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Bryan Eagle Newspaper Archives Nov 9 1975, Page 4

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Bryan Eagle (Newspaper) - November 9, 1975, Bryan, Texas The Eagle opinions j. Terry Hancock president publisher Dave Kramer general manager Jerry Waggoner managing editor Page 4a sunday november 9,1975 Bryan College station Texas the Eagle presidential race sans asian Issue first time for the first time in recent memory a . Presidential election race is lacking in an a asian foreign policy Issue with the potential to capture the Public a interest. It can be said with some justification that few issues foreign or Domestic seem to be turning on the Public these Days. Apathy is the dominant chord. In the Early 1950s, the korean War provided army Gen. Dwight Eisenhower a theme on which to Campaign. Then there were the televised debates Between. Aspirants John f. Kennedy and Richard m. Nixon in 1960 Over the importance of the Island of Quemoy should an attack on Quemoy by the Peoples Republic of communist China be a regarded As an attack on the Republic of nationalist China proper and so on. Thereafter the Vietnam War and its Shock Waves influenced subsequent elections and had something to do with launching or ship wrecking a Good Many political careers. For the 1976 presidential race it appears that no single asian Issue will intrude in a major Way. A More Likely focus is the entire foreign policy concept consideration of the benefits of detente with the communist superpowers. In the context some asian questions will pop up and be among the topics discussed in world affairs forums in communities throughout the land and possibly in More general gatherings. Emotions on asian subjects will run less High than in other years because there Are no Points such As a a bring our sons Home from Korea or Vietnam. The Republic of China on Taiwan which has been disappointed by the earlier moves of president Nixon and the upcoming trip of president Ford to peking is already beefing up its lobbying artillery. The nationalists operating today with much less financial clout than the old a a China lobby of a different Era have commissioned another National Public opinion poll. The results will be released just prior to the presidents departure for China. The poll will reveal we Are told by persons who have seen the raw tabulations that americans a while favouring increased Friendship with the pc a do not want full diplomatic relations with the peking government at the expense of Taiwan. This question is unlikely to become a major Issue in the 1976 election Campaign unless or. Ford presses ahead faster than now seems Likely. Any abrupt movement toward recognition of peking at this stage would present or. Ford with a heightened Challenge from conservatives generally and Ronald Reagan in particular. Some of or. Fords own advisers have said As much rep. John Rhodes r-ariz., after a trip to China and former Secretary of defense Melvin Laird in a recent speech in Taipei. Korea is not Likely to Blossom As major Issue unless there Are new provocations by the communists. The a a loss of Indochina has had a curious influence on the question of Taiwan and Korea. No presidential candidate is Likely to advocate a a dumping or withdrawing . Forces from either of those nations and face the rap of a another asian nation Down the Drain to the role of several asian questions a including the United states economic and military commitment to Japan a deserves More intensive examination by americans As they evaluate the candidates for National leadership. At this Point in time however it appears unlikely that any Asia related Issue will have the political whammy which for instance Vietnam had on the career planning of former president Lyndon Johnson. Is am feb so this is going to Gost nou a bundle capital talk legislators hacked at Bullock limb May snap new York apr the consensus economic forecast is a bit late in taking shape this year. Too Many economists it seems fear that the limb upon which they sit might snap and Deposit them on the ground. Many a forecaster has found himself attempting to advise clients from the embarrassing posture Over the past three years. The Over All record has not been Good and both seller and buyer of forecasts Are acutely aware of it. As a result forecasters this year Are striving to make Clear that a a imponderables Cloud the horizon and that moreover they really be blamed if Consumers or government officials act in Bone head ways. If everyone acts according to the Book they Are saying the . Economy should expand by about 5 to 7 per cent and maybe even More. They Are convinced it will be a better y ear than 1975. Nevertheless economists Are troubled As this sampling More than suggests. A Albert t. Sommers chief economist the conference Board a nonprofit research organization a there is certainly no reason any longer to question the present state of the . Business it is upward says Sommers but not without its problems. A the a feel of this expansion is thus far not As stimulative or comforting As would be associated with a Broad resurgence across the whole front of activity. A moreover very recent information carries the suggestion that the expansion is not accelerating even in the areas that Are participating in Pierre Rinfret of Rinfret Boston associates consultants doubt the pall of uncertainty. The optimists Are optimists with Hedges. The administration is convinced the recession is past the Economy is expanding. A however tile chief economic spokesman for the administration is sure the country is moving Forward but he is not certain it will last. The word missing most noticeably from business terminology from the economic lexicon from the vocabulary of the financial journalists is a George Hagerdon vice president and chief economist National association of manufacturers a next year should shape up As a very Good year for the Economy. Business volume and employment should be rising fairly steadily and at a brisk Pace through most of the year. A the inflationary trend will be fairly mild at least relative to what we experienced in 1973 and 1974. In fact i think that a year from now we will All be telling each other How Well things turned however Hagerdon says he is fearful the country might be in a Long term trend in which recoveries Are accompanied by inflation and then by renewed economic decline. It. A in i to. By Winston Bode statehouse scribe legislators disgruntled Over the sinking of the Constitution Are shaking their fingers at comptroller Bob Bullock whose administration has been Well funded and telling him a wait til next some lawmakers Are hacked at the Way the comptroller kept trying to make a Case for the a Inners though he backed Down on his original scary predictions about the possible Cost of the new document. Veteran Capitol correspondent Stu Long taking Cobalt republicans appear to have settled on Lake Jackson gynaecologist Ron Paul to run for congressman Bob Casey a seat when Casey Steps Down. Sen. Bob Gam Mage is already campaigning for the , unsuspecting drunks Are getting caught up in the heavy Long Range Campaign being staged by the alcoholic beverage the original Dir Mobile commission under new administrator Luke Robinson. Liquor agents Are staging unprecedented mass raids on clubs Beer joints restaurants in a move designed essentially to shape up the License holders. In the process Many an imprudent tippler is suddenly finding himself in the Pokey. This comes at a time when Over half the states in the Union have repealed their Public drunkenness Laws. Under the new statutes the Texas version of which failed in the last session intoxicated persons can still be arrested but they Are treated As being either sick or disabled and done to have criminal charges files against them. Despite an Austin american statesman editorial urging them not to be sore losers Many dissatisfied citizens in the capital City continue to mutter a a recall in the direction of their Liberal Motley new City Council. But tempers sweetened momentarily the other Day with the opening of the Long awaited North South expressway artery on the West Side of town a Emo pack which motorists Are whizzing up and Down with the Delight of a child with a new toy. By Erma Bombeck years ago i stopped apologizing for the condition of my House. Those who knew me understood Why i had a basketball in my bathroom and those who did no to know me did no to want to know they really saw it. I still indulge myself in the great american pastime the making excuses for the condition of your car number. I have never climbed into a car in my life that the Driver Wasny to ready with an Alibi. Everyone does it. A few weeks ago i entered a car that had nothing in it but a piece of lint and an umbrella and the owner turned Ashen and said a i must apologize. We have a no need to apologize a i said. A what you do on your own time is your a i mean the car a he said. A if my car was this clean id turn it into a Mobile a Ray i drive a 1971 Dir Mobile and frankly in a running out of excuses. My husband opened the door on the passenger Side a few weeks ago and a potato rolled out. A what happened a he asked. A would you believe we re decorating a a this is disgusting Why do i smell onions a a because the ashtrays Are full and they overpower the a what is that beneath your accelerator a a a Tennis a Why is there an umbrella fully opened in the Back seat done to you know it brings bad Luck a a we noticed that when we get it Down and we get it out of the a is this dashboard full of dust a a we like to think of it As a message a when was this car last serviced a i opened the door and read a this is a real dump. Stacks of newspapers Ball gloves Candy wrappers books thermoses old gym clothes empty bottles a sleeping bag bicycle pump and not one Inch of space on the floor to put your feet. Why a i looked Over at him As his hairy legs dangled awkwardly from the car seat. A How about you can to get decent help these Days a after the Constitution debacle the legislature now knows How it rates with the Public. But a Capitol correspondent for the Dallas morning news has come up with a new wrinkle in scepticism. Dick Morehead wonders about giving More authority to the legislature now that it is a relying increasingly on staff members a often students or beginning shot Texas monthly reaches for effect an sales in its november cover relying on the Juk assassination questions for a spurious twist the cover reprints the famed Bob Jackson photo of Oswald getting it circles the gunman a head in red and asks a who was this Man a. Meaning As a genuinely interesting Story by Gary Cartwright asks a what kind of a Guy was Jack Ruby a today a irony editorial writers observed that the Sharpstown scandal gave Rise to the Texas Reform movement that led to the Effort to revise our Constitution. But it was the distrust of the legislature engendered partially by the scandal that helped defeat the Constitution. In fact lawmakers in Houston say the crucial Media Campaign there against the document relied on the Public a distaste for Sharpstown Ere officials tying them to the revision Effort. Revision plans were in fact drafted by the reformist a dirty thirty 62nd legislature which came after Frank Sharps heyday in Austin. Texas business activity on Rise Austin apr Texas business activity Rose by 12 per cent from August to september to its highest Point since May 1974, a University of Texas analyst said saturday. Or. John Stockton of the Bureau of business research said Texas business Index shows that the state a Economy Felt the effects of the depression later than the nation As a whole and was slightly slower in reversing the downward trend. A however the recovery since the second Quarter of 1975 has been much faster in Texas than in the nation a he said. For the first nine months of 1975, Stockton said Texas Economy was 2 per cent below the average for 1974 and to per cent above the 1973 average. A the most serious decline in the Texas Economy has been the slump in building construction a he said. Residential construction authorized last year was 21 per cent below 1973, which was 8 per cent below 1972, the Peak year. The average monthly residential construction for the first nine months of 1975 declined 4 per cent from the same period last year. A14 per cent increase in construction of one family dwellings this year was More than offset by a 57 per cent decline in apartments authorized for construction. A the Economy appears to be pulling out of the recession at a steady rate a Stockton said a but the Basic problem of controlling the inflationary spiral is no closer to a solution than it was a year a the situation in Texas is certainly As Bright As the National picture and probably somewhat better a he added. Texas business activity for selected cities with percentage changes from August to september of 1975 and from the first nine months of 1974 to the same period this Vear Abilene 6 and i Amarillo i and 7 Austin 14 and less than one half of one per cent Beaumont 23 and 9 Corpus Christi 6 and 6 Corsicana 14 and 4 Dallas 14 and la Elpaso 2 and i fort Worth 16 and 5 Galveston 15 and 6 Houston to and 8 Laredo 7 and i Lubbock 17 and 12 port Arthur 9 and i san Angelo 21 and 4 san Antonio 12 and i Texarkana la and 3 Tyler 17 and i Waco la and 7 and Wichita Falls 15 and 3. It a a i i my m m just w in we Jar we is Asi More Dusty Kennedy assassination papers revealed by Jack Anderson rep. Bella Abzug d-n.y., will attempt to Lay open hundreds of assassination documents which have been hidden for the past 12 years. In earlier columns we revealed that the Fri had withheld from the Warren commission Many documents dealing with the John f. Kennedy assassination. Investigators for Abzug a government information subcommittee have also Learned that the National archives has held Back numerous Warren commission documents from the Public including the actual minutes of two of the commissions 12 executive sessions. One of the suppressed transcripts contains an analytical discussion by psychiatrists of Lee Harvey Oswald a conduct and motives. The accused assassins relationship with his wife was discussed in such explicit terms that the archives Felt the transcript violated the Oswalds privacy. The other transcript involving Oswald a stay in the soviet Union was based on statements by soviet defector Yuri Nosenko. It was withheld at the request of the Central intelligence Agency. Similar requests from Federal agencies have kept secret 142 other items at the archives including 95 from the Fri 24 from the Cia and smaller numbers from the state department secret service and internal Revenue service. Other internal memos betraying the timidity of the commission and the failure of its staff to follow up leads were also never released. Those familiar with the suppressed documents insist they contain no evidence that would change the commissions verdict that Oswald acted alone. On the contrary some insiders believe the documents would Clear up questions that have been raised and would help end the wild speculation Over the Kennedy assassination. Rumsfeld a future Republican leaders Are sizing up Donald Rumsfeld the new Choice for defense Secretary As a vice presidential possibility. At age 43, he is articulate and photogenic. He demonstrated As the White House staff chief that he is also an Able administrator. But most of All he has a style that has caused admiring politicians to refer to him As the Republican John f. Kennedy. We have determined that president Ford Hasni to spoken to Rumsfeld about becoming his running mate next year. But other White House aides Are whispering about the possibility. Ford has had his Eye on Rumsfeld Ever since moving into the White House. As we reported on october 8, 1974, the president then had Rumsfeld a in mind to be the next Secretary of we reported a year ago however that Ford a needed someone in a hurry to replace Alexander Haig who had headed former president Nixon a White House staff. The president therefore summoned we added that a Ford still intends to Send the Able Rumsfeld to preside Over the we noted that a the presidents plans for Rumsfeld of course Means Secretary of defense James Schlesinger will be dropped from the Cabinet. This will be a Victory for Secretary of state Henry Kissinger who has been feuding with Schlesinger Over foreign military our report of a year ago has now come True. The Pentagon of course can be a Tough test for any administrator. Rumsfeld himself remarked ruefully to a Friend a the Pentagon is like a log covered with ants floating Down the River. Each ant thinks he a driving but those who know Rumsfeld believe he will emerge from the Pentagon As a political Star and vice presidential Prospect. Indian dealing for years we have been writing about the victimization of indians. The villain in our pieces has been the Interior department whose Bureau of Indian affairs has a record of bungling and betrayal. On most reservations the Interior department has found Indian leaders who will do its bidding. The worst of them is Dick Wilson whom Interior maintains in Power As the Oglala Sioux tribal chairman even though the civil rights com Mission reports his election was shot through with illegalities and fraud. The controversial Wilson is also under Federal indictment for allegedly using a a Goon squad to beat up lawyers 4 defending the indians who oppose him. Yet the Interior department remains Loyal to him. For example an Interior task Force conducted a study on the Pine Ridge reservation site of the wounded knee siege of % 1973, where Wilson holds Sway. The study found that a the Issue of treaty rights must be addressed. The emotional state a a surrounding this Issue demands that it be die question of treaty rights is the key Issue that Divide i Wilson a supporters and opponents. The statement in the study backs Wilson a opponents. The Interior department therefore struck out this demand for a review of the disputed j 1868 treaty with the Oglala Sioux. Stan Dremas chairman of the task Force tried to defend this censorship. Die treaty Issue he claimed a it important to Only a Small we have also discovered tampering with a second study this was an investigation of Wilson a tribal government conducted by the prestigious touche Ross and company. The study concluded that Wilson a government was a not a viable working but in a private memo interiors assistant solicitor it. Indian affairs Charles Soller said this finding would a create. Embarrassment for the department. So the toil language of touche Ross was changed

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