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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Criterion (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Buffalo, New York Mack Clee Lewis Dies in Ait Ftp 1111 Mississippi Gas chamber a plans being made for East Side Home repair loan Sbishop d. A walk was former resident of i Toffalo pastured be Hel a me Church the Buffalo it i no p d solve it w1� Het a Wilday o. At Che with a pfc o will. A. It heir i n i not Kate tuesday mrva an Evert a after a lengthy i Hurt Flint Oil Walker Dot ii of Mir air Ami of ugh in 4, unit mrs. I Amk is birth uhf criteria i my pc f>4.k if l a a Vii Mph in pm i la 1 is we Wim ill Luis Kilt m ill Venn of the lit i i m p4f Lwft f 4 Puin Tuff we 4 Portal i i t a b a a tiv he ii h. I tin it a Timi Linn an a Jun of Ink the a t 1ttit la Iii of x Izi. Ill a Fri jul a Iii h Allied in Tow Pul Rait Lii it air of a to ill. Tel he tfirr1 we of Wilber a a Puy. Met Kir i a r i limit in i a or Zitur tue �4 r Quot Vii a. By hit walk-1 a or i i mtfvu�t1 by bin if Lux ii drug Herf social Security office moves Tel. Ivi finl Lurlin of it min Tail Hin Purtty lat Mukta. Old a at am Chi insurance iii4ivi�i it Iii .10 i Iii 47 w a it i vol. Xxix no. 27 i ate Soldier Mack Tivvis shown with sister mrs. South Kululu. New York july 2 1 Price ten cents masons observe St. John s Day to Tot now 4 4300, 1 yl1 Ito it St third Natii Ulier to off Tow Vtmin-1 he up it a in a \ Al tiny to. Dis Kansas Cit it a a St Jelm a a y anti memo to Herrli e a a Ere if it n ,.i .-.1 prime he Al m ,. R f. Orteg Brothers of the or or at Chi a lv., it Chun a sunday a 1 ? p in. Rev us pm in. Del Mure a 2tb i it. M rvs Bjuge part h i and ii it prot a m n the i w m who 4m m last Lewt. 21 v in i a. W i it Ombac. The in Way. Where he Quot a i a it Tat count body of hipped a it his Jav it bul. I and h re of re Cummings i Guy Camer i ar.4 w Joae n j lir own the y coir cd. A Reniers i Crey Rector gue the a la ration. Rudt it finny Iii i w. Coiet Way mater of Here. To inner it in Eland remake were riven Cay pc 572 Neaton bt., Rev. V Ravl my Ter k f. A Cen a i i-.jmut�. Ult j Roth a t. Orv. Nor in to a Lee Texas to 1p33 and attend t a at the ii p m. I in no ppm cat. Tom la. And by the Buffalo a re with criterion. A. Hen ered Mua Margaret Frt Ter a Jav it r to m of Worthem. Text Mere the Anne he of or. And mrs. James p. It fun by t a trek e in to v4�m it i and was the father of a Garrett teacher in the City a shool system. Is in but he 1 rus Viva by Hwi f a h few Day Mike property i Loans i. Kuiv ung asst t Lewis. M on Victor a it f8j1 been attending sum it tera. My die Blank. Mrs Mer Beryl at vew York Tearh Octavia Harria mrs. Veimar a a a doing penal inv iat Are Jua. Aboul c. M Karol life. Newa kit to a i oth m key a Lewels an. Fee.,ional work Khz will visit r new to help All property own fit Borgh courier it. M a lab. Hon Fath a Mot Freal �jv1 , can r the Nile of r a a a with a m Lime a the. V Ornu kit of to it was week a Ltd &Quot"t�11 a or that plan Are just about Cir Upshor let. U Walker i it a m. And a Brotter a a before returning Torme. Victo. It i. Is Bui Tal to a i Pine hc1 Cem Multi. Ulm Al. Ettry. Mead y by were in the family told this Rupo Ter that it w a in to cd us to Tver Youe Amir a extreme right ii v a for i or a att Tuu Pihir amp a i i Iii. Iulg to Lihi to i a i Kors a a Yky a a tie Llose in Emlen v. If Johnm 13a n to 111 or n. fur the a re in the East a o Serin e i win inf v. per Terry Section correspond rat Al 1 those we. Ave a t urk a j. In i a a i is 1.ns a beautify their a a a a Spon wed by the .1, or hav. Failed to get a Rete a Iii Punk and i in help re a Fly it the award Dlf Titera my to a Hurge the let a Quot bal news a Hel c t Infin t v p Sliment it Nixen Rowling a Riveral a As test speiker in to a in a pre sen Ted with the l in Tonj tut he l l Uhlir Seri Lee am ill d try list a in .1 Tunis. To Betti Quot a h a Defte Anil Hie i p. of Eris so m a. George by. Ker ibid Faro Young of n w a York , have Lieen time it ii to of air and my George Tii Orn ton of he inv hit key for tie a Lorre Wilu. A of mrs. The criterion Learned from a rehab Steir a that a i Gram la being set up in which �1 owners will be prot it do a rth Liana to carry out Lumn it i Putty of it Trelia p Teune a Liana Meuiner of Tea further twin sorority and the Delta Patron were Lueata. Tile a group cloned a very at live year a nip Ini sided a per a vice pro Rvl Tih the the Vallun a my tour and visit to the University it if Buffalo Cararie hide air Institute and a or watch detail. Tail afar for Jet at the Veteran a. H was Ihu . Fruit Vori and per hmm a i rortt4nn�m re by family night faintly nig lit be observed Al Olfer Minn stadium every Moray evening when the i. C at Home general manager Hal Man Lam noun red this . Women a federate to meet july 5-6 the Federated club it m of Buffalo Are making Fin plans this week u 1 f h 4 Corr i a Mali Quot state federation id women Clui which will ill a it lie or july 6 to 1 at the chamber of a 5fi St. Paul St. Or f United of Uncil Quot Swey funner Peai. Women Urilt a Mother yer of it 18 Wilt i peaker at the in no Ltd. Bent muted i id Rel i the i get i the patient it re. I g Ward. I bitten attorney who full no a Hilt Gss a the d int by i by or n a i Ion that hat Lioto show the family of air a a a Mack Clee Lorwit about to enter holy Temple Church Clin Fon and Madison Sta. Eider me Clellan and Bailey officiated each camera Are mrs. Meek Lewis widow or. V. Lewis faster in or taker Huby or tiler and n r. And mrs. Arron South. Mrs Klaffl r Prtini nit fatal no k pm i get Rovn a my Kofl it m m. Cum r hoi Tun to lha pm. C and a map h Abr Tribu o m v deft Vita or so the a raft r Dit fat a re fifth Tiff a Gryf Tiki a Kif Jfe a. A w i All Tarsi or .1/lfi it la mrs a Viv Salt Duck f my to inf Ultra i Ink Tail night on except july ii. Auono the a w til a k usi.or Bifi Chi a free of Chc of 50r and few 4mg Dent Harper re Turch an of the h july 7 limn at Ltd .vr.4 Monon w m tiv it Esb y a oxur girl Luril it a a a Iru Nafty her to rum 1 a m. Briefs. Robert a Curry let Ash a , ii ii. Be head on the. Helen , mom by july Ullh i to 3 p. M a. Cole of Ameri of a u or Flanig her via i. L. C. Mccullough k>7 Street Ulm f. Benike Ink anti of 119 Quot to Street and her aunts their husband or and Thomas of 161 Street met or und or Pines of hrs Masten ave. A a Appomattox six St of Buffalo invites it s a to attend a 3 Day a riot in in it tub 3 in Hei tie on Tartu Ibl july 2 a design led fraternal Day with while a a a. 3, a Day or. R. B. Chr tin Ltd 2m a prong Klimt a tip Init huf a huh to suit Ftp Cindi in Cun Len s. C. A net Hill xxx tue it. C. I at present v. No Hep of lighter in new Flavin a Ltd. She expel to to Lequir the in shortly after july 4th. To go to England if1 i m 1 Day Al adv in choirs on air a i f mum p. A Jet a period �?�4 Union met Gillie j a a free a by at Eta. Cd in. Or a a to a by Mew and a r be Teser 1 toe a. Com a f eds a c.-, it _ j it 2t in Hur in ii. Tex Tyle Imar pm 0�p j a to of k. Him bar bad will i Lii at w diet a farm on six a i in in monday it h All a or w Ehrine to it will leave we Fulker s 11 pc or on Greet at id k i sky fam Fiuty. tails Barber shop wet it 1 a a it kl.xtravagxr.2a of a few style and a we Stoi by 5 us Bio r a Vlf r f a. Not die i Hun it Lay 17 Iron yet p m to m o july Ali flu tie will left. July 25tk. Mrs White is new hot it get i Sci Wie. By j. a ask. Will ave York try id a pow Fetig Favl. Fid Kirum july 16 rum t of Mac of i i Ucli mj>4 try .411 to pm to t a Fth j Buckur or of r ii. A m it Crft a a if. A it he knt nuut visa it to t pm to by it f a a we to a i a Tai of Ruly i Oom a 2 ;