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Brownwood Bulletin Newspaper Archives Jun 28 1955, Page 1

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Brownwood Bulletin (Newspaper) - June 28, 1955, Brownwood, Texas \ weather forecast Brownwood area partly Cloudy and warm through wednesday widely scattered afternoon thundershowers wednesday. Low tonight near 70. Maximum monday 95, Low last night 73. Sunset today 7 49, Sunrise wednesday 5 31. Brownwood bulletin tri regional Jaycee convention Brownwood a july i-i7 eight pages today Brownwood Texas tuesday june 28, 1955 vol. 55 no. 220 Las vegas link with gambling near Tarrant co. Line charged shutdown preparations begin Extension of steel producers Cio Rush draft okayed thursday Midnight strike inhouse vote top fort Worth grand jury claims Texas rangers fail to enforce gaming Laws in Parker county fort Worth a up Las Vety with the heaviest concentration w Ashington a up the j Gas interests Are bankrolling a big in the Hurst Carter Field area. But Pittsburgh up tho Stool and Coo Coho Mons tuesday morn the Union president said he still House tuesday passed a two year Par gambling House i efforts indicate owners decided to Industry s top producers met Cio my. . Steel said it would Start had not set a specific figure on Extension of the doctor draft and 1 United steelworkers negotiators wednesday. The Uswa a demands for a a sub Stan a four year Extension of the regu us president David j. Mcdon Tiala wage boost for 600.000 work Ald moved from meeting room to ers involved in the Industry wide meeting room to Lead his Union talks. But Industry sources expect committees in discussion with com de him to drop some hint soon As started As the Industry began prep-1 Pany officials who for the time to the exact dollars and cents terms rations to shutdown its production being at least appeared United on necessary to reach a settlement facilities. Jones a Laughlin steel i an offer averaging a Little More before the on Rushing deadline for corp. And Inland steel took first than to cents an hour. His implied a rolling walkout a tuesday in simultaneous bargaining sessions to try and beat a thursday Midnight strike deadline. The under the gun negotiations Steps to shut Down blast furnaces Mcdonald met first with u. S. Against key producers. Steel corp., the nations no. I producer and principal target of the Union s Industry wide strike threat. Then he rushed to sessions j with Jones amp Laughlin great lakes steel Aud Bethlehem steel corporations. Other sessions with Youngstown Sheet amp tube and Inland steel were scheduled for tuesday afternoon. Freight locomotive hits Side of passenger car two reported injured suspect denies ownership of death weapon Lar draft. It thus ended a fight which had threatened to stall the whole military draft system. On another military Bill the fog Mcgregor. Near the Tarrant county line shut Down the houses at least a county grand jurors charged in i til the heat is fort Worth tuesday. Jurors made the charge in their final report to District judge Wil report on Mig attack it. . D. M. Lockhart Alameda calif., left and it. R. H. Fischer Del Ray Oaks. Calif., co Pilot and Pilot of Navy bomber fired on by russian fighters Over Bering sea. Stand before map in Kodiak Alaska after giving detailed report of incident. Eleven airmen aboard plane escaped death when Fischer crash landed his plane on St. Lawrence Island. A Nea telephoto donors needed today wednesday House armed services committee jurors also criticized the de approved. 29 to i. A Compromise put Ament of Public safety and its version of president Eisenhower a compulsory military Reserve plan Ranger Force. The report said a Large and Plush gambling this Bill was expected to come up houses Are in Long just outside fish to ithe Tarrant county line a with a Day s fight in the House was Parentis no fear 0f their opera Over drafting doctors. Opponents being discontinued by in physicians and ass a a Al Send the doctor draft and the regular draft Extension Back to a sen ate House conference committee. They were Defeated 221 to 171. The House then voted overwhelming approval of both extensions. Bloodmobile in final visit before termination of program in county on tour a Burma anti communist prime minister u no is on a world tour which when finished will have taken him to Israel. Yugoslavia. Great Britain. Japan and the United states for offi Elal talks with president Eisenhower in Nea. Waco Tex. A up a negro ,. Immediately on the extensions of uni pc army sergeant being tried for the they must be finally enacted by i months ago. A race be n. Al pm two lov6r s Lune murder of amp White thurs so else nil draft new Ork Central passenger cars. Airman took the stand again tues lug except for those men pre Chis Ink about 100 Montana school Day and denied that the pistol used piously deferred will halt children Home from a visit to new the government s allotments to York were rammed from the Side in the Slang belonged to him. Miu tary dependents also were tied by a freight engine in the Railroad sgt. Marion a. Washington the to the draft Law and would halt station before Dawn monday. Army sergeant from fort Hood after thursday unless the Exten the father of one child and a Tex., said that the .45-caliber pistol Sions were passed in time. Railroad employee were injured j found in his car when he was a _ none of the children was Hurt Al rested must have been left in his though Many were shaken up the automobile by someone else Railroad said. Laboratory tests showed the bul the vacationers in route Home let which killed airman Henry to great Falls. Mont., were aboard Poole of Spartanburg. S. A. Came the last two coaches of the West from the pistol. But Washington bound Iroquois. One of the cars w As testified under questioning by his derailed the other was tipped Dallas negro attorney. Fred slightly when they were hit on the Finch that he frequently gave peo Side by the engine of the overnight pie rides in his car and that some freight during a twitching opera one must have left it in the be i the red Cross Bloodmobile j per pint this service can soon of this area who might require the Parker county gambling from the Central Texas regional amount to a sizeable sum in Sav it. House was not identified in the re blood Center at Waco opened a Ings to the sick of the Community in regard to the termination of port but it is believed jurors re two Day visit to Brownwood at the Brown out c chapter of i the blood donor program Brooke feared to a Large ranch Home near the Adams Street Community the american red Cross feeling d. Smith local chapter chairman. Highway 80 a big scale Gambler. Center at noon today. That this was of tremendous Bene said. A it is with deep regret that the visit Marks the last of fit to the people of Brownwood the members of the Board of the port Unity citizens of this area will and Brown county entered into Brown county chapter of the have to make blood contributions the blood donor program in of american red Cross have found under the red Cross Volunteer Tober of 1952, and from the funds it necessary to abandon the blood blood donor Dro Eram the local1 which the local chapter obtained i donor program with the close of guests woo get engraved Mvi cup or making an from its Une and Only fund drive j this fiscal year june 30. Nations to Gamble in the Home it appear for Volunteer blood each year accepted the financial a since entering the blood pro reportedly Dine on sizzling steaks n during this visit to help responsibility for participation in Gram the local chapter has spent and sip mixed drinks while they donors Aurin i i v Dro Eram for this area a total of s4.888 66 in bears it who formerly ran a Bookie shop the Senate was expected to act Here and controlled a racing wire bought the Home about three Taber s whistling relaxes tension in London emergency spin. A your reported the grand jurors a is that the establishment located just outside the Tarrant county line to the West is owned and operated by residents of fort Worth and financed by Midland and Las vegas to on. E. J. Weatherby explains opposition water dist. Officials pleased with veto of Bill to cancel unused wafer permits a Witter Taber. 24. Of Corpus Hicle. Christi grandson of or. And mrs. Recess is granted j. W. Taber of 611 Coggin Brown Washington was on the stand for Quot As credited with a Knock an hour and a half. A Brief Rel Quot the scare out of a group of Cess was braille by District judge to As collegians when a Spanish j to Bartlett upon suggestion of air Len a Madean emergency land District attorney Tom Moore or. In at a London Airport Monda it is now facing. The Bloodmobile began opera-1 tons at in noon today and will continue to 6 . Wednesday j operations Wol begin at 9 a m. And continue to 3 pm. Volunteer donors May appear at the Center j at any time during the hours of when jurors began their term operation. An appointment is not three months ago gambling houses necessary. Ran in various parts of the coun a recent letter from Merlea i Wheeler director of the Central i Texas Center which serves this area. To local red Cross officials a brought out pertinent facts about the Brown county program. Or. I Wheeler said a out of a 1.287-pint Cost whole blood to any citizen see blood on a amp a 3 lightning kills two f j. Weatherby president of representatives and judge j c. Quite a while the Brown county water in Darroch. Attorney for the water pro vement District no. I Board of improvement District had written directors today lauded governor a letter to gov. Shivers opposing Allan Shivers action the past the measure and urging a very weekend in vetoing a Bill provid critical examination a of the Bill. K. Ing for cancellation of unused a the Bill if passed in the form a get it Bandit who had threatened ter permits. J which went to the governor s desk thunderstorms strike new Texas by United press i Ture in those sections but other lightning filled thunderstorms Wise the state will continue hot. Quota for this fiscal year. Brown that killed two persons and moist air and Cloud cover will county has collected Only 344 dumped up to five inches of rain hold temperatures Down pints of blood. Your two local in some places moved into the somewhat forecasters said hospitals have ordered to Date Eastern part of the Texas pan but no Relief from the swelter the More than 744 pints. Handle tuesday and drenched the Ink heat was seen for the remain Moore who is seeking the death a a a Quot a Ltd it incident House armed Vervlee. Committee i the mures do not include areas round Childress and Ahi Der a Mois penalty asked for the recess be or surtwhutmng5 "th"8 feh tap prov d a Compromise version of sir Quot re a. J much of the storm activity Cen i for the third Day in a Row. With. Fore beginning Cross examination. Tothe administration s compulsory a were hospitalized out ter cd in the Childress Vicinity scorching 108 degrees. Which he indicated would take a cd a most of egg the Reg a in. Russ you ran i heavy Rameau was reported Low overnight readings ranged inc me a a a tory for a trains Iotti no it a it it 50 Miles from 60 degrees at Amarillo and Dalhart up to 80 at Corpus Christi the Thunder and Galveston continue tuesday committee of s Compromise on amt measure Washington to sexually attack her after hold Troubie by an Airliner. J by Jug go the four engined spymaster the new Bill was drafted to by burst a tire county for the fiscal and tuesday night in the Paihau the red Cross blood donor pro die and West Texas area. Gram consists in the main of col j lightning killed two persons As Chapel Hill school dist. Now part of Brownwood system. To anti Mam us Hutiu in intr main in ii urn Punk Muumuu it suns a the governor in stamping his after Quot pm Sage in ave How 7nd couple. On. Lonely and a warning to in the National guard Winch stall a sch Thul Quot so hauled a. A a a a a a or London. Of re. Trucks and am-1 cd the adm us ratio orig Tal j a of . To much i veto on the Bill known As House Senate would have made Manda Bill 63. Said a joint House Senate too the cancellation of any por Ashington testified he found the balances stood by while the plane Bill in the House. Tonal la excluded a desired Amend an it a part of the water impounded ment which would allow holders had not been used during any o water permits to show cause time during the preceding to who permits should not be can years. Celled a the measure made no allow or Weatherby along with the Ance for weather conditions and other four directors a w. Dees did not recognize the necessity of w. Lee Watson. Leo healer and having a Reserve Supply of water Jack belly had opposed the Bill in areas that suffer frequent the directors had voiced their drouth conditions. Or. Weatherby disapproval to state senators and said. In the Bill such unused portions would have been a declared to have been wilfully abandoned and shall be null and void and of no further Force and effect to such extent that said certified filing or permit has not been put to beneficial use and when found by the water Board to have been wilfully abandoned shall be forfeited revoked and cancelled. A a also the measure carried no provision for Public hearings before such finding. Or. Weatherby said the Bill could have been interpreted to deadline near to pay last half of taxes for 1954 Brown county tax collector a. C. Newton today issued a reminder for local residents regarding payment of 1954 taxes. Only two More Days remain before the final deadline for payment of the last half taxes for might have left it there. He said wheel fell away and spun anti we regt Ion amendment. Site of of ,0&Quot Quot it Quot it sin of a no other k an v., ,. Non the administering hospitals to the High we he finally put it in a Brown sack wildly Down the runway. No other he will try to tack a similar one i a a he carried in the car. Thinking that damage resulted and no one was l0 the new measure the president a Quot. Nil a the owner eventually would turn up to claim it. Class ring found authorities said after Washington was arrested that a class ring belonging to one of several robbery victims on lonely roads near Waco also was found in the bag. Finch did not question Washington about anything else that May have been found in the hag. I. Go a. J a fusions and blood derivatives at injured. Has urged Powell not to do that. F the Taber is the son of or. And arguing that the Reserve Bill is not no Cost Lor Ine Moon a 60 in two spots. Bridge washed oui the downpour also washed out a Bridge Between Canadian and the Brown county Board of school trustees in a recent meeting annexed the Chapel Hill com Mon consolidated school District Cru. Ronin Nal Pontore in off opt _ ill Rill Ullh Iudici it a uni i Iii in a mrs. Walter r. Taber of Corpus the right place for Rati Segrega-1 becomes a blood Bank for the area swerve Quot we a no 34 to the Brownwood inde Christi. Tion legislation. Which it serves from which hos mrs Henry Juliaa 50, capitals can draw whole blood As billed by a lightning Bolt As she required and As deemed necessary i stood in her front Yard Cana. The expense of the operation of Dian a Farmer. Kenneth e. Guy the blood Center and the Bloodmobile Are borne by the local or sr., was killed by another Bolt Lions club will install new officers tonight at b Wood country club a. C. Henley local banker will be installed As president of the pendent school District. This action was taken under provisions of Law whereby a school District becoming dormant after no school has Deen conducted in the District for a period of two years must be annexed to another District. Help the present Board of trustees in. _ _ various local chanters Are expert Ier stantlm8 near it the Brownwood Independent americas most outstanding i co operation with the Bastrop Fay a to maintain a of Taofo hobe Parker a wiped to school District will govern the Young conservation Farmer is _ in Ette soil conservation District. A Quot a 0 a jury however As the Bolt that new District. Brownwood today to discuss his markers farming methods have their an ated a Oslo the Uro Guyer knocked him Down. County superintendent Hailey profitable farming methods at netted him heavy production Lna Miall there is no am also Feu in est Texas h. Black said it will now he Nec Howard Payne College various Field crops. His Harbert when for the Wuh Alpine rec ived a m of an assay to hold an election in the he is Clinton Harbers 33->ear my methods have gained Jinn Maiuu Inch. From one to two inches Brownwood District for the As Clinton Harbers Here to my a i to be local As he slowed a Field near pan show conservation methods iss Osi k Sun to share in this program the old West Point. Tex Farmer re wide recognition. He won the fort y Arae which he to Quot ,?1 Sou West of Mara sumption of Bonds and to Quot a Brownwood Lions club at 7 30 gently named National Winner of Worth press award As the outstand pit j Maes for the typing and e pipe rate. This has been made Nec i the . Junior chamber of com my come Back Farmer in Texas aft let Pink Ana Childress on the Eastern Edge of Essary because a new District has ,0 the combination officer instal j me a Varme r Ach Ovenu it a Ard. I or Quot he developed swamp land into cd is x Cut Omar commercial received to than it created Quot he Arae Lauon Harbers. Who won the coveted a 620-acre productive Meixiao h lation ladies night meeting will require release of Waters impound be held at the country club de by water districts without com-1 j. H. Duke current club presi Harbers. Who won the coveted a 620-acre productive farm. $5,000 Hoblitzelle award in 1953 for outstanding contribution to rum Harbers was introduced this Cai 8 for whole blood of $25 morning by a. T. Bratton Agricula 1954, he pointed out. Since the last sensation to them. He said the Dent will preside and w. W. Dees Al spot be to More than a Hun Ture instructor at the College. The a a cd _ _ i Day for payment is thursday missing amendment referred to by will be master of ceremonies. Pat Fod county agents. I future farm-1 inv Kation for toe program was p0f6 Ipi Loo i i Fly after thursday the taxes will be the governor in his veto action Cagle of Comanche former pres rs4-h boys and girls and agric us Given by c. It 1 in y incident returns f a m f m m in a Ere businessmen and professional service and Anson Oden of the in ill nil v a i lip sol pc la Friej a Vrap r i people. He show 33mm colors Brown Mills soil conservation Dis 1 v Lului in behind Progress in other Fields new York a up Texas gov. Just As sectional ism and divisions j Cei Ved and so dedicated can meet Allan Shivers said tuesday both and prejudices Are dying a the fully the responsibilities of of students at Howard Payne Mims auditorium this morning. Present for the program were e. This afternoon at 2 of clock he is j. Hughes area conservationist slated to speak to Farmers ranch with the . Soil conservation ers. Businessmen and professional service and Anson Oden of the people. He show 33mm color brow a Mills soil conservation Dis slides to illustrate his lectures. Strict. Vaughn Speakman of the to the outstanding Young Farmer s Cal soil conservation unit assisted same commercial airlines plane visit to Brownwood is sponsored by or. Harbers in the Leolor slide pre which was shot up by communist citizens National Bank the Agri sensation. Mig monday returned unmolested culture department of Howard an informal luncheon was held to Matsu Island tuesday and pick at hotel Brownwood at noon today up a stricken american officer. With officials of the Brown Mills a be officer was identified Asut Taipei Formosa a up the an Inch. 1 to bonded indebtedness exists Little change in pattern in the Chapel Hills District so forecasters said there there is no increase in the bonded be much change in the pattern of indebtedness. The Board of trus thunderstorms that skipped about tees in the Brownwood District Over the Panhandle and West Tex j w ill remain the same. No Board As areas monday. The storm a of trustees was elected in tho Ivity might make a difference of Chapel Hill District tile past school two or three degrees in tempera election. Payne College and the Brown Mills soil conservation District in democratic and Republican parties will be a on trial before the american Public in 1956 because partisanship is dying in this coun shavers told a noon luncheon mooting of the new York City sales executive club this nation has entered a a new Era of abundance since world War la which has brought a a resurgence of Independence not experienced in America since the opening of the the Public finds it a repugnant. To ask them to believe that their abundance is the special gift of a political organization and that they owe a permanent debt to such an organization As a he said. A when people Prosper by their own labor partisanship Dies and partisanship la my in America a changed and changing thursday s bulletin Strom tide of to feature ads for Texas governor added. A politics of promises a the politics of promises is fall-1 a across the land there is sweeping upon deaf ears in this new ing a Strong tide of reaction Friday s value Day age. The politician cannot Promise against the trend toward Over Cen As much As the people themselves to realization of government yet the Brownwood value Day bargains can acquire for their own. A Good political parties seek their Power will be featured in advertisements stewardship rather than a vivid from that very source. At times appearing in thursdays edition of imagination is the new Standard they even seek to bar from Par the Brownwood bulletin priced of measure the Public is applying tick pation with their concentrated ing july value Day Friday. To Public life a Shivers told the Power those who dare to disa the monthly value Day which sales executives. Gree. Come on the first business Day of Shivers a ported president 1952, said both Republican and accounting for their stewardship. Chamber of Commerce and went democratic parties were a icon in 1956. I believe both parties will into operation in april Cei Ved in sectional ism and have be on trial before the american Rescue of two plane sights one missing marines ploys of agricultural agencies attending. Texas forecast North Central Texas partly Cloudy and warm through assistance advisory group. Nature a Aux by Urr up. Crashed four Days ago was sighted her Bell was missing of his reported illness wednesday by Rescue aircraft. Brown told the you slue Jas Quot a v Force Quot Desman wrote to Tell cow. He. It it r so did a sa16 a a Dumbo plane sight that there was Hope her husband in f i t de them skins Marine 13 Miles was alive because faint radio Sigil. To return to Formosa Southeast of Miku Yajima an Island nals had been picked up from w it Hon. Accomplishing its mercy about to Miles South of Tokyo the marines rafts. The men were Mission. The. Secon j Marine has not been believed to be about 30 Miles apart. Nationalist military leaders were found. A a is Gree. Come on the first business Day of i wednesday with widely scattered my Iiara least is wire found. Because of the unusual Circum Democrat who sup a the year is near at hand when each month was adopted by the thunderstorms in Northwest Poi rp01"11 considering emergency an air Force rb-50 hovered stances the marines identified Bell sent Eisenhower in both parties must again face an Trade relations division of the local Tion plans to keep the Supply lines open Over the Piarino awaiting a hell i As one of the missing men. How to. _ _ a i a a it a a a a a in is _ \ a Xiv it. A _ v i. A to Matsu be Start of what copter or naval ship to Pluck the j Ever the Navy followed tradition a a . East and South Central was feared to be a red Campaign Mer from his Little inflated raft j and refused to name the other Man two thousand extra copies of Texas partly Cloudy and warm isolate the Island. The wife of one of the missing until it is determined whether he moderate mob government sources said fliers arrived in Tokyo monday on los alive and his next of Kin has coast. That Wert considering heavily visit Only to learn that her bus been notified. I both parties have rendered Fine Dence they do not strive to win a 1 for extended distribution in the i protected convoys with Sabre Jet band had crashed at sea in his Bell s parents Are or. And or service he added a but in the Shivers warned Brownwood area carrying Adver West Texas partly Cloudy cover to the string of islands 120 f skylight sunday and was Charles Bell. The father is Presil minds of thoughtful americans a the Texas governor said the two to serpents of bargains offered by j and warm through wednesday Miles Northwest of Taipei to head being hunted by ships and planes Dent of general Mills. They were grave question must arise now As major parties have lagged behind local merchants for fridays value with scattered mostly nighttime off a communist Campaign to of three nations. Notified monday that their son an to we Curr institution so con logic in other Fields. A Day. Thunderstorms. 1 Force their evacuation. I mrs. Josephin Kimberly Bell of artillery observer was missing. Been perpetuated by traditional Public they can expect no support the bulletin will be published in through wednesday ism. J they have not earned no Conli-1 addition to the regular circulation southerly winds on cd 4

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