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Brownwood Bulletin Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1974, Page 1

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Brownwood Bulletin (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, Brownwood, Texas I Center inc. Corr. 2043 Proctor 75 235 Ballas. Texas 75235 by hash brow by Norman Fisher needing to Check something about an advertisement for last sundays paper a bulletin advertising representative called his client a local insurance Agency. Not being acquainted with the Agency personnel the advertising rep a after glancing at the and copy a asked to speak to or. Clu. The Agency employee was perplexed but the advertising rep insisted it was the name in the and. It turned out the caller had the right name All right. But he was assuming the letters Clu spelled the insurance execs last name. Most people know that the letters Clu after an insurance Many a name stand for chartered life underwriter a a coveted designation in insurance circles. Workmen currently doing remodelling work in the Brown county tax assessor collectors office in the courthouse were rearranging some cabinets last week. Under one they found packets of truck License plates a which the office Sells to the Public each year. These packets however contained truck plates for the year 1950, or 24 years ago. We have often wondered what happens to old unsold License plates. These it turns out will be Given to persons wanting 24-year-old licenses. There Are Many jokes about brides or grooms who Are so nervous on their wedding Day that they done to remember anything about the ceremony or about the reception or about the whole Day. Our Gene Deason whose wedding Day is now about three weeks away had cause to wonder this past week if he has missed those three weeks. When the wedding Date was set arrangements were made to have a rehearsal dinner and the wedding reception in the same Midland restaurant. This past week he got a Bill for both events. Restaurant officials had recorded the dates in june rather than july and had prepared for both. So even if no one showed up Deason got a no show Bill for both. Just for a moment though we bet the prospective Groom wondered if somehow he had dazed or dozed through both. Like Many another Boater we have chuckled and sometimes laughed out loud at those whose Craft started taking on water at launching because the Drain plug had been left out. We re not laughing any More. Leaving out the Drain plug we re now convinced can happen to the Best of boaters. And even to newspaper columnists. Brownwood bulletin sixty Pogo today six sections Brownwood Texas sunday june 23, 1974 volume 74 no. 207 ten cents Dally sunday Twenty five cents checking them out because Brown county sheriff Danny Neal Center feels that drug abuse is one of the major problems facing Law enforcement and Community leaders in Brown county he and two of his deputies Sam steel and Dennis weathermen Check Over a physicians desk reference of drugs. All drugs manufactured in the United states Are listed in the Book. The three Check for comparison of drugs we lab have been confiscated by the sheriffs department. Bulletin photo by Tom Seppy associated press writer Monterey Calif. A vice president Gerald r. Ford suggested on saturday that an Independent third party might listen to the watergate tapes and make an unbiased transcript of their contents. While ruling himself out of such a Job Ford said an Independent listener could Iron out alleged discrepancies Between the transcripts released by the White House and those developed by the House judiciary committee which is conducting impeachment hearings on president free american nurse Addis Ababa Ethiopia apr a 24-year-old pregnant american missionary nurse was freed by anti government guerrillas saturday and said she Felt Fine after her four week ordeal. Deborah Dortzbach of free hold . Walked alone into Massaway a red sea port 450 Miles North of Addis Ababa and telephoned her husband Karl also a missionary. Hours later the couple was reunited and went into seclusion. A a in mall right. I feel Fine a mrs. Dortzbach now in her sixth month of pregnancy told a Pilot who flew her to Asmara the capital of Northern Eritrea province for the reunion. She said her Faith had kept her going during 27 Days in the wilderness As a hostage of the eritrean liberation front. No reason was Given for her release. The guerrillas Are still holding three americans and two canadians kidnapped during an Oil exploration Mission in Eritrea three months ago. Mrs. Dortzbach daughter of the Rev. And mrs. William w. Mull of Freehold was abducted May 2? in a a Mission Hospital at Guinda about 25 Miles from Asmara. The guerrillas also took a dutch nurse Anna stick Werda 54, and shot her to death nearby. The guerrillas have been fighting for eritrean Independence for the past to years. Reliable sources said the guerrillas had asked for $250,-000 Ransom then scaled Down the demand to $25,000. The sources said the guerrillas eventually abandoned the Money request and asked negotiators for medical supplies to counter cholera reported spreading in Eritrea. War on drugs Community Effort urged Ford suggests Independent listener to watergate tapes a perhaps we have to have a third or Neutral party take the tapes and get transcripts from them a Ford told a news conference Here where be is spending a golfing weekend. A i can to Tell you How it would work but i done to think ifs an impossible task to undertake. A a in a sure there can be if we look around hard enough someone who would do it As an Independent objective the new York times reported Friday that judiciary committee transcripts of some of the watergate tape recordings differ extensively and in Many cases significantly from the edited versions made Public by the White House. Words phrases and sometimes whole sections of conversations contained in the committee transcripts Are missing from or at variance with the expurgated White House narrative the paper reported. A i have said and it is becoming More Clear the preponderance of evidence favors the president Ford stated. A after scanning reports yesterday that appeared in the new York times my opinion has not changed. I think you have to Bear in mind the transcript of the tapes As interpreted by the committee May be subject to some second of two articles a drug abuse in Brown county i believe is one of the major problems facing Law enforcement and Community leaders today a Danny Neal Brown county sheriff said. A we have found that upgraded enforcement alone will not be sufficient to combat this serious problem a he said. A we need the Community involvement and cooperation combined with new techniques of education aimed at the family level focusing attention on human relationships and personal interactions to help people Deal More effectively with personal problems in a family context a he said. A i believe that drug abuse can probably be prevented in hundreds of instances if people can learn to Cope with their own lives and their own problems and uncertainties and again prevail themselves of the personal interaction afforded by the family process a the sheriff said. He explained there is evidence that treatment of drug abusers has become More effective if the doctors include the whole family unit instead of just the patient. The effectiveness is partly due to awareness and reactions of the parents facing the problems Neal said. A what i believe i can do As the chief Law enforcement officer of Brown county is to educate myself and my men with the Ding abuse problem areas in this country and find ways of preventing and deterring the problem a the sheriff said. A i also believe that i and my staff can build Bridges Between Law enforcement professionals and youth leaders parents school officials and Street leaders to meet on common ground in order to discuss the Lake edition featured today summer and outdoor living go hand in hand. A Complete guide to everything Lake Brownwood has to offer mid texans is included in today a Brownwood bulletin. Choice fishing areas the Dos and done to for Safe boating where to get those All important picnic supplies and photographs of Many sections of the Lake and vacationers at play Are All included in Section d of today a bulletin. Brownwood area Clear to partly Cloudy and a Little cooler today tonight and monday. High today in lower 90s, Low tonight near 70. High monday in 90s. Maximum temperature Here saturday 97. Sunset today 8 48, Sunrise monday 6 29. Impeachment panel speeds inquiry by John Beckler associated press writer Washington a the House judiciary committee is planning to limit sharply the number of witnesses called in its impeachment inquiry and the areas in which they will be questioned. Under increasing pressures to wind up the inquiry in the next three or four weeks the committee is expected to decide that Only five or six witnesses will be needed. That would include witnesses recommended by the inquiry staff by committee members and by James St. Hair who is in charge of president Nixon a impeachment defense. The witnesses will be examined Only on specific Points where gaps appear in the com Mitteer a documentary evidence or where there is conflicting evidence. Longer sworn statements from witnesses would be available to the members. Few major watergate figures except former White House counsel Charles w. Colson Are Likely to be on the witness list. The committee has the testimony of the others from the grand jury and the Senate watergate hearings. Colson reportedly told committee attorneys that he warned Nixon in january and in february of 1973 that former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell was involved in watergate. Nixon had said he Learned of High level involvement in the break in on March 21, 1973. Colson a attorney on saturday confirmed these accounts by columnist Jack Anderson and the new York daily news of Colson a testimony. The identity of the impeachment witnesses and the ground rules for questioning them will be worked out next week in a series of meetings that will also Settle the questions of How St. Clair presents his defense and whether evidence gathered in the inquiry will be made Public. At a meeting monday the committee is also expected to Issue another subpoena for White House tapes and documents. Nixon has refused to comply with four previous ones seeking watergate evidence. The new one will demand evidence relating to the settlement of an itt antitrust suit to political contributions by the Dairy Industry and to allegations the Nixon administration used the internal Revenue service for political purposes. One reason for the new subpoena is to build up the committees Case for making Nixon a noncompliance with subpoenas a possible ground for impeachment. The committee has also notified Nixon it will feel free to infer he is withholding incriminating evidence if he fails to provide material that could fill in some of the gaps in the Case. That there Are gaps is conceded by nearly every member. Some of Nixon a strongest defenders on the committee say nothing that could involve him in an impeachable offence has been proven so far. On the other hand a number of democrats say the documentary record already provides sufficient grounds for recommending that Nixon be brought to trial in the Senate. Problems before they become a matter for the court system and i Hope prevent heartache to Many Young people and their parents a Neal said. A from my Law enforcement viewpoint i realize the need for cooperation Between All agencies in enforcement a the sheriff said. A i feel that an Exchange of information on drug problems May serve As a catalyst for ideas and actions by other Law enforcement organizations and enhance All of our collective efforts to combat crime a he said. A was far As a drug pushers in Brown county Are concerned in a afraid there Are several people who make their living on the misery and misfortune of other people with their drug abuse problems especially in the area of controlled substances called amphetamines and barbiturates a the sheriff pointed out. A this statement i have made is not a contradiction to what police chief vie Fowler said last week a Neal continued. A but As a matter of rhetoric i believe when chief Fowler mentioned a dope Pusher a he was referring to dealers in heroin and hard narcotics. I am referring to the poly drugs All those drugs other than opiates which when properly prescribed have a medical use i feel that they Are very dangerous drugs when improperly used and withdrawal from either barbiturates and amphetamines can be physically and mentally severe a Neal said. A my intelligence sources both locally and from state and see drugs on Page 2a Nixon eyeing Moscow visit by Barry Schweid associated press writer Washington a president Nixon Heads for the Summit in Moscow tuesday hoping to promote detente through new nuclear and economic agreements. Officials Here Are careful not to excite american expectations. But Leonid i. Brezhnev the communist party Leader already has set an optimistic tone predicting a Good new agreements that will please people in both countries. Nixon and an entourage headed by Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger will Stop first in Brussels for the signing of a new declaration on . Relations with its allies in the North Atlantic treaty organization. Kissinger plans to report to the nato Council after the Summit and to swing through Paris Munich and London for meetings with French West German and British leaders. Nixon a soviet visit begins on thursday and will last a week with probable Side Tours to such cities As Yalta and Minsk. Coming on the heels of a five nation trip to the Middle East the Moscow Summit serves to focus attention at Home on the presidents interest and accomplishments in the foreign Field. Critics suggest that Nixon Hopes thereby to offset his watergate troubles and to improve his chances in Congress of surviving the impeachment drive. Initially the administration looked to the Summit session to produce a comprehensive treaty limiting strategic nuclear weapons. But it lowered its sights when a Kissinger Mission to the Kremlin in March did not result in the breakthrough needed to expand upon the pioneering 1972 Salt pact. Now Secretary of defense James r. Schlesinger and other senior . Officials seem confident that Nixon a visit will result at least in a partial ban on underground nuclear tests and in an agreement in principle to limit the deployment of new soviet missiles with multiple warheads. Standing in the Way of a Broad new Salt Accord Are internal debates within the two countries As Well As differences Between them on How to measure nuclear strength and on the significance of the soviets massive launch Power. Even As the Summit approached fresh controversy broke out Here. Paul h. Nitze the top Pentagon representative on the Salt talks resigned. Without specifically mentioning watergate or the impeachment move he expressed doubt that an acceptable agreement could be worked out a under the circumstances existing at the present sen. Henry m. Jackson 13-wash., charged that the administration secretly negotiated startling changes in the . And soviet missile Levels permitted under the 1972 pact. Knowledgeable sources said that the 950 sea based missiles allowed the soviet Union were raised to 1,020, while the . Total was lowered from 710 to 656. Once again soviet restrictions on jewish emigration hovered Over the Summit like a dark Cloud. Although dancer Valery Panov and a few other notables have been permitted to leave Western diplomats say there May be a backlog of up to 100,-000 applicants. Good morning Here is a summary of some of today a leading news stories a a a upgraded enforcement alone will not be sufficient to combat drug abuse in Brown county sheriff Danny Neal says. But he feels Community involvement new techniques of education and cooperation Between agencies of enforcement will help reduce the problem. A a a Washington a president Nixon Heads for Summit talks in Moscow tuesday hoping for new nuclear and economic agreements. A a a Washington a the House judiciary committee is Likely to limit to five or six the number of witnesses it Calls in its impeachment inquiry. A a a Monterey Calif. A vice president Gerald r. Ford suggested that an Independent third party might listen to the watergate tapes and make an unbiased transcript of their contents. It it it Addis Ababa Ethiopia apr a 24-year-old pregnant american missionary nurse was freed by anti government guerrillas and said she Felt Fine after her four week ordeal. A a a Moscow a Security police in several soviet cities were holding about 40 jews apparently part of a drive to prevent demonstrations during president Nixon a visit jewish sources said. A a a Vatican City a Pope Paul i said there is a new Ray of Hope in the Middle East and urged a just and dignified solution to the palestinian refugee problem. Soviets rounding up jews in Advance of Nixon trip Moscow a Security police were holding about 40 jews in six soviet cities saturday in a drive to prevent protests during president Nixon a visit jewish sources said. Three Moscow jews termed the arrests a shameless blackmail of american Public a the responsibility for such blackmail should be Laid on the soviet and american governments a declared Mikhail Gursky Vitaly Rubin and Inessa Axelrod in an open Appeal to the . Congress. More than a dozen jews were picked up in Moscow thursday and Friday and the others were from five cities with Large jewish populations Leningrad Odessa Kishinev Kiev and Vinnitsa. The sources said Many More have been questioned and warned against protests. They said More arrests were possible before Nixon a arrival thursday for a we Klong visit. Most of the detainees have unsuccessfully sought permission to emigrate to Israel and have been Active in protesting soviet emigration practices. No new arrests were reported saturday and one prominent activist Alexander Voronel was released saturday evening. Voronel a scientist who is organizing an unofficial seminar with Western scientists on july i was detained Friday and again saturday. Other Well known activists still in custody were Alexander Lerner David Azbel and Leonid Tsipin. Some jewish activists have claimed that Nixon a commencement speech at the . Naval Academy where he indicated that emigration was an internal soviet affair encouraged the current crackdown

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