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Bryan Daily Eagle Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1958, Page 1

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Bryan Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Bryan, Texas Stood o Bryan i a says total distribution Friday 8007 the Bryan daily Eagle eighty two years serving the Brazos Valley Price per copy volume 82 i Complete wire service of associated pres Bryan. Texas. Sunday. January 26. 1958 16 Pagett plus 8 pages comics no. 178 reprinted without comment from the u. T. Record University of Texas a the new $850,000 Roto building dedicated in november places the University a among the top three in the nation As far As Roth facilities Are concerned a according to Roth Liaison officer a m. Macdonald professor of government. A built entirely with state funds the a shaped Brick building contains administrative offices for the three staffs an armory classrooms three air Force link trainers a highly Complex Navy combat information Center Library and storage facilities. Quot it might be added Here that the University is the Only school in the Southwest and one of the few in the nation to have All three Roth branches. Certainly it is one of the few schools to have a permanent building for a pay your poll tax with the profs a three members of the animal husbandry department will attend the meeting of the association of Southern agricultural workers in Little Rock feb. 2-6 they Are or. O. D. Butler. R. O. Berry and a m. Sorensonjr. Four members of the horticulture department will attend the same meeting. They Are f r Brison d r. Paterson h. T Blac butt and James b. Storey. Or. James l. Liverman biochemistry and nutrition will be president As chairman of the Southern Section. American Section of Plant physiology nine members of Plant physiology and pathology department will be attending the Southern division meeting of the american photo pathological society in connection with the same Little Rock meeting. They Are or. G. M Watkins head of the department l s. Bird c. D. Renney. C. W. Blackmon. David w. Rosberg a l. Harrison and r b Stewart Wayne c. Hall and Sam Johnson. Or. G. M. Watkins head and or. D. W. Rosberg. Plant physiology and pathology will travel to Pearsall Crystal City. Weslaco Harlingen and Brownsville the last five Days of this month to observe crop disease situations and discuss research problems at stations in those vicinities. Or t. D. Watkins or animal husbandry will represent Texas a amp a in fort Worth Jan.1&Quot-28-29 at the annual meeting of the purebred sheep breeders a it in. And in planning a Wool show and judging contest to be held at Brownwood in May. Or. R. R. Bell associate professor of veterinary parasitology attended the annual conference of research workers that Are engaged in a Western regional research project on parasites of ruminants at Davis California on january 24 and 25. As chairman of the Southern regional research project technical committee or. Bell sought coordination of the two projects which Deal with gastrointestinal parasites of ruminants. A pay you poll tax the upper room none of them that Trust in him shall be desolate psalm 34 22. Prayer help us our father to act honestly and sincerely on the basis of what we know of thee. May we love Light More than darkness goodness More than evil and we feel the reality of thy presence. In Christ a spirit. Amen. L i l morsels by l i l the intelligentsia that Small a Bright group which leaves most of us in the dark fire causes shrill damage fire Mil no. 2 was called out saturday at 7 20 . To the new Jack Lester building on Washington Street across from the courthouse by a fire in an unoccupied office. Only slight damage was done to the office floor while smoke poured through the building. A Large amount of insulation was damaged by the smoke. The extent of the damage is not known. Cause of the fire is unknown firemen were Able to control the Blaze in 20 minutes. Xxx Datu kill Bryan College station a mild temperatures covered the area saturday and wind whipped in a mild dust storm. High reported by Caa was 64. Tho Low was 53. High Friday was 56 and the Low 34. North Central Texas East Texas South Central Texas Clear to partly Cloudy and mild sunday and monday. Rejected but Hopes High or. Barbara Tittle above right and or. Lena Bristol leave president m. T. Harrington s office with High Hopes and the words Quot perhaps in the future Quot still ringing in their ears. They Hope it will be in the very near future. Right shows them rejected but not dejected As they leave registrar h. L Heaton s office after filing application tor admission into a amp a College. Photo by Gene Dennis Hope not dead Bryan gals say by Virginia Syptak Eagle staff writer two Bryan women saturday had a a slight feeling of Hope Quot of being admitted to Texas a amp a College. Teague to open \ Al fund probe Washington Jan. 25 pm chairman Teague a Tex said today House veterans committee investigators have found cases where Only 5-10 per cent of funds raised in the name of veterans actually went to needy a servicemen. Teague called a committee meeting next monday to Chart a Public inquiry to veterans fund drives. He voiced concern a lest the shocking activities of some professional fund raisers Hurt the organizations which Deal with them and also mislead the Public which makes the ultimate Teague mentioned no names. Key committee members indicated they would go along with Teagues proposal for hearings based on evidence collected by committee investigators Over some six months. An american legion official said his organization a a definitely feels it in the Best interest of veterans and the american people to expose the Fly by night illicit or illegal the veterans of foreign wars said it welcomes the inquiry. Gunman draws Lo-to-13 or ars Patterson n j., Jan 25 Day. A Texas parolee who fought a gun Duel with police nov. La was sentenced to 10-to-15 years yesterday. Judge Donald Collester characterized Day 23, As As a a dangerous menace to Day and William Schmidlin 16. Had been sought alter a series of armed robberies and burglaries. When police came to question them in a Rooming House the two fled to an attic barricaded themselves and began exchanging shots with officers. Police routed the pair with tear Gas after an Exchange of 24 shots. Mrs. Barbara Tittle 20, and mrs. Lena Bristol 34. Said they left president m. T. Harrington a office Friday with a feeling of Hope even though their applications for entry into a amp a College had been rejected. The two filled out applications for entry into the College in the registrars office about 2 30 . Friday then each was admitted privately into registrar h. L. Heaton a office for consultation. Mrs. Tittle was asked first to the office. When she came out after about five minutes she said Heaton told her he was not authorized to admit girls to the Long sessions. He added that the Board had set up Laws which prohibit girls from being admitted except during the summer sessions. She said he told her she could go to court with it. Mrs. Bristol was also refused admission by Heaton. She said he also reminded her of the court procedure. She reported that he said a was you know you can carry it to court and there Are those who have that mrs. Bristol asked if she might discuss her application with the president of the College and also before the Board. She said Heaton again told her that there be any need As the Laws had already been set. During both interviews a stenographer took Down everything that was said in Heaton a office. Still undaunted the women left the registrars office and went directly to the office of president Harrington Harrington gave them a Friendly Welcome and invited i them into his private office. He. Too told them of the boards ruling against female students. When asked if they could appear before the Board they said Harrington answered that the Board has already set up Laws that stipulate that gals can to go during Long sessions. A is that final a a mrs. Britton asked. A a that a Harrington said. But As they were leaving the office however they said he told them a perhaps at some future Date. Perhaps the Board May change its mind at that time a pause a you say you left your applications at the registrars office a i see Hope Page 3 Khrushchev says soviet set to discuss icbms ban red Boss has string attached to proposal Moscow sunday Jan. 25 my soviet proposals for the in it fit soviet communist party mediate Banning of atomic and chief Nikita Khrushchev said Hydrogen weapons and their in a speech published today the tests and the creation of an soviet Union is ready to discuss atomic free zone in Central a ban on intercontinental bal Europe. Listic missiles a but Only As Khrushchev charged presi part of a disarmament package i Dent Eisenhower a recent pro Deal. Powals for an International he made Clear he was not agreement on the use of outer proposing such a ban outside space was a one sided propose an agreement that would in-1 Tion. He said it was aimed at elude disarmament proposals Banning weapons that could the soviet Union has been try threaten american territory a ing to sell without Success in and which the United states does not possess a while retaining the use of weapons with Ike takes hand in reorganization Washington Jan. 25 Jim san applause from members of president Eisenhower took a Congress for the president personal hand today in moves dramatic action to Speed a the past. The conditions Khrushchev Laid Down called for the West to agree to dismantle military with which he said the United states has surrounded the soviet Union and the communist Camp. He called for a Summit conference to discuss these issues but said they would have to be part of an agreement on the reduction of foreign forces in Germany and other european states. The package Deal he said also would have to include stand which the United states can a hold the world in a state of a imperialist circles of the United states wish to retain military bases and set up rocket launching bases on Textor ies suit funding the soviet Union As a constant threat to the soviet Union whose cities they claim they can wipe from the face of the Earth a Khrushchev asserted. He charged the Western Powers have proposed discussion of problems a on which it is difficult or even impossible to reach agreement at an International disarmament conference. These proposals he said were advanced in the form of a an the communist party Secretary boasted that the soviet Union already possesses missiles that can devastate a any Corner of the he said it has a a tested and highly efficient weapons Capa see ban Page 3 minimum wage proposals to be pushed to reorganize the defense department. He paid an unusual visit to the Pentagon and conferred with top civilian and military leaders. There was immediate Bip Arti county to share in Road plans to the Texas commission on higher education Washington Jan. 25 i sen. Kennedy a mass said today he would push for action this session on his proposal to extend the a an hour minimum wage Law to about million additional persons. The senator said in an interview he would ask that the labor committee resume its work on the legislation at an Early Date. He said he would be ready to proceed with the minimum wage Bill As soon As a labor subcommittee which he Heads completes its report on a Bill to regulate welfare and pension plans. Kennedy a minimum wage proposal was snarled in the full committee when the 1957 congressional session ended. He said at the time that his measure was a Compromise Between the recommendation of president Eisenhower to put an additional 2h million employees under minimum wage Protection and an Al Cio proposal to extend coverage to to million More workers. Kennedy said today it appeared the Only choices Are Between his Bill and the administration plan. A Check of other senators on the committee showed it might be hard to break the deadlock sen. Allott a Colo said it seemed to him the legislation was in a a mixed up status when the committee stopped wrestling with it last summer. The president recommended see wage Page 3 the Texas Highway department will spend $140,000 for traffic safety improvements in Brazos county during 1958, d. C. Greer state Highway Engineer has announced. This is in addition to the regular construction and maintenance program. At the january meeting of tile state Highway commission an unprecedented $25 million was appropriated exclusively for safety improvements designed to give texans safer travelling on High traffic volume roads. The new program is formed from an engineering study of Accident rates against the states average fatal plus injury rate of 70.1. Those spots in the state Highway system that average higher than this rate Are the ones being earmarked for work under this program. Greer stated that the traffic safety program would be directed toward 918 Miles of highways in 104 counties. The 158 project scheduled will be on highways which carry traffic volumes of from 600 to 3,000 vehicles per Day. Narrow pavement will be widened and shoulders improved. Culverts and Structure at hazardous locations will be widened and dangerous curves flattened. In addition other safety features were programmed a channelization of traffic control of Access with barriers placed along hazardous sections control of Access with frontage roads at Points of congestion and similar work. A we expect to get All work under Way on this special traffic safety program during the Calendar year of 1958.�?� Greer stated. The project for this county is a Widen pavements resurface and construct shoulders on u. S. Highway 190 from state in a statement he is Highway 6 in Bryan to 3 Miles to concentrating the promised overhaul of the nations military setup to meet the Challenge of russian sputnik and missiles. Eisenhower conferred for More than two hours with Secretary of defense Mcelroy and 14 other civilian and military officials. These included reorganization advisers whom Mcelroy named recently. There we As no announcement whether any decisions Hhd been reached. White House press Secretary James c. Hagerty was asked Why Eisenhower had gone to the Pentagon instead of having Mcelroy come to the White House. A the president said he was going to take a personal interest in this so he went Over there a Hagerty said. A it was his Hagerty said this was just one of a series of conference Eisenhower will have with Mcelroy prior to the president decision on defense reorganization. Sen. Mansfield of Montana the assistant democratic Leader said he we As a Happy to note that the president at this time is taking a personal interest in the reorganization of the Pentagon As he indicated he would do in his state of the Union message a i Hope he takes a close look at the extraordinary number of assistant secretaries of defense and assistants to the assistants who Are cluttering up the Pentagon a Mansfield said. Eisenhower told his Jan. Ii news conference thai while he has some a rather fixed idea about the proper defense organization he is not going to insist that All of them be adopted he said a consensus must be reached with Congress and those charged with operating the military services and he would be a the last to ask for a detailed organization in which i believe. A without reference to Eisenhower a Pentagon visit knowl and and sen. Bridges a no voiced vigorous opposition to placing a single commander Over the armed forces in the forthcoming reorganization. Know and said he is Quot not convinced that a single chief of staff is the answer to the problem of speeding up the development of missiles and satellites. Bridges chairman of the Senate gop policy committee said opposed military East. See Ike Page 3 Austin Texas we the undersigned respectfully request your Agency to make a study to determine whether the a amp a College of Texas would serve More efficiently the people of Texas and fulfil better the obligations of a land Gront College by continuing its present basis As an Ali male College with compulsory Cadet corps membership or by changing to o basis of co education and Roth activity similar to that enjoyed by most other land Grant colleges. 9 named to Aid building program an $83,000 Road Block in the i afternoon and the opening Dis path of the construction of a closed the lowest bid�?$290,977 new physical education Plant �?$83,175 More than the amount and farm shop at. Stephen f of Money available for build Austin High school caused May ing the new Plant and farm or o. B. Donaho Friday night shop. To name a committee to help plans of the school Board also ease past the Block. Call for remodelling of the pres Donaho a former member of the Bryan school Board named or. S. J. Enloe chairman of the ent Sfa gymnasium into 12 classrooms and two additional auxiliary rooms if the new committee and placed Roland physical education Plant i name. Street a a City City name Street City. Mail to the Bryan daily Eagle Bryan Texas for inclusion in o petition to the commission. Ike hulls u. 11-bom let Progress Washington. Jan. 25 i a British american Progress toward harnessing the a bomb for peaceful uses was hailed by president Eisenhower today As opening up a unbelievable vistas for the a this is my a first step a Eisenhower said a but it does bring within the realm of possibility a limitless Supply of atomic Power and Energy for All the world for Many thousands of Yean to the president issued a statement congratulating american and British scientists a for the contribution they Are making toward peaceful uses of the As disclosed in Laboratory Experiment announced yesterday. Built. Early estimates indicate the remodelling work will be in see named Page 3 Dansby and Mike Barron also members of the City commission. And City manager Casey Fannin on the panel to represent the City. He named r. J. Bermath school Board president construction in m Linton Jones and Pat new #. Ton other members of the com Izolt sell Ltd i Roj oct Mittee representing the Board. School superintendent w. R m a begin soon Carmichael and architect Phil pc Norton round out the committee. The committee was named after Dansby urged the mayor to name the committee and charge it with the responsibility of working with the school architect and school officials to bring construction costs within the $207,000 available for erecting the building. Norton told City commissioners that he discussed the program with the apparent Low bidder Robert l. Guyler and that he would Quot have something ready to discuss with the committee Early this bids on the construction of the new physical construction on a $973,500 housing project in Bryan will begin this week a weather permitting. Joe White director of the housing authority of Bryan said saturday. The project 110 units will furnish Low Cost housing for Whites and negroes. Fifty of tha units will be added to the present units on Beck Street while the remainder will be divided Between present negro project and on a new site on Henderson and military streets. Best amp Best construction company of Wichita Falls a the Low bidder on the project. The units will be constructed new any Sinai education of material which will be in Plant were opened thursday keeping with the present unit

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