Buffalo Morning Express Newspaper Archives November 10, 1854 Page 1

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Morning Express (Newspaper) - November 10, 1854, Buffalo, New York -1 4tn l a. N.. A .4,-a l 1 = a rw.,. Of ,-773�.s ,. _ is 7 a. ,. .2 a-,.,�. ._.,.�%. A a. A w 1 of 9udias.-.2 �.ss.�.= 3, via us $1-�.� v �. St .-3, 1 j. 3a ? a 4� a 5 of .�v7 f7ja 3of9 c to a a. A ..,.,. A a .1 5- � 221- a .5" 2e1� 1 q 33-�"??l3�� ?3????? v. A. 2. E " a .1 1a Al. 5� ,1 4-�. 5 a., . 1 .4 i. A. 73�# 3.4 73 1 f. I 5 ,5 of. � 138$. To .3, of 1 e .2. V 4-3 n a 4 la .3 1- 9 " 4 ii -_,._ Gow. � a a if. York a.-.93? my Ihn Anol no in Sunman vol. In. Friday morning november 10., 1854. To. 2731.71 9,%lm Nacu run Sunn muss a. M. Clapp & w. 10 Leland for Sale. Dry goods. City 2i0 110i�s. New k Advt 1\_1erohanl tailors. Mobnia removal. Run is urn no a unify their Yke buds 0us0ieb.sn 2-1 us a fun 1i 2 iwo a Othni ulna. Kab. Yer a Dumn ulms Mon a Tiv la Jhala a a i .i1ah. l9ldoii�nlllnu.ippl to a .,3_14?n 1 us. Irina. No. I. Odonald so. An inn Bruit. Up a 4 her. Theft Day % Man a j 9055303w-7-.e.?-.z � 3. A 5- ""2 a �5doqud a us w. V1 ?.yr�a ,m1i-Echwzbuu a polm hiuuu4mnh.n in = wan.153. re Dunn =ua-1.01 �. i Dun can on ohm i gaunt. To mid Ivnxua-3 a an5.5$ is mum us count an mul Nul an at Gnu cum a Lirou a a a a no ind i Oil re Yuan urn Outain nun Lou us 1sx".$f.z. .a.?. ?w-�-.�. 2 on it he Nunu be us inf Eze a us Tuuu a Kodny iii. A rv1nth�uii a fails no Cul in. It in a nut main mulch a a Ullh Busu aau Asque it a Unm Sag Man Norual 1 131 30 Park Man was mean Ham i1rrl.i-ll 9&ilh�nvgkvu�????or Row inc Man May sue he. Can. An Ila him n As manual on Gnu. Advertising House Hulk .99�i ? m. 10 l1o d strut at Tun in mention 1 min no Uwi ,i1.pinl ii into 1. Ill -i00. Eartha to Iutin at a . 150 Luz Minn and a Wren Lull in own. Us gang Gnu terse an a a i mum 01 v i nxwux7neu.,t7l own � in nun tie i no. Olard. A Mun annus Ault a a a new own us mus up sold by a Mun in taunt Emdy had in. Men will Gnu b19 5 Nhkum , a uncut m " �33a � �. 1r-e-. R $1as sync 1-1 it 113 handed a a to Murt is our with with his a Wall a Saiia Ca do no Leirmo 5 inn ind Deg a 1so1??? la a a a a but in cub goof Xgo an an to 45391 new it for Ai .3-h91 1 i duh when the bonded up fed i can Tun i i la Duloe Ink urdu 5ilh_3 733.3 thaughn?? ?%hnec&umnes�in8 lf3 its. Little of the up h ecu hand Dunk fun Obi glut us Moum until Arm he Bognolo Ferngo Odul sex crud us Nyom an must. He com to Atalla Wenlin i 33.32 a .3.As-�$.xun., e 1 Sun or. A atom Basil. A a 5 Ila ?54 34. Mad Man he lug e .f1. " a a ram so min Kuumi 3 hit but cd lot Ltd. Bison whim. Mist a to n Nuu Cla i 018$ iii inn is a. -.-,f f.". 3numgul and mama to a Qew . n Uniku n1s8o.i.ilx.m8i.kx.ciuuu=Aua ns.94?????? 3 Arm 3nomwirl31179 1-an Mua -125-ax to can of 3"�n?e 3 1 Wum can run in. Munch -liid&iiii�pk5 a x x?�"i�a5x�2 3 a xxx runs a mib i a a nov win on 00illll7c3i a a a a a iian Vvou-11�� Mywea a a ? -3-Ailv a a Iari Randum nub Oom. Inge Thoi i we. Hirdt. 150 Wuyster Street. .4 � m. A o. 0 w big i a Zuly us find in. An an eur Swu Wun Voln. 11 Laike .i.llt. Up 811115 in to. 2.4- i bunt huts Van Ndu 1at-un.nuci.b�&uc lnlhe8ikg.h�lh b31.tiluiu a. 69 24 Hunt. Uni an Kuncy Luu us a .v.=. cd ii ??????????????and na.�1 1- .m.,.,.,.,.uni Mann Lelnd a a. No�. Mam mum Hyz Radnor Wetrus j3 among .13" = � _�.9-3.-1� rum fur 2ia1� a k.5.t 1 1- 0otnsu.no is if n i a i r.1li tut re Paulu us uni at la us Lxix Duel a 3- 2 is Oia .2. An us a manna 1 an in 5 u�n?.oo&.o an?.dg 001111303 0 50%huuoaht Pun gymnast Hini Smuul q u5 you Nuzum Jasmun b m. Mug Itan be Ussi 1n.liil9 Rand Tnp �en.�? 5 a gaunt Inna 1 min nil. Chi nine Edtl Ulvund " � of. A " my. Pc. Also. M i in l Maui . Ius i Laii a iii i an and . Gussa Llund cub Odu Ugo 3 Olkus Flyg Iraq no you a Simus i banana. Mum. " i. ?3-tn. Him us a i Dot la a us any a is Puu no. Cd. % ultlwill#1934 a gov jail �5 00., " wholesale p8151 Sellers pub Tithus Pron Lex i in ?,1nl.l\% or nun. Ehr Valadon. A a in i in a in you Nana sue pkg nun. No no cd foam. To 11.,guano us Munoz. A limn fun a in x 9. To. 1. 3 ft.?� .�&?b�l.� " ,0 rate 0 adv no lsps0. Xxx Nanua a orb Tux i 5. Clan Zunn Cyan nuts Unrug i ?-Lnell it ilinlshnug3. I53 tans Putzu Upun Egan in 2.1 hum. Ukn-9 Uhi 6135 lolm&9ua.culisurca. Ina no qua we fuel. H cram. Large retail Stock " Jun to 13 31 i i a a a a Cly. 7.s. 5.937 xxv 1ra a run. We .\.-our- p a Uay a h uule8a Iraq. I i Kwh a a his Sou up. In j we 1.�- Iino a a i3 u. �.-. A than st. A Udif la �.31l. Wei us zen uncut 523123 1 a cr1h Usiak p011 Good thunk 3 c i and ".,�.3.?l?" a 1--hat Anwas hang the a 3.�jnu.9? ???????a. No hawk.\l1j we a a 1lmmtinc=As\ch. Nd.canquuu1d-Annui nuns-4 ?mucutxnrvxx1 a a in. That All. My Andas. .?1.n.uunuln-sq Bow Minot run in in 3� . n.�ianbm1a$whi.ldi�iqlxlki�.y�eux bell0. 68 of Vejl. S1. 0 an. We flu Ilu mists is nun a. A � �.�. "5." inn Nam. 1 w Unis i mile a n hand Man so 3 mums 1. cum on ip.5ki02houn3xcl1nnehook to Nanerl Nabolny Pawn a out uan anti Lulu can can Jiuu come As �1157-oua.uinlmn a Sauna clan us cum. 0 11 in Gill \ a Ai Iricia andk0?-in Liaihinfqsq. la i4 514 p � 5. Lung so ii saw . Us an an. An A. Zi".u.$�.Ai.?, 1�. Gun-.59 Augun Yumul a Nus u5" 5-Aunlaouluho an 6 " h a ?7 1 031223. G i uugi1l r1 inti lil ill s ri13e a him inn--Unvuu-4 Nobida Danu Suun Audru Alutto Byunn. and of Claro wine 3my r1m z1j.1 sub of cushy mama us Zunac a. Naneu-18300 up aun�.i.i.iil.ab�c-3 az4 dorms 30332 us Xuy Yuol he to 6 a Mica. A Sarku mom @ 1. E to x xxr"r._a1 Lee la nomm an Tux 1 nit in Nauru As -Ndnmn=nu1.il .nuus.8\lcliunoi. Men Srug xxx tl1�\ll t d t 1-fun. A a a a a i to inn 1 a a a. " 5 w5_m 3 73, .3 Langu Vav 5. In. Bump Henna. Can is. Mason Pusan a3"lk21"l1u. A Al Uinn in Nae guano we Anillo Pauu Dubuc than no Panama 4 no Rune Wanna a Yuan an an anti ul0 1 7? ????Guai. " and to Snurll a i Ali Bani uvula a naltx1z i nslni2a&r Phlp uasi us ? Jan a Sulu Nanhui Jaunt Uruu Anu no axum inhuman a. V in a a a a a do Leckart qty Agreci Uram i,1. B1ml.??????????t1uu?lull Pun. Pulcyn Hanun Nannt pot he Muon. No in 1 a a a ii � yq\b.10 i r in we a 01 a a q1-Nununis-Uahehr 1 uni Anart Tell .-j�. Nunnunc. No. Nan us Otu gum instal he us us Aux so a a no no us an All. V i i Jive Tiivi Ian 4 3 l \1.5rhauumowucn o2b i llu1liilu.l.&-Pill 81715 hush he bi0ux-�x nfl9l ii Puhy a a a a a a in Hie us a a a a an by us &i&nlmwlhn�hnuhwu1 pib8l Avuu a -15$. Jwa&um1lh no la Xiv . a . Ala Vannu la. Nun or Sauna Unn guides Fuu attn �n-.011 Gugg gift a unwary Clun Nnoel Nan a a a Calv mgr Hau thu Bantu Phr us in Sun no usual at ans thu own of ulna 3qiohnuaui 1�luuot chu7lh i�l1cicthitiol .s3llm3b1ahdun i Lynnn dam us Kunlun a Annunen ii Larlu Hill at ? Chiwu hum yacht Huam Aad Rah no Dean. May hang a. Not Punsan ii Lnu Lynul Al to Wuu aunus ? flu Natl try Vina no n lax us. 33-.3 i a Kuun at Maul an neg Onsiri giants. A no main Cums Mem 1? ????????? 33�-Ecnu rom. 5 a ."=., a �=si1-lb -.rsan.n-. My a Henna. Gang a a hum. A &&dh�1& g�.�? h????????? %=.&ma&a is. D 3""""-if-n an-4 we i.mnna.o-Vuhaouu. Inji-er-As-an-n.uhnusnsunsn. ""7"" la i Muon due. Ea-4 �-�iw" h inn i Suzuna gain 3it us ii iii .-Oe-_z_bng_ g.��&, Iagcuuntxotxc-3c nalu h Sunn Munu a to 5 us.t2 a .-r.-q-7 to no. Wet 0 0 20 1 i a Tondu i quit. i urdu Veo in at k can och b1 Sauna @ l by nun. Hus an i i .1. Valji Nield. Hibo Iiah a loin Bush sly a Manchu than sw8, Dyni. M.-5" in Lowi in a we in Lluu 1-Wuwts-Nhccuruuu-inn-Nhou-an ill 0 Una Nonann let kilo Nunn inn an Ucuncu $10 lnl1-????????????????uni mtg bust us in mocha a Lynn a Mun 5 4 ?z.an buy ten the . bun nah um-.4 Etc lord Hasa of a ?a.n� he a $11 ji1-Aiielki. . I cd -.. A smrt Brm l in Nau Hon Par Lyhl Llop Nussy uns Nus 18-Ttsnnasllruv k111. I ii in cub cd aural and an no sum. -9 -4 a. Uqo9 f\--�-. Alt a Lirui a Gnu Laua Nuu Uisu lat. No. A iij\�ul1b i ii i i sub new 0-Midi 3. 3hw 0kp�m� "3-w?????????????????????? so us attn Mun mum i uen i ruin Lex la v08 1aijl How to 8708 l?Hhnp-1ni in 1. Mei a. In 3 us l$lq.ninalhhuutuur1uunun\a.c-= a ruin-Cpl-6iucsuiuum.hai.dr.a� a a a a a a 1�.\l Linial Ina urn � _ in Iru Una a ill id us count -.unco1.t- to in much a a at jul -.-Yuan. Cd in i or a Ible a a a a a a. Inn a hair 53-3" i .7iuju".n- 31 Hui. Gas no a 0 i txlgcvlnlthalf.=-" Susn unum. Than All an iou inc 71.2h ,13 50w prepared 10 0331.3 1 0 i13 can ruins Shadow Vur a =o1-uh-rn� . .3not can 1 din a no a a. In 1 17 nab.-9-? ? 0 my of a a a a a 231 out rut Kulli. . U nun a Ibex thug tuna. And anon us a a a Alamo. Hum rum hindu la non i urn Lintul. In quays-lib-17�-u As Nae ulna.ui---an.-no-huh--Assnwa us Eoushosnu-Pikiu-.h-has a1 gain a Cal no an can . Cd nun nun. Jpna a Iflu uni 1111 prom Iain Dupol. A a. I .l5lll. Id i q. I said ii Lan Hlor inn. Hum Kin -3 not Una Kn-liiijioclotu1n.tunna5l. Ila ii in a 3 Irum Lin y8-an it i Inabu inn no Nxnuhrnu-11vul.thibe�ua1.lho sum. Of giant Gilt Iran Una no human bout a a per Lbw i 1�ihu1m.e-und lunch pod any 18 cuts Alanna the a Kim us Tun tuned a cd vhf we at can tau Udd tinge. And autumn Elm Nagumo use anus All exd no � Ina. a in i ut1 ?339 Cdin by us Nunu tuna nno.i-1 in an it in strut Cwa Ulua \. N � a. Re if kill .lb1lf ie3ia n3i kl3 a.--v-uncut-Ixxtsttutrlv pm. .-4 non darn 9 q 5 1 i\.uujhi.di\h\iddch0itil.h v\.1.qucumu1.p-nm??????????????????? an run to 1-Cuagmuunwfltxul nil Tun is us Law a shelf81 lha a Etc Yucna it nut Luiten a at Sun a nun urns no. Lush by up Lusht he no a non Uund a girl Candy Trvll to uma1 Nix Kikkl us plea Anvat-n.l-an noun Awn a any Una Muu nun inn a Nuu nun Danut Uson Avrun Val jul he Ila new xxx warm .1n�5lb a a a a a a attain inn fun. Hon zen i543 --irlu.-n.qsiq-Uuaiiryu-ta Lac an . A no Hull. Int la a a Hannah a i moving 0-Cuanu--Ocuun-ln 0-i and it nouns lid minimum hunk a Uco a in in Sun a a a a a a a has Wuhu in As Innon 2 ammo pm -O..Sucwh--so-i--Jun i ants orm a a 3 the human a a an Luv an Nuu Nam us Cane nuts Valo Guowu malt i Vilh. I Bk-h0 we wuu1-11 Kishid Ijler Nihil de 34 game. An in numb q int nntv1unmii.l a silk 0&4 no Tonnu Aura. V i5. 4 rup Naa Cunt Cunt unip1&iafucvdir us Luu inn 6-Ugnlshun i Jug ii. J3. La Ina tint Dun 1\--4--Yxa-n -sbh.a. ._.,e. Ii cd a s-.--tut-\Nuu too i i Bolus ii ?????????????bonnu?? v Gil. A a ecu. On cum a mgt 1101.1.-l.w1 � if \ my a till cd . Slug a a a a Alwg us in on to i in Calm 3.ihanu no a a a nun As n in x�wg.3.".z p7.cl 3 Mil l133-55-Iik i. 1 i8 mum com ohm Kokiko mils urn i d to name of rub us Gnu. Tin a nouns 33luau 1331 is 1&3 an on . F51 Dang a no an wot Llu,.nhem. Inn of uvula i on. 0\wton.-As-Irv, a a " or zen nou Yunnan vin1 null 511 Box a. Or rom a Ulm Unwin up May now cd two ass Ion was rum i a in kit t ant Nenn print in o a i our .n ???????? ???, 1313124 01. F co. i i Linul. null i Jap. inc. Music bt08 -1. La null an. Prus cup Nrania " autumn " full. I Derb would respect run Gnu clan nun Hal thy no pupa id in course -1 to Hyldia us in elms us in Zara qnhuaun? ??????????????????????? Rudica mum-.1 9399 i Nln ltm-1. a 0 Tlell a. $5 11. Cu1 lllv2il to Iteld rf.8 of l Inna a Dolurno. In in inf 5 non a i can of. Xxx Damn us xau an no on Colnul us nub hurl in a a of nil Hoyoux and Vum Mulu Alum. Ida none no your enl a moment a i non Good by Pun us i. A a a an a Lenny eau an no no Ogahan no can r -Hlhcnrdlll-1lhb"or Ouan on the Luci. No mum pups de to do Kenai Gnu. The l7nd&r8gnkd All prepared Maur Ca run run Gumtau Only t1.nxiu"� or a tue Puon num 2nz3 m i �"&�".?�" a = i 3.," . A. n a �?xz., � Kmon or 36-" in Equine if 7 f71 ii no hum or re xxx us bum h in i a. Liquor. Is. 10 a a vol la is & cd v a a a. We 1 Povl Nubra ih? ?7111 ind 53oeae.laq\shul of. M. U. 0 " 3 old or on. We. Ruhh 3 cd adm in no. An an ooh no. Bin Rene Chain. Ltd no Lai us Rutn in 5 d plug ins Smuz in Chad old Gofern Manl Jan. I Stu s a limn. But a no. Son and Wagon. 300113. Liqun new on Lens. May cafes 8 59, _ do in Dawes. Curt us slut car 01-111. Stun. No net Hunan Nanck Duhin did " of rules. Vintage of h16 " an at i. My Marl Lzgrrin-,1. Rabin p Evolynn. 14721. Ila Tel. A. In 3. 1 to of Llo Hindom. Boxesold Dumun run. While Mug a a a a of Unis. Pom. It mourn he by. Com Etc. Us and Para a ape Jules. Bnldo.nuv.20. 18us 011.8 and candles. Uan wharf Utooun. Sad in the was Murou nuns. Mung a up an the but a �1 urns Mug win on., Summ and mum. Pm. I Suebud. Mum and rating mama Ian Al tie fld lad 0ii-Rvlund Cor in �.�.%&. I, banners woo sim Mon. Sex a " 3 3" 2. M0ollu us n a. Piaf web Lill rl3"ed Kach Tynkky and Durn Ixo 011 War urn Mug com mum Thea improved in inca i Lorn a Sod prunes Lay input by any andit menu a. 0 Haw Del in la 1 u n and Ann us in 1 0 c i aun Myno nut a you and on Nebr Del As a of pin4t.imub an rum. A a a we Vii in-12 Xgo has a a Mun per. Rum Vern. Loizon a. I ohm May a a i . Cd Lumen no haul andr Saou and a no i or. Pan 5 on Crystal n an fund 1. Mum i 5 la Hunt Bollata Alma . Inn us gum a us dry poor 5 a.41m-Eonnw. a Down -111 i Oll 403 or nah us. It Lou. Com i a a 0 an $11 \ can. " 0 95 us Kharr for Dov hex Vii a unit an Brenna it us i-poi1.n of magnum Over that ulna. Nun Isak Mun?-.o tuu1 dug in w i on an i i been i i be ruined11 can a 1reruncan plate-1 any dung Main from an or.-ml. An the Ella or in Dora Mun Ben Mouneu by Tho oven of the Mac mule Rio no Rop in 0. 6. I854is. _ a. -�i�.le2 .-. Mi�."".i8i 1n� �3 a i5 1i 57?l w a by ��.?n a i Arm n. A r %.e.-.a. M1 l 3 a 33 a Lill Al a0ni a 1l?-Iinn isl Luck k� 0lnl1-1 2595 Zoa As 215 us n a 5�f. ".p5 " a in a Vela . He an an r a do any a pub Gigl. Null i one onus Izail Riib. 5733$0018. L311 0 Iauch Dikiy and Lub a \0. L rank .3 a nor in 1a0iiinkry and burning iii Nuhum Lap rough us no inc isl la Yuul. In 1 Ooola y Fng Tari of onion mar lean us ruu Ruby 9 Rem. Dun Sun. Was it in cum the Niagara pail and 11 con Wuner lift andean an Pdjpu in Rush male 13,. My .1 Damn la Exon and inching than in Tho cd Luuy and ulem Lelyand on 12511 Ilumin us prep us. Nea Mcm mama n. Omen 51 Ian us All pro on Orlob Runng. In i chum than "� us on. Nuz Nunn and in and pro up in per feel on Hyll. N in 1ikl of Doti a Cuiru of. Crum Inlluuymnchlneryup Bol cnut Amer us. Us men comp Muneo a us cum Mlou car and Law a cram i1 " 79? ?0 Ealo Ituna Ilze. 1l_." a to in 1. I 1 =i1-2%? Pam Ani h c cd i i c3"fi2nu Munu a i 01." now nln.a.onn --f7.- 4. -.0- iii Lon Indian and his Ijo want out from us work than chasm Czar ring their in Tom ii i in. Thu woman us 10 us Ike a a wimp. Leaving the Man in can Rgth of i o la Drumh us Cuconato take care of a \vh_9.ih_o arrived at the to Ping she found it Ned tag k Van to look for another. The husband a it her in Absom. Let the child and Wanna vouch. they rammed the child in Gano and to Theirren a crime they Van cuu through we Woods search but could get of response save Ilia Venill Ncry Ohhi Little Bird hem Tho a a whose xxx Testher anxious and excited imagination ayin blvd into papa Tho name of Tho Bird 1 a ppm the of his Story Muhu ill Glaxo. Poem turn of thought which Speen Lia to a the birr the lost soul the under when in is Ald the Beau it ulum aug night the deep. Dark la cd Nomad if hint red Gumme lag of than menu ing upon a a Alt woman any Hilr Andu Nan face us Ofa people always. 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