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Bryan Daily Eagle Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1957, Page 2

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Bryan Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - August 4, 1957, Bryan, Texas The Bryan daily Eagle Paus j i n an texan sunday August 4. I0r>7 volume 82 lulling re pm Ltd a wih a urday. morning untold the 5 a sol. Us we. M to. Of Gong Tun i 187 Tut us i tout. Tualin w to a j i a a. 1��� a a a a. A m 8ku&. V we in la i i a a j Ito until a my no a Tny cd lot i is loft Mur a a i a a h and in pm re min., got Hauk Ahw 1.1 taint a Kirici and aah in to no Uoo May pc i o let. Monh in Mumaw map rtt and Cir a p a to Hiu Etui v try in a a in k in in by managing editor j a k How i n cite editor nato a Mog. Vhf in a to in a a a a a Kiv a Tow m Al my a a a Ltd my us i in my a mow 1 a month Ai a a a Amin in a m mum autumn so onto to a a in nov a a too Vomm vim a la i in vol a Mimi to a a Anc Vav to oar a Ltd i Aba tor a of Tell to Ihl Otic Mai to Nib Anno. Iai u i Kemt la a Stool tau a Zanitti i to a tor Rovt out us l urn Allt invite Baa Mitol to a not Toioi a a Ltd a the in i Vai Ami All Mea Tow oui Haiton All rights to to i Una Ala Mirza Hora in a Raser a i caution. Don Praise in Iii Britain a did look so Small when i was Down there the i ii Ian Hinton remain Poi toot in Placid Tho to aits % w Hon von mention \ a a k ions n in lug of Mew hut Don Sun ans thin. Nut about Tho United nations in dont of Hun unto you re ready Tov an a Umont to is still on Sot sit Ive to o. Int Sci that because Abe in a reputable pm Fen Tho Hee world his count a Knuckly Dei to the i n general Wen in a Call in Iho Suo Case while immoral a Tioff dec the organisation with impunity Winston Churchill s attack on the i a can be read against that background the Nauji hex v old w Amor thinks the organisation he helped to Start need to re tse charter a a is anomalous he said Quot that the vote to prejudice any Small Wunn should Smoot events to Nob in Roou Latsons Many times own no misers and affect them As momentary sett advantage Max direct nit question of weighting i n votes in proportion to the site of the Mem in is has been a live one Ever Ainee Conception in ii democratic Community however. No one has Ever foil cd an acceptable Means of weighing votes according to the Imper Tanct of the comparable intelligence of the voters is Tine that the Small nations tend to operate As blocs in the i n in in the scandinavians endowed with great sincerity in �1� search for world peace hold their tout Power conference fuck fore each general Assembly to reach mint decision in the Agenda the asian african bloc frequent in let prejudice against the Estern Powers Rule their decisions on almost any topic. The Atlantic allies usually operate As a bloc themselves Churchill has some lung of course when he says i v Justice for one should be for All that Means a Rule of Law. About which score Are Dulles and Manx others have talked. Willie Milberger arid Paul Bird Well placed and will each receive $5 prizes. A Flery was 12th with a so Pound Elt a Ltd Law goes utter a88 Dot is a la up rim cd into effect on a. 20 c by Lloyd Joyce and w. M. Kimbrough Jaycees will sponsor farm youth trophy crop is. Ranges yielding to Federal Aid to schools appears dead searing Texas temperatures Federal Aid to education May not net be dead As an Issue but is certain in c lose. To that stale than has Ever been in the Asio Vars More when the House a rawly Defeated the school construction Bill the mox a represented not a imply a delay my a Ion hut a a 5 o Vul Aget Quot Cut to future adv a on of Federal Aid democratic managers of the Mea ure blamed vhf Sidcot Eisenhower for not putting Oil enough pressure Capitol others pinned tor to a defeat on Tho attachment of the now habit a Ancen bument which fsr Aid to those areas a stain my Seg Veratio a so hoots. Naturally enough both Kern. By Van Aud in viable leaders want to blame their Mala but All this vat bal backing a mph a car vex Bacun the tact that achoo a w As cot Tea. O a pc vhf Ivou a a a a if Pat to to Fain to in Congress. has been one of a Well est Arvee by in formic years that legislator in Quot a ant sex leg a. Amendment to cd Vocea of is on w hich actually is economic Aud Antibus gym Hemment. Clem there is a Good Deal of genuine fear that Federal entry into i e Schvel pc Ture Means riot just needed financial help out permanent encroachment and possibly cent to i the evidence suggests that in la a thai fear was stronger than before in haps heavier meter mention by . Eisenhower amid Haw saved the Bill in the House though a have Rad. Even tougher going in the Senate but whatever the degree of pres denial pressure acc Congo a Ess does not seen. Cd is la car nos that the Issue Quot a been in the Ieca be ight e Well to let rest i w in e v Sere e enervating a to the process of bringing a mess ure ear Atte sear without interruption. In the me a Ead. Fresh is can he Toke i to claims Al the Tuhro Cates and to cart be we ged again be g Tod the newest evidence the states own ability to carry the wheel Toad. W viability to carry the Theta Aega Seeve tithe i the up # cd i Only to to a. Old to cd soc id ret ted re Collz i e station aug 3 a and ranges Arf yielding under searing temperature in much of Texas the a cultural Extension service said Many Fields of Grain Are be Ginn Uig to hum. Hastening a Tuntg and decreasing yield. 1 director g g g san said Conor give with generally the Harvy reported As far North sgt Jackson. Wharton and co., ado Eslo est is condition remain food but ranges Are turning to cry. T Jim n c As Aho. Weeds parasites cause More pro dents fruit and vegetable pro Ductor ranges fro Quot v acting fab veg Ebud crops ice w liter Garden arca. To pms ted Reav Nare n fast Texas and Rush season in she Panhandle. Fruit prospects n the loader k o veranda a Dey Are of Cd tand has been pics cd tee Ial crops hut in Anana areas Nach As Norsh Texas a tack cd Awn fuse presents age is Light and livestock is in Good condition with a heavy movement to Market prices dropped in some sates barns. Much of North Texas soil is too dry and hard to plow for planting and All crops a Suff Reg from a Lack of moisture. Grain sorghum is beginning to Burn and Soma Corn is being salvaged for silage. Stock water is adequate but ranges Are drying rapidly. The hot dry weather lends Well to Grain sorghum Arvest in South Central the a Early sorghum is making Good yields Corn is dry inc fast and some Cotton is shedding due to dry weather and insects livestock is holding own but vegetation is dry and Spear grass and Needle grass Are causing trouble in herds. The Cotton Harvest is on in the Gulf coast area a Small amount of Nee has been combined. The sorghum Harvest will begin soon. Scattered showers fell but a general ram is needed. Pastures Are dry. The Texas egg Law becomes effective on aug. 22. The Law the Bryan Jaycees Are Spon provides primarily for inspect Soring a fitting and showman lion and Labelling of All eggs ship contest to by held the that Are to be sold on Grade. Brazos county youth livestock the eggs Are inspected mostly show in october according to retail outlets and if sold on Jaycee director Lloyd Joyce Grade Are labelled according to any 4-h�?T Fra member who size and Quality. Upgraded eggs is showing a Barrow Lamb must be labelled ungraded. The steer in the Stock show is Eli deadline for obtaining licenses Gible to compete by brokers dealers retailers the Jaycees undertook this and wholesalers is oct. 20. Project to encourage farm youth a meeting to discuss the new to continue to be Active in pro state egg Law will be in the pct and demonstration work Extension service conf. Room even though the county fair has 6th floor new courthouse in1 closed. Houston on tuesday. Aug. 27 a Winner w ill be picked in 1 30 . F. Z. Beanblossom the Lamb Barrow and steer i poultry marketing specialist Ion. Each of these winners and a representative of the will receive a Banner. The win state department of Agricula Ner of the three divisions will lure will be on hand to inter s come together to compete for pret the various phases of the Champion showman of the Law. All persons interested in event. The Champion will re attending the meeting should chive a trophy Contact the county agent s of to win the fitting and a How. Five. Manship contest does not de farm Bureau Pend on the boy girl having the Brazos county farm by the prize animal. The judging Reau Board of directors will of this contest is based on the meet on monday night 7 30 Job of grooming preparing for in the county agents of show and ring showmanship. Flee according to president j. O. This contest is based More on Alexander. Final plans will be what the boy girl does and made for the Barb que to be not what the animal has done held the Middle part of this the 4-h Fra member with month. This Barb que will be the last place steer Barrow held the american legion Lamb could win the Champion Hall and All members of the ship trophy. Joyce said. Brazos county farm Bureau Are invited and urged to attend Sci look budget 4-h a a the Brazos county youth Hearne isl a the he amt livestock show is just around in j,.pendent school District the Corner. Oct. 14-15 a boys will meet monday night and girls interested in showing t0 Dot a budget for 1957-fryers in the show should Pur Jug school year. The meeting Lechase their Chicks by tween now gun no 7, will a. Open to and aug. To the Public according to m. E. Sammy Novosad. 1956 Winner Jones superintendent. Of the county Sears boar won a a a a. Third place in the bar Bren pocket mice that live in the Ham store area boar demons to pure White Gypsum Crystal lion score card cont Novosad dunes near Alamogordo hew will receive $7 in prize Money. Mexico Are pure White in color. In the store area heavy litter mice of the same species who contest three Brazos 4-h boys live outside the dunes Are still were named As winners. Tommy Brown. Pie uhrus rhex has hard l Ime w till opponent a . A Drav c. S a in Ca \ v ,. a. a no to to la a a Quot a wit v.-,v Quot Quot a a a a a a i of . Patty thai he re re. Pc. of Csc to sic que Otto. Csc eco a a s.-. V la my Fotch Atud. O. We Are a we a z. A a 9 i in. A a do inv a i Quot Melv l jul i Rolf i i Vav a. N of re Quot v Hvass a a Quot i i a Quot of to % a 5 div g att. Etc 0 o that a a i vat in xes Xei by of Swu w aft to to. ate that Evv c air. To no of the Krvin sva to f&Quot.,-x a to a to rvxv&.-itx ?. \. A. Xvi a Quot. V is a Quot Tost is str Virt s.s ans Ivr to to i Bini a a of v a w i a a a. v a a Quot res a Xvi a a Zolt Quot s fit a tiv k cd i Patty i tax ? . . X in his Ivy a Ltd 1 Ala by. V. i i the Xor Tao xxx f Ivor if feed old Nett a Fey $ act this Turfe to feast a grass Aad a to v a lev w the a Ieve i Rte a Reece was _ Luce xxv v a v v .vfix. If. A fun div so >lvxv.a lev Fra is pc. Jew s end f a i the x., a tacit Iva re itto i h to a. Is to the Box k j. A a Sites in ii to to a to a a. A taxi i a re v.-. b la a 1 a to a set str a the Sigro to a a a c a a a a a seek a Quot careless / to cog Quot to a a a j a Quot Vav Thev the i l i Ltd Cut a. I a a veer is. 3 . ,1. A Vav Quot. a cd is .va.& Are a a i to to car e the a. R. ear Aize s Eva a the Quot ass ? Chi a z. 4 ? .ec. Jeep Ess Thosas a Cee. Ave. Cd vix for a Tiara ret so rowers re ova Lac ate sigh of ii Arr -4. Vol cd a cat a ice Case is As so s Pc of a proc fat i some Aid to . Vas a of \4 a i Aff la f c.1. Var .3 sheas Texas. By. Fey pc a s Vic tic a Cro Ana. V few Ash of Awee Cera Ros i. A.tee the in to re $rsxezx2$g. To valves to my mint 7narkec mad peas Trees re s Quot insect to a those who Enow Seno their friends to s of to i. Tit. R Clops to a 4 pm a Wise re Vic v a c i Tecc i u of a for Book Mohilo to a a fax Roc a a. We be / v Fly a. To a in a i a n w s Iffla acc a a Calm Muier Issei in. To Ca. Ii web Tats .0 a tit re pm a wow �?~. 0. Of is Ltd to emails Are Arwold tag arse 3zca� a Tocoi Oil Only doctors of Otstot Ottov Ixa mini your Iysis s o of fax put ref in the rages for aes Vassee ixe rss a a i e -4e Al ?.r Erx pm Cir a Sava re w.us Xra Lee s a get a Var the i a i a s.?o eos a a off a Leto la _ to so Quot xxi to Recs Ltd a ? i the.v Java a Yee 1 j a ice Row that a xtv5& A in js4 nk4mm wan a. A. Aah Puit a u --4 g to a tee. f�?T.e Arr Xiv a no aaa % a Roces we Zaa we suit a a a to Zro of test cautery a no re pm Fol thally pc mss to xxx k Tea. Net Viza see i . A a area . Ski Jis i re by is imit.. Him a. 3lenr? v.?t a. in cd a tax i my til 1. A j.& a of Van Quot Zuj of a 5c a ski i. Xxx c Sher z Revere 1 in Ere a eur Rettit a Jeri is a a Volt Var Ary to sex i to n. Mem a. T Sci cd i. I in i to Aas. Of. To c Quot pc f a ,. I a j to to.i. 5 re is 1 4d i u web i amp a k in xxx. I most Temps Roo the i re pc cd. I a e e a Cox in Toul by. Fiill cd Roe is Are Nii a a. .�?T4 Cro a a a. Cato 7 s. -1 a.xant up Seale Ems finest go Mitt re so Able Cost a coat by . Is v.9c- a exes i a Tafry i Yum a5� a a Isa Iru v i % a Deciro wbk Throe Var for sunny so we Tam Stark exec Roe jut aflame a a he a proc a sat ten a pwt a Cuccu n Sinai a. Pm Ron tev. Ii j a a s. 100 v Crow a xxx try Wujs pc wog Jai in to Ihm 5s.4"c a a air Bina a Leto to i xxx 4 by a Tanvi a. A Ais sax v a. I be a c a v Ltd Tex a a a Nee vis of A a a % Vin i kid a Job. Crox de we a and . A a Tad roars a fur Tiro roat show is lust Roe Iraj Serrec Acy the to rot 1 Ropwr ? a in a h 9rcu. A Hota be .vc oar titties Cut met o tat. M a e of a Ortro .u.- a Leto a to apere scr Hare serf Suant in Luces atte.s re Moi Totaro my rom be la i x xxx i.- 3 m . Ii. by Sam a v j a vow Mem 4fl my a Xvi cd in tit. Him Row fist Ai pc rockers. Cd fix us a. A a a4mx"x to ? a. A pc u baath a a a to4 vital i a a a "4. A _. Prev a. Pm. Atar a Arr. Proc rogue .ee a. In rot i Rio. A snarl a a says a 11 a -j., a Rue Quot a a is of icing a rata. we. So s Moro. Kid to .--.a. .Sxju g a 2m in Micro xxx a .s go tit. Ca. Rom Anjan to suit fro me Irod to room no 501 Varisco bldg. Apr i Quot i z Ahw we a hone a a 1-4 a a a atm id a in 3knrs a i i to Ftp Civ trn Crota. No v a in a a Rhu a

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