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Brownwood Bulletin Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1974, Page 1

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Brownwood Bulletin (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, Brownwood, Texas Hash Brown by Norman Fisher there have been tunes this week when it has looked As if streaking might be replacing football As the favorite sport on american College campuses. You have to give the students credit for very Good judgment in one respect they waited until warmer weather to Start shedding their clothing. Had the fad started in colder weather there might have been genuine cause for concern. Early risers who turned up for tuesday morning s Brownwood chamber of Commerce membership breakfast were discussing the fad before the program started. A going around College without a lot of clothes in t new a one businessman recalled. A when i was in College no one could afford a lot of another noted the current streaking fad must have made College life a bit More interesting at some places. A a when i was in College the Only thing we had to look Forward to was swallowing goldfish a he recalled. Our nomination for understatement of the week must go to the Hardin Simmons University coed who was interviewed but the Abilene paper about her impressions of the Hsu streakers. Asked if they wore sneakers shoes or what she replied a i done to know i was t looking at their late month the Brownwood City Council voted Down a proposed two step rate increase for the local television Cable system. But when the b. J. Dickerson of North line or. Got their monthly Bill monday from the company they began to wonder if the rate increase had been approved in Spades the Dickerson were billed for $11,494.25 for one months service. The Bill showed nothing in arrears and no extra services. Just $11,494.25 for a month on the system. That must be some picture they get on their to screen. Bicycle hiding is certainly a major Leisure time activity these Days what with the gasoline Price increases and a growing interest in keeping fit. Among the converts is Reecie Bell who works As the Brown county clerk when she in t cycling. She got interested in the bicycle rides sponsored by the City recreation department and was doing quite a bit of Riding in the Bow in area to be sure she was in shape crossing a Railroad track with one Eye on a near by switch engine her bikes front wheel hit a rail hard enough to Send her tumbling. She fell Clear of the rails but the Bike did no to. And when she fell she bruised a foot enough that she simply get up for a few moments. So there she and the bicycle Lay while the switch engine idled its motors and traffic began stacking up on the Street. Then help began to arrive As one Motorist boosted mrs Bell up and another lifted the Bike. One Driver with a pickup offered to take the spilled rider and the truculent two Wheeler Home but mrs. Bell was Adamant she should leave the Way she came Riding the Bike the elastic Bandage on her foot made necessary by the spill has prevented More Bike Riding for a while but like the famous general mrs. Bell vows Shell be Back. But forgive her if she detours around Railroad tracks for a while / Brownwood bulletin forty eight pages today five sections Brownwood Texas sunday March 10 1974 vol. 74 no 121 Fen cents daily Twenty cents sunday shades of the pact old Brown county budgets blueprints of Bridges Road plans cancelled checks treasurer warrants and Many other items Are among the contents of boxes stacked in a Brown county pct. I warehouse. Here Earl Fry commissioner of pct. I. Reads a blueprint of a Bridge Structure Impi on Salt Creek Road. All the records except those the Brown county historical society May want to preserve Are soon going to be burned. I bulletin photo records destined for flames nestled in a Corner of the warehouse for Brown county pct i on Coggin ave. Are thousands of old county records which Are soon going to be reduced to ashes. All the records except these which May be preserved by the Brown county historical society Are destined to be burned. These records a Little bit of everything have been accumulated in the county treasurer s office and when mrs. Dorothy Williams county treasurer changed quarters at the courthouse she did not move the Cartons of records. Instead Earl Fry commissioner of pct i volunteered to cart them Over to his warehouse. But the time has come for the records to make the next move into the fire. Rummaging through the boxes Many half torn and full of debris and dust a bulletin reporter and Fry unearthed a number whose contents Tell a Little of Brown county history. For the most part the records Are from the Early 1930s to the late 1950s. The boxes Are stacked one on top of the other and time did not allow for a thorough search through the volumes of papers. Gleaning through the Cartons at random blueprints checks War Bond receipts old budgets Road plans Bank books statements and ledgers were found. The old Brown county budgets Tell a Little history of the Rise in the wage scale. The budget for 1950 showed that the sheriff of Brown county was paid $291.66 a month and the county attorney received the same. A salary of $208.33 was paid the treasurer and commissioners. The Justice of the peace received $150 monthly. Seven years later salaries were on the increase because when the 1957 budget was dug out of the Cartons the sheriff then was making $419 a month while the county attorneys pay was $408. The commissioners and treasurer were paid $336 44 while the Justice of the peace made $200 j month. Several Texas Highway dept Road plans Are crammed at the Bottom of one of the Cartons. Among them is a Road plan for heavy skies bring Little rain to area thick Clouds teased mid texans with the Strong possibility of showers for the second straight Day saturday and forecasters said the Chance for moisture should linger through today. But the Clouds and Spring like temperatures should give Way to Clearing skies and cooler weather by tonight when a Cool front is expected to make its Way through the area. Mid texans continued to bask in warm weather saturday with Brownwood notching a High of 76 degrees. Today a readings Are expected to reach similar Heights before falling into the 40s Early monday. Highs near 60 Are forecast for monday. West Texas began to receive badly needed rain saturday but turbulent conditions caused the weather service to Issue Tornado warnings and report severe thunderstorm possibilities. The service also said persons in portions of the state should watch for Flash flooding through sunday. The Tornado warnings in mid afternoon were for Randall Potter i limb and Hale counties. A Pilot reported a Tornado about eight Miles Southeast of Littlefield at 2 18 ., and another twister or the same one was seen five minutes later Between Cotton Center and Spade about 20 Miles Northwest of Lubbock. Another twister was sighted at 2 22 Between Umbarger and Dawn in the Panhandle. The weather service earlier issued a severe thunderstorms watch for most of the Panhandle. . Highway 67-84-283 from Brownwood to Early High this was dated october 1947. Then there is the right of Way map for the Access Road to Camp Bowie from . Highway ?83. Intersection with re oui the and Dustin. Boxes contain thousands of treasurers warrants that were issued Back in the depression Days. According to Fry a who found one of his own warrants a when Money Wasny to available at the Bank warrants could be cashed by merchants at a discount in order to get immediate Cash. Fry found a warrant made out to him when he worked for the county he even found a cancelled Check made out to his father for $1 which was payment for jury duty in the 1930s. Brown county Road refunding Bonds issued in 1930 Are also among the accumulated papers. Cancelled checks by the thousands Are stacked in Many of the boxes. One Box contains blueprints of Bridge structures around the county. One was for the Bridge Structure at Salt Creek and another for the 10-mile Bridge. Evidently Back in 1937, Brown county had considered adopting a new uniform accounting system. There is a Large Ledger pad and instruction Book in one of the boxes. The pad was still intact and it looked As if the instruction Book had not been handled. All this and much More will make one Texas size fire one of these Days. Former aides plead innocent Washington a h r Haldeman John i. Ehrlichman and John n. Mitchell once president Nixon a chief aides and confidants stood before a Federal judge saturday and pleaded innocent to charges they conspired to cover up the watergate affair. They entered their innocent pleas in a closely guarded courtroom along with Charles Tope said from Sla Hillsborough Calif. Apr Catherine Hearst Mother of kidnapped coed Patricia Hearst said saturday night a san Francisco radio station received a taped communication believed to be from Tho abductors of her 20-year-old daughter. It would be the first message since feb. 20 from the sym ionese liberation army which claims to be holding the Young woman hostage. Miss Hearst was dragged screaming from her Berkeley apartment on feb. 4. The victims Mother said radio station san called her to inform her of the communication. A station spokesman also confirmed it has received a tape and that a credit card belonging to miss Hearst accompanied the tape the tape about a half hour Long was extremely difficult to understand. An unidentified woman spoke on the tape for about 15 minutes and then a voice believed by listeners to be that of miss Hearst talked for about to minutes. W. Colson Robert c. Mardian Kenneth Vav Parkinson and Gordon Strachan All former White House or Nixon re election committee employees. Ehrlichman and Colson also pleaded innocent to charges levelled by another grand jury that they violated the rights of a California psychiatrist by sending burglars into his office the proceeding before chief . District judge John j. Sirica lasted Only six minutes As i Call your name please state to the court How you plead to the charges a said the clerk James capita Aas the seven men and their lawyers stood before the Bench. Mitchell charged with six felony counts in the indictment was first in the unprecedented Rol Call. A not guilty to All counts a said the former attorney general Here from new York where he is on trial with former Secretary of Commerce Maurice h. Stans on allegations that he traded a favor for a Campaign contribution. Then Haldeman. A not guilty on All then Ehrlichman. A not guilty on All then Colson Mardian Parkinson and Strachan. A not even in their arraignment the men were Given vip status. None had to fill out the customary probation forms or undergo fingerprinting the usual procedure. None had to Post Bond to remain free. Their trial is scheduled for sept. 9, six months to the Day. Sirica will preside. If there was Strain in the reunion of one time associates in the same courtroom where the watergate burglars stood trial 14 months ago it did no to show. Mitchell Shook hands with special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski under whose leadership la1 charges were brought a John How Are you Good to see you again Quot Jaworski said. A Are you in Good health a a a Mit hell asked a fairly Well a said tin1 prosecutor and moved off As the others arrived they Shook hands All around and stood in clusters talking die seven men were represented by to lawyers at the proceeding. Police and marshals were everywhere identifications were checked to gain Entrance into the courthouse. Everyone had see former on page2a dedication today for big flame dedication ceremonies for the big flame school Start at 3 today at 1900 Good Shepherd or. The school opened several weeks ago after a waiting period of six years. Among those expected to be at the ceremonies Are b Milam superintendent of Brownwood schools mrs Kerns Clements president of the Assn for retarded citizens and some of the Board members. Rev. David Douglas and Rev Leon Aduddell will bring the invocation and Benediction. Tkv. It Brownwood area considerable cloudiness with scattered thunderstorms today. Clearing and colder tonight fair and Cool monday. High today in 70s, Low tonight in 40s. High monday near 60 maximum temperature Here saturday 76 Sunset today 7 41, Sunrise monday 7 50. Snakes beware it s Roundup time snakes and wildcats will vie for honors saturday and sunday at the 10th annual Brownwood Jaycee Rattlesnake Roundup and Wildcat show. The event will be held in the Brownwood coliseum and doors open at 8 . Saturday and sunday. Coupled with the Rattlesnake Roundup will be two Rattlesnake sacking contests one at 6 30 Saturday and the finals at 2 30 Sunday. The Wildcat show will feature Antiques coins guns and other items for Trade Sale or just for looking. The Rattlesnake show will feature the venom Aires reptile club of fort Worth who will assist with the snakes and give several demonstrations of How to handle and capture reptiles. Landowners who Are interested in having Hunters come out and help clean out the snakes on their property Are asked to Contact Waverly Parsons Hunt coordinator co Gibson a products co., 104 e. Commerce. In regard to the sacking contests the event was started in 1968 by the Jaycees record times of sacking to snakes have been broken every year beginning with 1 20.6 in 1968 to the current 39.0 for the 1973. Teams of two members compete for the fastest time in picking up to live snakes and putting them in a sack. Entrance fees for the sacking contest Are $3 per team for Novice division $6 for professional and $10 for the worlds championship match. All contestants Are asked to turn in entry forms at least 20 minutes prior to the Competition trophies and Cash prizes will be Given to Snake Hunters who bring in the most snakes largest Snake smallest most unusual most rattles and other categories. Sam Coursey is Jaycee president Waverly Parsons Hunt coordinator and Tom duster chairman of the sacking contests. 5 held in kidnapping p key arabs ready for Oil talks Fri Hunting More suspects Washington a the Fri arrested a fifth person saturday and was searching for More in connection with the kidnapping of 8-year-old John Calzadilla last wednesday. Fri director Clarence m. Kelley said Maria Margaret Marida 17, was arrested at her residence in Jersey City no and charged with conspiring to violate Federal kidnapping statutes. She was held in Newark n.j., and was to be taken before a . Magistrate As soon As one was available the Fri said. Kelley added that information available to the Fri a indicates that other individuals Are believed to be involved in the kidnapping and that an extensive investigation is under Way to apprehend All earlier in the Day the Fri said it was searching for at least three More suspects. Arrested in the kidnapping were Norberto m. Fernandez 17 his brother Eligio 19 Ricardo r. Tuero 17, and Wil Fredo Alvarez 18, All of Union City Tine Fri said they were charged with violating Federal kidnapping statutes. The report on additional suspects came from j. Wallace Laprade special agent in charge of the Fri in Newark Laprade said the four arrested men and the boys parents Are natives of Cuba but he discounted any political motives for the abduction. A this appears to be a kidnapping for Ransom a Laprade said at a news conference saturday the $50,000 Ransom paid by the boy s father has not been recovered. Authorities said the Calzadilla boy was lured into a car As he walked Home from school wednesday by two men and a woman. They said the woman told him his grandmother was ill and she would take him to the Hospital tile boy was released Friday. Laprade said the breakthrough in the investigation came when the suspects hiding place was found after the boys release Bruce Stander a building see kidnapping on page2a by the associated press an egyptian spokesman said saturday that All key Arab Oil ministers except Libya s will attend a crucial Cairo meeting to consider ending the embargo against the United states. The sem official egyptian newspaper Al Abram predicted that the ministers gathering sunday in the egyptian capital will lift the four month old embargo that has contributed to the Oil Pinch across the United states. Syria and Algeria two previous holdouts sent word Friday night that they would show up. Said egyptian Oil ministry spokesman Mah Noud Roushdy. There has been no word from Libya which opposes egy Tyan president Anwar Sadat a efforts to talk his brother arabs into lifting the embargo in return for . Mediation in the Middle East he added. But Roushdy listed these countries the major Arab Oil exporters to the United states As having confirmed they will attend saudi Arabia the largest Arab Oil producer and Leader of the embargo Kuwait the second largest Arab Oil producer Qatar Bahrain Abu Dahabi Algeria Egypt and Syria the prediction appeared to end earlier speculation that Only a few ministers would show up to consider the decision on ending the embargo before Israel withdraws from All occupied Arab land and even before syrian and israeli forces Ca rate along the Golan Heights. A syrian military spokesman announced in Damascus meanwhile that More artillery fire erupted on the tense Golan front where israelis and syrians fought with artillery and rockets in two engagements Friday. Syrian cannons destroyed an israeli Bulldozer and another vehicle in saturday s 15-minute barrage that began when israeli units tried to improve their positions the communique added. No casualties were reported. The Al ashram embargo prediction came in a dispatch from Riyadh capital of saudi Arabia

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