Buffalo Daily Republic Newspaper Archives November 10, 1854 Page 2

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Daily Republic (Newspaper) - November 10, 1854, Buffalo, New York I cuon its bearing von to e i to a e a the smoke of the Battle so w Lyrll s for in he of Conti it and allow the o Gan f v s o to make a Calm Urvey of t1 scene t s agog o n the that the rank of the great a y of be Emp e to e Ren n is u Btl be n to Thustan t no them St s re to s Elf its War Maje y a Reckle t c n we o Lay Cla. N to Tho t the of j Moe o c at Aen n e Publ can a k to c a 0 u Ficano t e l u la e by y t Ckel g Estl e g at is us e j co that the t g eat a of the l a y w e be to be leg Anc and a to l Man f Fly n dec of the Cor it t u he result t u. Rema no n do t the e e run f Omen j when he pest cd Lar i Pond ton of i t states that a. Gen i Noo n r tassels somewhat Troub de by s Pirl of y a re the a Asmo Alizes As follows the re ult of the elect on throughout the state is not yet known although " " scarce thu the and tons c Al be m Oeth no a of Tycer Tan hex y does not Furo he n now York an stance be e an anti e canvass from b g n o no to end has been characterized by such marked Piecul Antie Ach Al anal no fat of p no ple such trea Berv am w re w King Buch comb Nat on and counter comb of uns Uch d regard for usage g of Fath a 1 party Oil Gat on of that through which we a e jut pase l the result has the state to be pretty Tual y i d d tween a have be Etolo e teen know m he we g and demo at c part. A b nos o l pro i c Ler of pots so be to ashes n tile or 8 is of 18 51 non 111 o her is a w be Man knows has own in a f ool thumb he knows everything a vast major to of the Laumau truce spend All the r 1 is and employ Theu whole m d n 4 Atung a Qugh to eat and Dunk a ners of servants a rot Norf uha e. Us them a my Stan us Man an 1 exp 1 they Are Carr de Uff n. North t1 n f a y a slave tbsp Opo to of i r 1 of f Rei a f f ports uth is the last we o 1 Rudisal geared a Hundred hog Thuc i cd f wit in w o e new Ork nod or Ora pro d it week wer bought up fora Dollar a p ice by a Butcher n a Burg and pm sed for the n Ever York rna f c it Dufex for f t to n 1 de u Frankfort. G n h s be us Heath Mon tight w the n be i ups of extract of he Ladou u l n he to g the cobwebs had gone but 1 e whole out face of the world bad Cha ged h newspaper which bad been p aced by h s a hed de was composed of Type so Small hat l e could hardly dec Puller t he rang the Bell a j its Stout Erl no wench had shrunk nto a h n 1 the Gul of ten Yea s he got up m a Grea and ked or h s c o h no hey were g a 1 t the garments of n cold but Ash sown m had we n led n p Opo ton he easily got nto them lie und h s wife and children at table r r e la the Estl. Emot u. b b y a e t the f no n a Warf be latter a Row of dolled the it turns come n As p cd up at the of to h phys a ans the horses he graph stat oos and a e Corno de of o e of met looked l be dolts the dogs like at eve towns and port on or town of course they h was 0 d d 1 i a e far from Correct and s my y afford vague a y no up an n e e a o on i to. For Juc a. Gat the t a result a e d o the re. Y s a i i e n a e w 11 state As of own p n n. Me Daft n Lay run re gang Etna cd b no no incl to Omen Bat careful mope ton of the anal of cobwebs and so s the s Phenon Fanon Calle c Ude returns before us that temo r s Ell ecu Educa Luu f of the r Earl est Yea n to does not seem to 1 ave Ocon edmo e and f h a pm doeshno1t Bam Dunt to Sot mde h h thousands we of one s a e Sappo n e than a f a dozen Meb aug t May be but the s of n on May to ? Ron Couo and we brought on l v the employment f cent s would p Efer that every 0 e draw l sown c n Atances at w 11__ _ _ _ i club o from the figures g Ven rather than adopt Sam Nelu at the Tio a to cons derail sex on cd k 1 d j Lemont will created w 0 r c to on monday 1 there " a Good Chance that at in s an an 1uv Tattoo c b thunem of to at Sam e d a Man n the state Lohnan s vote will most rna y an 1 our to a Angl Yak k e Anoo he l Kely be lighter n the Back towns than ther co up h d b Onde w h 3 in our a o c a k a. But a Day or two w \0 roof the and of he ans to on it ha3 or to rear on t 11 tha me let us be a ii sequently a poorer that be left the g Etta t us 1 cd s Day e eur us on he Rou 9 b the Salt 1 a u a n a Road for Atla to but beyond the factory of a 1 no & co w th1s v jagr was e s t a been Maposa Al grf a i this contents de l Oft re by fire to d get Pont Sot Nitsoff gov " Sra bouts 000 no1n.urance to 18 supp d that he so of h Way to a j Beeche we 0 and now no Hong elec de to Macol a a per 1 the Assembly from the 3ddstret by Ololla free state them a Abo e aloud d to Vas drawn nto con \ a station up n Money matter by or Mac h " to Tisall Enqu Rei where he depo Ted la funds and at raw of ntcre5t upon be no n or re d the Back n0 l on p and the old f or to and Eleb a 1 cloaks open on saturday no my h a 4, u an w am uw\\11 i tit the new Uetro Powtan theatre. F Ruth n go f the engage m n or. Colli in ill n 1 a in to t pop Lar Horn text and no a n or nos this evening november 1 0 i s so Wil in n d lit l lf4\ " no b miss \ \. Low he Adel Todd the Tyler ii \ l i by \ i he i or j f taunt ;