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Bucks County Courier Times Newspaper Archives Sep 13 1976, Page 20

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Levittown Bucks County Courier Times (Newspaper) - September 13, 1976, Levittown, Pennsylvania B20 Bucks county courier times Pennsylvania monday september 13,1976ambassador navigates the Tricky Waters of protocol by Marian Christy Washington somewhere in the lofty confines of the elite state department past hard eyed uniformed guards in the Shadow of Henry Kissinger a executive suite past receptionists and secretaries is a minuscule waiting room that abuts the office of ambassador Shirley Temple Black first woman to serve As . Chief of protocol. The wait is Short. The greeting is stunningly informal. A Chi there a smiles the Radiant dimpled personality plus ambassador the former child movie Star who skippered the Good ship Lollipop and had a reported $3 million in the Bank at age 12. Americans 48-year-old new diplomatic Captain a on the Job about a month a says ifs not necessary to address her As a Sambass adress Quot thais what i Wear a or a ambassador Quot a a titles Are interesting but they hamper dialogue a. Quot Call me Shirley a she declares settling her curvy 5-feet-2 Frame into an easy chair. Shirley Temple Black who had a Mastectomy four years ago is a scintillating glamorous Folksy woman whose Hollywood connection is indelible. A having the name Shirley Temple is an asset a she admits. Quot people tend to think of you As a Friend after All the state department is in the Friendship however the men with whom she is dealing already Are acting like gentlemen a and this kind of friendliness is taboo when for example she escorts a head of state into the w Hite House the chief of protocol emerges from the left hand Side of the limousine runs around to the right and opens the door for the guest. A trouble is a smiles the ambassador who swearing a dashing Middle Eastern Batik dress with sleeves falling into dior like handkerchief Points Quot the head of state wants to run around and open the car door for me. But in a learning to move fast a she adds there is a pause. Quot there a nothing i can to but the ambassadors Good ship occasionally runs into storms. She came under Sharp criticism when president Richard Nixon appointed her a Mem ambats Attr Shirley Temple it Lack Ber of the . Delegation to the 24th session of the United nations in 1969. There was More criticism when she landed the Job of ambassador to Ghana a a recognized Leader of the third world. After All mrs. Black single Anderly raised la million for the Republican party. There were outraged cries that these Cream jobs were a payoff for services rendered the ambassador whose formal education ended with the High school level Westlake school for girls in los Angeles defends the appointments simply. Quot when a door is opened a she says Quot and you done to produce the door quickly certainly admiring ghanaian did no to close the door. They beat their Drums for the woman named Black who Wasny to Black but fell exuberantly into the Black african lifestyle. The ambassador a whose Harvard business school educated husband Charles is considered her Consort a wore african clothes danced the country a torrid dances and let it be known that the working women were her Quot i always Felt comfortable in Ghana a says the ambassador who was the adept Leader on discussions involving of banking the Economy and women a liberation. Now in her new powerful Washington position she is grappling with a new set of problems. The ambassador says she can to Wear delicate Chiffon gowns Quot my favourites a to White House bashes. The identification tags make holes in the filmy fabrics. What a a woman to do Quot i end up holding the tag in my hand a she says about a minor nuisance. Much More serious Are the classic Post dinner Coffee i Quer Cigar sessions traditionally geared for men Only. Quot i know the men like about 20 minutes to sit around and Tell their Little jokes a she muses. The first time this problem arose the ambassador excused herself and returned when the sound of male laughter had subsided. Quot now i Don t leave anymore a she says determinedly. Quot i join the men for cordials and i instruct the women to follow me. There a no room for exclusivity a she says about social Equality. Ambassador Black says that being a woman in the male dominated world of High level diplomacy in t As intimidating As it sounds. She operates her state department office on an open door policy and has found that male staffers Are More prone than females to come in and Quot talk things Over. Quot indecision is the thing that drives men against a Wall a she says. Quot the trick is to listen to two opposite positions and take a firm stand without offending the person whose position was then there is the question of How her husband who a 57, is introduced at High level parties. She is her excellency Shirley Temple Black. Quot of he s or. Black or just Plain Charlie a she says with eyes flashing merrily. Shirley Temple has been Shirley Temple Black for 26 years. Her first marriage to actor John Agar ended in divorce after the birth of their daughter Susan now 28, who recently married an italian Diplomat stationed in Ghana the Blacks have two children of their of n a Charles 24 and Lori 22. About the Success of the marriage Quot my husband is a very secure Man a she says. Quot we talk everything Over. There Are no unilateral decisions. When the lines of communications Are open there Are no stumbling one of the biggest assets of the marriage is what she Calls her husband s a a supportiveness. He a the president of a san Francisco based firm Mardela corp., which is researching food from the sea As an alternate Means of averting a world food shortage. Quot my husband closed his California office and moved his business to Washington a she says. Quot that a what i Call one of her most strident critics was her Boss Secretary of state Henry Kissinger. Quot he told me he was sceptical of my qualifications a she admits. Quot As a child he had seen my films and that a the extent of his knowledge of me. It s just As Well that i did no to know he was so sceptical. His doubts would have frightened me. But in a durable. I done to damage she talks about the problem of having to work harder than a Man in the same Job. For example the chief of protocol s wife is responsible for decorating Blair House. Quot i done to have a wife a smiles the ambassador. Quot so i do the Job of the ambassador and the the ambassador is markedly feminine. She wears makeup. Pretty clothes and lots of Good jewelry. Men respond to her Woma Liness. When she recently ushered Finland a president urho k. Kekkonen to the White House he insisted she precede him. But the chief of protocol traditionally follows the visitor. A we finally settled that problem a smiles the ambassador. Quot we went through the doors Side recently she accompanied australians prime minister Malcolm Fraser on several australian computer gets personal with patients or to oper in a thursday sept. 16 make the Middletown he Inlet Cli it your play ground this fall. Indoor Tennis on the areas Only True Blue cushioned courts come and see where the action will be anytime from 10 . To 10 . Give us your name As you enter you May be a Winner Wear your Tennis your Racquet and play a mini round Robin every half hour and hour free find out what the forever sport is All about too Young maybe. Too old never prizes will be drawn at 2 . Middletown Racquet club 355 Flowers Mill re. Langhorne 215-752-2255 by Brian Dewhurst Sydney. Australia up thousands of australians Are pouring out their most personal physical and psychological problems to a new kind of Quot doctor these Days. The Quot doctor is a computer. By talking to the computer and undergoing a few simple tests australians can get thorough medical examinations without paying a cent. Med Check in Sydney and the Shepherd foundation in Melbourne provide the free medical service under a Grant from the australian government. Patients referred to the clinics by their doctors sit in private cubicles and press buttons to answer questions which appear on a to like screen. Males answer an average of 160 questions females a few More the questions begin demographically what sort of House do you live in and whom do you live with0 the questions then Trace the background probe symptoms seek drug drinking and smoking habits. There Are fringe psychiatric. A a. A by a alarm guard protects you from people y like him. The Odds Are i. There is o burglary eve Elf it Serow a j. There is o robbery every 5 minutes j there is a to Able tape every 26 minutes 4. There Iso Mulier every hour s. Their is on aggravated assault every 3 minutes 6 one in every 3 Homes null zip enemy o Hie it some kind j this year. I. Applet mutely 2700 Homes a Day Are destroyed by tire Don t Gamble beat these Odds it is Tho you How costly we do protect your Quot sign of Good business Quot _ a a c a a Home and termly Ond chord you peace Tom it and. I od_ali1rj freejsi1 a at a a a alarm guard Security system 637-6827 11825-a Academy rd., Phua a. 19154 21s 547-1392 gentlemen \ yes i am interested in protecting my Home a my business a my apartment a a you May Call for an appointment to demonstrate your system. Free estimates no obligation. Alarm flexibility enables us to move faster when you have an emergency. Questions such As Are you Nappy in your Job do you enjoy sex9 have you Ever contemplated suicide Only five persons in five years have found the questions too personal to answer after about 40 minutes of Button pushing in the darkened cubicle a patient is taken by a nurse for tests of hearing vision body fat respiration and blood pressure. The Jawbone and Chest Are a Rayed an electric cardio graph and a full Bio chemical blood test Are next. The final test is urine. Men spend about 90 minutes at med Check and women about 15 minutes longer because they also have a breast a Ray. Cancer of the breast a the most common form of malignancy in women a is detected in two out of every 1.000 examinations. The Complete results Are sent to the patients doctor who decides what treatment if any is necessary. Only the clinics medical staff and the private doctor see the report the patients names Are coded and locked in a Safe the interview by the computer is simple if an answer is wrong like if a patient says he is both married and single the computer will reject the information and repeat the question. If a subsequent answer contradicts an earlier response the computer Cross examines by repeating the earlier question. Patients who done to understand a question can push another Button to Call for assistance from a nurse Only one person in 240 makes a mistake Quot the clinic provides a preventive checkup for Middle or. Harry w. Giordano is announcing the opening of his office for the practice of chiropractic aged said supervisor or. John Brand. Quot it also looks for abnormalities in people Over 18 years of age who complain of vague illnesses which a private doctor Hasni to the time or equipment to investigate. Quot some of the questions Are very personal because Good health depends on personal satisfaction with life a he said Quot almost All minor illnesses Stem from drinking and smoking habits unhappy damages and sex problems. A med Check examines 80 patients a Day and has accumulated 50.000 patient records since it opened in 1971. Government officials Call the computers when they want information on Community habits the clinic for example is the source for a current Survey on alcohol and drug consumption among different economic groups med Check has a staff of 35, including four doctors. It will open a second clinic in May and will introduce Multi language questionnaires to Cater to australians Large immigrant population. Official Washington duties. One involved a Wreath laying ceremony at Arlington cemetery. Without an argument the prime minister walked ahead of ambassador Black. She got caught behind the color guard and Quot All those tall Fellows huddled together blocked my View a sighs the diminutive ambassador. Quot i was supposed to turn right when the prime minister turned right but i see. So i turned left. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and whispered that i should be going in the opposite it was embarrassing. Ambassador Shirley Temple Black says she hates to be caught Quot Biggin go when she should be these Are the tiny mistakes that make her detractors Happy. Quot sometimes a she confesses Quot i think i detect strange feelings of jealousy in other females. In be ignored signs of jealousy. I done to have time to consider who might be after my copyright 1174, l pulled be tire sybarite Lor. Ouch is out with de dilation the gentle hair removal method. Call Oxford Valley at 752-1313, Extension 254 for an appointment. Gimbal our curly Perm is on Sale at half Price. Curls have that uncanny ability of making you look More Youthful. 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