Buffalo Daily Republic Newspaper Archives November 17, 1854 Page 1

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Daily Republic (Newspaper) - November 17, 1854, Buffalo, New York It 100r u Thayer s Parent sperm works Buffalo n y / 1t us Vii Al 34 Ines no .u.ne. In and cigars n y a Buffalo of. Merchant tailors 13,. Caln l Houre Block h a. Be just l i Dan a cd Opong an v s s ect.61 1.8. 1 Troen of i u i and 0/l ill goods it Ute us we cd they Are n Mke 0 Orde n the a u 1 Yte at the Linsz Pau d0bo it Olla l Vii j b hotels Wadsworth House v is l Mio Eli Vaneous i h Root p a Dent in it us Penante cent. Trustees 0 Fott f h Root a Lotf r dumb Lar a 3fap of ene county new y Jilk by sa1uufl c e serve Oill o up of n . C Nonty e c e from a Balw a amen the e who e 1 a ii Bac Ber Lap Apang Punj s n a. Few cell Tyl a. New and Complete map of or f. County a medical the 3 4 tight 4 3 4 3 " n w k 2 1 4 3 2 Republic. Horses & Arrabe i new and extensive livery stable i suran e comp a l Fer 1 nil a fun e lifr1 and Lleanne it a l Crale goal Ai i let Crit n. I lift f1re anal & Ilanny in Suranye i h re i ii f i a i h Ord Ork loud Lull my is j r Ash Nulu by Orr l Nellh univ Tel a v \ an f h mar Soens co if acl q -00 Tiou paid i n l race c ardor number 4376 i cd and i Lank h Dcell l l of 0 $ o is from i g $20 ece1ea $26u o86 b $ 6to$38 s30o$6p a p o b up Abo e udd11 and ends a Edgo Oda no de Omak o mfg is. Of an d once we 1.h n Lucili god a a b Chase 85 a n t., Browns by Dinga hardware. Edward f Folger & co dealers in imported and american hardware Tab f and i Booket Outler Mechanic tools f e y Joe scr a Tio Sundbe St a Alty Iron and steel n a and Kes Spade i and hovels chains a 19ll lain " i rjru1-Granite Block in the any l Goa and Wood tovea., n Grea. e of a in e a he Hou we Epen rep mum a l main and 3 East so u no.2 Jewett brotrer8 cloak and dream Ece Ved thib Day by nog a Beautiful As rom it w a rus Bop 211 a.1 a treet ;