Buffalo Morning Express Newspaper Archives October 02, 1851 Page 1

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Morning Express (Newspaper) - October 2, 1851, Buffalo, New York My i fit i " or a %"???w4-. enu i _._"itvv3 a -9 51 5 . Giu yowl tag Elbow in . 0 3 a or we i Yuhsi of i 3� i a 5 at .2 of us. I wad a my is 9? so g.��. Ofu73 i �=-r? "? " we. A 50gonna-Auhltiunnhllunnsuun. No us vhf 1 xlliili95vl4icpioi.iiiuoii.in _Anatsnzna-eh-9 for 8&ll he exse Sud lot on 9 """"�ppt"9 Lau Kif Lulu. A 5h,shudd�.a"".mam_-? ? i ii imn a Iknou snub c1 tuna 9 my a i nnb3 ush la ,?.5" Yuan Nauru. In autumn an " " a. A a Mun a50 no mme Arr Balsa a Aura a be atm w v an a Uumo Ngos null can land in g a rare c1a.\cerm. 8134 a _ _ . ".7. .?3. ,.q son fun of about so. �. To. A in 1. Umu link i. A my for �".e-.". 5 . Unsound in Nus a s Jung Sun an xxx emits a i Minc urn ___k___u3y in Nuu using a i hid ?a,.9udlmi.u. 1 for Hale-5 farm 111,63 Ali lain ii t. Liu rom a us 33.1. M.35 Hale Bnaiials-sa1oetviua .39@l""" wig " .1-. �.?.-=A a As to � Aaafa-"aas "2 a. G Max 0? so a us. . % 4 a .=-s-.-". Lucas t0 l 3"r_. A a on a i. ? ???"???"?????"?Vi-an-3t." -e954 a dwt my a ."%."". .1 .?.?1-,.,.,., g., 3. till a a a a a a a 1-""-w31 3 a. 0? ??????#??????"??"????????" a or 73, " �"7.a cod-l1v.run up an Sun. I " a 2 a Baum in us _,,.a___ a h aug Nuivo Novua a i a a thu or xxv. an �-7.-.-.a " 1 Kiihn Lri no iai\ombusa30 be 1 l31 a , w shun go no no ump 2 Camp . Gun.-. No my Hon Oil a a a mum Imam my at h was t to � Uirt Cui a an no-i. La 3 " a,.".s a of pry Maun Aux. Usa-.a, my. W.wu5w" -? n????????"3 Huntur rut1.ri-. List guv Auy la Ltd o 5. 5 a ii .,.,.,_, _.�., ".r. La. \ a i Haguy ohm Legliu Ulvi Bun 3. _9_s-.-"r-. C a. An. A _ 3run Umno mar &.l�l? ?????????????????????????????�???? ??????????????????????? " iut, i. ?,-1lc "5 5" -3 we 2 a " a ,-3?. 3 w itto .3mr� 25 Lulu a All in i be. G a a a go. 7" w5 a Sun. Sun in new "5" "3 . Auguh Muu Inual. V � a , Lam a u3uwuue Auer an i s Anguanonun. Mu-6 Ruut us Muu a Rama a Cyr no an no he to to on in 0 lir l5 u in to & ulna "f??????????o d3 1 3 nnp__0 a no an in. F. A 1 fug a my 5 3 5 33 raw fwd 11 a 2� re rli1oiii$bi- in out. N a us. 1,3 r �. Oil. 314171 a. A an a a us a i to or to "3 my _r.,,.n.ggugn�ua.pag3 a Inmaru Muu Honcan iii .460 i my a inns Utun Venn a an a hot n i i Vin iii fil? ??????????% " = to a Nam. A i. Maiura Danksha my gum wean. To-=Jr-2"-"==2 l. 3. " Vul .=.- a Al 2 .".".21". A .52. _ ,--7 _ t en_ if a " f 3"""" " &.".,i. Uta u???? into bin on a a a .3, a a a on in a no u u Usu Mcnunn in i n 4.\r my my. A 4 8 t n.\d-,. .1 a Nimr Burm us. Luvs xxv a a a 70 i Manta i re. I a a i 7 �iwt? ???"?.u& la l it on i. L. To Lou Ilov a my an a i 9 new .ux."u n to of Iucn unto Uii a g p08 5 a we r.""". .-.�. 1-. Than no of my -. A. 2 a a u on a inn w Ca in ?Wwgjatbgtnunun-?.qaindravnvon a flu l �.g�?? u.g.i5 ? using a i Suo Nard u v a a .u1n4 w s i1-Ci tiiu Oinui _ a ii tip a 1 1 a Lnu Nur runes in Vul 3. _ 1 can Sac mus Manuan a my thaws to e r8vt_1\ old us in Iho ,ge.� Matuu Satuuu up Una 0 " . Cly ?03-1u??? la 1 1 0 ---?-3 .rt new a a e h r. I i a a a a a a la. O Tail ,v j ?. R3 4.v to Mam to new maa.-.-. � l1" of n i .3 .3" i a Urx to a Lagunay. La. 5 on a a has on an out a 3 " "5" 3 u _ in i a of Mumm is amur in no Aarum la a ,�b.h i Tumua Are Outch an Umu in1 . It. $.-n,� a. .,.,"2."". w \ an. A of=.a x�.2 a., �.�-. 9 mix us on to no r. ,""""""&,"2 n."?3? l �"3122. "1. 1e".3 Rug iii q0 ii a nun in Kuhn As in an 5.3.3 13. \ inn Tuuu Ulano Idun Urvi us. .a".%. mme in o Nnash Dun i80id"1l i Lium 9 11 32 .lbl.ai%8ill1ll$.ii i lguun5 ?kg-3. ?n..e2xyd As. Arm 5. To a. .a.uwu no to a in Ian a it i l.m0.l.u.i. Avis my chab1 leu Tyann Mem Vii visa Yacun ruin flu Sonnon 1 a i Onu. A. Non. Nmn a. 24 it. A of a i i 1" Paplia 3.9411rslu us Beau to in. Auxdcmnnplhu-sh . M new i1=? Stoma to nun on. Mun-Armsmpuuuggg a ?" a go a Za. 1 e for 8\l.elnu on and Nap in menu my can 2,.c Uyu-h my scam "&?.1ux. I lug Ocean. Nnsnr3h Naam Mavius an a we Tua-o.�.41-. Urns.--. A. N 4,.n.uxua.n my a 1bnlaiail u3u-.u .3"t ume i Sulu urn an 5 uh-4 v 5,. I a. �. By a = us . It l ans 1l�1 a u ill 2 the born 1 h to rent two Good Dwal Liu Namnoum a vol a lev to hit su5ca l i of 5udm1.hlue.�nci.hlhhdsydhnlvul bonn.u8aaan and i a a a 51l5f1wu"? ? g 5 Man Puma. -use-Oro-Ouovuanumvv-ii5 a my a a a a a a a Agata a _ s 81 in it �-,5_igm.gu_ Gnu a i h 10 left we Vouso my my a n�.3 3n�2? a 7 3ar Sung , hum gum in. 1 la a i my Anaa asm Vilii a a i Oil i Clakin. Us Nan is i i \ Nan a l an no my Liberal 0 00�" a in. ._"2� j a " " i t0 bet3� Jug Lam on a Mila .2n 2.�. ?.7of. ."1" dealers in provisions. No. 4, Muon a taut. Of _ Poul i of .i3& Nau Una hmm i3.2 25?� i&3j3 A Zic a no "u3"e7 ..". ,�"." .7 a a we will fmli00 l9h 15 . Leahnan i Hulln a. Due i of my Mund tymm Hull Hal a sul Nuh 5 1. Gym a and Lyuh Bihwu i of i. In n z1ml. Ova us . A in ,g.2. _ _ 7_ Gutsy i j 3 to. �"""1 for Bale the us a a Luched i in 0� an is Tel. A1 mum. noun. " 2 i011-a_. My nfm.mmag?????????. Nomm -. A 1 no la Llu a a nun in Mew Ava him with. 115 � 3 a ?".� �.do. Is _ _ _ _ _ umm a Nus co Nus is a pea in for Sale a proc Hundred my no.5"� 3u"n.".l $�1�n a_3" � jump _.?�?l 3jf? e but in men e3"-�?e ."-ubgl5 ? .1 a i2?. h .2 Cam r Tum-i701 4.1" Fri. Liq Uburn flu nonny a a uni Howzun a to hcf0oi\n6aiib9filu.ix g % us. A. I a i is-.2.-. Store lot for. Sale the Hub i a a a Vii Ian on rec my my ma.-,. � Ioe Murou Sousa nun in Bude 1-.�mg, .3,. ,�,t�,p.,g. "ug.1uuuuuno-want. Hrs mho �,gp.,.,g no ug. R,. y?? ??in"== 1" to a "5 i or null Frame cob � Sihu Grenton huh Wiebi Ofuji Ohli Gutco. Apply leg lame and 0090 we 33 mucnuquumnm3�an for Sale at 3 Buzzin a lot. Wei mi.�-my Oflinn i Ireum. My. I00 it Eil a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Uyn ramihni1u.bwui. 5 king7 a . Ii eau undo line View of the w Eli ?0 or = ,.ga Hawks lease a thanele-""�"_."" a.ue 2�2 51.-=. -m3 ?i116 a Vul a a a a Mon n1 nah Tad a a �.??????? i Bilia in Nii lil 1 or ii i iih.= "e-�-"9 i 3normmwl i"a3 Lote Teleg _ a i i my anal _ _ _ m Was no -. Lei r re scat. Was by Ayo tui that a la Olla thu Vii can iii ulna clanking any out _ gun Gnu Upun an i Gin. A a a Emu Vista Damn no. Man an \ Blu Unicorno i 9 r.\".". A. � Huau in in funnel Kim Wiki Llulu Raul to the urn liul3 Funk be he run Minn. Nam in Allah pub. And dim in Ili Ulp Ink iii 3. Ha3 a lab Umit uasi Neu. Poo Tutor Nunu-malt a Flo Tiller Mulot Ger Small. Ii to alled. 15 number Model cannot muh Gu-512 than . And Tho Phi Unur. Who had Bemmus Lyme he of Ulah. In duo add new Unuer this Lemm Man Eonni Youly my than unit drily bus. u Ana Numa than i Arlo ran her Tonj Lake of i i Job main no Man Ubitz. Plum a Geld Man non Toby lab do1uun\gn n. Fall Vul $510. Ii of Datum no no a a la Tho Lund her ban my Dullin Acup us by Unzue hand Arlen a. No but vol Juz us or lather. I Banc tune. Ii i have Ink Linn. Could he. Yuul Hriolmn. In ten Neh us upped Jule Mcben Xuc film a menu inn. Hul to Gnu Iwuh no la tulu at mum Allie hit with a la had an inn no Leo to Haw no ult Iaan it ally Del Ltd. Uaman Lam. Wmxeyuznun ugh byc on .1 won so Ruall run at ext my Lulu. Nun ind foul in leu. Turn re ugh Ulk Emu ibo Zulula in us dad duh. Ailing Pri _ l\unl1 .\ennnlhd8il. In. The Iris in menu they Hugh go a Kwh Rana 133% Sud of Ialii Nam. The insert my when hum amt Len up no me up that. In in Kim. Or i #31 /3- " �31 "�3 no3 a 3 3 it Cumug 2 �. A ._.b.a.g.u 3 in Ssu luus-gi" a a g Guiu a a i a f.?5a? e 1 n".1- -�1 t4 gum a qua 1 an 290 Noil As my in 7 7 no at on a Al a gush. Ui.2"""" $ of ."y.�, it quash h on 3. Al a a a. I i u535 of a in 5lumumnanannmuqu Mannu. Alulsn-3.� a a Inland Shi raw in . Cum dec us ants at Una lrbn1r.mituutuuuunanthliuwiuw. a a a u " Sari i h _ anal noon Burma it in in Molj Blip is Villa Axial ado 1 Ula t e33 5 1% a. B " 1 2 e 2 33 3? 3 7 a e on so As in so 2 Antic. I. At a 3 � �1 Al i h i .3 i to h i la ii 8 i 11 h i 00 ill i i 81 i 0 i ill 0 8 8 0 ruano Naumon. As. Fun. An. Trnun. Will. An 59 Flat at a next. Reanovt3 in Ltd i orb Lulu noon Ald iii. No a. Lii ii iii. 133m inner. My. Manna of a Baa sub Davao upon Nama uus suits a l a a aunt. Viuvat-Ucuaa-Nnaunrua-.rug-.25-.1 -,--____.,._�-.-Zv, a �u.u.v.ni.zi.�.n2anvl. A v i _ to i Airm by uranium Puma knit unman an no an an w in Omu of in Mun Alumna fy50 slain in a nun Buu Utz a an ankh i a re Shairk a Natl. Al until 0.1595-Nluuxo Cullup Nuhn and. A Dhu a a 535 a Wink �""5?????????????" -13- u tut Nan a ran As or an any i in Knish in Lii a of i lib a Uwi Lului ha-Rmlnusnulmi-iui3 Yunlui Lynnl us i us ind la Hiliu Del i i Shioi i Lizul a i i .i.k9 11. By 1 by vol Lech nud blah ii Xiuyun 78.0130 la 8 3 e no 11 ii 3 in 5 ii 0 3 la ii. Ii i o i an n in 5 a a i 51 i an an an to i t i bus Gar Huuuvavllbounl-6u Pitilli ii a oct u a i us Ian Manila but an 7 a Gnu lug in i8vliil&.lig Yuqu Pizl a a 1""". a =1 a i in Tiv 4 11 35an. Aka gag Gryg Duus rub a Hyde Dunn in vib9unqvii 3.4"" Anion " la on-neonans ighhdi1?u� ecu ?_ _ 1. I 0. Hon his. Msgr Wung a i lha. A o ii i an n k 3 As no u 0 in ii i n 9 u an. Inn. Lung. In to ii at it in a 5 1 i 3 in 9 s 8 r us no Lisp gun to Usquad. I a a a on i an Awn As ?ezamasah5- �&ma_=_.32 \h4& if 5 to Uby a a a a a to Hub ?3. ? u ,. A 3, �.""an9w i 1 re under Heined Sunnnnco&Nilbw-0 cutest Tun. Of my 053-an a a 3e." a .3 a us gym no Lamb in unil flux Toshun me a when he a a Dado l??????????9 a a Ull Llulu with #1 a hug it he �0 and no a Aununa. Una Halo he Ruusu Miqu uni. Quash. Due Mem human. .3 Man such it auth nah % ii is. -�2 Fibduea-rnuut????????????? a Muu Una quid _ an . ?n.n3.ucil- &m.n&, Luln Ulablanky-9 i 15 i Hull Man can ugh-Unmanne-Anuudl-use-Lhnn-1 to a s Tux m w chm " 53131 t. Koys. . He churn a Cru. 5.,."m a ill. Wynn us &. I a an run i a a a ugh anti Yanur i. Mum. " _ q3, ?1$.3 ii ruin % .33 2 -. A. A 4 a on on dab Alum Nan a. W Linaun nth a but an that Guild Ruwa Tonuu. I i i 4 i 31 i 30 3 ii i g i o i i i it .3 8 " 3 3 .1 3 i 1 la 3 k i 6 i h it is n b 8 b. It Iqba. 3 by Uusi no �. You Juntas u in Sili i & tabla thu in Riuo Aldu. Can 5 an put nun duly Van. An autumn Quni a 92 3 her last Viali =.dn-Suihmpu huh path la Gila Rel a to 1 land than Loii h 3 iuetu�3_nlh-ii_nn.i_i.dhii urn july a i ump us no unduly. An Idle Rex hey he Val Kenn clubman hum in Kuhn xxv Rupart Alrtle sub summon an he Galhn us grunts i was ugh not no ii Gin in to than la i i a guam2 mass?????????????iduuld a Ila in ts�1.hai.uhouc-5 of ii3�,ii,rl�. An tin Hub a a kly a a a a uus Tuuu at i Wuu do talk no nil to Dan and us2w Lino Taro Man in Linn up 13$ Ian Hui in non Kuziw than you cnnnu1b=?1nsiniun. Ulzuuuuuxku-Unumnuim. Him Enron humus us i Ca Dull cumin do a null up i i-�.mu4 up my in Ubuntu an tune Unruh null a a a 0 83.11.� math a my thinks h30 Osmun a Mauilnuuoxhsnigu-.1v.hnlathncshn and Van Ludu of t Ullnaota-pug inn Nynell. ? gangsta Nan pain in no a i la a Ell iii Uwi a a Way mall i at Duun or and tubal Why duh math 1 in Gnu Camps As pain in do Zge idl Uhll 1 you a Mun Van vial a nun to la a a a a it-ii1cpilii it in Iio i Huq Hillh a soul -.\l nuc_s�4 11 Why vvlurtllmiuuuwu5nox a animal in Gill Purina it e a " 7 M Iron Uma. s. " c a3vhn. 3. animus hits Uhan Ibn Van non Luann trash1 9. It at a a it i pan upes a a a a a a a a Tho gaunt and nut Imp Arwyn Lynli Tuamaau wish Nuuanu Yuk push i it. Hnnaxnq? ??no.6. As i. I. � in a lbs a a a a x5 $"".1"1" 5� \a5li$8�u3�.i in Hui la a a la duo that-$0%l,in�tiujp.i.jo$l Yea of 2.$".i5."""i.".�."""-.l .,.m. La do a a a a _ _ a at a of. A a us ."3."� .aaa4 a we _ fit a. In. A?.l�?h .ai2ilu=.d in Llla 8 Reed fms a a a Pimstein. Dipiet 011 c10? ii ours u w yf1.1.a???? ? a u.luxu1sh �ih0utih.9i Iwin Muo 1 us on raq me Swan the m3233 r_ .f_5? 1&? . In a. puck Mun a nil � Ursyn this thin aligns oiu? ?????filvlblaml???????????? Luau =no.un 014.2 Nan Ace Watts Punnen Nhul than Buddha. A manna. My a Emlu Wubs 3� ?%"""""j.\- �.---uv-"" a 335A us Init � .goarsns???? he blah Ato ha-.0-" 3u_.g_g%lw1no\v.,his3g�_ Wgmw-.r 11". A 8 a a-.,s, ",._.o.mi a a 44-�. A i . Or a Ahyu Wib la Noseaunt. -22 " a v w.,_n. Wow l by in Nuu 7"" q1 no to. L Shirb huh Umgaro a banal a a a a a a a a a in h a a guano Sta Ilfe kit 1"" a us " 3 in wac a _ Nugam rent. 1 " .5 a a % Al Umiat in no in k Una a a a a a a 5 a .3tt1 a a a a a a _ of a a �.". .3sm t7 31 21_�r 3"3 a a a Gogh 1 us Rudd. No thin 11% in. An 3. A a �&a.9-" Huu 5" _ ,73ww_334u3% us ?11�i 1il.\?? ??? "5 and tm3 i a Al Sauna comma us ii a a a a no at Vendl i in in a a 0 31i1l"is�ynunrnaushuunnd he Lamar Hummus u can la Tum us i. Up it a men . X8iimi-Atlas plug Zamutt iva_y-.4 and u_32a- u.1u.u% a. 19 at an i us. Uhm it t 0 Dunk nu-11.� uus ugh Qwyn _ _ _ 7 _ a = " a. A Muir. R.1. = a a us a Ginly rush4 buy ruin Loci Hunu a of the gun my to in than inc in Ila i Lghuuk-lln.uvri1x1rminllhlh0&hhwy Gin in Fink who Lnu a the in .,Ou-0 Annulus. Rhunmnlunuuousnllnyamnmnnllv ill do lat Able to Cuhl Punohu Ibohm m,n.n.ilnao11u Nyhl lung a i17 i01? av-1 11 us a a . An and #1 in a Punu Uva i Lam the lug in 1llur 5 uni Dill Young an a drum b4 in loll. Var nov until Visnu larg partisan us notate 1� to que 1 mad harm it 1 not31. No a Muo do Nunn us. Sanding a no Gnu go i a my. By imly mama and11 n Mim into 11 a us Hythuoc or a in lbs de Khan Uini like Ian urdu to Mung Lxix to = a. Fill .-.11-pry-1 Numa hot old nuns bund nub hot Nln human in i to Ruul that lit Lea no an a ii a Lixun Guild in Mun has my i All a Darth uld to us urn on a aft cum Hon Al i ii Ulaula i url gauge 11 11 � Dunk us Lunuel in amt-1 .114 fun in i in Al Runn. A Suud in nip a he 78 an Jun in14 to Inna la a a a Man we in la Imu he. No i i uld him Lui 1 Umu. I. I an but that a ouch out Mun null Ulm be in an n ugh. Ila us. A mum or Mph my by Len Bra. And bet a i Hinl . in Oulu a Belga Max a sgt Reg i re Lynn nun Uvea a Ian in hour us i Unhul Wum she poll no hit my. Gnu ans ram he in Nan us of my ave Vul the Good Rel did might Mung Neq whim he Ink Nan us piacun4 to i.odull4 to nah. A taut i mild Kim web a plug .4 puppet wish but and m i i Agni bulk need the murder to i Ulm ibo Hon pita rum making my be non nub Lar Hll Dun us in int Trul re Bur to the Gull porn Lunt All him thing la Many no dust us Width in no kid. In that Linn. Had Nab eco despond could my a a a a a a Keulh. thu lain . Wulc fun and ohm did Luv and that a Lull but Xima he Fol mule org no in a i him inv a Unm god ii iii by Numnum i really a Mil any Lutov f. At in rum actual.. Sanchen in Trug 0 new a a nah tuck. My. Blurt . Ind Illa null null. In i Wanh Lluu hum Lnu plan Leal my 1 or mrs mum in-1 haul and Donl into an in fend do Angrum. Vial Nukui ref gloomy. With in Lank stove. Udo Imp a my. Ohlde our 1. Ller�.,, a no Reecil a ii Lia. Ii thu .1 nod in i new Nims Fth &. With her ill la Uuk uni ill Gliem and ti1.tl Black As i min and us Luv shark it Nulud gun Lekebusch i the next Momm. Alame Bell hard so ring. Whirl 14 rail inn new Alvo Inghil i n4��m l. 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