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Brownwood Bulletin Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1962, Page 1

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Brownwood Bulletin (Newspaper) - February 4, 1962, Brownwood, Texas Kennedy slaps ban drills it a feb microfilm service Box 8066 Dallas Texas comp thirty two pages today Brownwood Texas. Sunday february 4, 1962 volume 62 no. 96 15c per copy on cuban products watch those choppers dentists did t exactly have this in mind when they designed the new dental exhibit at the Dallas health and science museum David Jilsson 5, tries out the choppers for head size today Marks the Start of National children s dental health week which will continue through saturday. The bulletin today begins a three part series on dental health on Page 8 of Section 2. Latin backs Cuba stand try t. R. Havins dental authorities can count at least 36 everyday habits that a great Many americans practice in one degree or another that Arr actually injurious to Mouth tissue. Item opening bottles with your Teeth May make you the life of the party hut its a juvenile practice As far As Good dental health Al concerned. Mill people often damage their Teeth using them for such unlikely practices. The habit of biting pensively on ear loops of glasses can be an important Factor in Teeth migration a moving out of position dentists Point out. Chewing on Pencil or pen during moments of concentration is almost an occupational is Ard for bookkeepers and Ste Nogi up he upholsterer Carpenter and Shoemakers who hold nails Between their Teeth develop typical dental ailments. Seamstresses who bite thread and dressmakers who hold pin and Needles Between their Teeth invariably suffer from had Mouth conditions dentists have found. Biting on matches and tooth picks abnormal Tongue pressures against Teeth lip and Cheek biting and continued clenching of Teeth to control emotions All May have their Adverse effects. Also listed As detrimental to Teeth and Gums is the practice among women of using their Teeth to open Bobby pins. Another is the habit of cupping t Hin in hands while Reading or watching television. Such poor dental health practices Are summed lip in the fact that about half the american population Over 45 years of age Ivy or should he wearing sonic form of artificial denture resulting in a 40 to to per cent reduction in chewing efficiency. Among children the habit most detrimental to Teeth is thumb sucking. However most authorities agree it will not cause improper Teeth alignment if stopped by age four or five. I Buenos Aires. Argentina it a in defying his powerful critics at Home. President Arturo i Onditi declared saturday Argentina s refusal to vote for expulsion of Cuba from the inter american family was a blow for the Basic principles of self determination and he appeared to have settled a crisis with his armed forces chiefs angered by Argentina a so called soft stand Ai the heat sphere in foreign ministers meeting they had demanded he break relations with communist Cuba. Frondizi then summoned Home ambassador Julio Amoedo from la a warning to the United Havana and a communique an slates and id Laun american a flounced thai Argentina would dons voting to expel Cuba at Pun vote to oust Cuba from the Orta Dei .St Uruguay Frondizi ionization of american states Frondizi said the death of these Lien the Issue came before the principles would turn the Herm sphere Over to a the Law of the demanded break Frondizi spoke out in an address at Parana at a tin in when l. D. Wyatt for police chief groups Council meeting in Washington. But now his defiant defense of Argentina a position in the speech at Parana seemed certain to set the crib is Booling again. Conspiracy hit Roodi i accused a reactionary sectors in the United state of i conspiring with a their direct and indirect Adonis in latin amen can Conturba i to f Oster insurrection Agai Feit the National governments which fight for the dignity and Independence of their Frondizi emphasized that Argentina demonstrated its Contemp for communism in Cuba by voting for the Resolution saying t Astro was inc Moa Tibie with the in tor a men can system. But he defended the abstention of Argentina Brazil Bolivia Chile Ecuador and Mexico at Punta Del eat from vol my sanctions against prime minister Fidel Castro s regime. He said Uch a vote might damage the principle of no intervention and stir up political turmoil a which will lend itself to a continual ton of the most aggressive activities of righting and left Wing extremists. Police set for riots in France Paris it apis tanks were poised outside Pari saturday night and More than 23,000 anti riot police a stood ready in the City to rep i the uprising which a great Many frenchmen think will be attempted by the right Wing secret army to breakup prospective Independence for Algeria. In Algiers and Oran where the i terrorist european underground has gunned Down opponents in the Palm lined streets in an Effort to keep Algeria French troop and police also stood Edgely Alert. French and algerian nationalist negotiator Are widely reported though without official confirmation to have reached at Lead a Basic agreement on the eventual Independence of Alpena after seven years of bloodshed some Felt the ruling Robe to Xii is might approve or reject the settlement by fed 6 or 7, a before the to it ginning of Ramadan. Hie month when moslem fast each Fay from Sunrise to Sunset fear of a push by the secret army in Algeria with a companion uprising in France Are the subject of daily conversations among frenchmen. The announcement of an agreement might ignite such a Teal and desperate Effort. Save Money those exemptions can save you Money income tax experts Point out in an article on Page 9, Section i White House a George Romney of ame Neon motors might possibly have his eyes in the White House Page 5, Section 2. Thumb sucking just How harmful is this childhood problem find out from dental experts on Page 8, Section 2 head Hunters Delight a Neo s head Hunters have found a new Way of life Page 8, Section 2. Island to face $35 million Cut Washington apr president Kennedy tightened the . Economic squeeze on Cuba saturday ordering a Complete ban on imports of cuban products. The action will Cost Cuba $35 million a year. Administration officials said that the embargo effective next wednesday will be a severe blow to the ability of rime minister Fidel Castro to Export communist subversion to other latin Imp year a rundown of elect in year events found on Page 7, Section i is full week ahead coming events in the entertainment Field for Brownwood and Central Texas Are Given the once Over in Poge i Section 2. Oil activity Centra Texas Oil and Gas activity is summarized on Page 8, Section i. Vast area Brownwood s Shore in the vast Central West Texas milk producers Assn. Is explained on Page 16, Section i. Sports basketball new track records and other sports events Are found on pages to and la Section i. On plane mishap grim tale unravelled by Edmund a. Barker written for the associated press Dallas a it a a Etui vat told me be believe a bomb undoubtedly was aboard the National air Wilham Allen Taylor an old prison crony of Spears got on the plane in Spears place a amp ing Spears ticket and Rode to a Ocean grave my taped interviews lines plane that vanished into Hie with Spears now in the flies of Gulf of Mexico with 42 persons aboard nov. 16, 1939. Robert Vernon Spears now in Alcatraz says he watched a Confederate walk into the airline terminal at Tampa Eta. With a packaged bomb under hts Arm Ai head for the doomed Airliner times a Arr the grim fact out the Fri. Indicate. Parts of to bodies and bits of aircraft were recovered from the gulfs brooding Waters but a ire Mendoze search yielded nothing More disappeared Spears a i Villas nato Romaih who had insured his life for $121, Taylor had intended to drive his car to Dallas but he was suffering from a sort neck and shoulder and wanted to ride on the plane. Spears claimed so it was decided that Taylor would Fly from Tampa to Dallas and thai Spears would drive Taylor a car to Dallas Spears said this is what happened the two drove to the Tampa or grim tale no Page 2 Byrd urges Juk to sell War items Washington it apr sen marry f. Bvrd a proposed saturday that Congress direct president Kennedy to sell $3.4 billion in stockpiled strategic materials and use the receipts to balance the budget a if we could get Money from thus excessive accumulation of materials flowing into the Trees Ury we might be Able to balance the budget and keep from Meres my the debt limit a Betti said in an interview. Byrd disclosed he has agreed to Clear tile Road for an investigation by a special committee headed by sen Stuart Symington. Do. Of what Kennedy called the excessive stockpiling of $7.7 billion in War emergency items. Tiu1 Senate is expected to be asked to approve a $30,000 outlay or a Stab to inquire Toto the Situ it Ion before the group begins hearings in about a month. Benau Republican leaders had urged Byrd. A conservative critic of a by Admi Nisi rat uni policies to undertake the inquiry through the joint c Ommittee on reduction it nonessential Federal expend lures which he head Poi a time ii api a ared possible Trie particularly those in that there might be collateral Caribbean area hearings by both the Syria ton the ban or imports was a Miami Byrd groups bul Byrd made for blow to the cuban Cigar manic Clear saturday his committee favouring Industry at Tampa american countries la s Dollar income list year under Hoo million officials said so the be i a action will reduce it by one third this year. While clamping the embargo on import Kennedy Specif rally authored fhe Continuer Wile of . Food and Medicine to Cuba. Officials said also that airline and Telephone service to Cuba would not be affected. Die Trade embargo officials said is Only one of several Steps Kennedy and Secretary of state Dean Rusk Are planning. Their aim is to fasten a kind of economic. Military and political stranglehold around the id and country which All other american governments now officially regard As a communist beachhead in the Western hemisphere. The . Gov pm Mem it of is understood to be strengthening and extending us air and sea patrol Over the International Waters around Cuba diploma my Effort will be undertaken next week to get Canada and other Allied countries trading with Cuba to bring their policies into line with those of the United states and other american government1. A meeting of the organization of american states to set for wednesday. The timed stale and various other members will pre then for speedy action to devise an Anu amp subversion strategy for Protection of red menaced min the will not play a direct role in the inquiry. K tined called for an investigation by a Senate armed services Subco Ortr on Aback piling which Symington Heads. Lined saturday night on my Keld 0 10. Disappeared after the tragedy. New s broadcast and it a copyrighted Story in the Dallas times Herald. State s candidates Start vote season by Garth Jones associated pres staff writer campaigns for Texas top Politi peals Are $800 congressman at Large wha h is $1,125 and the court of civil apr Dar Vin Chambers ,.for county Post Wyatt Chambers seek local posts two More candidates today announced their candidacy in county and City races. L. D. Wyatt of Brownwood will seek the Post of Brownwood chief of police and Marvin Chambers of May will file for the Job of Brown county school superintendent. Filing deadline for a place on the first primary ballot is Midnight monday. Final Date for filing for City office is 30 Days prior to the april 3 election. Marvin Chambers Brown county native and teacher and school administrator 32 years today announced his candidacy for Brown county school superintendent in his first hid for Public office. Chambers who owns and maintains his Home in the pleasant Valley Community near May has Cal jobs shaped up saturday a office seekers paid their entry Erat fees for the summer primaries. The deadline tor reserving a j place on either ballot is monday at Midnight the Field is crowded 42 candidates state democratic comm Iff Headquarters reported 42 state a wide Cand i d a t e s had plunked Down Cash filing fees at ,.st half that Many Mon Are sex piled by monday night executive three tor Clyde Johnson said. The state Republican committee Headquarters also in Austin had filing fees from four mate wide candidates executive director Jim Leonard predicted several times that number would come in monday. The hottest race is for governor. However the lieutenant governors race with six announced democrats and two republicans Here Are the state Quot or demo candidates including the court of civil appeals who have paid their filing fees for governor for governor John go Nauy Marshall for toy Fri Wilson Edwin Walker. Lieutenant governor Preston Smith. Robert Baker Crone Smith. Congressman at Large Warren Moore Manley head. Woodrow bean a Homey Genera Tom Reavley Waggoner Carr w t. Mcdonald Railroad commissioners. Ben Ramsey unexpired term1, William Murray or. Stale treasurer Jesse James commissioner of agriculture John White Everts Hale or. Judge court of criminal a it see candidates on Pate 2 suite his name was on the passenger list and he had actually validated his own ticket it was presumed he perished along w Ith 141 others. Insurance companies were preparing to pay the Cia in when Fri agent cornered Spears at a Phoenix aru., Motel january 30. I960 he wrapped a bottle of cyanide from his pocket by an agent caught the hand before the bottle reached Spear # lips there v As enough cyanide to kill 300 men. Experts so id Spears is in Alcatraz prison ironically serving time for stealing Taylor s wit it is his ninth term in prison he has been arrested 28 time pm charges rang j my from armed robbery to Abor-1 lion. I have interviewed him Many time for a total of More than by hours he is the toughest Man i Ever knew with cold hard eyes and an evil Leer. He now is eligible for parole. Real Esi de bomb Spears said Taylor a 61-year-old Tampa. A tire Aal is Man. Made the bomb for him at his request Spears explained to me that he needed a bomb to Takt care of a woman wines who intended to testify against him in an Abor lion trial by los Angeles. He and Taj Lor were to meet in Dallas he said and go on to the West coast. Abilene team wins in forensic tourney the Abilene High school team reached by Dell Mccomb won the sweep ekes Mph. In that seventh Annua Howard Payne University Row Nood h Jyh school invitational High school forensic tournament Friday Aud saturday winning the boy debate Competition were Mike Phillip and Watson Howell of Central High school Sari Angelo first and Judi Malone and Craig Good rum Abilene Hight school a Cemond girls debate winning in girls debate were Nina Estes and Linda Daniel of Abilene High school first and Jean Martin and Kathy Graw of Monterrey High school Lubbock second in the other top Competition of the tournament duet acting winners were Larry Pine and Donna a Ham Midland High school first Sherri Tate and Ros Palmie Stephen f Austin High school a tin. Second and Arolyn Mead and Lynda Laird Walt rip High school. Houlton third. More than 400 students from 25 Texas High schools participated in the tournament held in Brownwood High school. Sweepstakes and debate winners were announced in a closing general session saturday afternoon at the High school individual Competition winners were announced at dinner Friday evening at Chisholm first places first place winners in boys and girls debate were awarded full tuition scholarships of $420 each to Howard Payne University and second place winners half tul see forensics on Page to. Ila cuban tobacco constituted about 90 per cent of the $35 Mil lion of purchases from Cuba last year. The Industry Appeal to be in a state of confusion. Hurried conferences were called among Leader of the Industry saturday Hov is or. No one is mild comment on i ans for the future of the manufacturing Trade a the i of u sirs will regulate production to make beat use of said James Corral Cigar manufacturing executive. Corial did predict that if the embargo lasts More than two year the Industry probably will suffer permanent damage. Whoe House press Secretary Pierre san or said Secretary of labor Arthur j Goldberg will provide All help possible to the �?�6 opt or 7,000 people involved i manufacturing cigars made from cuban Leaf. A weather Brownwood area fair sunday and sunday night. Partly Cloudy and turning colder monday. High sunday 78 to 84 maximum temperature hero saturday 79 Sunset 6 la Sunrise 7 29. Been superintendent of dead Eton Jis Likely to be a slant bang Cam l. D. Wyatt of 2503 ave. K today announced his candidacy for Brownwood chief of police a chief mayor and two councilmen will be named in the City april 3. Resident of Brownwood about 25 years. Wyatt has been a conductor and brakeman with Santa be railway since 1947 and has fanned and ranches As a sideline. The Wyatt family has been in Brown county since the 1870s. Wyatt attended Early school Ami is married to the former Joyce Morrison of Brownwood. They have four children l. D. Wyatt jr., 12 Raymond 5 Donna sue 4, and Sammy i. He is a Mem her of the brotherhood of Railroad trainmen and Avenue Ujj Baptist Church. A Independent school District the pasts two years and taught in the Eastland county school before being named to the Post. Included among his 22 years of teaching in Brown county were four years at Williams High school 12 years As principal of Woodland Heights school and six pain also. The fast developing race for congressman at Large does no to look like a sewing Circle project. Full boil the steaming governor s race exploded into a full boil Friday when gov. Price Daniel arid Walker links race with old Campaign Austin ap1 former Mal years As principal of May elementary school. He went to Des full Speed were the e democrats former maj. Gen. Edwin Walker Gen. Edwin Walker said saturday enlisted. Already campaigning at his race for governor is part of demons from a teaching Job near Weatherford. Chambers is a graduate of Brownwood High school he received his bachelors degree from Daniel Baker College and his master of education degree from Hardin Juri Mons University he is married to the former Oldie Crume of May and they have two children. Henry Carroll Chambers with the air Force in Wichita Falls and miss Marva Chambers who teaches at desde-1 Mon. Former Navy Sec John Connay former High Way commission chairman Marshall Formby atty. Gen. A a ill Wilson taxi Houston lawyer Don Yarborough. Republican Jack Cox also was campaigning Hep Jim Wright of fort Worth his fight against International communism. 4 a the reason i am running and my platform Are the he told a news conference. A that is tile need to defend the United slates under god in a struggle Swen Rig. Occasionally he said a no comment a a number of spectators stood in the doorways to the room then came Forward to shake his hand after Quot Arris one of them was his obviously proud Mother mrs. George p. Alker. She said the new s conference for survival against International was a a trying experience for her communism with nine million son but she seemed pleased at who once was topside and a attn others i want texans to Load this the size of the audience which at Gubern atonal candidate eared a number of fears Friday by paying his filing fee for re election to Congress. Filing fees for statewide offices both parties., Are $1,000 except tor fight a a tended. Walker lighted one cig Aret att Walker up Ltd Ute Limner another. He leaned Back in a i add officials Friday by w a1 King chair with two microphones Hung in and presenting a $1,000 Check around his neck carefully cons id to get his name a the ballot at egg each Quad Una bet Ore a the May a primary i win forensic honors among winners it the seventh annual Howard Avne University Brownwood High school invitational High school forensic tournament Friday and saturday were left to right Larry Pine and Donna Bassham of Midland High school who won first place in duet acting and $225 scholarships to Howard Payne and Sherri Tate and Ross Palmie of Stephen f Austin High school of Austin who won second place in duet acting and $112 50 scholarships to Howard Payne r

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