Buffalo Morning Express Newspaper Archives October 02, 1851 Page 2

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Morning Express (Newspaper) - October 2, 1851, Buffalo, New York K Ofa. A a a a a 0, 3 a Ain la nun. 1no�. M 1. . No. In m winawf5 Lurl in pug 13 la .1. � --., 3 try 3nwg" a r =My m 7375� a "&3 a 1 c a a. a4? _. A. same 9 7. A Evi a a a Many my. M an. A .��5 my a a a. An. -,. A r a a � it. Ea-Ma. 3" adv R. To. -m3 1y Vaver an .1 in u3 apm we 1at? ?. = we a 1 5i.5�. C=959 annual a. A awn2,? to or a r e1? Clun Lauri. ?�n.ur.,n aoqi1. 7 .3ea my a s-.,-Libs i. An " """., % .im\__vui�u1i.uhlbi. 3.?unhas.�h99_ 3 a. An0 1."- " of = $54 2 Chi a i ,1,=???i3 2. As Puu Nuthall 1. It a he .�ililijp3.would _7 = 1=. I a. Atos of .l"=.""18. The �,.�vi�.j08h ifs. A it. Gnat mum Wilu nun a. Hunch no my ugh Engvoll vol new an a Nguu up a at Gnu on. -%.-.-.,. A a a a a Inna nut Mun 1 Inin jul plus p 5"$-e3mu Sun my 2. Not 5,41 a ".-q. A1 .3-.- t 94 s fag 1 w .-=52-=-.-�-v 1 can us May run. 1. Ii. Koont. Ilia 1h he 381 Lbw _. -5" 5. 9 an i vain Tan. Iii Nan Max 4hmm. T non soc Nan nun 49mm on a. Roann nuns .11? 6 $13-13r. I. Inna 3 we 5.s. �.1.,7.? " a Orui non in has Lav w 1.1 Mill. 3 ??1.51 a until undo to cd ii Umili my of meal 3 Gil i ghz 0\iaijlhk Kab a can no us =3 i ."""".? �123 Of. Or L a 4.,.,_. .-.--.-.---. -.�.-??? 2.- .--.111-.-.-.m &? ??.k an nun an 3.- a do a Vulpi nun Gnu Wal. A . Asu a a Aux. My. An. Aura. "3 Usua is a a3 �_i.m18 4of a a in until Vium pm Aifit 1i. Uewl. us his a Gugg t a. Re a a a jul Multi. Nan no. La Lam inv of us a a Tan kill 5i . Dkl a a a in Mic Puma. 5341 Llu 0? t3331 us i maw. An2.1-. Wu4.r.a o a Igweh Hap Tuv 8q, d4 62$ a a i 3 a. P. Iuntt.37. My 1.3 Ink 1,91%,_ so no. Irn . Re " a nun n c. 1 Lana 3 i Init a a. M. A it to Ilfi�Lcln.Litl�.Lkalqyoii. T 2 it j h4%. " a. 5 13$ a to no Ahu i for no Nuoc. In 9.- mind. Nurr a a 7z . An. U4nvn.i. A nun. An h. . Us. Goo err. My 533. Is. An uncut. A me. Mints. 2mus a an. 1.%.". ."____e&.,. . 11" 18 new Well know 31 autumn Ywe a 3&1 is3 Init -.-. =�� a. --22hunt Unbmtlnla-Inliunnungu ii it. _?gw1�raa. .1. -.,. A a a annals a 1. In =. a $.ndu0wdn .3". Us a a a gun. Nun or Tan my. A. ,.-0we Tibma =7 ".�f,? -1 5 i � .--3 33 a ?-1 3 -.-. "2. 5-. .-.-iii01 2 Hlls a a ----"-.-. -."-=3be 3. In in Labh 45 cd imagine .5. -.ie0u t 3%, ."-t-.%.\ % a. I $ a so pm \ n1 a. To \ \ \ of. I salkjilw.,.lxik�. Gen . Kul Lux the huh ii i. Than . Wobu. Nov Uzuh. Zobah mud no. . Inminib " an do suntan i Ruzhu. Us , Knuth. An . Lung. Do Luz Quonn us go . &�z9s " .�=_2. 3.1\.\i . It i3 u7."."thus la a a av 0 an. Annex us pm comr Munz. It 1112 Cir. Inanna n nevus of go Lumbus de i3g st a i4a a. -i9hula Helm in. "5" 5 a Ilaa 7. A a a a a sea manna a j. u a. Inn 3 w pm. -.1. V sir18 a0&? ?????unit a la cd it in a a Dan nuts Sqq i unwind Tun a. -2 mum .a=, a a. _ a lust Niqi .3.-, 41. An no avs Ntitri "-9-=?3"-"�" or -.= a 4 = a " i. X "\.-5.,\&\ us a w in \ nut los \ \ of r Kwh n \\r \ Alain a a. 3. \ 0 9, n \ v a a u 2 Awe \ n %�\.\v�sv in n 5 q Atu, a inso a � to \ q a \ v w. My a 5 "�"%-. I a w i pc it a War nun a n my a a \ r no. K n n q n w Kim to a " \ a a3 "-r.3" i be �-$,."""- l7" u \. .3a i see to jf.�? "42- "--i5 5%" k a. A is. A 2�" ns�. A. A & .,.=-Wscd a a " . =.x. A ��?.\-., ��3_ae "\.�.iax\%. 9 53 \ n 3. So h. G "\.a\\"\. N a \ is 4 by a r m 1 \ a. i2.".� a 2 "-"25 g3 .,.,3-. -.sIn. It \ v a0 a a a a 8 a 3" a isy_1_1. To a. .1 Aste go pm a a 3. \ Vuk. Full. N h 4\ k a \ v4 \ a �. �.?. Us r ., .?-._. A. Nun so pm n \ \ a tq-=-��.q a ==-.3 \. _ 2 to 3a. L �.a�. Eia in ".?.?-"A than lint Dhul. T my Lbw t138 as0333 a v in ugh Ian in Bolzt tin in lems Amkha mfg ill- 910-uh us an -.-3 .-.2.- "7- a. ii Nghnilb?? i Dnu Nap Audru a. a i. tin-Iwnuguaruaun it i mili8s. Amaniac. Ii to. Lid ill cult v 5 3 e up. Numa tug 8.4ln. E213 Nuisul nuts a Nam court and . ? us Sec. katuoepiaia.1.n $.". F .7. Hlu., an up. To 8 in 0 i induct. In rat. in5333"-" Gnu usaa ugly but nos Sununu. �wni�tvrnh1im-iyk\hi an no he Dhul Irviv int Iov a nov i1.1 out us Ildus is Man. Aunt. Miln . Ibah Ollun us anus an. Nihau Usan in Ruvslotaku-03 in run in pad 0 dlalltlbnhn??? ?????????????????????? Bolus us Ai Una Vila in ltti???????? to aunt. Iuu-Haw him i Annm in a i Nal Avn i. A Kun a in i31 5 ran nun.gunan ,Sauni. Tit Ilhzz-r5he Ai 3g1-Nftbathto. A main it., my numb unwound cd Len Awn Hank i Miu. $3??? Nav in in my 53 hot it a a Aromas. 3a =.-�- Fth Vunie. U3 i Hubp my. 157 ext it to i Sivu 1no 18 a lev aul%1a.gd�iunqlt.n to Lunnun a. A incl 1. Int. A 2.? Lawn and 1 Lacuna 5-"-- my Kun High if pm a. An a tau my. A " i. He As anus tax. Cd a Ihk a a Muslin Carla. I. "3i and incas my. In 0 la a a. I 1 1 8 a . A sgd beu5nuf,�,"g77" we. Uq??.3 Nan i had us Sun a Gre a a my a a a a a a an /5114" than hugauri1.\l.n.v? ?? ? ????? 555 in itch7533 "�1 re my 3 a 2 aha i ?"3 n 5 8 the Vlf of. 1 273% &. 3 a i in in is Hung e had no i my. 1 ------.-�-_is 5 9 Myin us a nam3.11515 Uii in my. Antic ?1108.i.ivt&io us link Hunt no us Zunli 3 ?.un8nnliii Hars Sanctum you Iuit Mimi we hiduulndi1bgliqui . I a gb-.u1itihii??? ????? Lono Kuny a a in u2 d an nun Smau Mcm Nonaca. O . A. =-inn an pm attn on outrun. Ssvowum1 . A. a a a than ital Sun in la in ii no. Swim um-Tun.out. Ins pm a 9., Agar. 2 to 3i1u.sn Rmno. i. In. us. Ita"J $ no.4. bal nun. Int an tuna comp hug nanuham��_op-tad0% dark fax 3.""" anus Caf n1." .3 an inc Ndow Hun manna --nun-Tmkng-auntsum Ca undue any Hula Dun tuna ""�-.a."-. " w q Loyd auth. 1541-17. -a., am e2. Of us la rial. I. " i .f�". 7" ii .33 ilkal1ugv it do ii a a a nah Inq ol6 am a hunk us Ala Ott Mancl mild Mun us no.3 a Ovid ulna i10-um Ian it Twat Mun inn no Waugh "��.f"". �$."v43. 7 in visit urls Ial i. A aq1-batnwiu? "?????�?�????????????????? ?Alumulin uni Muludy pump Butin a a a Quankun .3 0171-851 Lului . 19 in int. 1 a=.� a 3 2r A ,.-. A a Viki a v &1 tilt is an pin it sn." no can la. a Nodle a a a to q1151 no Kvil. 8 a thug. Lop. D m hum. _ on. I 4., n nag m 3 if 3 .19�. U if am. I Lmh quip in a inn. Be. At Rowe is us so. I117. 7 .,.,-.-. A an am pm in no at .e.3". I with an n a Waou lavish i3 us i hug inc in3 " " ""223".52 A. I1&04% wild. Keep Conan ill or a Ann. 4 3a1_.f.3.,_ Viii a. instr a. Wantnr�.".n.". .?????????.u. .-.,_. � k an 3. Nvuighbhha." f 3 ._. No a 2v can in Dup at in Tun Bini. Isl in no an? ?"?r91 003 an nydhl&6an. Viu a Naan or Savarn \2 a 2 ,.u1 of. In Ana plasma As no Inland urns mar new a in a Nadir " 5. .s3 a --.1" Law a=.%a. A Ivy Tiuis . 31 my. Us 1in? ????????????????hia1-vaih? ?? \i11iriiqri"m\.lm a lib us hodowilt1iii�o6i5yiixhilbbi\m naps thunk i Onlnluna-Itkolul a a a Lnu Xiu Nayudu a nun dam Nam. Ruusu my Ilnnyuoiluhblall-Lluvu any titty we in w d1 i1.\rmaio " " of z re 3 Xvi Axuh of " 2" egg hmm 1. May an11 a i803-117n"".�,v,.g a coma Uhm go a a � -3,or -.=,-.-. A .--.-,. Lumc Daunou we ngg Gap 5m a unit Ynch ii a canny j a Lurnz oils ont. incl. nun Jmel to j. Nun. l um.r nut. Ink 1 in Esau. Lull. He Anu ,. H m uoiuytl8 by Bra Gnu can a and tlle Only a our us a a = a q a my. Yma uni i 8 i31? 10 3.,-,=-.,. =Luv. I Quinn. In Lugo. Alig. Emy. Ir-i00. Nunulu. Rim. 2% H " n. To . hero. "-1 1. 3 a oath i. a Ai ?. 1 .i2." 3 was . Nfi.is. an. . Inn re " .1 7 " ooh " Hal lib a a a a a ill Aid Cain. Civil Hal Daisy in. au0.i1\an. In Vulor Uuna 03 ill pm 5% us urm Eum no urn3, -15 ant nun Sun Nunama. 1 o1cdo_eu 1 injhoingnuoo0. E352 ill 1851 35 i.allk3a\l7alb or ninth 0.1 is Luna a by Hyman a a w17--. no Dud my cupid in up Caner a runs pm Fairrl. I. La. Wow Rah on. In a a . . 2 i. I. Cold Liqin i War. 3 tvs fun or an inn rms to i lynh1?-.". 7 r.a i. A Lluli yank. La l Leie . ?00310313 11111211. lit Novio Ivl at is True i3 8hfl a. Man i scan. A a a than no. Nunuo an an ipas. A Numa 3,." . " - ."3 3 am y".�. " ? gain-iihdo.i1iidvi1iviionnvhlv? Munch Angun. I. In Mug. A a a o is Gnu use. Ilau Otho an in mcan.7 ._-.=j,&. Pm. Him a nut. Blunt Lush Ilu Laul. Y uia Ninh iieu1io m1,?mania ?udnu.diurh-Ilmln 3. 4" urn to. Hug my As Jii hii. A E�lzthzknqhluchuu i1 3. Int5 2 ?. -.2 a �.?-.% a it.usqmpnunuanuuu. Lin Wanna a Laval 0l1a1 m i to no Uii \.�td. Mud e33. We2� �h253 Avic actual ulna Ca. I w 0.info sat Tum Ummi no my. Hahn h who 1 cans 4% .7a a v 25 1851. Aggi. A --=.- .-5 Cha a. 3ou3l" i&dn7i. 5 Wendy. 5 r.a�. To . Re. H i.ihlt? ???Pnudlcltsa noun 0. Cans. A a 3. Jun Ihm a . Orno. Iia Lom us in it Mun Lohf a Mil Llis a Aid i llc0. Hilad m. .z.". I a11.o, Mun. I. Com rms has us.". Z1-. How av aw.-. C Xiu a it a Spud 30 1lnlellliulombsantana 3. A you Ian a plural you my �.nm of . J. _ audit no. Us i Nan".7ii3"?31f 3 ii in an a Nama la. Apnoea no. As us no inns and lungs. An up a a audio ,?ciivi3o 8" Llu a ii Fuyii 1% Isoli lib an inn us an no. In Fth Lanzq. Ola a i t la l2ii to my in Inanll dbl 1in% .nli7ii7 my ii i a 1??????????? oni 4&. A Dou Ian a do a a a a rot it can Inna no an has to an Tum. In i ? j8mlvl dbspjr711. inn Ian Inoa run Cly Ola a Goluh 0viuu.in chumps Landing. Jib.3.twinsad,. Coll no my Gnu ourm Onn nun. Immense sales. Lam undersigned. of de Lla j .�.2 .z2�. F".l5�.i.s.of 5 scams Ouzon Cunt. It Nurm. On original it. Runny , -nun. Inuss. Z3., i ?.l. A.sfv-null cd Oniu. 1 � 3 a ii am at i 1 %.f? " g.t.0.hlll. Edi " Heo Blly a z John burnout. B " i a. " ii. In. no is " j. � 3r.aka#_tgax 8 a pcs of oct cum Jid Lii a a in a 851 gag2.-,. � 1�".-.-3" a a. A _11 Laa Bee b Winigan pro. ?Ngheuofluhlo la of 2 raw a ---.-."e. 5- I i ii i evil a i Liiv yiai0e_&if Ali. Ca Ala a of a in2�derslgnedx a d1 Ray the born tour. In in Gnu i7 a, a .2,.� =.7kaa.7 � a of ,-.n 3 " .9 i Alai 1 2. 3 Ci._Iiaiv in\nou1r a a da2.aa 7 .7 a. Ofa a a i Otner in Tux Yux is. A0stun inn. 7tr2 3.-. A Yea. I Mun eggs $37 -"�2laOf-. A 7f .�.---. .---=1 n ._.,.u, \.a.n. 4 w �."3i of n uu5 . ._w my. 11, Clark. I22". Or that a "".3 in.o .0\ldili a 3 a a aa2 a �".." a i � a i v .,.ihi1 a ?8.3i a Wuu y f..w by no in it it Viiivvas Jan la. Grill no Hon Mulvoy a of Nyven. ?hi-300 ? i 1 .. " Misiun m4 " x " Goa Uoo i us i lil vr"""an" ��5 3" a co i ii a is was Mhunulllhcnnmlyu la 2 a. Do with 1 e 1 tap la col pork. A. A Gogol Jun Vav i Lanoi. Too Tany Allm radix Kuhnl Pui no. The Union own in by i..u\ln-ton. in Nanuma. 0.jsweit no, a my. My i .mnxs2nt. a Lotic i mum an Ano Dun dunh Ilion but i. J. Janna lag the inn0in-111i Lan � 5ind Nyp..Iunaundtrtho annual .0..nb0o." Ivy a april 1. I331. Pmn. Anun. Trl Hlad. Use a it Ilia Nagual Puao. La any in Odout sad but in 3 the which for my cup Mai pm. Q Proill. 3_8til i3 i 3 a Fop gag al1"z3=.5.f7z.5n no a .-.337ii n � jmu.%.-.va.a.,- to a ring been. %.f3u% anj1. A .2" c.lnx1 a Buu and 1 o Hirol no a a a a a in a a a a Alliancepinup-tlyiu1hdi iiiaa#an�0ienof i Garto up quow. Etu a Sauna Law Clinin ????????arum. La stance . A a a a a a a a a. My Iol a. Oil opium cumm Mainvi Awn advice. 31 Ixl Lupin Maul ill Pun. A v31 in Havu Woituk $011 us. Any 3 no o = .. 7 fund in Maul pit Uphill . A Houta Rel us of Joan. And Tho Volt my of bum on he pmpnelnm0ihnmi l3 i rip pro Lodi mnudpn�umuimnmno.1 no. A on 1. By pin no . Lonn the Canon Anna. Or Der Fol 7onm.ur Appie and in Willme Ethi from Wuu Callon. I4d1.?????????Lia cup Only. All t 0 incl. U??? ?n.iihllif r 3 a Nib it a a in Ihnut. Ii Vernl comma us pm mum a Massey. An aunt Nhin the 5 Dayton and con Inch w a n. A Iulo Okubo a h1te_ Olumua. 5m. I Lair sum gym p j ,?.32�.f a � 5k1?? ??????????????????? inns a. Duo. 3�.u, Hunt ill hop i nth than upie9. I duh 3 go Taunuu i Viii r2 it w ,.3 of h19 3 1 Witt for we my Nui nah in " _t_______"" in Venus an. Kbe . Wdsciliw.,.,$ i1 . A a a mag by. I a iuhoqy.0d. 15 wodnnhy0d b ivau_uq�. N we Nodop. Lov. 5 Wuu.i-. In w.uman._1m. Ii .=0.1iiif� Hal Tony Ioui of " Lam.4un.t a. 0 in we. I. Z"".a nut eur in inn Uoo. Sir Yousof Mcnol no Mem of Lett. A i Ala 0310.000km my05�nf . ?.mh.,-Nuuum 1 biu.ru4? ????????? ???????"??? g�". -22% Wizi want no a " 51 Una nun nov Escutia and Lanaija Cal cull Fulroth 130 no Diibon can Ril if Itei Nikii in urine a . ,.� .1. .�_" w,._. $ f0i lhyliiindoo6i 0mi3ga� Ooi Smiy. 0. In clout. A .c4xiblali.lno1 of to i Arlo j u1un Aih of i Luv nincia.r� so i \ i 4 2 a 0$5 " 41% 1851 .-.rmje a a As. .--.-. A 3"�- a 2rzE .= .�.=.=.r.-. .=.- _ =.amg. F re .,._. A no. A f 1851. A a n. Of ."""-"."3? i .9 5. ??i38 warranted a a =.. Anlo.&u.,i Noin dual s t " to a in a .55. A sum of amdt??????kimialp2xteru�nlor.in vow to. A .�.?.," a 1A a a Lynli � t Gkl a 3 = .".s. ,.-us. . a 5 .532 s2--%=- .i.,m1�. _. Wnm3"31, Az 3 " 9mu1.ma2 11 no t.?n. "1 1usk pm re a of la i f ���3& ?.r. Ufos a 47 it 1ou or a i hb3�, ????. He _Riii? 1. Of 5 5.5" �inv=n.or.oainuo.iio. Lig Luu. w. A a .a.". A a t in a Ina. Jud it 7" .3 us v 1 Hnz. _ or. Gym Soma. " 5 is re of i f h i 4as%$.� 41. Us so. Itaw% e " re a .z."-in 1-"#3 5 4. .4 ifsxu4. To any " 0 a v we Vaw ,. 3 a. 5j\8�. 7s71v\ a ,. K. V 1 i to \. ,. I 4. Itsa 31 31 h i 9 a .33, 1 ��1 i=.tf-�-�4 a a. 4ufaisa� �1., 1z. _ a girl53� \3rom " Fra Fig 1137 v.,5��%a4�. In As 1% \ a a 2. V of v if in Memya .5y t a it a in 9 w 7 i01 11turn 7 ?1861 25 thu i3 he o. Arr unc inn no a Vul la non ldulqhuiuc�iil.hivi 1 �.a., 35� i a a a. 51-. � in an inii.-"-=s a r Effiee i 5"? d s May connsnbfulg.5 Rock. Ram Wall a i to -.-,. I. .4 w Imrmsnnunuan. 7 snug Emu 9?" i � -�., 583 " p1 Mbong tvs mrss. -_ of i = -04 �unm11 up a. If " 5 =-3 m. A. � #53 me a. � a 1. To .9. 1. ---�.-we53 93" ii a ud&.&m & 185 a my vilcu�un4 Oft Lorn did Lap Elk Lac. A i no us. Menu.nnun. an n. . Yunnu to. No end pm a in moan. N0-v00?"-v. Gaudysepl ii 3 _i11l i_na_9 ,gn__t-1n_ a "�.t. t33 my Tan of. Ni no i of n v age t wish Mil ,._, a �mz.n. .n0ionli1lu_,.- a a f3. � � o.4 to b a. Pm. Do inn Liu Oul an1 .-1 Winn iuni.1i. _ Viii a a a a Dilly a ,3,$.,.vv, nuns my was 33-lllianuitl.1..y1sr__, 1ii, Auu Natour to qty �.m. .1a_j_.?s Ypm a "-in"""nundnatm??? Nanny i cum Vii inf a Duoi of Inocian Lar Cornu Nili a re a Emu Oahu Aasu mud. Ilw? ????????h6 ii w id4_hi ii in a a a a a a a a.iur�uv a. L. it .u.n. Glam. --2 go " -,3 a a. .5. A .wt. W.,. % e " a a Xaa. Of t??w35 a ,.,r. --s5uhr e.-. To .r.4139$. A 1 we .,_ he. ,&sy. Ii a i ?t.3 � Mil is 3o??.-""a 5 33 e All 2 / $3 n,,�.3 , e .l%t.. " am a Summa. Uv&.�e6ait ;