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Brownwood Bulletin Newspaper Archives Dec 27 1965, Page 3

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Brownwood Bulletin (Newspaper) - December 27, 1965, Brownwood, Texas Viet War escalates anew Phvoc a i am Only afraid of editors note the bomb and i Battle strategy begun by the i United states in Viet Nam la months ago has failed to bring the communists to the conference table. What s next for president Johnson As the War roars on. Difficult choices seem ahead. This is the first of four articles assessing America s role in Viet Nam. By John m. Hightower Washington api the War in Viet Nam is entering a new phase of escalation which threatens to grow far More costly and dangerous before the next year of conflict is Many months old. Active fighting is Likely to spread from the Battle grounds of Viet Nam into strategic Jungle areas of Cambodia and Laos. The expanding struggle will require More american troops and the level May Rise toward half a million men. North Viet Nam probably will lose its bomb free Sanctuary around Hanoi and Haiphong red China May Send troops and planes to help the North leading to a comm a nist confrontation. The pressure on the soviet Union to line up with China and North Viet Nam against the United states would then be very great. This grim View of the Possi Billies of the conflict has Arisen Here following the failure of the born and Battle strategy which Johnson administration leaders began putting into effect la months ago. The prospects can be overturned at any moment by an agreement Between the United states and Viet name which might be engineered by Britain or Russia or the United nations or some other third party to Stop the fighting and Transfer the conflict to the conference table. No such agreement is in sight however. The judgement of . Officials is that the War probably will have to get much worse before it gets better. No one can figure out a Compromise Between the communist demand for terms giving them a decisive voice in South Viet Nam s future and the . Demand that the communists abandon their Conquest of the South. The bombing strategy adopted by president Johnson last february was aimed at defeating an expected red offensive against South Viet Nam during the Monsoon season and forcing North Viet Nam to the conference table by the end of 1965. But bombing North Viet Nam failed to break its will to fight Brownwood bulletin. Monday december 27, 1965�?3 Hue u Berkeley without beards by Tom Tiede newspaper Enterprise a in. Hue. Viet Nam Hue University is the Berkeley of Southeast Asia Only the beards Are missing. Every sad eyed student in sandals is a member of a free speech movement bet none of them has much to say. A the . Is All wrong a a Ore declares. A Al it out what a he is asked. A about supporting the present Saigon government a a in what Way Quot a in every no agreement a huh. Then you Don t agree with the Saigon government either Quot i a Why Quot a because they Are All a about what Quot a about supporting the ., of this kind of verbal Exchange is As stimulating As watching i hair turn Gray but it is at least refreshing in a country that is noticeably lacking in even a Freedom of incoherent expression. Awards predicted for Zhivago film entertainment. Knocking the United states Here is permissible. But knocking Saigon is suicide. However the University located just 60 Miles from the North vietnamese Border is not subject to the Normal censorship. This is partly because it is culturally sacred partly because it is so far away and partly because Saigon knows it would do no Good. Muffle Young previous governments have tried to muffle the Young intellects. But they weren to around Long enough to count. Says student Leader Nguyen Van Phvoc a i think and do As i wish. What can Saigon do about it arrest me kill me i am not afraid of jail or death. I am Only afraid of Phvoc. A sort of latter Day. Gum chewing Patrick Henry was editor of the Hue student newspaper until the government by Bob Thomas a movie television writer but Robert Bolt a playwright stopped the presses recently. Hollywood apr the who also scripted a Lawrence of according to him the Publica premiere of a doctor Zhivago Quot Arabia Quot threaded the diverse has fulfilled its Promise it is figures into a sensible pattern the leading contender for Best relying sometimes on coincide picture in the 1965 Academy Tai meetings. He also invested awards. I the Long ago events with in David lean May Well repeat Mediaty the elements of Reyo what he has accomplished twice lotion anarchy and suppression before. With a abridge on the Are Ever with us. River kwai Quot in 1957 and a Law basically a doctor Zhivago Quot rence of Arabia Quot in 1962. Be pro concerns an artists adjustment video films of such artistry that to society. A doctor poet Shiva they dominated the Oscar race go recognizes the decadence and provided awards for him and cruelty of the czarist resell As director. Gime. Later witnesses the Insani a doctor Zhivago Quot is a totally to of War. Revolution Only new background for leans brings another tyranny re work. But the theme is much the same. It is a Many a search for his soul. This time the forbidding by Beautiful wastes of Russia. Actually Finland Are sub Rule Elevation the mob and the Petty terrorists. The brilliance of lean s technique is in the fact that Zhivago s feelings Are not expressed statute a for the Jungles of Asia in speeches. The events happen and Zhivago reacts mostly with his expressive face. The Dionice of Omar Sharif for the leading role was critical. Since his face is not Overly a of recent times. The obscurity Miliar to the movie Public there of the period and the multiplier is no intrusion of his own per a a. Two. To of characters seemed to Miti-1 Sonaty. He becomes Zhivago. J n Cao by a a Good Pilot in i Ninnor film hic Fri Meta Sci aty3 to pm pm Tell 5111,. A y. And the deserts of Arabia. Lean accepted a Challenge with the new film. A doctor Zhivago Quot was one of the most talked about and unread novels Don had Only one major fault a it was printed in Saigon. A we sent it Down Quot Phvoc shrugs a and it just never came a what did Saigon object to Quot a to what it a and what did it say Quot a not not much a and what did it say not much a about .-vietnamese lation ships Quot a political Quot a no a you mean boy girl Quot a what did you suggest Quot a we suggested putting american soldiers in area. Quot a a. And vietnamese women in Nguyen Phvoc 21, married the son of a postal official seems against almost everything these Days and for Al one his compassionate eyes Tell All a v does no to reorient Ocko dul to est i Chi Covi in that needs to be known As he witnesses the Slaughter of revolutionaries on a Moscow Street later the carnage of a Village destroyed by a rampaging soviet general. Gate against its chances As Fum damaged plane scrapes truck new York apr Woodrow Leone 47, driving his truck across the George Washington Bridge looked in he Mirror and saw an air plane. A moment later the wingtip of Richardson Rita Tushingham. The Small plane carrying two All Are uniformly excellent. Men nicked leones truck and landed in the Middle of the Bridge. The two occupants of the plane walked away with minor injuries. Leone from Guttenberg nj., was unhurt. People Quot. Nor president John son whom he Calls Ranson a the wants bombing one Day truces the next. Nor . Aid a we need Industry not pres ends Quot. Nor the fact of the aside from egyptian Sharif War it Haw you it a Good and american Rod Steiger the leading cast members Are English Julie Christie Alec Gui Ness Tom Courtenay Ralph boosters plan dec. 31 dance grief a a. The one thing he is for however is a free election. A or can a a in a afraid Quot he says a that until the people select their leaders the country will continue to slip under control of the United in sum. Problems Phvoc is full of. Solutions he in t. He and his Fellows at Hue Brownwood coloured boosters t club will sponsor a new year s a a _ w the Pilot Phillip i Pohto 19, g dance at Brownwood Coli p experimentation. Of the Bronx told police he was Sel on dec 31 from 9 d in Hanoi gues3�?T going to land the single engine i until music by be solve everything. Or May plane in the Hudson River after a us Harvey combo from mid. A plus Harvey combo from mid the engine tailed. But his Pas Jan it featuring Brenda George Sanger Joseph Brennan 39. Of Anco Brownjr. Hackensack n j., told Ippolito he swim. At Midnight there will be a grand finale with Bells horns the damaged plane veered off and other noise makers. The the truck and came to rest la Public is invited. Admission will the two Center lanes of the giant be $2 per person and no alcohol Bridge which connects new in beverages will be permitted York City with new Jersey. The i in the coliseum lanes were not being used because of the Light sunday morning traffic. James Whistler famous artist once was a Cadet a West Point but was dismissed before completing his course. And if neither bombing worked Well they suppose there is always Saigon. Be modern with Moen its Garrett insurance 645-9499 por 317 Brown s. A. Mchors Plum bin a heating 115 Mayes pm. I 3-459 a 1965 Kyhea Lac. Let s just say the Assembly instructions leave something to the imagination Quot and to disrupt its assistance to tile communist guerrilla armies in the South. Moving dose to in the South. Moving close to 200,000 . Troops into the country and smashing at guerrilla forces with land and air offensives failed also to break their will although it did Blunt their offensive. The response of the communist Side in fact has been to increase their efforts. Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara reported three weeks ago after a trip to Saigon that infiltration of red troops from North to South Viet Nam was going up from 1.500 a month to 4,500. Mcnamara predicted a St Pup of . And South vietnamese military operations against infiltration routes. That could mean enlarged bombing attacks against the to Chi Minh Trail in Laos and against routes reported to run through the cambodian Jungles. The decision was put up to president Johnson. In a speech dec. 9, Johnson said Quot we Are determined to do All that is necessary Quot to defeat communist Conquest of the South. But he put his emphasis for the moment on new peace efforts saying Quot we Are equally determined that every Prospect for peace be exhausted before other hard Steps Are those new Steps were understood to include possible air strikes on Hanoi and Haiphong. That same Day news dispatches told of an interview Given by president to Chi Minh of North Viet Nam to a Western visitor. He denounced american terms for peace that the communists must leave the South alone As a absolutely unacceptable to both the vietnamese people and world Public communist China was reported promising increased Aid to North Viet Nam and warning its own people about a danger of american air attacks against chinese cities. In Moscow Premier Alexei n. Kosygin charged the United states with aggressive behaviour and creating a a War psychosis Quot All Over the world. 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