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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Morning Express (Newspaper) - January 15, 1881, Buffalo, New York 78,i1ioif?t 5 34a .1. A. " .2 i. L. N .3 �. Y 9 i i 2. � 7 i. A2 2 2a a 7 fas. A. -1 .3 w. ?"5"j a. This it Alpi lilt. I a .5,. 3 55 2. " j k 11. 2 a i e 8.aitfino 3. A a i Alon. A. Sun a a. 88i. 3%ims.it thu 1f ,.- 09 -#7 8 a2slg_� .inam.v.1 . =5 3 1p&ilch ii ii ill a mug.03 .-0.v ,. A. V. Nit a iit e q01-Janxoarngg. a. A.1 a of ia-11 jul no. 1. Ii. A f.�. .4a ,. .9" a sue Wax 14? % 4.\.s.socm- ="3lvi, l1i??????? 3% v it 1 hot 5" "�"""1e a a to i $.c,0.- wa3i1 ?nid1ron. .1 % essm a me u. A co--.21 j 9-" la trial Oilin a a a a a a a. 01 Grulli. 1 l. 25 a a a a tot f of ill. Ta13 i Yin . a ,4ii� a i31 i Wos Sun he father ii not_ian., nyint Thea . mme use 54rev it =a -.ptq.ae_as.bo e -.sa_�tvss= a Recs so a it u a v 4 up. 4on. 13�.it j ,a-.,Vvn the " "17. % 1so.u. I .1. G ?.� 7. ? ???????????????????????% p9i.=.ua Rixtun aps h3503t2 343.,- ruxc1 a no a i sgixnx.1xi n9ox_9 i j Teresa i?4ll 1e Fuys Cham Plint ,ltqu6t_p�u,Ruai Lap our 7 . A a ecu. Ac1 i . I.�tli"lc0 of 5 i ". A r1. �1k %b.,koi�3e 1i� any cd i io-mt Norm. X a 7 Teux,1. O7_, a �5i s6-Idgr. ,2" 33. Swahl Strosn 1.6 hinl.q1.$di��igt.x a a a a a of get c 355s"� a wac i u Walt ii vet. Tic. A 1 a tin Sqq of to its cans lou2i f Waii 4xc? c"71" � for Tom Voun ca1 transaction of wet wa�yt8a re gum. Wins out 11 i599 visit Inge Ilsc punt a a a a nit .1, a a t. ,. 1 Xifu i Isy Noy 3h-hm4 a i. adv Zywn 4-= we a Luaune a sag1-. ,.,�--� Twain Low a. 0ood�vcrywhuc., for tug it All Telephone Rpu .r1 a ,�u.1ah.isa.� gum.k1ug v11 ---v2.-.- � 3 Iai Ilu ?,05ihif u,,.iu -=-9 2mm 2 21 -.1w Lou Dolyk . ti_u-Trtiugtlnc Luluah hour. �50�ihi??????????? a Usu it it Tsih menu Ollosi no Jay and and May 1 Sun gun. . M was we jul jul ads exc Ace. Trim Gorgu chankes.nun a . Burnt Odds. Wean to thunk Ron Tlam gibe. L of the sum font a&8inwsai_rad??????????????? near to 1.lcfadc a Karlh. Vidi Auu Al gala a Thule anus new Kingg at fume. Octuck the mls a Kwh ended 12 themes it that Jug Box. This commie at Lam at aided min and umm Emma that our Prmt Ruwisch . a a 93 of i mud u s3&t a Ken if Inman t a Cougan 13. Can. L Angle and which Uzi Gasna May from uni Nguu Ullum a do dutaud Gin it . It we the cd. Sting Tiou Apt to education i15�.- to i no ill the"�3� Al gov 18 of the youth upon 15 panic at the Xiv Soston of the s1330 Given cats. to the Chu act of the Fml the South fut and Edam Tecsy Imanol pacing Pnhlicpod 50 no not Evlyin Wrux of her Cipka of the Rcpt him Parmett who Thacpaqluoutoobuncetzuearoxccnasz of Kwh paid lie pin Lecin of tin Ngab of Aue ricin men Vepr Suau. o the pcs no a mtg a a pc concludedpruze1.le a. 9 West cogs pen Sti. C i�.&5.%� of who Sci Winn chup Nunu oat . A any hard Lama ?15quanta Cowig ?Mam a Cut Maun Xep at politic 13 ill pc. Tho subtler ittjrfcl.-.�hil�,5t Sec Chuot Mien inc Rny a a that catch i ups the to a a. A a a that to i nitsioni4ibyrlthtl?????the up Duilid Ihl Btl Kogiu Ixion quid ii the out Puma Icilin i mix. A whte a Satin Natins up daily Gray Ingan the cum a no con 3 a avg ii 11. Cc.-. no a. I a. Of of he a s5c odpegd2 Ibin Wridt to Wilif .11, 8.�=�aft..t9 iht�l? ??????????? ???????????????????4 11991be 96� 2 1i�v Man. .syst.u4a. Brgi1d�ti Aii Hall Gage Ueli 9 11 1 e.nie5,�?t i 3sw.� hug Elan brim Coin i be .l1he Nanny bil.1ivl_iicli?????????????3.j lbs of Sovsa Liz cup a 8.52 we Oppal Wing a nun to ennui to and hun, la that?l0 Lsl-0l.d a of nor 315 its to ,11-Iva-r1 ,70 i,i5 3yiits.,th$5er ihri? ?????fl? ??his la ii to i9�9�avivswnsh Nam ii Hal iii afp3ii tvil? ?"? ?3�qggg. The Mph of girl i i lao it and Usu Nizio Puuing gun uewnqs.�x6 i7 Gocci Ved 5 % it want 4, 1 it the Polk est a so a Nidus to Inose i � Hon Bolte Gerot 1 . 7 t.ii.iiir1 15 of i a ?�"="15"?-that a . 1 3. inf .vt1- �.i3�.�. t1.�� 2 tni.-.-to Edom at 1.1iii lds vhi�hi6�fh� no. 6initi? ???????????????????? we hyena2a,. Espey Izbick and t5" Sexii off .xxx event eur std imm1lxa.a�= ?13351, a Lei a . Denux a a 2 f3 a v Mph i " .-iaiijulvti.1,lt�.1.a,.2hen me pit lice. .��9=54et5n 3i as1nd 2x Igon City Otic i a fi1&dlqind and i a i Ngovc a oink i and do Siolz. F. ??lri a i ure Buu Oom. 5 Wuh Inmon 9. Surge Buonom Lunnun. $142. W.vx-ruin-i1� a ,. 1-. 92. . U1. Coq splint the Man Al. Dis.14 4c. mumalflurfi3i�ifgili1ghc.l Idi sties. At Gay Nulty Dacar. 11 1 Art = mrrsavr-=.s= 1a e??????????.,-ml-it41 1,i 1nsz.yw. Chi t1_d Nof acme6 gi9�tj�,.�,i0_ii�$ori�bck.a????3mokl_yir j19. Inu9jii.4,n1, s1iv�.tcen.t �3�malail a 091510 new yoga a and it. Rein jaj1ill.t9, pgi1_atefg 1.rei1q be the Embt put of t1i�r3.06i Yiyu Izu. 5 h. H. Birge & sons scam lx0?iliri1cliti9i llii5 a the nomination at wlm so. Huh Pou Umer 5ming. N. A ?11 Craig when commission expires limit421. Any Fum key Naomi son com Ulm known . Counting named that it be fun Lnor Naide Ubu and cd Doss Gutlin to show that gag Man did i91yin Iuta a guts math Ghl coi h5 Pamn Amr. Which was so Buzun to iw4l of huh. 1877. . Codling Mhz not that prawn Ham Haas your to22 this cola Ndumu 13 anon 1? 10301. La Calm Elci t ?m01391 ill Sill to the removal. . Conning tops que Van and to mucus 1 Dhuat Isyou any claim Lama than the runs . Cot that henge that the committee had muted ii it. Canning i ins Reg exd tithe nomination before acting i998 it. I ion . A Irb Staic auditor repox1_�a. 961017.900. � _1mi.txuti�ma3ap, 14thcpdiructorroi ape ?1 4.-.-nsirf.3xhibiti,6i .-. Vii thing up thimm e,.m, m 4. N Boasberg Gays Cash for ally kinds at cast of a la thing Carpetis. . Add ass to Zobec 3 3 . Cat Uff 01.1 Billdt. Cir stud ul.1 k �2 writ a i inca. 1_5c\pl8r = .-,a-.-2-� a. I her a 2/" 4.a 3$3io s1 "to�aeaa1ta?su3se.i 7"i Ii stir 1? x . At Isar a t111 a a pcs ."c1??????????????? ???. A amxsn.sx 1� a .5e 2 a very Low Gas. 1 ��.5au21?u.�i� ���o3 5 ."�.�3ifs�. A1 i. Removed neg. To let. 4.-,so�, qty pigs Luuba Are. Gnu blk . Ud_3uve,Discpu-. Tinted 1nt�,l9iacposxls. i,epbr__1. .9f 1hc willing a a a a a chronic insane a i Perny be ens Ciz Jun Burnfin of of ibein�l3�ilioun_tiih� ii a ?which-s73 nn1eiany dlr Tighhe Icax zso."i.i.ent-9v&,ie.teecivei1i"andai54� -w�re3uha a. The to Peggt of tii Vetica aa$y3t??????????? ????? ????????????????????????????????????? a a ,o8�pa, 3d.�". �,3t�t-, of these 155 were ditch Rcd .xe9overe 3.66"wcte Filppu gated 197 huh Viup c a 1 n it the nil aft i cd cint1 e6m.of iastsepl�eii1behhe. A Styli i Contach cd Jun and no women. Sipov Vlieg .uy1 was gstab1i�bcdin 1343, it ill tackled x .y,, 7.4182. According of ,= wet improved. Store 189 Washington 81., . E iii i la la mugs. Far of caviar a. Mesa Nupp act. el.1ng Sal -.s&1ablvcallingon hardware dealer i a d Groc los c hear of a Al table Ilum Kissior with i Staple arhcl3. addressing manuf Lac. � Ushel. Ind. Ree princes x33 12 .ninn_1um fan but Luau nun la Ohanlon. A Meatz 2te passes Siolz. Partner wanted wholesale Man fac Mung Buintu Wax Iowa cd Hoogh Shelc. Sauasta Toty. 1 Man washing oppor Maya d has sumo Cash but can vaunt u3un_ey_5_ cd cd to . Adams. Al. Nus cd a a a thu tour Mari and uncut. And Itin the Best wholesale Neighb Orihood buy Falo. For further Pam plan end luxe of h1oaq�dfqiks com to girl sin a Day . A Lgth most t Willin Mville. i�"-r�_ic5c_t8 of Ilse Fine Colu huh tivo no a i,ijim1c.\iilliod its it 1b fridly ind saturday. Of buy 431 5%, la of Bockh the nal Iluf . Li1�ccl�f???????????????o of. Albany Lejuez. Minted ,c1sepvhuctc. Bring the business up to mlle cloak of yesterday session. A number of into resting Bills were me two unit Zers of local inter Csc . Comp Tutonu of the make up of the committees and excitement Over the scam Uahle have up Cut Italy ceased yet. T Mun . The Home committee naval Alain sum up cd to favourably upon the nlhotiaiug1 Samar at appoint cum nah Hinca from disk a when vacancies occur. ". Any Tomza Man Bav d?5 atm naut that be round 12 to business where will Ink him a handsome llv�lihooj.shou1d Wynze interview to Earnest. Care letter car Eicr 2. 9. Matthews. Till co Lxi l the of Arfinie thu Astuck lags been made the ice. he .i1ag from no rear of Mcintyre Urt inc Loxy to la Canadian Railroad Bridge. The a a Hue ind 1 to i3rn&j�x�,t\ Gher cop Dnn a a at Epa so week. A5.31% a null netting of Eti and Niagara held at Seq Neville . The nth inst. The following Wens ale cml pmed Muceare w. Hoover vice 1 re idea i Ted Chick Stephnn so Cleury. John b. 1".ie� adm Scmworm due com . Nit com to. Arlyn Brick John p. Brown. Ria binraudo1f.chules non Guarez appraisers Luthc Rothenburg . Man Wendling James a 11-Elegraphedyou 1astreie, nl1heasbeupbly Obi it did not give entire Satis legion. M15. Are the chief critics. Lher. Sext Zhur he ought url Nave beenma_de.pxe1gier_. Sen 9 Rita i Cut so at 1 advise him to design the rail holds but be will not do so. .ano1h, a pissed upon. The Comus a it that a Tuncy life undue-pron1im nce1o no Vul i at . Be still 131other i1. Why Linen t a -$i,nglcinsuriti0� nun .9 the insurance ,tee." it Nigl tl1�uid.ih vepy1h_ to be anly two no inn be assen\_b1y1iho, according to the Blue Bjork Are we insurance business Holt of Riggs and a Estop o. A. 79 we Tingle st. Fc\rljlgu1 Xiii Hoxie. Carpets. The Home coax Mcc Roumm has again to pan turn Bey the Moa at no a fungus so a a seeking i million of unpaid pct Money. The Rev. . Whiz Azniu of st. 5tcp�e1 Coll addressed 38 regal oppose of to 11� Julch be stated had been Rejc Teci the Cox be Constance. Flor wished room wanted Vicini of main and Swan Privee 9 21 a rums . This of a a the remark Abl statements of the Bany the Nara fort Mald. Elsewhere printed. About the hand senator Emma and Smrz Xiv had the nomination of . Plat for senator. Are interesting a part 0 the gossip of thy. Period. We suspect. Now Cvar that the state ments have very a foundation. Situation wanted i experienced p�fsont9 1 Kycha be of Ca�b0i to do Bonne fam la can glut Good reference. Address k 0 3 but 1. Anted to rest for a term of two Thane a. La dial lii Dhone lint ssh Ssmon we Agate House Sun can guru red Mung Zoc retd 34,0. Add 2bas. Wilho . The lii Rait build so. Allan the Zeta Linen approving the draft of tbs new pan and Ocic Piug it Moum Medito beaut coxed and issued aunt. The pc Pool of the Senate i boxy Conni unc made today that it 12 Snow unwary to tan 3 new i buy baud eng than to improve the 10 35 me balls. The a Cor Jid Kinky la Latte the site. It. Maui turns that site. . it we Cape a the new i boxy but according to the pin adopted the Ink comm Lee walk Ait 334100.000. H. Yeaz., .tm2ra-.-� 1a a a a a a a soup Benz id .??11"if be xcu_i1d do , it puking 01 . Jxya-Gox Yauya the coat for these . About one Chance monotliitflr.blaine xxx he Atcon . . It be his hem gig ins suggested nuns 91. a Gar xh�"w1 Coung shed. h gngognced1ht,geu? ?????????? 1otbca_n Zelig Pic Calugi Date for b�pe??????????g if he ih0i1dwldl.iiv a tent. Indications uou1d evil hot a candidate. N _n3 itis thought mat . A a a a Tomore Stock. Envious to making no Oun enu annal ill camry. We can Stock of a million a lacing the subject of Adan cd and enc Engin Iouin a hug of i sending can #51 was also to opted. It was mined a a Jill Illg cnut of three degree hemp. Pointed. .1 Al lab 0c�3 7 i a la a ili wanted to family alg w. A .,.��i=" a. _ ,. La inc i Thon nh�1c???????????????????? ???????? you club Village for nuisance. Slie1eulle& no a a who chimed Vith hex la. -3 it with then. 9n4l i i a Klockm Doof icy Speith a heed Nihima out i the the Xoum made a Llemit i Send Ilia ppe i\1= Finelli Zilg 10 at. 1hjemo�, . Vail, com a Fence Joann we 1i4.5.???????????$119 loaf a humieo0-Efaed a a ,.5he.s_how.hhe= no qty to eeg Reg he food. " thin the .f.1 e Aanderson Pun to the admin loud tho commons rho inn Trul Prociuk Natlan the loan. i r1-. A 1two-Story fax House with 2 Cedar. Six zooms nex Gnew very Low at to a apply to John h. 5. The and 13 that . 396 to 402 inn st Anim Block. I a let of for Sale Molt womb Man. The grow known shei a. Swung Ora Bux puny u t slum2 Maxim a ser Mclauy adapter Lor Mammet 1pi_lh -,van.-. For Parma Lam apply to we. C. Fly. 64 e4 Lal. Kostige of . Aava Tours i iii Ici i Lre to ll5ll5.3a1\,3 a Ungs �5 i i .�i,"$.33 ?�.�3.$.a3z�.�? ?.22.la?Cem. $9.2 Clain ?31b Alai Gnu 3 Peciu Liugi to the can i Gebus 1. Suva o. �_, a mamas. willbe notice dog the 85 19 i e Are a a cd Illa his a "ls? ????53? the 91 and Slegl Gohs lat mint Andine a Hin Nagr say Eyre clan Lea Nalo Nable ates and we will our Best. the patronage at a11 who nag Hong 1 be to Ulye we Haw put Clauad who out � 5.,".ev=.".i.% a f3lr � Sowand insured of tam the Max Ute a we it cd Sam work and to Wing. Factor Vav at . _4q_t, o was nine Matt. And a Chou. 2, not read Mac Mezs. 1..%a a a i i wlfll5 la Britain. To t373 Tny a a Denux. Jun. the sure Ilac Nonon Abdulm talk jury a a the land Layla a perfect Gnu org fixation to cure agitation email alteration ind inn with the mouse sky of which Kotonly All Glaudi so ringing. He Dud tic Cusp of the jury uha acquitted these Vul bops. And Drew snowing picture of the a vicious naming the irks unite. La 9 l so �,.e�\\ the Irish Han a Ruhm who Are too cum Serva tive to train. With a Muntu. And Are red Siuw have decided not. .10 . Obstruction up defeat the coercion Bill and to support the land Bill it it All Summe mry. Probably they will prove much time friends to the his people thanth Patna ites. Yeste Day durin � Debauc the House of commons. Called 5 Tellma mar Nebr a liar. Stur e. Lule i i89 st. -11 Wasmngton bxack., occupier a e. Sinh Ticlad 2 Ca. Ten Diau Yoa Csc a. Flux store has u Mes and Basc mans. And the Best. Oksala 1321111-both� and but a for further parti Cults enquire a j. A. h1-Lv. 19 Wash Gzula i1. Forty sixth Congress. A a a icis a 2. 3�. A rne1 nu1m-Yntmalpfthe mix up ten yacht Vourva the ice to ?_1u Suthy. Syn 39 they outlet Edge. And Jook v nag coiineuce�,i1o Rciuu-n_4i,c 1 that m_e1l�od to be very attractive 905 5. Eva unix set he talc the can ask Marla 9 aunt 9 of .1= a Yum inst Alq Szloh. Audi Rentge 1ohgirou-Hqupl. vilhah�gvy1x_upi 9ct. 5 Gluc eager Rue rage Mph 3 u.,c9n_tiil_ntx Deq meetsa.jea ?i5in7 ?3� i it il8. V itllfghignne.sv ground. At Wpm Ozue bottles. V w..xa . Jan. 4. To Sci i come Simc the but author izing t a construction of a fat the code ssi Oual Btry with the complying top Sci. . Morn arc scaled a minority to qom. . Sails notice of a he would Mava intake Irena Khz a a Case. It. Canku a said Wald the right of the ill lady Toltl Gnoy. . Hon mama to provide for to time Annoh exiting dents of the United sinus. . Johnston. From the comm can agriculture. Up omd the mama Bills scion ice the sub Kupo Pleura Puu Loaia anon cat. without Lam than be Calendar. Sum we str allowed the Side i . 1ieqi.oled acc Nexo Heind lug i wuss Qai. A Zanutt scr no use Puli Tummy Sage ohcs of Gladden. L support of a a a a Camion for Bill. Heir sized 11 1 a a Matt scan ind Ink nothing More Cylc nixed to the speeches thaut Fem . The court Aijo mod till monday. Noun ammo i. 3 Lur. ,. All a.htie9f.for Sale. A hands Axne pure bred 1mngenziixh Plasun dog. End wars 2 38 and sex Chauza 1. 9-" a. 51255 commas a Zuzas ___f2 21=35-t_t it. His ? �3� i__1.�. V co1,3 the National Senate yesterday passed uhf army appropriation bin and the big Limey Academy appropriation bal the latter a fill out much consideration Seg reely any change. Opria Ting Moo for the expenses of the Low unianaisii1ni tary conference called out objection from . M517 cuz Nrrma constitutional grounds. But was passed. A few other subjects wave considered. After which the semite held executive session no consider Nomi 1 ,.- j 1, z355" Pari of shed Brick dwelling. 55 bar Oey a ghee. For Sale Luv do Siybl location. gun 11 pc miss. 5 q"u7 a iii iii v. .5e a. -1- .25 2 a 1 3. 1 furnished room for Sale i k bargain. At the austrian Block. Apply at 399 3111 5. 1., " a sound i. Nun h ion. ,uiiqr.,. ?,.,. Of 9 Cio 11, gusto Iloilo ,-.tqi,bi0_ hath. 132 a i �.?. Ayrd 1. It Ai � . .1- r., t. 1ez i re 4. .=. A .,5 .3. ,. ?5fi � .�.,-., 33- �.\s?&ie�t ,1. a.-=. A 1 warm alike i a i Yin Guydis a taut of 15�, pints a a a game of All kinds. 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