Buffalo Daily Republic Newspaper Archives November 17, 1854 Page 2

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Daily Republic (Newspaper) - November 17, 1854, Buffalo, New York Friday p a m rep a tent o he go l y Flag at us u a 9 1 be a a 1 v Een App sed leg aph f the Appal a d waste Wlch b f l l h p \ f a a a place know a t Al b a a o n e Niles below to g 1 a 1 of t f new Jersey the cd a. A a a rant a p f 1 32r tons Burden Bull a h a du1 no the p event Vea and a i 1 e Way f of b eme a to new l Ork when avast Ope occurred the r a her h l yag x be a led from b e uen n the 0 t Ith of septem r a an i had Accord gov been near y two month n the v Are tie number of person on Board nearly la of whom were e Man was o h need and tue to Jive of a these j. Jbv cholera Clu my the pcs Saufl we cd left an a m Gate f l be Hundred and e go y five per on office s and c new h n the vessel s uck then Rule be 1 s but u Hund de and a the no be of i a k hat the vessel 1 us c y 1 go at the t Rue l Ceu a and an Foo t of but to s a fount i a Tota on ones o he sew \ o k ays that r i u o r u a lilt of the cloy Pree no e apr an a t be of ver a column i 11voted to pol tical fax sciences speaking f this coun by this 15 a Wonde a country o Urb we of 15 p i it is Are really not h g of All new c in inf \ 1 nay be u hem nature rules w old an 1 rum 8 new Forns it wants to see in honest 1 t an no 11ru e be s n go 1 the of alway a i pvt v where n the note scour e of Meune w than Tler \. To est Man s the Nobl 8 work of o 1 an Hoe to f 1 tic an Well o Wou to do us tog t t. H a. It Speaks of a p tit Cal Colac Euce tic p i tical cons ence a Basa m to on 1 h run f a a de May t Maou Fuciu cd t o de and can be to Ste to us t Tho m i May a made to As ump a y Shap to w 11 stretch 1 Kend a rub be Aga n pol Cal cons ence p own n selfishness and turns a Cadley w1th la s l the est of the one possess a t \ h Vul he oth r hand tha Cal god Fearm onh e c i a Stu to n hard b t 1 u Manoag of i t1 a that w la i e n the r go t any How no Matt r a hat c is q no May follow s co seat e l eth n to i car new g travel big deduct re Rale of wild i a Al Raj warrant of 1nll blood a Mal and female l in to one Khz n Chu in but plants. To. L Oij one l on Uejo be a at c l on and l ont f m Royal Bengal t1ger be l Copard n 7.e a e Black b a spotted Hyena be a Pacca. One e Wolf one str1p 1 he Ena. L f Monkey an l 1 w agqts8 cant a & Theio of Plant nor b r. From cell i Neus a 1 Otler l Al Neil on u j to Twenty i ;