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Brownwood Bulletin Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1963, Page 1

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Brownwood Bulletin (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Brownwood, Texas Demo Hopes High in Aid showdown i i i a Washington apr House foreign Aid Bill by tuesday at democratic leaders bringing the latest their absent members Back to and that won t be any too work by planes predicted they soon for president Johnson his would have enough democrats prestige on the line and his Tex on hand today to crack re pub As Holiday delayed lican opposition and pass the be an j aides were said to i have kept the White House Teie a i phone lines humming sunday j 60 Vav dhow trying to whip up support for i c pm f 11 n s e re i c c eight pages today Brownwood Texas monday december 23, 1963 volume 64 no. 60 i do per copy hundreds plucked from sea grips South by the associated press Snow and sleet paralysed much of the South today closing airports and some highways and stranding motorists As an icy blast dropped temperatures to the freezing Mark As far South As Florida. Many areas expected their first White Christmas in years. Arkansas and Tennessee reported heavy snowfalls. Tennessee was covered by Snow which spread eastward from Memphis roads were closed in an 80-mile radius of Memphis and air traffic was halted Memphis police said traffic j was tangled mostly by motor-1 its who ventured out without chains. A taxi service was set up by police to carry doctors Anc other emergency personnel to hospitals. A pistol found on Ruby witness the measure in Calls to congressmen. And at least one charter flight was reported picking no congressmen in Texas l Louisiana and Georgia who had gone Home Early for Christmas and was j speeding them Hack to the Capi Tai. Who was paying for the flight a and perhaps others Wasny to Clear. A spokesman denied the White House was paying the Bill. However because of House rules a final vote on the -s3 billion Aid appropriations measure was not expected before Christmas eve. But even if the House approves eff Assassin of president Kennedy a a a a gun discovered As Bond hearing opens in Dallas by Mike Cochran Dallas apr officers took a pistol from a stripper called As a witness today in the Bond hearing for Lack Ruby night club operator who killed tile accuse the Bill with its controversial provision on government credit guarantees for sales to soviet bloc countries the Senate still must act. And the senators most of them Home for the holidays have no business scheduled All week and Are not Likely to vote before Friday at the earliest. The gun was found under a Scarf in the purse of a strip teaser named Karen Lyn Bennett. 19�?known As Little Lynn who performs in Ruby s Carousel club. It was found As officers was round As searched witnesses before they were taken into the courtroom to he sworn As a group. The witnesses including miss Bennett were sworn then taken into an bitter acid lingers in Texas anteroom to await their Calls to the stand. Sends Money shortly after Ruby s arrest. Miss Bennett said Ruby had sent her Money for her rent. She lives in fort Worth. Meanwhile defense attorney Melvin Belli tried to establish whether Dallas police had taken precautions against a a Man with by the associated press extensive freeze damage sunday four. Texarkana three and dal Clear skies replaced Snow night but Farmers were con Las two. Clouds in Texas monday but corned Over a predicted hard the Snow stopped and skies an inflamed mind a in preparing frigid temperatures continued to freeze monday night. A Low of generally cleared late sunday. For Transfer of Lee Harvey chill the state. 26 degrees was forecast for the except for a few Clouds along Oswald charged with murder in Early morning temperatures upper Valley Early tuesday. Ranged Down to 8 degrees at Dalhart and Sulphur Springs. Rising temperatures were expected to Dent the ice and Snow Only Brownsville in the Low Glaze in the Northern half of the or Rio Grande Valley reported above freezing. 33 degrees. Reports from the lower Rio Grande Valley said the sem tropical area apparently escaped state monday but another hard freeze with temperatures 15 to 25 degrees were forecast for monday night. Mercury hits 13 in City Young Man Winter officially born Only sunday morning made himself Felt Here Early today As the temperature dipped to a frosty 13 degrees in Brownwood. High Reading sunday was Only 24 degrees. A Light Snow which partially covered the ground Early saturday morning and continued through the night saturday helped keep the frigid temperatures Down but provided virtually no moisture. Official measurement was from a Trace to of of an Inch of moisture. However prospects for the areas first White Christmas in several years was dimmed Early today As a Bright Sun shone through and the forecast called for Clearing and slightly warmer. Day included Lubbock and fort Worth to degrees Dallas and Texarkana la Waco announced a curtailment Low temperatures Early Mon-1 of Gas use by the Industrial Cus. Turners in areas hit by the a�r.1110 storm. The department of Public i io6 a eau it 3j safety continued to warn motor i Midland is Houston 20 Laredo its t0 use extreme caution j 24 and Victoria and san an _ i Tonio 25 Kilgore in East Texas blanketed under six inches of Snow sunday had a Low temperature of nine degrees monday mom j t ing. Sub freezing readings were reported As far South As the upper the coast and in the Wichita he assassination of president Falls area skies were Clear in Kennedy from tile City jail to the state monday morning. I county jail. The bitter blast of cold air it was when Oswald was be heralded the official arrival of ing led from the Dallas City jail Winter in Texas sunday. J that Ruby stepped from a crowd Lone Star Gas co., supplier of of newsmen and gunned him natural Gas for Broad areas of Down. Stores keep late hours for Sho Ooink Rio Grande Valley. Farmers up just today and tuesday Are and Down the Valley had pre j Eft for purchases of gifts be pared cold weather Protection fore Christmas arrives in Brown devices for a hard freeze inf Wood. Business firms will re the Mercury did not get As Low main open until 8 p m today As predicted. But will observe regular store Mission in the upper Valley hours tuesday had a Low of 28. Majority of business houses however the weather Bureau will be closed just Christmas predicted another hard freeze Daw which is one of the several for the Citrus and vegetable Rich holidays designated each year area monday night. By the Brownwood chamber of up to five inches of Snow ,. ,. Spread across Texas from the offices in Brown count deputies a inflamed mind Belli asked the a inflamed mind question of homicide capt. Will Fritz. Fritz replied that no one had mentioned a a Man with an inflamed mind a at the time plans were being made for the Transfer. Ruby a lawyers have indicated they will base his defense on an insanity plea. His trial is scheduled feb. 3. Today shearing is confined to the Issue whether Ruby held in jail since the shooting of Oswald should be released on Bond. Sheriff Bill Decker said miss Bennett was placed under arrest after the pistol was found in her purse. A she will be charged with carrying a concealed weapon a he said. Moved from cell Ruby had been moved from his cell to the courtroom Early this morning surrounded by a where s the fire Glenn Harriss left president of Brownwood Lions club and l. B. Slagle chairman of the mile of dimes Campaign wished they had a fire under the dime pot this morning As they and other members rattled coins in their skillets in 20 degree weather. The club s 19th annual two Day Campaign began Friday at Center Avenue and Lee Street. Damp cold weather forced the club to delay the second Day of the Campaign saturday until today. Members collected approximately $360 Friday. The dimes Campaign is designed to boost funds for the club s welfare activities. Staff photo More berliners Eye permits greek vessel ablaze London apr a raging fire forced 1.016 persons to abandon the Christmas cruise ship Lakonia in the Atlantic today. A massive air sea Rescue operation plucked hundreds from the Ocean and More were being saved hourly. A . Air Force report said about too persons were floating in the water and All appeared dead. Aboard the 20,314-ton greek liner when disaster struck sunday night were 651 passengers on a Holiday mostly British but including four americans and a Crew of 365. Reports of the total rescued ranged from 470 to More than Bao but there was a possibility of some duplication. All but the Stem of the ship was ablaze and explosions rocked her 608-foot length when Rescue vessels arrived on the scene about. 180 Miles Northwest of Casablanca the water was dotted with lifeboats and swimmers. Great Clouds of smoke rolled up from the red hot Hulk people wild with Joy waved from lifeboats As rescuers approached. Others struggled to swim As far away from the Lakonia As they could. The water temperature w As 64 degrees warm enough to give those in the sea a Chance to survive. Officials of the line believed two babies and 30 to 34 children under 12 were aboard. Some accounts told of mothers tossing children into lifeboats and of parents struggling in the water to keep their children afloat . And British military planes criss crossed the area spotting swimmers and lifeboats and directing Rescue boats. A is. Air Force Rescue report received in Orlando fla., said a c54 flying Over the area from the azores told of the casualties. It said a the too were wearing life jackets but All appeared to be radio messages told of the dramatic Rescue. The master of the British Tanker Montcalm a j Kempton an eng the balding Ruby 52. Wearing a dark suit and a Grey tie. Is shooting a Church leaves four dead Panhandle to the wooded areas j courthouse will be closed tues of East Texas sunday. Marshall Day and wednesday. The Brown. Measured five inches Tyler county child welfare unit How tend As Fritz described Ever. Will not be Otten until Fri-1 he shooting of Oswald saying Day i he heard a shot and saw Ruby City employees will Start their j Lig on he pavement As offi Holiday at noon tuesday. The wrested a .38 snub nose Pis offices will open at 8 thurs from him. In Iii a ulaia Rifle before the proceedings Start. C Quot 7 a a it. Re a he Nola w i plucked rom the Stormy Allan the social Security office in Berlin apr East German to bursts from sub machine guns heard the guards shout Quot halt guards fired on a Man attempt at a Man apparently trying to halt a this was followed by a ing to flee from East Berlin to struggle through the barbed fusillade followed by the Day As other smiling red guards wire on the Southern outskirts screams of a Man. Were admitting West berliners of West Berlin. I at the Wall in the heart of the through the Berlin Wall to visit West Berlin police said they City the flow of West be fingers capt relatives in the communist Sec j could not see the victim be dropped sharply today after a i Lishman. Reported Tor. J cause of poor Early morning weekend Rush. Most people apr there Are a lot of people in the communist guards fired Light and heavy fog. But they patently were saving their pre i the water around the burning i pious passes to visit relatives in j vessel. We Are picking up a East Berlin during the holidays. Only about 1,300 had passed through the communist control 18 ship crewmen rescued after 27-hour stay in sea Halifax is. Apr a eight them were Able to get into the Een crewmen of the sunken French freighter Douala were Ginestre and 14 other Surv Many As a the vessel was on fire everywhere except for the aft portion a said a radio message from one of three planes from the . 57th air Rescue Squadron based in the azores a survivors Are in lifeboats but at the 12 permit offices in and he rafts which have been West Berlin about 13.000 persons dropped by c s air Force air. Points two hours after they opened. More than 12 too went through the Wall during the same period sunday. Queued up in freezing weather to citizens National Bank bldg., usually open every wed Ottawa apr four persons police said they did not fire Neslav. Thursday and Friday were shot to death sunday when j a shot. They said the Brothers will not be open this week. The two armed Brothers apparently each had Tun guns and masks office will open again Jan. 2. Tried to steal the collection Box were found in their pockets. The Brownwood bulletin will is from a roman Catholic rec mass was nearly Over when go to press Early tuesday and Craft. Four vessels Are in the area and Are picking up slim de Ruby posed for photogs-1 itt it t a a a a a a Quot Ivy is a Ved in port Aux Bas �?zdd1v for dem its a hers who were banned from,0 ? a spending 2 ques sunday night aboard the p h filth Brit put the room during the actual hear-1 freezln8 hours in two lifeboats j Canadian icebreaker sir hum est Berlin Chermes said Vors. About 60 per cent have Inge and Shook hands with a yen other crewmen died prey Gilbert which rescued j nos us passes issued were been picked up so number of persons he appeared and our deluding capt. Michel them after Thev were spotted by i Christmas holidays and j a i Labbe were missing. The storm a Royal Canadian air Force new year s eve. Calm and smiled often. When the hearing started before dist. Judge Joe Brown. Torn in Ottawa while mass w As j a second housekeeper Agathe will not be published on Christ dist. Atty. Henry Wade entered being celebrated in the Church next door. A fifth person was wounded slightly. Police said there was no Money in the rectory. Police said Roger Binette 21, shot and killed himself after police and parishioners cornered him and his brother Reginald. 17, in an upper floor of the rectory. A detective persuaded Reginald to surrender after parishioners surrounded the building. Reginald was charged with capital murder and if convicted will get a life prison sentence. Minors j cannot be hanged for capital murder in Canada. Tile youths parents or. And mrs. Leo Binette. Were attending noon mass in the Church of Christ the King. The father rushed with other men in the congregation to the rectory and ducked Back As bullets flew he j did not know who was inside. The shooting also took the j lives of Paul Mercier of Sher Cooke que., scoutmaster of the parishes boy scout troop liberte Guindon about 45, housekeeper and Niece of the j Parish priest the Rev. Guillaume Chevrier and Doralise Bechard 65, who shared a Sec Ond floor apartment in the rec Tori with her sister. Jensen rushed into the Church and told father Chevrier two men had broken into the rectory. Mas Day in order to give All five state exhibits including a employees a Short Holiday per copy of the murder indictment Iod. Regular publication will against Ruby and called Fritz be resumed thursday. As the first witness. Is a Quot i. A # a a. A a. A. I ism or w m amp in of -1. A if i i one of the worst to hit Canada in recent years a was blamed for to other deaths. Chief Engineer Gabriel Ginestre. 49. Expressed belief the Captain went Down with the 2.300-ton Douala in a howling storm 35 Miles Southeast of Burgeo fld. A your ship was sinking and the Captain ordered the second Lifeboat to get away a Ginestre said in port Aux basques fld. A the Captain stayed on Hoard but the others dived into the sea. They swam but not All of search plane. The Engineer senior surviving officer said the survivors used their last distress flares to attract the plane. Tile freighters Ludwig and Langlade rescued three crewmen about 50 Miles Southeast of port Aux basques. The Douala Sank about noon saturday after its Hatch covers were ripped off by pounding Waves and winds up to too Miles per hour. Waves reached height of 75 feet. The official East German news Agency adn reported that 31.000 West berliners crossed into the communist zone Over the weekend. Bringing to 34.000 the number going Over since the visits began thursday night. For nearly All it was their first reunion with relatives since the communists built the Wall in August 1961. Communist authorities announced they had approved 358.-000 applications for visits. About a i 800,000 West berliners Are eligible. Mantay Helper m pet Uncle Art shopping Day to Christmas shop for gifts in. Our and pages flags across . A lbs Marks end of Washington api a thou we bring to this Endeavor will Sands of candles burned Bright Light our country and All who Fly at staff top mourning period a nation catches cold this scene in Chicago iii., is typical automobile is the result of a broken of the cold wave which has gripped water main Moit of the nation. This ice covered in the gathering dusk of Wash Kington As the nation ended a month s mourning for John f. Kennedy. Sheltered against a biting wind on Winters first Day they symbolized that the late presidents ideals Are still aglow in the world. Bareheaded and costless in Brilliant Winter Sunshine Kennedy had said in his inaugural address Jan. 20, 1961 a the ener server and the glow from that fire can truly Light the world a bareheaded and costless sunday night president Johnson told More than 14.000 gathered at the Lincoln memorial and the nation by radio and television a thirty Days and a few hours ago John Fitzgerald Kennedy. 35th president of the United states died a martyrs death. The world will not forget what he did Here. He will live the Fuji the Devotion Winch t in in our nun a it Winch will be his thus with the rhythm of Lincoln a Gettysburg address. Johnson marked the end it the 30-Day official period of mourning he had proclaimed on his predecessors assassination nov. 22. An hour and a half later the new president turned a switch to Light the National Christmas tree behind the White House leading the nation in a transition from sorrow to the Joy of Christmas. A Sun urn occasion one Cut a Johnson said a your beloved president John f Kennedy reminded us that Christmas is the Day when All of us dedicate our thoughts to others when we Are All reminded that mercy and compassion Are the really enduring Virtues when All of us show by Small deeds and by Large that it is More blessed to give than to with the mourning period Over flags throughout the nation that had been lowered to half staff or Kennedy s death ii a6aji ii Lvi

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