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Bryan Eagle Newspaper Archives Oct 22 1972, Page 5

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Bryan Eagle (Newspaper) - October 22, 1972, Bryan, Texas Shave and a haircut a. By Godfrey Anderson associated press writer Pecos Tex. Apr if you re a longhair and you land in Reeves county jail Here you re guaranteed a free haircut. By Law officers. Prompt service. No waiting. A we run a jail like any other in Texas no better no worse a says sheriff a. B. Nail who has represented the Law West of the Pecos at least so far As Reeves county is concerned for the past 16 years. A we Cut their hair because that a the jail Rule a the sheriff told one recent visitor. A we shave their Beard if they have one and we make them take a Shower All for sanitary reasons. A you know hippies with lice Are not uncommon a he added As an apparent afterthought. Asked about the reputation his deputies have gained for being unduly Tough on males with Long hair who can get picked up for hitchhiking or even walking on the wrong Side of the Highway sheriff Nail said a eighty five per cent of the people in this jail Are were longhair. That indicates to me that practically All thugs Wear Long hair. Its a kind of badge. And their clothes. Ifs the Type of dress that pushers use. So there might be a tendency for my deputies to be suspicious though certainly they done to put Mem in jail just for Long the sheriff sat at his desk on the first floor of the county courthouse. Above his head was a blown up photograph of a pretty smiling girl in a Western hat. A my daughter Penny aged 16,�?� he said. A the sweetheart of the sheriffs sheriff Nail denied that he is hard on the hitchhikers who pass through Pecos in a steady Stream All summer Westward bound for new Mexico or California. In fact he used to Hitchhike himself he said Riding the freight trains All Over the country a but that was Back in the depression and i did no to try to Rob things Are different now. Texas vagrancy Laws have been declared unconstitutional but a a there a a state Law against hitchhiking and we apply hitchhikers picked up in Reeves county can expect it to Cost them a $10 Fine or two Days in the jail plus the loss of a head of hair. A had Jesus Christ walked through Pecos Tex., he would have been picked up for Long hair a one visiting preacher told an astonished local congregation. Sheriff Nail a Short Back and sides Man himself cited figures a from the Fri i think a tending to show that 85 per cent of hitchhikers who get picked up have some criminal record while 44 per cent Are wanted for a felony. A this is the age of identification a he said. A a Man has a Drivers License a social Security card or a draft card. When they have no identification and cannot say where they last worked or when and have no permanent address they re a pretty Good suspect so we jail them and Check Mem the haircut follows booking and precedes a court appearance. A if they wont submit to a haircut we Cut it using whatever Force is necessary a said the sheriff. A we run the jail. We done to let the prisoners run it. But we Are never rougher than necessary. When they rebel and refuse to have a haircut they generally see we mean business and let us go when there is a Barber among the prisoners the cutting Job is professional. When there Isnit a Deputy does it. The sheriff was questioned about John son of a wealthy physician from Glencoe 111., who had his hitchhiking interrupted by a weekend in Reeves county jail. A a in a always been kind of curious about what it would be like to experience jail a John was quoted As saying afterwards. A but id never been to Texas before. Man you believe it. In a not curious any more.�?�. For free John lost his shoulder length locks. He lost his Beard too after being warned by another prisoner that it might be ripped out with pliers if he fought Back. Sheriff Nail called in Gary Ingram his chief. A remember that doctors son that caused us All that trouble a he asked. Ingram nodded. Tile boy was fined $15 and sent on his Way. A the was picked up by the Highway patrol a Nail recalled. A the put out a lot of propaganda but it Wasny to so. Half he said Wasny to True. He quoted prisoners out of context the other hitchhikers that were in jail with the sheriff agreed that a Vietnam Veteran John encountered in the jail was still there after almost a year. But he Wasny to there for having one marijuana cigarette Nail said but because he was a heroin addict who had been convicted and is now awaiting an Appeal of his sentence. Asked about George Lex Sorters who made a sworn affidavit to a los Angeles lawyer about the treatment he said he received when arrested for hitchhiking and fined $70.99 or 14 Days in jail Back in october 1967, Nail said he did no to remember the Case. Sorters in his sworn statement said he was dragged from his bed kicked and held Down on a table while his hair was Cut. Later a specialist in Palo Alto calif., took a rays and then told Sorters he had a fractured sinus and broken nose a believed caused by a hard Blunt object such As the toe of a a a that a absurd a said Nail. A we never drag anyone out of bed to Cut their what do sheriff nails fellow citizens say mayor e. W. Schmidt a local physician does no to find much to make a fuss about. A there Are probably some Law enforcement officers who Are a Little vigorous in their attitude to some details such As cutting hair but my general feeling is that the people who have to face these problems Are there because of their own actions. Consequently they can to expect to be treated like Royalty a Schmidt observed. Roddy l. Harrison a Pecos lawyer who has himself prosecuted hitchhikers feels that the Law governing a the arrest of citizens soliciting a ride should be eased. Harrison feels that the experience of someone arrested for investigative purposes held in jail and then released after paying a Fine or even having charges dropped a might justly result in a bad attitude towards Law enforcement in police chief Gene Martin whose nine Man City Force sport a Golden cloth badge a Law West of the Pecos a on their sleeves says his men Are too Busy to round up hitchhikers and they Only go after definite suspects. A i never heard of a Hitchhiker being arrested until i came Here a said we re too Busy with other things that have to be but the chief is no More a Lover of longhair than the sheriff. A people who neglect their appearance neglect everything a he says. A i done to like to see a Young person with Long stringy hair and dirty clothes. Most of them Arentt today most men in Pecos seem to trim their hair Short. An almost Crew Cut is popular. But outside influences Are creeping in. Principal Frank Kelly of the High school Felt impelled to produce a new dress code for pupils when school started. It urges Young women to a avoid the exploitive in dress and Wear what should reflect a feminine Yound men Are told to Wear their shirt tails inside. Beards and goatees Are banned. They Are warned that a sideburns of excessive length and thickness do not hair of course will not be worn Long below the Collar. Anyway sheriff Nail says he never picks up local boys unless they Are in trouble. Cates typewriter co. Adding machines calculators Call classified 822-3707 sales service rentals terms 909 so. 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It was completely disintegrated. We found the bodies All mangled up arms and legs separated from the bodies. It was horrible a killed were Fred Mccall 32, san Saba Tex., funeral Home operator. Mrs. Margaret Mccall 32, his wife. Lee Ann 12 Troy to and Melissa 6, children of the Mccall. Mrs. C. T. Carpenter Mother of mrs. Mccall. Christi Carpenter 17, sister of mrs. Mccall. All resided in san Saba. Mccall had filed a visual flight rules plan through the Abilene Airport the nearest flight service station. Europe charts rough course the Eagle Bryan College stalk Parisi apr nine european leaders have charted a course toward a dreamed of european Union that could some Day be As powerful As the United states the soviet Union Japan or China. But its going to be a Long quarrelsome haul. The european common Market Summit meeting which ended Early saturday marked the Entrance of Britain Denmark and Ireland into the 15-year-old group formed by France West Germany Italy Belgium the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Together they have some 250 million people and an area of 590,000 Square Miles about the size of Alaska. They Are already the largest trading Block in the world and if the potential of the enlarged common Market is effectively mobilized it could take its place alongside the superpowers and the asian giants. That was plainly the Hope of the Heads of state and government who assembled in the Majestic hotel for their two Day meeting but protracted wrangles marred the conclave and symbolized the problems they face. A declaration of principles said the nine would work toward forming a european Union by 1980. Because of the problems involved the definition of the term was left purposefully vague but it is Likely to embrace Trade social and foreign policies. The leaders asked for a Progress report from common Market experts by 1975. Then they will hold another Summit conference presumably to decide whatever further measures Are needed. President Georges Pompidou of France Britain a prime minister Edward Heath Chancellor Willy Brandt of West Germany and the other leaders made Clear they envision their grouping As an element of stability and Prosperity in the world. They said the enlarged Community w ill maintain traditionally close relations with the United states but added a the hour has come for Europe to assert itself in the Bryan Board to Eye Book suggestions Hie Bryan school Board of trustees w ill take action on the recommendation of the local textbook committee at mondays 7 . Regular meeting at the educational services Center. The meeting will include reports on maintenance Community education and the House built by the Bryan High school building trades class. 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