Iurlhv a this d1 flu a aun. a a a a a a sub t . Of lug nil it nil pan 3. 0wuuduuqu no but a a a. lunar Aux fins to los Elloum. Ileana ibo iinl\aibw0er\coduulnrhe� i1pu.&it. L4� a a i 9.3 Usu a i . To let a for Sale a " ?." to 1h.t.ooi lib. My $339a1. running Lafle Najip Niue. V j?.sj.".-a.f2e.e 4. Of. u11wpxmch 1.1,kalil� a div e\ifulkd�iig-Kcsll�.Baouca-at�.,, a to 1 a a --3. Egg non i 0 i iii a ecu urn App he numb. V non Dun. Be e?itmixanttii1 vs.\tvr.obihooldumd Guy Higano Sbol Ivan Hadbo apus i arid Dilu inn Mug pug 3.3 = aa im Elli k True 1nu a .5. M my wag q. A ,.d? x tm1 no the Nan hang a. 0 u1umkhsli inn Max urn by nyc Caus lid Hehp-id1jau5bv�4&sdld�. M i Orkun 1 1. A _fufj__1,of um11u-lath i 1.? m-.&. ". 3 1&a ,0 mid hum Byj 1xras- guru it been a Saga .0 it. A Jold Ian .2� enough 5 and Ukia ,.,_,?-& m2511-Lngsssis Man 1�.-a. A 95 Gin my aurb nne a a Lull hour a. Farm Only twin 5 Uki i Ivlo thu a a a a Sun nut. Ninx dem not a oust thaw \ tinny gnpd1 Len. And i a a Lulun Hull and. W my a Luna and Iain 1 mus a a i Mia a Nus Wax a ii a ii is r gig yxiuas1. A. Oms cip6lynul Dilvon. " 7 Nus 1 Mug. v5 As is wag 1 Foj 1 a Milch Man a ? a a a a uht Scutio 3 so go a . g �14. % a a a = a It7%52455. " a. To 1i0 rid Itilio 3 Aid to re. A Tum my 42 by llaua.ihni1m onmi4.962 a my i 13311 a Sun. .1 tin Inna s llrunlol.21. As my . ,1 e i of 11-."" " no. 313 Hall q , nor. M. a. A a i nn1lrviiiunluu41iv.3?????? i Bice Mug hrgtm6. Tux a i a . So a 1idniili. #33453 f. Mpg 21 la a Mumm a�nrunselm5� j -mr-Ihi?? by Lane 3. no Anna no my by Mann Tux a non Luuru a a Lulio dump. . A a g i 5 a e 3 .3 4 a. F3 13 9 5 13 111? " 2 3 3 1 a 1 �3 1? 3 "-.5 a i 0 g a iii As t31 12 s. 355 5 i it 1 1 As h 7 i 21 1 as5 .2 3 3 1mwlxolxxmn ii As 1 a i ii As at 1 3 Asu 8z 2. 3 3 As 3 at 7 As so to o 5 8 i ii so o no 11 9 intau.� uhpu3 a Awn. I i 4 g i. 4 a. La 33, i 5 5 1� 2 it .1 Al 3 it 5 4 As 1 i 5 a 2 314 u .1. 2no Emu a nuts0 3 i 3 iii o 3 to c 0 a of a .3 4no 3 1 it at a at at a it = As 2 5 As As i 8 6 iii \ i s Ulvi Tiehl nouns uncut a Slat it a Mihu lad it go a i a i Inna Uil 1 a ii i log agr 4 3fa. 7. A Amman. A a 1, a warm siness c r a i my a my. Nan. Remove-mxx. nun Mun. Atl8�. A. Funky&1 i 1 go . Ii . a. A runs. Uinn. A i a a Vina 5 3 i wad a a of a v a la n? ????????????fitnulq????? a. Fie. -=.m.---"=-t a �n�j2nsa ". " .,. M i i. or Tux oi? ???usn6n"\5�, to 9 Man tvs Tuit. i Lead slate Liufau adj said Wilzak i a has Al-i9 a rare Bane Budd no inn =�li4 n2oili-, Ullh Luann Man thud and bin40 v Unn Ihl Raku Lawn. You Hmoud. Guru Ca 9 e3811 a Thuc Uda a5 aux.,.a.f Lix Isid Wilson i anyannail&nlr9_ of swim 4 uniuuuti3.f .,.,\.\1.1 q14cd a 8 ?. Kupu Whf a a Hui l 4 a 5. 32 a Phi n631" =.=.5 to 3kids i go .".-\.v= 1 "i. -4r�. � Mwau. i i a rrfru&$,hkh23, .2rn4.1- .4-"$ .7. Ism �1 v \ 5? 1. A. A. Jul suit my zi2tir�avv tosiit4u.i i a. 3 of so b. ,.a.,. ,.,1. 7 i 7.7 a .�.=unt 5-"- Lios a.,�.rus a a to " " aau Uin a i. ""e3. S3."-""-Behnin tpn\xnmi.c1lnb�haullji-=. Farm Oil 50 a 28lsale. Of i53 33 a our a Gnu Gnu. Us. My. a r 1r. Deli Jpn hum. .1. Dang i it. 4 � ?. Us 1"? w4 a1a. By \�s92o-ll .41u go a a h fun a Ballul .mndu4.�msu�.�su""""" i i w3f 1l?????? ???????????????????? l___., a " 1 a. Tit .2 31-i7rjl ? be x1 7" .11? .7.". .4. 9". Luaun-Vanuuuuani, ,10i74tuu.uonaatn a not ?, aus my Usu go a a a Luau 4 i. �-.--,. A r 1 a.,$ n i. As i my go a Axll Wuhu a a or a .3,i3 jul As my a i ..______.oa_3_u___.r of of. X.4. .m.r1m-.-., a 1.,._,.,. v�r.5, lr4 1" .7, i 4u.o re to two none no esau.1.s 1$1 a. Uuuuwn.z2 -%.?4 iii a dn7a. A. V # a. -glean-Rvul-35 i .a.oxi.Amu Azuna nun . My.�",., " n o a. muollantaup apog Gugg g??????o5. We a a 5 idol f. 1 Aso a 1""" 1i.7 3a. Swul. " Ann a " " a a. A. .-.-. a a. 5.b . 3iv-Nnmugn inns . N.,4,u. ,3 atn.alv-.. Gnu in_i-mnu..nu a i i Onwu. _ �.iiu4upnsu.r1 a a naydn1g.unn.73 no Inin a &. 99-no, How any la 5 5 g c Han do Aupi arts a All cur auntie Imam i cann2? m1 t.i j a Chi 5h1 Mem Inprul it a j1 his hug m????????9 5 i1 11 7". � 4 Gnu to it ii . My a m3 a. 8 Gin. Mummy 2.9� Usu Al. Lynnl Hugu . Of he Vii 0i iii\iii"0a-, 0ii, vumc8\1wd5=,? ???? 1 fruit iii ? no 1 5 a i a a a a a me 3.1 a a a i its to a a. . And a the aug Rryu-us�s.3a a 33" a -41 lava mum Pum . A a. Us lad. a inn to . aka =�=-=1-----%=-""" 3 t " "3 no cuauup.�.,. a. Huh fl1 Man i huh Idnrunuvuliuuujnfkxmugs. R. Up. linux Lenl guv baht by n no new gun manna he 42? me21. 13 ofan-Banunlnunumu a .2mn.1 mum dem and my i .-d1.i.sup.i .n.�.�, ,_.,.,,. a Wuhu thug a a a a a wait a a was no can Viiidluxy a a a 1 a3av a i l Naxinlldg&Nin 3 la a a a a c. Mimm a a. undo Panu i osmium Ulqu?j�� pair ? j jul \ a Levi vol Ian thus. I. .2 ."-2ui .""""3 " -- can now. a we 505 i 0i3ii fi1ulnlkbluilhllzhi i Bilhl a a of a1 " " a. A a 5. To a is cat. Nnnnlh- 1 think a Udho la 1. � .ng. to nut Alum Lurk 7&1. I Tea .Ng go Hula anal my i 6? ?? n???????????????????? unum 13� i54�. A gag. 1so Llano Luau Elm. Us a. Kwh i a. Man and " " 1 .,.,._,� apm sin i qua a 0 la a Ream Ai �1,lk a . 4, i a mum. . alt5" 1. 3 a v3b.bou.vb- &v9 a jul _ruua.y9n my not a Munin a lih1in mum he Luuru Nugg. � i is Nam Annm jai_w3a_a_= mytutuno�.-.c.4a.As.l or Ubu inn. soul i a mucus Tjw a m1�g. .p., 3. .1 gun 5 a. A. U. Angina can Tad hug i2-anu.1 g,u, ?1 q at 7 1-. by. -11 21 Cau at tin .15 .15. A. 6. My. M a at i at nun a a Kwh to hum uni 1 run re 1 Wanna i or to j1-ru &7 i z a m1r. 5,. 1. Hug gig 0. Fango Van inn ulna Alq blk nuo be. A. Sulu la i Tori Theyi incl a i r. \ ii. & r4 Cwm ii Nomy a l 1 i 4 ,. Ii 1 1 13 4r ,3," ""1lm- ".", 14. mull any-115 . Q it Muu As q 0 l7l Bill a t9,. .nl,.,d, ,4 5, my .0umu 313 73 1. Max a .s.????????????.�a i. Cunt Nam Hsuyu Mam be . My. Rlou avg la Vaud. A i9 Jutl-Cindi-Huber. Sum Jug 4. My. ,7.,.,j,._., a a a a. \ u.�.,_�,$1.1 1�. Undo. A Dun vim of rib1v a 73 la. Loi42.u27.annusesocuum,r� 5 .,.,., " " Mu. ?. U a i iii k Tumnev Ian shut no rpm it lbs Hutn of Xylda. La of. Lnu Nix Wal it m1.g. Gnu ir i heal Many than m1dciiin"nau& nun no a a. .8 guammqx..1v 1&k? d. thud u,.na o rom Ltd my have is a than i inn 3 1111 Luv yrs no Uruu hurl no my Yucca ,0 ,to Bukhmil a. To res Lenin o 1 1 can 3. a Capo. vol Abny 9 . Q1l.ib ? a hruv1 or Myhl met porn. A a a a nth the May -14. That not Rul 0 runs my by slim. A my. Nunnun Emu i Dun not 0 Many . a. I. Mum i to 1 and he 0 . Who i. Ion a i 0 As. A acu.-. -4hil rial nth Dabob Hal m74 buy ounhu000 new Van so spa l l i131? a .�g h la Luad ii or Vunk and yer , " 1 . 5 Ancho you cull a the no a but a Jukl Gugig. L " -a1\umy nuns Tuuu no plus . -xu.1 . To no but you can gain Munch Emu Pav Dyrl a hmong . Or Hannh c lnwnnvv.uiulucthavuu1- .3 lwdlm\_u?? x h az.". = i Lind with Kuhn a Hal a e13- \ map a a he Uit a by Fowdem iii i was 3rrn had add the no not my ill cot Bakst Tho tia a Bih Ify nil �d.c93 car by mpg 5. A it Mnli of . Gnu. I snug 17942-iu i i. r a 1� Gill Nouv non i ?.iho3111 can itvxu"ua4u Gyu 3,413 \ ago my do-11la Willna l Punk run a 1a Geum. Tho or Al Onat la old Tho isl try of h0 3 1 clan Mann Amun inc plus rum a Norvl so amino but who run my iii i j3 if a v3151� they a31 huge bal nun Irsyl la Mai or Gnu Cru yeas no cubs 1,- is Illel to Dayoc my no ca1nmuu . Inuit Numa my no a emf metro Lily lacked ii the uncut zen Lobo Nnash tall snug. R.&.""6z,.,u.,.-.,._. usum net Pun ind with Lllan n9silk bal visa of give Othny iry i Ith a -55 t Yunnu. puns inn .5. Llu Huunh Jiunn .3 my can aha can a.l�llb fi j. 4-�-$. a a a a a a Tiivi cg-.uruuin a aus a a a. Ilsa Nus. Lakkard Ida i fms th-m01 i a a 1rmma of -",-.-.---. -.-.me.aa?R071 of. .�".-.5. L37-". Ihigzg9 . A. Gym. 5 no 75 3 Tan h .gmn 5- % 15. A a. 1\ .--. a Miuki i a i .i Iwii. ,�"�.- is a . Talk Aso no Nanny. Is Lunnun. " "f1."""" i 0.r.cb1r\se� a a no it a a assume. 1. A i .s2 a.jtji3. Bratin i r4ip., 7 .. .-.-. 5f. A1 Obj rv.cl�t8 1" � Ueail Irv nut a diva. Al. H38 Riv to farm Hanna . M Nonu my. Imusnu-. I a. Aj.��".�. Fur Hale a but rib no a a Antti Uhuru Man Ion any nuns a. I-.�. a 8 Liz a r a was a Wmk. run Sqq a c riukm.inlrum-Ma onnomm1 run no i lds a a a a a 3 10i Ai % 5 a. C2 noon nu334. to Dzui i .ig.%re " to Nul a turn. 0 Pun at Sun. --.0 1.qc. .6-.--put a. W a Aza to. v 391.10 it ring ten Low. Isms. Lui of r Mun Tbs no1hla 8 Luelba .l8 Nan rte no my l5 a. Asa a to Nan out a i Len a Lynx Tnrmthunswnaonmb�.Iiratavi-????1 gg_.,47.t. "-�--1"-.". 2 2i a .32.". " ��"�.-3-"-. A. "".u. " Fau ill Val Youj i pkgi95 la 3 �g. a 4vs a. my sum com uto.?.i it a. C32 3.-%. Mme Vuron urn 1 a a a i i l1l?bul til3- ?g1gg 1u a 9 5 a a a of Uruu Lallu a or l mum or no tall re gag 3lgngwu?????? a"== .�5. H mt---�1 nun h31 a a Filo la o& nun or Usu = -urnus a �l.li\. Hunt my the 101 u1u? ?????????????????????????? Gyva Namu . G.,. 1 idu????????????????fljohvym? ???? ? ?7 gig a23"". L.�."15� a a #09 ova Inan 1, .34.1.0 Luau a Mac. 0 1 ill Man g1 i pvt nun sum a i.,5, � yaluga\rfi-nol�rh5nli it kill 5 dial . W 1 no r tuna. ??�hmnv.li a 50 go xxx f Cundino a a. D vital la 5 a l�v01a.a be nun a by manner a mum Milan. 1 Man Mem mgun..iiuvir1uatbnveussi . _,.a e,�.j. Qua -., s z i ?w�1r Pam i no. 0,1309 7 loll 3 a Man. a a Sigil a. Car Honni l Viii la a l0if.il\gkai a lula5l1 a Iki. An1 mgr a. vary a or re a a la ._e3i Ell k. A a. Hi.�, a or. C u.,& Toh gov. Gin my injun 5 3, -7 no re 5. � know pkg a. I i Axon nt"vi.k ?t\5. -21 .-.s. �_new.3, l #1501 anil1 i a .93.a, 9 a. Order ensure by .=.r.� Winnaman. La Nunn nun_1tee2cumulus 2. Sex 8. 3????.-. to 55 = a Lyl i r.--.-. -1. .3�fh i " ov-aun a a Al k Oan exp ."--.?????????????�????#? ram Aulna-1e =r.,a 7-.%� a .l. D. @ &""".- � re o-.�efk�.3u"1"�.s 5a. Is-25 1 Tom a l i Iez a a Sodal 3 ? i. Flohl e5 eh1. Or�lkhn.min.hahl by our aha aunt pulp . . M to Ikon �-9. My Sun.o. and a. i cum non Rug Nof 5170357 g%0cwi�rizx. U Macaw it r6n.Ma.l lungs. To iel it " " j ".&9.= r 2 a 2 i.=-2la13 3 at my l. .1 ne9533 5 l r 1\ a Noi Jehu no i did Ndu a f24 .--3v- -.197-"- r a a noun sans Onu unman aaiiiinav1a.btiliun ,. Thud vol stun noun1 3.533333% by run. Ram anal will 1jlkl$.o&1ii. j non rent two Good mama. Rain a a " -5"-" re. We a = .53? n to ?.aw1 Veo our411. A 3t0 hbl8friekmm .1. �m.u. A if no ghz o e he a Mia =2huuuuu-uomrui�vnei3%�,3����.t 4 3 .i?0il81xl�e.ui1l.0?????????"??? . Iunus Huun a dog. 5 .9.� -9 iii i a 22n get Ixia . Him tut and chit inn hour. Our 1.?-dips10.31 nun Inna kurg5. A�1.5 no317i. 5� a a a ."jn1a e Allm Davy Man Notis you Hlll 4.uou it. A. V � a a i 1 to hts is a Otic my ?ln1u bins d511iel8in????????????30 41. A to %e3f a 5-.?�a9%s.3ea 1mgmu dam turn own Niel Ooi oat i .-,.4� 2 a ? ?2.,.,. Hug ?1 num i we " Lillav i Dexiu Muniga 1. To i n ii-qlollhaaa1 All o May rum is my a i we re 3 i is Zemru a nest smug. Man no _1v_n1 ._q9u. Musial nun me Ial of go Nelly. Us my now nerd 0 a i.".%3"�.? old hut i 11 a he ". 3?.?.a my my w5 a 3��2eunt""" la Drc i �l1lnil0 f5i.il3 do quell tact ,3 v no j.that try my din. Can not Mamle .�-�"m., z my a mud my Khz use. 9 t ,1_i& go z .�-9 0 v s a . A a .7-.-- a v 4 Wnm q12 1rib? a a 1 a a a Unzem Numal 5 ,5 ,3=,-, j.3 of ". A,.m, a ""�3 $nt?? v cil a gm3"nat, .s no .-.-�., a 5a to 3. t,.. 1.7,.- a .a39 $5.3 9 ii,. V a.nin. \1 a a my Man -� -3. A a �.e. � =.-.5. Ohio Al. it i a v � Yin agn i Zil Emad la it m0qutm if Uno inn of of god he old � 2 Fiuk e0i0o. ,. A 1 ae1 a 7""."i a 771to. -$. &�.�klmy. E%--=.&." a Jim a. .�f9a a gulag Roffol i a Igni w?3-��% o. Nus a a of am9undvi1guhngbuouimdouiodo a tfx a a ?�."�lgi Amu. 1ta u1n%w3sd Gnu no . Or o y 1go a a. 5&1 ��.?33um 5 ,. A. Hr1,3 9. V " ly1m = " 4., 1a Nam �x_5_xn. 53 . U Lei of Nolau my so lab 5 he . A i 85%?nc,m5y 3 of a .51blur. and 11911 ind e $�v1.iinyt-Lncfvsallna . Pkt o_9k,,.sc-???abode win thur Niqi Ute Gull of Helut it la ? ???????-., b Ummer a. Dizz a %,.�. %=.= .".,. Cimon u-�"2%5.��% r i i. U v or. A i a says ?1�.w1w.l in9�.�1��5 i a not y. M q .%."? ??? ??????????$ ?????????? ? ?????? my companion. ind-j1 a .oou�1""" plan Aanden Nhu a a a a _1amon.wnr1-xx ir_5_-_tv1521� 47 Mu 7 i a Nntr-Yehe a qom Robe re a Myo All of Flat by a iii Ali is ill i i 5 ?3 a my .3.3 1 ii Houshm Wum Ugal menu Allon ill nil by Mun. Or 919 Dmn Iun aunt if my no Donci .,.,\,., ,.ra ptx. L Mannori Unithe . . Of Manan unused onus As d4nib a a U 2.v z.$. ,.3.,a.,. Tfx l nor a my racial ?3 j7_. .,.-�. brother. A. t. Swim3535 i a i z1s.s .r.e-.-.t, 2-%==v-. A bait Back Yum. A a a a said i Hel Jun. .7r.l1 fail i lot for . M of a. O .�e.l. .m.�. ..� 21.3ut� a z2 a a a so of Eon aun1 Udu no or .. "l3 rn3qln�iuw oui. I.l74 Jun turn ii . 4. m t"."? �f.f. A ,._,� i ,�.5,.�".".�?. 5 a -.-.,.--w7s Een. I f a&.f=.� = a . \ rsul2 Al .Ng. I the Accuu au%mwtymkwl. "2h a l .=,.n. Ii. .75v4-= ?%., 0831. Me ill 59 9 mrk9. Awn Vas Nam a5" . =.�,a \ we. � = a new oven Mug we a 1. 1.3 i Rexia Ogk a 5 a i a 1 a it \ is i i i .%�3� my i he. A. M go \ Man lug q41 la \ 5., to ?""."" 5 f no wan Ailcy i la i111.= Moi 334-80. 217 35&3 7133 s a aug go i a or a .mor4r of of a .l1���.,gwy�guuuin1ie\ioi? my Nuu qty 0 k ,4 ,9 my 3 4. Of a nut3 a 30ill"ll Ete As. Horl?3len by flu of Sud atm = 3 4& 8ujea inns Nudi Hon mud Fornele. Fanlum prices. At no. Is foam a. It 1oh Alkil a unt. a Gar but �uuy a munwi1uq,nnn.go._ptg1ng to or Amum borne mus. Tar to lit gov a c11 Al it a ,ml�edpickle8 v. To no if at was 11a to the,.�f? n3iu5 a3 tree Egi soc i Xuy Guhm Len gentle Breeze a a la running 7. a Dent �irm1iigi. Iii so yer ?,Ait. To Adan i 1mn.????????????? i to get.thix 110 for ?333-". Mod. Co. It 7 of a a full As. Inn Lynnl Otril Rorm Hula. .?.,�-"5 Co n1 3an my ,5.f 1g $.""-., a 1 ,Mu. .Jit to .3. "3 sex 4? a. tf my 3 aim�r.sa Van h _1n� Sumn no w5\ v v 53" a v q and� 4 Zug. -_�.,j0 � h �."-5 r.inat log i gig 5 .�i?1_t.\ g�,e.�,Trnear strict it 5�.� l re.1. I ..1 ii Ifft of 1 a Yum arv",3 5$, ii a a. 011�wwe�ieaw a any to no Unvuuqpm. A a i 9 4 L. To. Oak. A a u �., m. A 3 .,.,s\ 2. Z .,.w .,.\v ,.� % 9. M2.3v1.2.r.\f.\ my body Huml;