Buffalo Daily Republic Newspaper Archives November 17, 1854 Page 3

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Daily Republic (Newspaper) - November 17, 1854, Buffalo, New York Ener Sposa i Era an 8 urn Toca it 4d t of daily e kept sundays a. 74 � 3ll pc Cananda. Gaa Gene a and Auburn Dai 1 sex t run 0fl"j.clt of b e it 1 Lac l nov 17 18m. \ a c d ate i b a play footed l Beauty r a lady Trou leu w the by one but the s kind of a Polo go not l p made for hang no s1eevea-thc a e no holy Abs re but Conven enl the a 3,3. .1 l md3 p f by nth m 1erate a n of rage i d " e a Aung Matt r Aee fit c not u Liau Upp yug am u Bette n add alb my Dai y t is. A 1 a e my o offices on a cum Dndr a and Ull a. r Rel w i o k and a a y e a in c at to e i ror i Usu be t wee sundays open f oms 9 .4l a and rom 4 to a p of m o n to. To of n it James g Dickie p ill intelligence m nday d in the no 1 Cape b of the Schooner Pac Fie re ports Ety by v n vessel on the Flats when. He Prus o b Way Down m""1l est a Mer Queen c to 1 Roke l e p 1 i w l k Sao after it a g Jet o t on up Pas Sage due n 1 Wabl g d o a o at Den for re a rss the s Hooner a a by Hubbard u u of l no poot Yeste Day by the f j 1 and lost by Howser t Cut water Bla la j j a n " hat ;