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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Buffalo Criterion (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Buffalo, New York . Branches a acpt March on Albany protesting half Way Bias housing Bill career hip hot t9 mrwik More trople see h when it appears in the criterion the Buffalo m criterion Vox xxxv no. 8 Buffalo. Now York saturday february 25, a 161 the criterion is completely published in its own Plant Prker Only 10 cents . Gum heiress left Fortune to negro companion chewing cum heiress leaves vast Ancl in i. C. I Fortune to faithful negro maid meet maps Alltis Long Island mansion me tenths of All Bias . Residual Eathata fall to woman 64 rth York Kew. A music a Cutuil hot a negro a Fri re4h norths a i m wanted he Furtow left it. University he by the Cut a ,.r,-wi�4s Imp a y t u a a Quot a a Fawad 7 it a Quot a a Volya a wet Mon a k a v c 11. Adamand Hughes mgt it us -0ll Ull a it by Walt diem Ltd Europe j other whre Hurtti a tended a Mutual min a aide int a ill Date jail me Adam 4a tire a ii her personal property. Phis _shm8j� in y us and Nubia ice tip -cw�4�m Gyp it let an Ayma Golf then Marx in my p., us a a Acu a me lad to a a Mutual interest Ami j ,.<kh la Cash. Our asked Mitt Hughes j a a a a a Lemon Impi Sod the tit tax Ltd a a a Quot a to a v., pm a a. Look a us he he in Syf n�0 my. Hub a Cebu a the Mand a a m 2"z Al Zolt Hub a a her a Adena a. It a Quot a Quot a a Beach. Of a of mud 2l o a a a a p"ret1 str it 22 a a 7wr Rev a inn pm a my j nut a ski of $7�. Jo0 Ami by Bega of fega a nor rum a a mid Prodigy it i no Wastl Notum i t �?9�. I time telling he 4 a a a a it Dihimi by he a a join in Al Bull Invy of cider t who 1 to Ami a loot of it kit age of Malory the negro la a Coutil Nav bathed in a j a my m-.mim1 of dutched a a Egie gation m men an m kor Cueler Hegt Tulion m vol a us let aiu.��. By a tude and v to up Caltry. Alholm. Andje a l lame n Labril Lri up Eudell of Howard Usu Vozely Slat cd i Hul he Ciovic Mienl. The it Geol Tui Gic employ i lit he lulled male has with m negro i of Milf a the Edi Kulof mated. 4 aim t Lay Ion i Well if., Ehat num of let i inf t Dye Alioti and i Abor pm Mirt. Drew Ehe i when he �m1 a a for eu.1 for a a tart and i he a a the state a a port Mem. My added Quot at every wet i oat Mutl Zadto my Dott Quot with one \tro4e of a be Myor m a Tia i usher King kit a the a cd Rte me. Attar to by Imite a do Vlieg tev the f to adm Caa go a Long Way toward ending the j a a a of Secre ill a a i n going to be color i Hurt from the Bane mesh to the i Sec ear floor j a Phillip Kandolph. President i of fac negro american l Abor a it Oon cd. Demanded that inc Afta to Ducc Greg Ite it a Taff Here j �4 and it apr Nice to i i Luik and norne a negro to i i eel let o Gan Niue no Al toy a civil Light department. Among a flt Vivi 1 in is mrry Humting a Ogega Quot a Quot a j a on to cd a a wet Hmer 4 Ainr Quot it Quot 4 4 a Rte i it a lat it Carter chairman of the mfg York Man ten h �11, so i for Fri cd Irnen of Thor state a no swum disc i i a for f he of not sum Lay at of Natum and Thurgood rib. Both mrs. Evynn fld mrs. Canton Chi counsel of the a act. A a Revti us tiv Iti heart a a oct action Stirk for it inv a 7h�?~e a a a Nimg from Buffalo along with other Pivk and dub dry Jecen it a Quot a Ohn m �,0� m i no. \ and my Wharton named Amer. Ambassador to Norway top rank held by rate a a candidate for the presi f Dency John Fitzgerald Kennedy off to Norway mite few promises to any race j other unit. He did however i make this one Promise that if a elected president he would strict j a regard the rights and privileges i of All american a without Dis Linc j Tion As to race color religion i president Kennedy seems most j anxious in f i Fillig that one pro j mine. His latest approach to that Promise was a to me of a career negro Diplomat to the Post of american ambassador to Norway. This is the highest Post Ever held by any Arne ican negro to u s. Diplomatic circles. Names to the Fai North Post was Clifton k Wharton now minister to Roumania. The is year old . Sharon is another link in the Kennedy named negroes to posts heretofore never filled by any negro american. A Tifton. Wharton my Carton miss Mary Wood to receive Drake u. Serv. Award vat sic i Faith My. V41.e Watt new pm Kam at Roi i lib Harold Wallace a act to stage protest March on legislature against housing Bill Bill a drawn coed Only half Way in needed legislation to combat hooting Bias state a act branches say Man bars of the new York b slate Apik 4 in . I iwo. Hat Hrh i Ltd Dmn was Rhc do him the pc of 1 the Sla c it onic Cne of die n a a \ v it com Pincu of 1. Branches and l i College Chap Rry at a recent me log in ,4-.rd voted a of Mai pjs a age Job m d the e Hilt hitch has Aton a in Ikon by the stick i. T .1. In. I to i a. I of pm Ilc. N y a ssh Rab Quot irk a pics Lent after 1. A. A of hot it of in n t. a v lofts a record Raynavd Cerbin Iva to it it Tiric neral c ios Pel sir get. Along with 11 i buffaloes Best Talent and to but Haaold Wallace a local phone for Vord for her Long and is Falo youth and you adult a tic Tipti -w.,o in a in gushed service in Voca work j t a musical program at a weeks a tory of min a Mary e. Wood executive j fish Temple Chuzh of cod in the it Quot it a von As place w a Recto of the Young women s Hrit 4ko Etc cry St saturday Ner m a civil very ice Exon nation Christian association of Buffalo much Lith at a M Rev. W for photostat Ope a has lug a. Bean selected by Drake in j i. Wal rate a . A Chi us c p�1�?~ a on of hic ten Grad of pm How Atic eng Meering. . Wallace was As Mant print a a to v Bill fell far , of be wow rr0p a b cd a in Imam in Eden to Elim of male racial dts a Nina Trio m the s w Field of housing. Re. Sumae Austia Purl a at in his report on the pending Ptg fit but Tivi Chuth. War by housing legislation . Waleaty brotherhood Day speaker m the is voted out to the conf Tracei Merlou \ of cation to inti a hit that the Bill exempt one and two a Friday looming. He wih he Ftp family Home whether in not. Pecker Ai a woo at hit i Uli i not a occupied in a Odilion to j Day program at Trinity a apart a net. Of cupid Thiec vanity in Hutch. 41 spoil St a wig 1� this exempts a Large area the late . Iri a. D. I Surv listed of the not Dupion to receive a / the dist Gutfried service award. Corning convocation to be held do Velo pc under c county i Ferk pc min a Wotel Roll along with in in a met is on founders nine other Drake a mini. Receive Mary a goods the award at the annual heme see Page 4 Miv marry in what chapped and Shanna a l Walker Wilt afro appear Ltd the program. He pub us is Welcome. Kengott from july 2f>. Hwy until he was placed As photostatic machine operator april 17, pj5v and feb. 50. I >61 he cd chief photo Static operator to his Hij photostatic to Cabin of 1 1 a it it Jav the a de Jer county clerk Robert i mics Era Tor was under county clerked Rath . Walace is married and the father of 2 sons Ages 14 and it he is a life member of musician s local 533 and lives with his wife Ami family at 167 Lyn Dale ave. Ken More he is the product of is 12. Seneca vocational High .j Wilher Force lit i cancer every two minutes a Man. Woman child Dies of cancer in the t United states. Writ e coverage a needed most. In up state Contr and a ties. Further it was pointed out1 that real estate a St Kerr who we licensees of the state would he a a a a a a receiving legislative Sanction to desires and Bis mean permit Quot discriminate in ail areas nut Cov the conference concluded that c de by the left Lalion. By Poutu Call on delegates Flora the p Opo cd saw also a branches to die a a Blasy Cev rage where the Osmer con Tovy a ice Strong to i a leave of ten j p to age of inf legislation in its e cont pious housing a com a p a a Cut font and to insist that an my Dati Gtna but makes no provi a Bare minimum the he i be to Mon for subsequent Safe of the j ended to include non owner tie. 1 h \ represents a xxv copied one and two land la Home a he serious Kex holc in the pro a and owner occupied three Tama posed legislation. A Homes and that Dir nut a mongers of the conference by real estate Hrock sat any be feh that the Leisl Aluvn am we be 6�t Bidden. Proposed though referred to by a a a. �?1 tiv Rockefeller us a an Impo to it pm fist step Quot does Mil go fat i he Able to live where his heart i la at 7 p Nurt Quot Quot a yet am Prtrt. Rev. A North it Prate Kart he Quot Barril at my Titan Ava. W. H. Is f mob Mcaa an. Re. Paris. A anted Evada Hab. A a Quot aerl maa hop. May a flow a Ibe to popular dark t Shersh and Stan Choras it Buffalo and \ Kinits. Under the Able direction of Andrew Brown win Reader a program at the regional i a her cafe rare m Boston. Mam., the weekend it March 16th. Fee Ushers plan to charter a bus for the cab bark c a sad. Hot to am Tuia urn. A the atre id meet mondays As room Abo t interested a the theatre Sre in vied to he a Amie tits Ltd a new negro a tour cars map my eager Ance n mammary we and nun you the last meets a Dart Tyr it 7 50 M u if a ran Baptist Hutch k�?~5 a Xiv Gao ave. Under the do Ertist it Ralph has if a arc . Pies am a dry Pearl Wisth at to j 20w churchgoers to get free bus rides during Lent churchgoers of the Niagara Frontier May ride not buses to and from clutch without charge on sunday Monist is during a he 1 Entcho sea taxi passengers boarding buses Het Weon 5 a. M. And 2 My a beginning sunday february 19, and continuing through Foster sunday april 2, need Only Teil the operator that they Are xxi the Way to from Church and no fare will be required. Pointing out that this is the 11th year m which met has a tet ded dim unique invitation vat president Roswell f. 7homa said a your invitation to ride to and of pm Church without pay Enert of Tare o Oleon sundays a extended in Nevogt Nitro a of the fact that our american Civi Lealion is based on a san dual Foo ruination. Our churches do much to raft guard this previous heritage by Fri 4 39 A to i it test hmm our do is As Well As Art Howy and a Tagiri stir rights our responsibilities As Well As our privileges our dependence As Well As our Independence Freedom implies recognition of the rights of others and is fostered by the teachings of churches it Ait enough in prodding a a 1vp of a egr Slatie promised by the governor on severe occasion when he stated. A every american should Chubby Check he ill he co starred at in wort a Sodoy night Mare at Browe am the la a a Poey Quot see Tess Taftt a it Watt cortex do k a Shehla me m.7s, �2.m. To Rhet. Are and cd Dir Katty. A a Gay a Mallee am Rory. A Rrok i2s Best a Art pm Ray a so Hisao a. Pm Lamb a Ole at Judro i ;