Buffalo Daily Republic Newspaper Archives November 03, 1854 Page 1

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Daily Republic (Newspaper) - November 3, 1854, Buffalo, New York Volume Viii door plate cheap to j a Luo of Hall Gull 1. H la it Ilia he n ii sri s Corne of Ohio and conc Lynnn streets Creek Fly i\11 n no t 0 t \ l Matiie it -1 & to _ _ a _ 10racco manufactory air n Alle c n and foreign Leaf tobacco Trep Elf a b1 1i a e s Adam Law notice Gustav l a so prof is Winf a no Buffalo clothing titres . Of. Merchant tailors 137 it lain Street to Trudon Hoblock h ave Wrt need add e. P n us an Erlen Giveand 1 3tj the .16 Ort f fall and Winier goods f g Nolem n 8 w a who h they Are p spared o make no to 0 d w the atut lt1jk a the lows r Cabihi p n. A f a. Dase it one on j b Crapo hotel Wadsworth House Orne r Exchange and do Lubigan its Buffalo Mather & Coe i proprietors d Trot Max h 5th 1864 St Catharines House John b Damon pro Miltor St cat shrines Canada Wem l .ap2 d y mis f r Root pres Dan 1t 3uoenn Ilien Mille Orton. It 161 flail be to Republic. Friday evening november 31 1854 led i Cal or is ref l Tel Buffalo n y a ill am mar Eia r1 a Rocene ship chandlery a nos 3 and 37 Ohio Trecet Corner of in Donna hardware Eylward f Folger & co Dea for n imported and Jha rican hardware Tahl Ani p Cut Tler Kiel Iunus tool i ;