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Bryan Daily Eagle Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1970, Page 3

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Bryan Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Bryan, Texas Jeane Dixon Horoscope tuesday sept 29 your birthday today the search for creative self expression dominates your entire coming year. Your past achievements Are foundations of the present and encouragement for the future but nonetheless past. The new paths you follow now Are defined More by instinct than logic. Today a natives include Many obvious instances of Fate taking a dominant hand in their history. Many possess great theatrical ability. Abies March 21-april 19 slow Down a bit master your impulses then you can be More effective in the responses you do make to the vexations of today. Plan for a quiet evening. Taurus april 20-May 20 use your head rather than your feelings to meet provocative stresses. Gambling is almost certain to involve loss and other repercussions More important than the loss itself. Gemini May 21-june 20 there is no simple magic solution for today a Complex atmosphere. Take one thing at a time in finding the smoother path through routine. Cancer june 21-july 22 caution in travel and use of equipment is urged. You Are pursuing a rather solitary course now. Think what you Are doing take the risks into account and go ahead. Leo july 23-aug. 22 a take the most conservative course. It May be better simply to ride along with conditions than to attempt drastic solutions. Get the facts before you make changes. Virgo aug 23-sept. 22 drama is in the air a capture it constructively in creative projects. People Are tempted into needless bickering. Passive resistance Oisin evolvement Are essential. Libra sept. 23-oct. 22 lit Freedom ring Call 846-3711 creative experience is the thing today. Secrets neglected chores complicate routine matters. Your Money has too Many places to go just wait a while. Scorpio oct 22-nov. 2 Start Early Settle things before your friends indulge an emotional need to interfere. Use your talents for their highest application. The later hours can be great fun. Sagittarius nov. 22-dec. 21 pause once in a while today to let intuition catch up with the insistent stimuli All around you. Done to let squabbles deteriorate into serious arguments. Capricorn dec. 22-Jan 19. Your system of organizing runs a collision course with other Peoples ventures. Seek Compromise acceptance. It is a tense but very rewarding Day. Aquarius Jan. 29-feb. 18 continue to avoid any action which would endanger your partnership or marriage. Your intuition now is your finest guide despite your very Active logic. Pisces feb. 19-March 20 going along with others May be the quickest Way to Advance your own plans. Look ahead to judge when you must diverge to follow your own path somewhat later. Soviet Ballet dancer starts new free life new York a Alexan Der Filipov 23-year-old russian Ballet dancer who defected from the soviet Union in Mexico has arrived in the United states to i Start a new life in a a free he told newsmen at Kennedy Airport. A i asked for political Asylum because i am completely opposed to the constant repression of human values which exists in the discount it Partman by or i a division of Cook uni Fml my m guess the in of the world series prices effective thru 30th Gill Ette Platinum plus injector i Blades 7 Blades Gillette Platinum plus double Edge to Blades tec Matic adjustable Kazor Bano by Gillette to Suk stainless Yeti Kaub tec Matic adjustable razor War free Foamy shaving Cream i Platinum plus i Hector bums ail Gillette Platinum plus injector Blades entry Blanks available a Satall stores. A ism. A . J Legal opinion divided on Moonshine argument the daily Eagle monday sept. 28, 1970 Bryan College station Texas Pago Washington a in an attack on Federal tax Laws the supreme court has been asked to extend the fifth amendments guarantee against self incrimination from gamblers to Moonshiner. Its an old argument but judging from a decision in a lower Federal court Legal opinion is now divided. At stake Are Federal income tax Laws requiring the posting of a sign at a lawful distillery furnishing of Bond registration information and Purchase of tax Stamps for1 whisky. In 1968, the supreme court said the Federal Law requiring gamblers to buy Stamps in effect violated the constitutional Protection against self incrimination. Invoking the fifth amendment is an absolute defense in cases where the gambling stamp provision was used to identify gamblers the High court ruled. The new but similar attack on alcoholic beverage Laws was brought by Walter grooms and Cleona Hooper both convicted in Detroit in connection with manufacture of illicit whisky. Their argument had they obeyed the Federal Laws they would have been forced to incriminate themselves. In the past convicted Moonshiner have had Little Success in courts with their plea. School children is. Drugs Washington a the growing use of Tranquili Zers to quiet overactive school children comes under scrutiny this week by a congressional panel concerned the drugs May suppress classroom creativity. With one Federal health official estimating As Many As 300,000 children May be receiving Tranquili Zers rep. Cornelius Gallagher d-n.y., has scheduled hearings starting tuesday into the situation. A before this grows into the millions i think we ought to have a look at it a Gallagher said. He Heads the House privacy subcommittee holding the hearings. Gallagher a concern is with amphetamine class drugs prescribed by doctors for such disorders As Hyperfine Sis the problem child syndrome. But says Gallagher there May be a real question As to whether Bright creative youngsters Are being drugged to mask natural restlessness in Boring classrooms. Lib a pharmaceutical co., which manufacturers one of the drugs gives these symptoms for hyper Knesis or minimal brain dysfunction a the seems in perpetual motion. In constant purposeless activity. He a aggressive destructive. Easily frustrated. Can to concentrate. He a Bright yet does poorly in school. He wants friends yet companions shun him. His behaviour makes him nearly unbearable to parents teachers and Gallagher has been investigating the problem informally for four months since reports surfaced that 3,000 to 6,000 school children in Omaha neb., were being Given drugs. Besides the question of Bright youngsters being drugged Gallagher poses some others a what happens when such drug use goes on a child a record will he be marked for life As needing Tranquili Zers to function in society a what happens when a child who has been Given these amphetamine class drugs the kind Young people Call Speed a is warned against their use As a pleasure Ful mind stimulant. Will he believe it Gallagher says he is also concerned about the safety of the drugs used. Ciba in us literature on ritalin warns against giving the drug to emotionally unstable patients. A a chronically abusive use can Lead to marked tolerance and psychic dependence with varying degrees of abnormal behaviour a Ciba said. A Frank psychotic episodes can Bonnie Baker bread 3 Oak farms 2% Homo milk Stokely s Tomato juice i Gal. Ctr Heck these 46-oz. Can prices Good . Sept. 28-29-30 health amp Beauty Hinds Honey amp Almond Reg. 1.05 lotion a Quot 79 # banish shampoo Breck l?i.� 89 specials i a or pineal Tobl Sissas Stokely a Catsup pack no return bottles 49 14-oz. Btl. Limit 4 please Barbara Dee cookies ass t. A 13-oz. A a flavors pkg. Delight�?16-ox. Can dog food _6 famous Star Cream peas 2 la 39 Pine of Pini Pine Oil banquet Crum pies t Sunshine crackers Sunshine Nilla Vanilla so 43 29 ,41 wafers 11-ox. Pm. 39 Texas Sweet oranges la. It Lemons 6 a 39 peaches _ 25 new potatoes Uio yellow onionsl25 nestles chocolate Bonnie Baker White morsels a so 49 it Corn meal a 39 it Hipolite marshmallow Cracker barrel Creme �29 crackers -19� double Stamps tues. With $2.50 Purchase or More pops rite Popcorn ��29� cat food cop a cat 15-oz. Can a Imperial or Domio sugar limit oni with is Purchase a la. Bag special offer this week Section 4 random House dictionary each Section Only 59$ the most useful Book your family will Ever own now 290,000 Lett nos now 1950 pacts with tells readable Type a 64 pics full color Nadir Nannard Atlas Aid Catt Attr a fart Lea Lance a dict eartes a preach a Spanish o prof Taly Illust rated with or 1906 drawing a Owr 90 Pant is fawns o Majar Mats is Ward Hist Siy App rss Imd far at dons Library Binder Only to % South Texas most modern supermarket service and satisfaction guaranteed located at Texas ave. Amp Rosemary Bryan station Tex it Quantity rights reserved

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