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Brownwood Bulletin Newspaper Archives Dec 27 1965, Page 1

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Brownwood Bulletin (Newspaper) - December 27, 1965, Brownwood, Texas Brownwood bulletin fourteen pages today two is charged by army probes say enemy aided Naha Okinawa a the . Army said today it has charged two Cis with aiding the enemy during two veers of Viet Cong imprisonment and is investigating to determine whether they will be put on trial the two soldiers Are sgt. George e. Smith of Chester . And spec. 4 Claude Mcclure of Chattanooga tenn., who we so released by the Viet Cong last month. They will remain on Okinawa until a final decision on Cir cases the spokesman said. After an extensive investigation. He said they were charged with preparing furnishing and Deb Cering to the Viet Cong certain documents statements and writings inimical to the interest of the United states. The spokesman said the two special forces men have been provided defense attorneys. In accordance with . Military procedure their cases now Are being studied to determine if they will face a trial by court martial. Smith. 27. And Mcclure 25, were captured in november 1963 when guerrillas overran the Hiep Hoa Camp Northeast of Saigon. They were released last nov. 27 at the cambodian Border during a period of demonstrations in the United states against the Viet Nam War. After a week in phenom penh capital of Cambodia the two were flow n to Bangkok and then to Okinawa. They denied to american television newsmen that they had told a news conference in Cambodia they would return to the United states and join the Campaign against the War in vie Nam. Brownwood Texas. Monday december 27, 1965 volume 66 no. 63 Loc per copy . Planes idled t ground War rages a Glimmer of Hope lbs has eyes on Viet pact by Frank Cormier reluctance to associate himself Austin. Tex apr presi with a move that might go Dent Johnson reportedly still awry. And some observers were retained a Glimmer of Hope to convinced after the cease firc Day that the fighting in Viet failed to hold that this was his Nam will not return to pre Christmas ferocity. The fact that the United states had not resumed bombings of North viol Nam even two Days after the end of the cease fire was seen As evidence that Johnson still was seeking a peaceful settlement. When the United states and South Viet Nam were considering last week a 30-hour Christmas cease fire so Long As their troops were not fired upon. Johnson kept aloof from the eventual announcement and publicly the decision making. A that s a matter to be decided in Saigon a said the Texas White House. Johnson made no Public comment on the cease fire even though he normally is Quick to identify himself with Good news. In Many quarters his silence was interpreted As indicating major coast storm brews reasoning. However one source close to the president cast Johnson a aloofness in a different Light by saving a the is silent because he is listening a in Short according to this source. Johnson said nothing because he was most interested in Hanoi a reaction. Reportedly he did not want to Cloud the atmosphere. It was not happenstance either it was said that the state i troops kill 63 Cong in skirmishes Saigon South Viet Nam apr for the third straight Day the United states kept its planes out of North Viet names skies Tofu boyhood Home and by Coin Jay. But . Marines killed cadence gave his secret service 33 Viet Cong in ground Skir with everyone in sight a even one of his secret service bodyguards a and he signed autographs readily. Afterwards. Johnson visited International Holiday bodyguard a a scare. Just As Johnson drove to the old Homestead an 18-year-rid Deer Hunter emerged from his Grandfather s Home across the Street earning a Rifle with telescopic sight. At that instant a 12-year-old girl in a Yard nearby set off a loud firecracker. Secret service agent Cliff Hill a remembered for climbing aboard tile limousine of presi department announced official Dent John f. Kennedy in Dallas by that american troops had been ordered not to fire except in self defense even after the end of the 30-hour cease fire and that the subsequent fighting was described As the president and the first lady attended sunday service at the first Baptist Church in Johnson City. He Shook hands at the time of the assassination a jumped from a Security car and advanced on the Rifle Holder with arms outstretched. The episode soon was forgotten when the train of coincidences were unravelled. After Johnson left the scene the youth drove away for some Hunting just As he had intended huh winging to far East by the associated press tile Northwestern part of the nation braced for a major storm tie two claimed their state today As Gale warnings were Washington apr he not supposed to be at the front moots had been misinterpreted ported i rom the Northern Cali hot up Humphrey wings toward of the stage. I consider my role lbs correspondent Murray forma coast North to puget the far East today on his first to be one of working with the from son quoted Smith As say sound. Major overseas Trio As vice ing a i did not use the word winds As High As 52 Miles per pent hour have been reported Al Cape wok Ong asian a Turnev Mendocino Calif. 1 the . Weather Bureau expected heavy Rains to fall Over a. Ceremonial the Oregon and Washington y a 8 y coasts and Over much of California As the storm moved Inland. Heavy Snow has been fore mishes after a Short inter tipped Christmas truce tile marines reported strikes against the communists during patrols around the big . Air base at Danang 380 Miles Northeast of Saigon. The americans reported taking Light casualties. A squad of leathernecks pounced on about 40 Viet Cong killing 15 at a Hamlet called Quang a no i. Two hours later a Marine platoon near Quang a no. 2. About two Miles southward was attacked by 75 Viet Cong armed with automatic weapons. The americans called in artillery support tanks and armed helicopters. When the Brief encounter was Over they counted the bodies of 41 communists. Marines in other scattered actions against the reds report j de killing seven Viet Cong during the Day. Air attacks were made Only on suspected Viet cot g concentrations in South Viet Nam. . Spokesmen said ground action also was reported in Low key Tor the past 24 hours. Beyond confirming the sus among residents of several nations assembled for an afternoon together at 104 Parkview sunday afternoon were from left Joachim wielder of Ger Many Ursula Boehlen of Switzerland Heinz Van Delinde of Germany and Gerard Bisanti of France visitors add touch of Europe to City by Harriette Graves Homes the Bruno Loewens and a Little bit of Europe Congre Alex Reeve. Both Loewen and gated under one roof in Brown Reeve Are entertaining foreign Wood sunday night. Guests and everyone met and the beginning of the meeting compared notes in the w. W. A of a the league of nations in mar Home 104 Parkview Terrace. First there was Gerard Bisanti from France. This Young Man a guest in the Loewen Home is a foreign Exchange student at Southeast Missouri University. On his Way to the . He became acquainted with a Young girl on her Way to the . From her year abroad at the University of Strasbourg. Brownwood originated at two Auto crash kills seven Sublette. Kan. Aft seven persons were killed and seven others injured sunday afternoon near this Rural Southwest a Kansas town whet their this girl was Karen Loewen the pm places London san Francisco and Brownwood. A the people Are much friendlier Here than anywhere else i have Ever been a she said. Or. Brown misses one tiling in the United states. He said that no one walks in the cities where he has been. A everyone takes Long walks in London a he said. He mentioned he attempted one of those a Long walks in Brownwood and All the dogs barked at him. The Browns compared transportation in Brownwood and in see visitors on Page 2 a an intersect autos collided lion. Highway patrol trooper Gail Rathbun said Lawrence Blake pension of the Aerial War which by. 24. Of Dodge City kan., was steadily had been closing in on driving West on is 56. Blake 4 what i said was that i would like to see Strong efforts made to end the War in Viet to the Philippines Japan South Korea and nationalist China but weather president working within the government and then to take the policies of the government out to the people to explain As Best i can As to How his government is attempting to fulfil its responsibilities on the world the Hanoi Haiphong Industrial Belt . Officials in Saigon said Only that the orders came from Washington. This raised speculation thai the pause was a new invitation from Hie Ferd gales to North vietnamese president Satanta where they by his wife Dana 22, 3rd her sister Pauline 27. And Lier husband. James Simmons 25, and their son Todd Simmons 8 months were Only fix Miles Home in to were Brownwood area decreasing cloudiness tonight and tuesday warmer in North a Little warmer in South tuesday. Low tonight in 30s. High tuesday 52 to 62. Maximum temperature Here sunday 57, overnight Low 34. Sunset today 7 32, Sunrise tuesday 5 34. Cast for the Cascade mountains and the mountains of Northern California. The Snow was expected to spread eastward rapidly and reach the Northern Rocky mountains later in the Day. Cold wave warnings remained in effect today in the Midwest from Canada to Northwestern Missouri and Kansas. The War in Viet Nam. Humphrey says will be a prime topic i scene. His private talks with leaders of Humphrey will return to the four Friendly governments. Washington Jan. 2. Eight Days the foreign travel May also before Congress returns to help strengthen Humphrey s work. Image at Home As it did for the Humphrey party Inelus Richard m. Nixon Ard Lyndon my mrs. Humphrey and the vice to Chi minho a regime to come to the peace table. . Officials declined to guess How Long the Lull would last. In the South . Casualty lists grew. The Viet Cong detonated a b. Johnson. Although Johnson travelled to 28 countries when he was vice president Humphrey s most talked about Trio was the one he base Anchorage Alaska to re mine at a government troop president s youngest son Doug Barracks at a dec 70 Moos Andrews have a Holiday dinner. Travelling North on . 83, Rathbun said. Was mrs. Dora g. Saldiver 27. Seven of her children and her Mother mrs. Sabon a Gonzales. 57. The Saidi vers Only recently held moved to Leoti in South girl invited Gerard to come to Texas any time and visit with her family. The Christmas season seemed like an Ideal Opportunity for the reunion. But this is Only the beginning of the european delegation. The Loewen daughters in Bethel College at North new tem. Kan., became acquainted with two for j eign Exchange students and they too were invited to Rome to Brownwood for the holidays. The two boys Are Joachim wielder and Heinz Van Delancie both from Germany. All three boys agreed Brown records for Holiday fatalities on Wood is a Friendly town and a the highways sinti especially said that the the death toll reached 707 to records cracked Holiday traffic toll tops 700 by the associated press the nation s three Day Christmas traffic death toll broke All people Are much friendlier in Texas than they Are in Missouri where he has been living. All of the boys met and talked with cubans win us. Asylum did t make a when Johnson fuel and then head straight out sent chief Justice Earl Warren i across the Pacific for Tokyo instead of the vice president to represent the United states at sir Winston Churchir s funeral. Lass 18, leave Force base at mid afternoon i vietnamese platoons were Start Stop off at Elmendorf air Force wig the work Day. Approached the intersection Exchange student a amp Paru two acre Alaska to re. I it killed or Hurt a let of so. They were less than two hours it also at the Jamar Home were see planes on Page 2 on shout 70 Miles South of their or and mrs. John Brown and Day As late reports were verified. The previous record traffic toll was 706 for a four Day Christmas weekend in 1956. Before the Holiday the nation Western Kansas from Post air Southwest of Saigon just As two Tex. They had been to Texas for a Jusula Quot Boehlen from Switzer a Brief Holiday visit and As they Lan j Brownwood first foreign a safety Council had estimated deaths would run Between 560 and 660. New Kansas Home. Urge peace in Viet Osaka Japan apr four helping the shipment of military cd nera a if prey has equipment a been kept on a Short tether la a cuban embassy spokesman 1 >rn8 As Faison Between the in Tokyo called the four traitors. I White House and Congress and he denied cuban ships were a Vlna speeches within the Leif carrying cargo to North Viet states. Nam. He said the ships Call at coincidentally or otherwise cuban officers walked off a cuban freighter today and asked and were granted . Political Asylum. They said All cuban ships were instructed to carry military equipment to communist North Viet Nam and they opposed this policy of aiding a a communist a statement by Cash Francisco Cobas oses 46, and three officers of the Aracelio Iglesias 7.900-ton freighter said a a we done to want to risk our lives by too stage Vigil near ranch their two children from London. The Brown family is visiting Reeve. Mrs. Brown is Reece s daughter and this is the first time the Browns have been in the . Or. Brown is a teacher in London University but is at present teaching at the University of 1 California where he is to real. Main for one year. Three of North vietnamese ports a to pick up things we buy there a general the four were reported to have told Osaka officials they were ordered to pick up weapons in Shanghai and take them to North Viet Nam. The White House announced the plans for Humphrey s asian trip by Jack Keever it after a letter was Given to be elections in Viet Nam. Johnson City Tex. Apu Cret service agent Clarence demonstrators were not.,. A almost too texans a men i Knetsch for delivery to the slowed behind a Wood in Barri their five children Are Back in women and children inter president who is at the ranch Cade which crossed ranch the toll included records in a number of individual states. In Ohio the state safety director Warren c. Nelson said the 49 deaths made the highest toll for any weekend in 1965 and perhaps the highest since records have been kept. Louisiana s superintendent of Public safety Thomas Burbanks said that states 32 was the worst toll after a Public opinion poll whose erupted their Christmas weekend for the holidays. Road. Behind and in front of the findings apparently surprised Humphreys staff. Johnson said he had selected Humphrey As his no. 2 Man because he was equipped to be a Good president but the recent poll to wed that the majority of people sampled Knetsch promised two spokes barricade stood secret service men for the demonstrators a agents and state troopers reply either before they left or about half the demonstrators by letter later in the week. One had driven 245 Miles from hous the Otodle of the three jammed with cars v the safety Council sunday for a three hour peace Vigil near the lbs ranch urging president Johnson to use the Power of his office to bring peace in Viet Nam. Of the spokesmen Houston ton in a yellow school bus. Oth they called on Johnson sad chemical Engineer Allen Clark ers came from Austin 65 Miles ministration to set the time and said As the orderly Vigil broke East and Forth Worth about was not As sold on Humphrey As place for a peace conference. Up that they had had be word Johnson said he was. The demonstrators Many of from the president. To accompany Humphrey to whom had come More it Han 209 tile letter. I rafted by the the far East. Johnson is Send Miles to take part in tut Vigil Houston citizens for action on since state police began keep London staying with their grand in ret ords 25 ears a up parents rain a sleet it Snow freezing or. Brown was impressed with temperatures Over much of the Texas. Mrs. Brown said Cali Quot Atli Quot add a a a Quot it to it forma was More like England hazards of Long distance to than Texas and then she com Man a turn an a 250 Miles North. A fort Worth woman mrs. Morton Rosner. Handed Knetsch a Box of 2.500 Christmas cards said 80 million vehicles were on the Road during Tho 78-hour period which started at 6 thurs Crump files Texas sen. In it Crump of san Saba has filed with j. W. Day and ended at Midnight Sun it Jimmy Phillips. Brown coun Dav night to democratic chairman for several accidents accounted my one of his own closest adv is i stood silently on the grass Viet Nam commended Johnson bearing the same printed Mes election As senator of the 12th for dozens of deaths. Ers presidential aide Jack Val alongside ranch Road i which for Hie Christmas cease fire but Sage calling on Tho president to anti. Passes in front of the Prossi urged further Steps to halt the a last tale Yoe Arn conf Lief she Humphrey said sunday on the Dent s ranch about 3 Miles War a an end to bombing of a a Mutual broadcasting system s away. North Viet Nam. A forma Sald Howa 8 a a reporters round up that they left their posts late Sun cease fire and a statement from a roup called women strike a was a vice president sir you Are Day afternoon to return Home this country supporting free for senatorial District. Senator shortly after the Start of the Crump will no longer reside in Holiday period a bus travelling the current 16th District under on icy pavement in Oregon redistricting. Sen. J. P. Word skidded out of control crashed previously filed for the 12th Dis and turned Over. The Accident strict Post. Thursday took 13 lives. its official now following Midnight services on Christmas at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Stonewall presidential daughter Luci Johnson poses with her Fiance Pat Nugent end the Rev. W. W. Schneider. The first family had announced the engagement of the Young couple with a Lata summer wadding in Prospect. Editors note this is another Telegram to the bulletin from Bob Hope now on a tour to entertain american servicemen in Southeast Asia Saigon. South Viet name i did t believe this until i heard it myself Over Short wave but a Hanoi Hannah a this wars counterpart of a Tokyo Rose a has been broadcasting with disconcerting accuracy the locations and the time of our shows Here. I think that show our escort officers find out where we Are going. They listen to a a Hannah an a of cake this Rooming we flew from sort. A time delivering packages Here. Saigon to Cam Ranh Bay one but the Cong Are pretty thick nobody will take them. They of the worlds most magnificent in this area and its a trifle in just turn around and run. And natural harbours being built up Nerving. When i Lay an egg. I some of the fun that goes with As our biggest Supply port in i just press on to the next joke. A Turkey dinner is lost if you Southeast Asia. Right now ifs when the Cong Lay one it can have to wonder if it will go be fatal. Off. One saddening sidelight of our on Christmas Day we play Mission Here is that the Large Eddi an a half hour out of then took off for Bien Hoa we Nhut for Over 1.000 men who a could see tile flashes of gun fire been waiting in this terrific heat about two Miles away so much for hours. During the show we for the truce at Ben Hoa. De were surrounded by a ring of die Fisher Jackie Deshannon maps with pistols machine guns and the indestructible John bub and rifles at the ready. Still All Sand As far As the Eye can see. It looks like a feast area for camels. During lunch at the base the commander Here col. A. L. Morrison showed me the korean soldiers with automatic rifles standing about a Hundred Yards apart in a perimeter All i around the show area. It was so reassuring i slayed for Des specially Force needed to protect our audiences from possible attack never gets to see the shows. I Only wish it was pos Sibie to get All these Guys together and do a allow just for them. We owe them a lot. Saigon for general Seaman and the big red one of the famed first division i played for them in 1943 in Sicily so i had to watch out for sniper fire from both sides. After the show the cast had Hies joint d us for an unscheduled guest shot Eddie s been Here la Days and is staying several More. There s nothing very Christ Masy about Christmas in vet Nam the Cis Here celebrated a a done to know if they were protecting me from the vie Cong or the audience. Tile Protection was general Westmoreland a idea he d seen my and. General Westmoreland the postmen have a Tough Christmas dinner in tents and it As Best they could but their and run a Ulaler kit Ere a thoughts More than Ever were be show wild when it was Over of family and Home. They very graciously presented we did a show at tan san see Hope a gaga 8

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