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Bryan Daily Eagle Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 1

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Bryan Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Bryan, Texas Circulation audited and Obi a an teed a eth year the Bryan daily Eagle serving Bryan a College station and the Brazos Valley since 1876 y vol. 87 a no. 275 a Nia Mew i Trice Bryan College station. Texas. Monday. May 20. 1363 ten pages of lege Price 5 cents Juk s Crew sets record Crew of president Kennedy a Jet Airliner stand in front of the Craft at Moscow Airport after a record flight from Washington d. C. To Moscow from left Are maj. Lewis c. Hanson Pilot col. James b. Swindal chief Pilot maj. Charles Rogers navigator and it. Col. Joseph Sofet Pilot plane carrying Glenn t. Seaborg chairman of the atomic Energy commission and nine other u. S. Officials covered the 5,004 Miles non Stop in 8 hours 38 minutes and 42 seconds. A photo High court upsets sit in convictions safety precautions increase in Ottawa Ottawa Iff a a terrorist threat to bomb Ottawa hotels brought increased Security precautions today As top ranking diplomats continued arriving in the Canadian capital for the ministerial meeting of the North Atlantic treaty organization. Among those due in today were u. S. Secretary of state Dean Rusk. British foreign Secretary lord Home and French foreign minister Maurice Couve de Murvise. The meeting begin wednesday. A number of hotel received Anonymous letters during the weekend saying hotels housing nato delegates would be blown up. It was assumed the threats came from the Fly Quebec liberation front the underground group that want to separate French speaking Quebec province from Canada. The Fly has claimed credit for a number of bombings in the past few months in Montreal. So far its violence has been confined to Quebec province. Ottawa is in Ontario and most of the province s people Are of British descent. Rusk and Many of the nato ministers will be housed at their embassies. Lower ranking delegation members will be spread among the City a hotels. West German foreign Mims National nuclear units in the Alliance and to coordinate their operations. A Germany supports the regrouping of a part of the alliances nuclear capability under discussion a he said a we believe that cooperation will mean Progress in handling the difficult task of nuclear strategy a Rusk is to see Martin tuesday. He also will Confer with other delegates in Advance of the nato meeting. Diplomatic sources said there is Little doubt that the 15 nato countries will approve the new nuclear command. No Effort will j be made however to get a decision on the More am by i Titus proposal for a multilateral nuclear Force cons sting of some 200 Polaris missiles on surface ships manned by mixed Crews. Negotiations on this Are continuing. The Canadian House of commons was to open a week of pol icy debate during the afternoon. The debate will bring one or More motions of no Confidence in prime minister Lester b. See Ottawa Page 4 this music did t Calm the nerves Hornchurch. England of a the Hornchurch drum and trumpet corps went for a week end rehearsal in Peter read s pasture. Read s 50 cows lifted their Heads with interest As bandmaster Brian Keeler raised his Baton for John Philips Sousa s Semper the drum crashed out and the Horn blared. Five cows dropped dead. The rest stampeded. Keeler apologized profusely. A they were obviously terrified by the noise a said read. But he added that he would t sue a Quot these things frightening amount dynamite theft probe begins in Birmingham Birmingham Ala. Of a authorities Are investigating the theft of a Large amount of dynamite several Days before twin blasts touched off negro rioting in this City and threw Sparks of racial unrest All Over Tho nation. Two cases of dynamite were stolen from a storage House prior to the May la bombings of a negro House and a Mote Ter Gerhard Schroeder arranged Senff Melvin Bailey disclosed an uneasy Calm prevailed that Alabama troopers Are try Dunn the weekend. Nearly i ing to a incite negroes to riot 300 Law enforcement officers j through intimidation and Agi were available for duty and Po-1 Gatior. A Tennial trouble areas were under in Northeast Alabama la per heavy patrol. About 3,000 fed sons were arrested for attempt ers troops called up by presi ing Complete the integration Dent Kennedy for possible use pilgrimage of slain Baltimore j w postman William l. Moore. The group included actress made a meeting with Canadian foreign Secretary Paul Martin for this morning. The German made Clear that he will Back the proposal to set up a new nato Fin i r a a a i i 11 r a 4/% n by h a Kine Sherwood. They were charged breach of the peace. With sunday. Normally that would j be too pounds. A a it a a frightening amount a j said Bailey. A there is plenty of command Structure to handle1 Loose dynamite in this polls questions awaiting Rocky Washington ill an intensive reassessment of the political situation will be the order of the Day for new York gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller w Hen he returns from his honeymoon. What his private pollsters Tell him about the political effect of his marriage to Divorcee Margaretta fitter Murphy could have a direct bearing on whether the governor plunges into an Active drive for the 1964 Republican presidential nomination or merely coasts along awaiting developments. If the indications Are that his marriage has built up resistance to his nomination the governor can be expected to tread water for a while until a new canvass can be made this fall. If relatively Clear sailing is in Prospect he May step up his campaigning. Rockefeller is a great believer in polls. He also is a Man who plays his politics close to his Vest Seldom confiding his plans in Advance even to party allies. For example he told sen. Kenneth b. Keating r-n.y., Only 20 minutes before the ceremony that he was going to be married. Although Rockefeller has made All of the familiar motions of a candidate for the nomination his remarriage after being divorced last year by his wife of 31 years has injected a new element of doubt about his intentions. Keating who declines to speculate about the political Impact of the governors matrimonial course carries t h e impression that Rockefeller has never made a final decision about seeking the nomination for which he has generally been regarded As t h e front runner. A the has never told me whether he expects to become a candidate a Keating said. The matter is of prime interest to the senator who already is running for re election in new York next year. What Rockefeller a marriage has done to his prospects for the nomination and to his chances of beating president Kennedy if the governor should be the gop Standard bearer remain a subject of discussion and disagreement. Senate Republican Leader Everette m. Dirksen of Illinois who has adopted a Neutral stance on the Choice of a nominee said in a separate interview he thinks the whole matter will blow Over in a few weeks. The Board of education ordered today the expulsion or suspension of 1.081 negro pupils arrested in anti segregation demonstrations. A negro Leader immediately threatened a mass school Boycott. In Birmingham were on stand i by at two Alabama bases j gov. George c. Wallace who has sent about 700 state officers into the City filed suit saturday in a Effort to Block any use of the Federal troops. The president and Wallace met a be hours later at muscle i Shoals in North Alabama at a j Tennessee Valley authority an a Niv Ersary Observance. They talked during a helicopter flight to Huntsville where the presi i Dent spoke. Quot we discussed things briefly a Wallace said later at a news conference. Pierre Salin j saving they would wait until Ger White House press Secre afer the Early sessions tary said the discussion was if no agreement is reached a not j before june 12, Only new legis Wallace maintains that state nation providing for either Cortland local authorities Are keep Pul Sory arbitration or govern rail Union talks resume on work Rule Washington of a the railroads and five operating unions resumed bargaining today in their Long fight Over j work rules. They met at the urgent re quest of president Kennedy. Negotiators for both sides. Withheld comment As they i started their closed meeting Washington of a the us. Preme court overturned today the convictions of sit in demonstrators in five major cases. The cases were from Durham n. C. New Orleans Greenville s.c., and two cases from Birm Ingham Ala. The courts action was Dis closed with the release of an opinion by Justice Harlan in which he concurred in part and dissented in part with the majority a action. It was not known immediately who delivered the majority opinion. Presumably it was chief Justice Warren since he released an opinion in the Case from Greenville. S. C. In the Greenville Case Warren declared that a when a state Agency passes a Law compelling persons to discriminate against other persons because of race and the states criminal processes Are employed in a Way which enforces the discrimination mandated by that Law a palpable violation of the 14th amendment cannot be saved by attempting to separate the mental urges of the Warren s opinion in the Case of the two negro ministers said that neither Man incited or aided and abetted in any crime and therefore their conviction had to be set aside. Warren declared a it is generally recognized that there can be no conviction for aiding and abetting someone to do an innocent in the South Carolina sit in Case to negroes questioned Validity of their convictions for trespass after a demonstration aug. 9, 1960 in an s. H. Kress store in Greenville. Greenville has an ordinance requiring segregation of races in eating places. The conviction of the to demonstrators however was under a state Law making it a criminal offence to go on or remain on premises of another person after being warned not to do so. The to negroes were sentenced to pay $100 Fine each or serve 30 Days in jail. Their counsel argued before the High court that the negroes were convicted of no More than violation of the segregation policies of Greenville and South Carolina. The attorney pointed out the store manager said he excluded the to because to serve them would be contrary to custom and ordinance. The manager directed that police be called but did not ask that the negroes be arrested. Counsel for Greenville argued in reply that acts of a private individual taken pursuant to custom Are not state action barred by the 14th amendment. The attorney said the manager had the right to eject anyone and could use the state trespass Law if he did not wish to take the Law into his on hands with possible violence resulting. Warren s decision in this Case had this to say a the Evi Dence establishes beyond doubt that the Kress store management a decision to exclude petitioners a the negroes a from the lunch counter was made because they were negroes. A it cannot be disputed that under our decisions a private conduct abridging individual rights does no violence to the equal Protection clause unless to some significant e x the n t the state in any of its manifestation has been found to have become involved in a Warren then referred to earlier decisions one of them involving a dining room operated by a Wilmington del., parking authority. In the Greenville Case Warren said an Agency of the state had provided by its Ord Nance tha the decision As to whether a restaurant is to be operated on a desegregated basis is to be reserved to the City. Coops world tour full of contrasts Cape canaveral Fla. 4 a astronaut Gordon Coopers space tale of his whirlwind world tour is a study in contrasts he saw the Bamboo curtained heart of red China. He nearly saw his own Home hidden by Trees in Houston Tex. He saw things As colossal As the Himalayas and things As puny As houses in India trucks a boat a Tram. He awoke startled from his space sleep forgetting for a moment where he was. Yet he had a he greatest presence of mind in flying his spacecraft Back to Earth through the roasting and dangerous moments of re entry. But somehow in the telling at sundays news conference in Coopers own relaxed and Light style it All seemed to come out the same. The first signal of trouble with his automatic Pilot was the flashing Green of a warning Light. Quot i thought maybe at first id just ignore it. But i decided maybe i better he said. A i was afraid it go away. A i found that the re entry into the Earth a denser atmosphere was easier on the first portion than what we had been practising in procedures Trainer with the computers. Everything we ent very Well on with the Calm diagnostic tones of an Engineer he measured the preciseness of each elem it or his flight. Occasionally his humor caught the situation. One chore aboard was to see tour Page 4 expected today solons await spending Bill ing the peace in Birmingham and can put Down any disorders that might flare up. One of the leaders of the desegregation Campaign the Rev. Wyatt tee Walker contended in a talk at a Washington rally weather the forecast for Ilia Bryan College station area Allis for Cloudy skies through tuesday with scattered showers. It will be cooler with a Low of so tonight and a High of 72 tomorrow. Sunday s High was 88. The Low is. This morning s Tow was 88 with in noon temperature of 78 degrees. Total rainfall sunday and monday was 1.83 indies. Conventional Cha and title i Loans at Bryan building and loan association. A adv of the railroads nationwide rail ment seizure can Block a strike. A three Man emergency Board provided the basis for new negotiations in a report to the president last w Eek. Kennedy in making the report Public said a there is no time to be lost for completing their agreement in this critical dispute. The ultimate dependence must be upon their of n the key Issue in the Battle Over what the railroads Call a Feather bedding is the Fate of 40.000 firemen on freight and Yard trains. A presidential commission last year proposed that the jobs of these firemen be eliminated a with 13,000 Low seniority men being dismissed immediately and the other 27,000 jobs being eliminated As men retire die or move to other jobs. The emergency Board propos see talks Page 4 Sandra drive Street work nears Start r. B. Butler inc. Of Bryan i started moving equipment into j the Sandra drive area today getting in position to begin $193,134 of assessment Street paving in Bryan during the next six months. Sixteen streets totalling some j two and three Quarter Miles Are i included in the project scheduled for completion within 180 i Days. I Nagle is the longest single j Street in the project. Approximately 3.100 feet Are to be paved. Kent Street was substituted for Ennis Street when i property owners on Ennis failed to get the necessary two thirds approval on a petition. Other streets to be paved Are Atkins East 28th. East Lane Echols drive Edgewood drive fourth Street Greenway drive Hardy Homestead me Culloh Pease 33rd and Winter. Austin .4 a legislative budget makers put the finishing touches on a record $3.1 billion appropriations Bill at 4 . Today then sat Back and waited for the tedious Job of printing and assembling to be completed. All that remained to be printed on the Bill Wras a Short Section dealing with funds for higher education. Reps. W. S. Heatly of Paducah said the Bill would be assembled and put on House members and senators desks a late today or at the latest by Early Heatly said a vote on the measure a could come at any time after the Bill is in members a there will be a few opposed to spending and trying to make a record but i think the conference committee report will be he said. The spending Bill takes care of state spending needs for the 1964 and 1965 fiscal years beginning sept. I. Sen. Bruce Reagan of Corpus Christi one of the Senate conferees echoed Heatly a prediction on acceptance of the Bill. Although the appropriations Bill is the Only measure lawmakers must approve before their four month session ends Friday much important legislation still awaits action. Senators had Opportunity to act today on two controversial issues congressional redistricting and abolition of the poll tax. The Senate must approve for submission to voters its proposed constitutional amendment to eliminate the poll tax or ask for a conference committee on the proposal. The House passed the measure last week but changed from the fall of 1964 to next november the Date for Texas citizens to ballot on the amendment. A House passed congressional redistricting Bill was changed by a Senate committee to leave intact most District boundaries w Hile designating the present at Large congressman for Dallas county. As approved by the House the Bill adds a congressman for Dallas and South Texas and combines two Northeast Texas districts while reshuffling most District boundaries. Beauties scan ads with the target Date for the end of the legislative session in Austin just a few Days away these attractive House secretaries scan the classified ads for future employment. Approximately 350 secretaries of House and Senate members will face this problem. Left to right Are Rexell Mitchell Virginia Bieberdorf and Yvonne Graham. All Are married and working to help their husbands continue their education at the University of Texas. A w ire photo Rains bring heat Relief across state by the associated press Texas cooled off monday and Rains ranging from showers up to five inches dotted nearly every Section of the state. Heaviest Rains were reported around Banks near Brownwood where downpours ranging from 4 to 5 inches were reported heavy thunderstorms a harmless Tornado Hail and drenching Rains punished North Texas As Cool air thrust into the state sunday. The heat Relief my front kept pushing on toward the Southeast. A baby twister touched Earth in a pasture to Miles West of Mckinney North of Dali and bounced Back aloft causing no damage. Hail and occasionally torrential downpours flattened some Fields of ripening wheat around Vernon and Henrietta As a series of storms trundled across the Northern areas of the state. Hail up to the size of Golf see Rains Page 4 european group okays american Tariff Cut plan Geneva a a the european common Market countries agreed today to american demands for across the Board Tariff cuts. This apparent reversal of position was aimed at ending the deadlock Between the world two greatest trading blocs. But at the same time the six european countries demanded that in return the United states agree to an automatic formula for adjusting gaps Between High american tariffs and lower european ones

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