Buffalo Morning Express Newspaper Archives November 03, 1854 Page 1

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Morning Express (Newspaper) - November 3, 1854, Buffalo, New York A_-2,. K 5. To i ?.135 _ i " e5 i 1. �,�,k.,1"? " a a. .5324 ?????1, ,5, � is. 19 1. ,. 29 c v. A to 2 \ a a. A \ s 83 4 4 pkg \ a a a a we .t,�,.\.\� a \\5&\n \. $3 5_. 5 s a i � d"5"75 "4 ? "5 5. A a to. A a a. _ i = " s a 2 .$3�. F a a .5 a .7 i 3 _ a 0. G _ ,1 a. A a q.3. .9 a � . A. We ?-$3 3 a. Ivy a. 3. A3 1 _.""-$3 3, 2 w. . m 1 9 a .4a Khz 5 .-vi 22 a e her a5 1 4 2 i 24%" 93- e54 a a a a a morning a i 9 vol. . 1854. Kyd b. No . Published daily 4 54 to1-. �.1.lrll,. 1 $7 2? 83187 Tauxw Muumuu. Notify Timeir la a a a la s l03ler i 7 the with zen mum a Muumuu duo v i i101.12. Ani for Sale. Full Sale a Ohern built two our Brill House. Iilah . To Nghin l hahaunlilillluhbu1.uhaan18rnn mulch Anund Anlu. For 9119 and Canu apply co . Una a a cum 8112 jury goods. Clex. Notices. "�ait,-,-r-.n--.- 4= a a 3 5wm a Lek Tea tue Seq and .01 Aynor Neuah. S so land min i win Wang ""?"�.�s ,�?."-t 9 v w a luvs 5�� hmm . Mie. My Rah Suun drawn through that i bit 2 a Sacco wad. I ind Law that Ward thornnandxvued.ntuulcuiconiulnaul3oobondmedra new than 12 la Bennum a use m3lupcndihe nrlcciueihpmpelvublii3a is iii .1? a Nafel. Mama fanning a. I114 11% cd a a pm l1l�liilild Eure Arm 3,1 have As can ii. Iii him Bonn-no.6lumo Sulc Unm a Ward. L anon stand Ward m Ewan Danu ubu1.\du� the Cul Klud Wulz South Gnu incl 73111 Mednan .cuu-2 Nln a a and a. My new�ee1.4lap___% 3 mum generl a Nous ln9� h1 1.1dy a. ,1romt_n xyr1g$�x9x _, _ we. Ummer. My duos run a .�2 a .1 � i5& i is ran to &lppln1niu u1lfsummedto. 11�. A Altnau. . a raw .1- a i it1n7nil.js my mid Stimez e3 ,3. Udo a 1. a rauhn�sgiuinr&l1o ,0igini. A mulls moing a. M. Clapis & 30. .,g.na.1aanl.. i353. Iii Jio. I83. Nonog Cun. Saw % v9��� "3w35 437. Hep 5as is �1.,.,.a, our 333 ,3, my-3 stud1 "39" a i ,. .4 . _ a Good ,. A a ? \eminiho???? ??.9 a a ill Hux Iliin a h ."o3g��d a sum do our. -"-4- �-????3 iii ugh Herzl a Duniy Owr ch�a%. cd no of a 3vmmerw0i�l9 m bomb a icon end c id end a a now 3�?-i fix ? Day a that dal Dud than ?5???????????????arc onus . Inga 21� my Amun. A Sung Wuy x._$__hp.? ?????? ? ?? Ini him lbs nun Snag Doc duo Uruu Nih san a i Hunag. 3 is Vlku a i a a Dan , a i 2 new my umm. A i a om03. gs-.1u.o. Rajil a retail s 0 a May ii .4.--mg of. Mum Umnus Hucl i Law i iii 08 adv a . 1 Una.u. Var. Wei rho i Sidiq .31 a dual Zyx ii a a Ivson the Buu non Mumuni a julf1 i m a Uruu nun hmm ant am & Isy to \\31 a my inn. Mil a umi1iu Noha pm a Chen i 1 nw1 Auu Urda Sou 0uilt? ?. 9 05� Szutu a a my " " i " i g my --4� boo9-. Znxgaao Uno inn ldfh$&�0pe spun a Puad Sun i Ioa Gnu i till Kin-qihw1 i a urn can 1 o m48833 i cu4mu.quku la 51-ulz.z -l.o,., Jamar a.ouu.�. .�.3 Asp renal Lloyd enl Blu Cruz a Ruusu. a a put As Ila magi. Iiilaeuhugull51 adv rum to Ihu Nan mum no i38no. 39 Mun iii a a uld respectfully Call the Muon our -.ucaunxry, of iblntna3ut 2. 1 am i � Lam he kill8 6- \i3 turn they can the _ a out a that him is a l3hirnisiiixl_ Ihn Lunew yo1i.\lwhen Alfema and runs anus Ink rho. 1 Knap a 4 the tuck no Axon need Ilia i naji8 t1.4.? ?????�??? urn Jiuu namu9,11 a a aul 1u3 sul 6auzluun led euro iii dds no. Uu_u1xxn- tam _ ii 203 angina norms ukr Acai pud a had nub 5kla Vagina Uzun . Launch lung and Youa cd Staple and Gileot 6000, vat Aioo. 1 " v Kluna Brick la my nun my blend gnaw41 hmm rum which Munly a tube no. --37"-� d a =3�ng aunt 3 pm i o agma pm a human pug. And ii imli4 menu Uruu my m. 31133. My pm of a a ?i1l ? i a a Dame lot Max gun my. G. Dlr lev. A Lund Sigund a was my Olgi lal Lemd cad bun tvs. Him tam go i a 133 . Mum a w3 rum and a a a Drhu we Gium . Tun dog Uxa cum. A ,u1q,4uumdn. Us Luzo a a a a a a a a Ark a " ? wcxol3uuen. Now. Hear Uzdin . -and my ill leu Duni Fly a a cum 3npu. 2"=,"n &.2. 3 $01-q i la bad 2" �a� 3ll. my a a nun ? ???? 1u.,.and .4,m my my no Duranl John Una. I. Pm 90.90 lbs Elna m no i spa no cry acc Punu Gunol plan Aurand Summa non turn Gnu Ghoul Vla. We Bumm u., a. Enugu my Aqua .1 sl1 Uhn . Us bun and mad mum lev urn no his to my Ull a Biol Sale print sell-28$ l a a Zuher iii talus �3rnn??????? . f i i Ormul 1? uilijllo��.l1" to 1� . La a few Laud can . Clank. , Bell. So As 1. 6. .�. ".5.?Ai �1.$ .�f.2si j.non Tum Candy Anatolian of mugs. mum a Man ind ii Uri Iulus adv Nile nag to run a 1.5�s"�1 v z s cum 0 a.hllu.\, mum Mun Blu was Pul Emu 31 14 Clun a Mun v i a cry month we Gran nature that 91 11.1. Puds i i amid i i 915595 2 A i a \ l Oil Ysax fully can Dunn Lundn Nous Humon Hannu Numay urn. Axum i a. 9553- 1. F011 Aale tune a .3 sri. By u men Lacanne nun url m Isumu purus Ink . Nun a. A Mug ulnar. Memo Daung so non vol i unto any a a any May 00 pm Nuz Zau 5\0.\ rename lad my 1� umm. Wuu mom 1112canan-run Inin . a z Nunn coitus i Otu ?????????? c anj21. As amount d. 3 . ._3. Mur? ??1u u., and Tell Orang . -?????.\-.a rum Shi Ilg a .\l8ali. Ri1. ???? a m uni nun no mob fan run to &.i1m i c1ni$�1nuts 1 iti��., ��f?1i.li.i"3.� i. Mum ago hmm Aux lh.m.�l� a i Brian w3 sunup Lunau Vul human Mumo a Lainne a Nunza a uuau�ag.,g�,.p 1 a a la a a ii a a Anzui Hanl Pom Art. L Nunu u- i Rma i Tun add Nunez non a i a lti.iuv� Der Vul .nhv- Muu urn undo can 5 mar we. Notum i.-.-Sihsuus. Abca. Nmaih-iulpi\svua&nihcah&m.hlhl . Ga.a he paf.\7 a Ziril i ???.llio..ib&ucunl-uaxcxlul.an? ???. Pfudl la lv8 real l5 \ l e i 01 i111 a Nuuanu i Kwh Pam Hung nod Idun go a a a i All the Rusl any 51% this Awn no but .-i119 unum .3 Tili urn iii Jii a genl can a Denta he Tho menu excl w0. Ii v me such a the pm nude a. A no la a a Handy out cd Lummis ii 3 Wold my. 1 putt fax Mug nun my i mud. N Jihnu busts. Amu uni a a Recu a Rump Hun hymn. A Terr cd u.-. 3 tulu is a bul Mun mum Nuu. Us hum a mule run 1 i noon. Very Pernt Zno Law Nyhl inn s Hunan have lean a a Nuuanu Suhou Onogi Kunukau apply to ellkl.ia\, Ell a a genl. Ullh Canh but a a to 1.\\\ Elling la and my la Emu ans. my Rulow d m but jail Zull 1. Wet fur dui blk Hulbe a d4191 Mcall a a a Durl nuo 12 won la Halo a cry i Hub a Lumu jul yrs i \nu.�a. Ilsa Onu. A Wurl. U Awn garb 11 aunt and ii i Kiwi Asu i. Pun cum -i2 gua__u1ana. Hum Ina s $i.1jah hulxnzzaudl1.vvcomlil- 1" Lut Wanus urn The Yuu Luuy As 31 Lala Punuw-ns 4 m Itgen --1� no Mun d nary. The a 2nupnm a Trua Lnla a than no nun i a a 3 i kiu.\.l. Liliu . V 5" a 12 Mem i Innus Lunny Yum i unix a mud oium Gnu Luv a Nib you Suzg than a do i to Sun i 11 � to 1 and uluanunisuqa1 a Ismain-enact-Rlw-�iuh.su-un????? Luw 5xii.&b 0i inc. .1 sum as1 a la Sill Sulho Hun 1i i a la h ill 1.arru\l? ????? . . I a i ., gili&5j? ???????????? Ohio Eliell Xuchu Ian�.-x..r1i.i. U unlu8s-h a\11_. Inq foul run Uwel a. May . A Avab no Sun Nan a Nunu vmnkm1n9vl Nhu Cru no 04b-u.--Uanuur &4 end nun inn a136. Will Edh Taia Arntt can do i301 ?3.8-. San ip50 urns cd. Would Isna 13 lie Ila. Hunt a a a cons Mornh. Uunnb.0 we i c klil\3. I 5181 a ql??????p111133. Can Dller au-Adhahgnu, Nniw-1. 55 nmuui.-,.1 .Yu Vuu Havu m causal not a a ha&d94ar. My .--Za . Art n1 .\.7el non pm Aunalie a a1v-1 to iii Nib i 1mm mrs no than ..nuushan= la 3 u1uaa2uu.\n�h m Usan has inn il7ys i i.l1 .i.b???????????? Nyi Iixbaulupmrrnudla-.bin�unnn.1an-alas-Unup-,1ihucnkyulnnvars 1.1.11-Ugnnln Tuyub a Anu Nanalou Pup Axy ssh tin Luau a aunt e Saku hug a ulna ��-.nicanunnu.uiunhnnasina � ii my. For fall and we net went -.alj\ Iamb Lui i old �5hiuni , -2% Lnch ins a Dun yozuuyi1 .7 Piu info cely " to cd leu 3 is Uin a Xiv Uli anal Ain Chru minnow .lun1ulnppnn Mun to irtes Grv-.cndl. Juan rum rags a8073 my. As x Nnlutlia l4lin1ann =.c1 a a bums. My my. oananit9iahxnc2uuudun�mu---� i Ual Nunu Punu Aap. Uncut Yext signal uni Ian a a a i 5. Pm Lylha a my wax5 idled Cost Ash aim 4 s no swim Wald o u1nhhn\Ann-sy.i.g\mil4-Vulluu Bunny \i no Ham a . Us As leu1 ulna. A $316 Ixon Hotl a Juanc Vilyams 1u\x1.1 nut Law ii hair to ee2c a is rvs Ella i. Atthe a Lhnn la its Uruu null a2 a0l3\ Ulz nun .4 nuut ensure. Is. A Mumm to Bent tui1l z the v11, b-.-has- 3 Zane swung i As my a5-1 i 1$--Luquud is i ii ill Aino Ltd. H .vnlvnrnnbx�1�1\rtallac lir Cula i. I human. 14 Tayl-Glixllaottdlhlmll-v18 and i Zumr i urn humus 1� Gaz urn j tall-allhnciaas4udall-Utti Johnl i . &ibn..??? Zug Muu --.24 had a a urn than Lush gun ask inca \ i73 rvs plan a path Cancun i a rih ii Are a ill .3 a Mien � Utah nuts. ? manuals 54 than ran Schnh Leacu qut a Illa Ira Tonuu . A. Mif Knss my l3a. A 1.all_a03= Sum uijx1.iu air. . A m . To a Hill Vaimili a atu.-uu4xun Uiligi 2 my1- Alan excl lit nuns Ayyub .iznman-Riuu usum and Luma s.eu-4 is inv Nuu i nov a incur bun diva May a Ovva &h1? ?? i out 1 Mana Fri Faie All.0ih ii a Mali Zoh try Lvi Ali Nim n3u- Lou a a Nguk i Kuntch Nuzym to a $5 Viz -.-ii-cs-6.1 to lhnu.z. , l-. 3 i Ollil a 7 a �1i, a Urr run-ing. Mauu Itl�slilnlulwtllh-\ntuoisi1x4 Plum to a next i Are gwitta.xnncouiiiadu.40uu. -n Ioian 110013 my do to to vex Oil a . Iuah mags Nul Kannu no than ii 81 11 uni no no id mulch Lunn guru dlr can i a Dunand input snack Iain-li.xnsu.da-uu1..l a. Hunt Musil Kynsl a a seen he Emma �\-i1t&ed��pm .-31.6�.h . i and tuna ii a e a Arr aha a a Uri Aqua a Farmr a uni Vzahlu-ia-4 anon a Aux Aii Annun l x1l.b Mno a a a a Nikubo Tutuh pm bunt a Wulc Dnn la h2135 Hay 5 .-l1 Naal ni1u. Tun as3 i Maix sat a Halm a a a but no Nad Haruza la Puu a a.1toa. a a a Unrug urinal a Rye undue Auto aunt hmm $1kd to a a a Burtn. Ulna hauntianzg..\ .1� mad Oduah xxx bal 5i4 a a 8 Llev no 1 rte so a Ijul-.n.1u a Noil a 7ui-Mun-- a Jahmi iii no ginning . a linux Dun Lnu Linen Hougui a a a a a uni Nhuo ini2 a ulna dec =. Lvi . nuh Numa. A. a Llnlkltillicc-1. Union Tux nude. To a Uruu i Loreli a nor a cd slut Illuv Of ugh ii can la fuzz i 1b 3\$ lie v111 Ltd Wiki i Gin. .nia53-=. a -.9.=== vw-Quvvtnrgvprxneun-.nuioinv1i&hy nuns a Saum a Kaupu a a Tungmun �"t3. Siuw . �ak3b0h&i Kay i muru much land Ann a. Iru . I aha Yam null has nun mum men i Rocta invt tune. Uaugsuo-ilium-1 . Muu Tun As i111 no Nogul no .�-5- Art. Us As a �aui a a a gnaw con a null 3 uart ans uni my a . . .-,44. A. a. Tovq-----11 Sill an4 Uusen i i inu.&-q.- .� . A Minna Tum Dun Kolusu e. 7. = = \a&-_e-�" -m. = hunt1 Rok au.av-Auu-.ui noir Vurin a a Xifu 9- a .=-.-v. E4 and Litas a a a Lynn co guv. 51-. Nau Dunuan 4d-Onuaun. Is no anus iq31. nun is bar thu Blush 1 my. My fart Tnno Meyurtmvuu-21 nun -4 Itu my. Us Llly a lbs my Mun 4� Huau naught we pour we 5542153� -.-Uauututthcznm mull Btl a a lady Cly a 1vnouran. R.a."i. . 1 Cashi than a a the1 i nun s. No h 1 i. A. U4 i -.l= Nix Duqum Uaiiu to Nuuanu no ill i b. O a n4aqatan. Usu my -3&3. 2 a i a Cunt a � a n Luau. Luau my Olin Liz xxx indegvva.-hath-. twp Nulu 1.5 Bonn him s..-Hclwl Art constancy usual adm Luwi to anon i la a no a so so thu 114 Muu 3 Mun. I 5 ii a m11040v i. Din Villno Lubou. I ran w Are lion a Knuth is. Ill y1 Rohnol taller. 9. Was lends a 51. Arm 1 10 we ii intr a " .\?�0\ h3 .-am.&uiw Lul Ubillu pm � --.1 anal i33 Nhy a. Noa cuu U g .1 Iurna mum ""0"" -- la no its has no wad. He Tum Lori ind Malul h7 lil & i lil �711.and manna to ?Ilrn. Mun As a a. and Nhuc Matt a Auer is a no go taunt a whorl no. .5. . -.n-�.nnank. Iran to a nun. Uel a. Gnsajb a .iil�.nll- umm Morrn. pm. . .\-unto -Ullnimasnul-All a cd. A a nah a Ilia no Gnu put and Inii-$1 augutus a no ups Lii iluuu.--. i ls1 a bk1 h.32\ iii Ikins a v1.9 slav Bur Atn ism is Lou no Sung you a �uulbas-a nth Muuro Sandthapm�tau-ukdli1oaau gangs to Van Inal Ngonu my Yunnu nun 12- i Sahib i \. V1 nun a Nora Mun nun than has a a Nothel Waupsh Luzna Salbu amt Minzor Nucaro Mac any Nae Ash warn Iunus Lia Sununu ?r41-sum so out a mls do Inna to a Illluvrov-5 Nus. we -.,.n,. 5 o cd cd to ii. N-.1� . ll81d mm1_m hut car dust uric Isa a a Hunan a Nulu Anny Annama any .\.upsn.r1na-Sadt-ups i go Hill the Yalj. And wintry tirade. Gnu gun. Can no Dan Nuu Luv ii to use a a Nuana nub no Ana a ia-Ana �. La Gnu. Oani Kas nuts Isumu Tiuan loan Lugo Lei Ivill pm to ms-ur1\�3- Hromluk Roung Yunto tut when gauiiruuiil.li\"%iiu1_-a iad- i he tuck la Vosu Lam ,. .4-. Us can ran is &�4a\.-.4 Ndu. No use nun. to Ioian ii Oxbow. W mum . -�ogu-u-.au-sunvuI.�. Us Tuua Yuu. Sun 2 i no . A can a. Sin 9lion 9 a a a -Llutuiayr-u1ll.du-u- 1. Dunn d Fin arn.-.n&muhiaui,Anuvsou a a a Iba Daugn cum run Vul and menu As can a nun mama i uni a5.� a. .4 5- a to a can you Stu no i 1i \ i plus and Idun slur Prool sum d1-pol. . Wada Luyun Saaw Unn. A .41., Paganu a lava to a he-but-pd and no. 5.�.-n no. Inn Yalu Nab. Alt ill Ziaei ai9 p?????illi1. anon. of until a Nuuse-ans.�uux-gunnloaanowqnlslxx11 la 33 11ay. A i to.i.\ t1e e2l a than--1 Puio Nolla Moungun vow vi Hub a Gnu i Lyuu Runng May --tuna-1 until i can. was- Liu Anu Unn was a Nubia Cunt a d a Faikel my nuns1 util Dini uyt i fur Hall till a b 1v�5uuti Tiwu ii inn Man mum Incn,\nm.-.-. Us Gunny gun in333-Vthnvauruuvrrryosruuancvvdlc- Whua Uhuru jnnl1llua.cu Rev Cox no a a a Var Yehju pm Luz Tenn thu Donu Aux a. Re urdu Hunt drum Hausa sad run . Irv i 0116 my its a haunts Suta Mui a a a iu1s6ikzanlluundlu-Imalii- lbs Kin Ink a i a Sauna i uhm\\1 a inn of.\.�i- no Gar -.n1-. Ii Scutum .1nun .4. A v. Snub of .4 uan.. aim a -.3 --Nan- a i i acc a., a a -nun-s4iurpauan mum-.gh1mduu-Pussucduanadau- nuance Shaal and Gnu a nun no . Aliol-inuxns1\ nun new not Zahnd c.\�lho�1 ova is. Ups Yiuyu Numa a inrvhlunnwlhllhnd? ????????????ll?? &3\-o45sa-uncut ,1..a -Ugagqnlnqavupu-j5 nil 6 �23 All Yii Xix 9. 9 We nil i i ups 4 q.-. N 4o now 1-. A amp 0 isl no urn n4 . 1- Man Lilb Lle Ilki full. L \ .hlvnn1usshwm 1iuax1n-ac� a a Anlh= Wilt. ihbiioli1 103 no As Lay Snag a tam. He av-4. Nan -1. j. Vii Jan a to. Lull la 1slluu 3. la Mann a i a mum uni a Mew 4 Nanvgva-.sq la 1 51�. A4 to a Anu tau nut m843 anon-4 Nauan Dun a a Cut 9 pm pm a Alouso .3 War i3isbol a i can. a Mew Mun Iuivn�Inna-.yu--etching Lincoln a nil Nunna Dillu Yunuiinuruq tvs lugs a inn i Ila rum i a i pc .u4n-uunxuunuau.4a Ruuno hisuk1a1-its ii a #0 can .Yu Gulou a Hutu Nuu no nuns. Ii 5 ,.-.- 1. A nuts to Vul -7 a 5� awan�.-.xo. U Havu Nugon nun nun he son a4 Pecan Nunu n Oncg-�-1c4. Upon i nuns. To. .-.5. Than ???????????an inn Nus. Gin -5 my Guz i out Agonavn-.asaihn-vuu.glam Ranuunpwuren-.-n.ia-Ncarru. G.�4 \--ninth-v\co1r$ii-Npunthtiaunj gun Alumna v\n1hnua�v1txf@ Nuu Nylon Canu Suauu Ipuuxuu-1 a�-\.n.�mrxhum? ???io\"" As i Uil a Sun Llody. Bdl Bwuaunn. A can h ii. Drug a i Nicu pg-viaaxiltru.--v1 11 human Man. d Attu Lxi Nasu Sorn i au&us3-Mudhuvhu launch a 111 out a a a Inna Csc a a town 01 islam. May a hum nuts --1 a 13.11 Luann Uncan the rut any land cum my. .4 cute. Goal my 3 1 i Ort cd cd udut la i lung a Pond cuss Nouk Dru Ohms i1 03-was Melun guava gun Aurum Uccunuaavualt a Huto iu1n.i Sun i ii uni Diioia 1 i11 Ell stili3 my can Dumus Atnip ant 5 19 Haiku int adm pvvurlimhc3nm.�niiolagnaund-Qnaawun p4 Lute ii vi-9i.nuu3i\a w1.b- -nni1u.irun Gav \ a.vg\alvxnc-As-uvmnl5.,. Sou. -n�.-Tuucuv-nln4g can i i gun no 1% a no a4 nut Lenl hic n g nun a Khu Kvut ought ans tut you a Hugq Stu Vlcloda-09.0. Us \Lii.i--\ ishm air \ q a no. I a null a&.Sun \. \-4 Xii Lohr i pm. 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