Page 4 of 5 Dec 1977 Issue of Brownwood Bulletin in Brownwood, Texas

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Brownwood Bulletin (Newspaper) - December 5, 1977, Brownwood, Texas Duern Mim of fat pm urn ram >9 to frat Vvs a a of i Ca. A a we Val i Burm a to a it 09 to. Go air trim a Jam in Sam Mem tart re far roofs Rasor of to Kfaft a Affili Kama writ Romr take. A Jar urfi Rubur tit pm mrp tows f met Rawicka Aram to mme a a few m Mai in far Prtrt Wirg Cair to gear in of a re us Sisi to ski 41 a it or Ira a by Cazau of far eds he Hrvat or try Ai Quot lift rag ii Alei fat rear Grimm a of Fagafa to was it far Ani Ria Ferrant Ai heart Rcw. A wac so a Tvr wit aka a farm it prof Mew. pc amp a a a a owe pm Guise far f r 4 a Ertme a fend Robur no Jet and Fher Aam Mafry a i oar in far pc a inn Chi grrr Nai crw a a1 War fat a fad Sun a we a an Rem afar rom atom. To Anderm Law Walt Quot Duro far and far Atamer Ana Anat rss a surn Ai of far la Waara a Farar ran Ray Arar aft anti far Rob Terr Ware prop Fem Cajan Rva Haw. And Tea via a of a a a a Ai far Var of far Feyfar brr Swid a at Jar a a fan vat a Faank of it and mar prop Fra a far Brand Arm we fad a Ana ant a pc fan a tort Atria my corf Brt Shat we twirl or Fri Hotard pm a i my wow no in i far far son my far fan a not wad in Fant fart a canapes ant mm0 a ii apr far re to Naan air Affa v t my aaa Fana fare n Artma a sep Adam a put and fan pan fat arc to Nan warty a fad part of far rearm to of a a fad a Ani Amr Lur a it Val fat Moat Lim cd and Fame pm err to All gawd Arr a a a myth to a Myrna and ii a Ware Oread re a pledge of Anta ear and and to Natl War Mcvon rap for a ail id Cera Arram did far i s Flat to ailing a a fatal different at cd fart confirm to fur Myk Ava in a Maut Al that Calm and prof id to by waking far fair major of atom can Nauam Patnott and other canc mad Atwara at tack a re fat fair narc a far a of Frrtz it a keep Voird fair far vim of fair majority it a urn for fan Mal major or it voices by heard sumo , Aru 4 chairman of a far 1 Zhi Rii Tiv or boar Wood commentary Kennett Eskey aiding crime victims i a ran Fra Cal hat waged Var for year Agama to urinal far Contr now Ai Rara Fra was to do Wartha in fair Vunt of Rask not Crane at Kract 9 Cair nut int cat Dom Nurl ovo pm to Anta Arr teen racer Romp Onazie Nan Vert Ira far far Mjane far suffer a far to worry is a Hare Char. I Cair Ach Colorado by jus far per or Ruari Pitr opera Reat Al of Prefa a at Adad can re Rand criminal Arr Lopo the Poopor far a ret1 d a voted Ako to a jail fan Marfa far m or of Kerew Raton a a potted a be that we wry sum for a to s percent of Fahr Semi far to to a a a turn of a Okot mar coven a ewer a Waw id term preferable cot far federa wet fimm Ca oat of far Ctet bus lieu Harapi slim a Dorrai Manet Arr a probed bloat crime Afler a Arr overed a a tour Rath Fawn Federal it Alae a kind by Atwar a her Pambi to require a Tot own by far c nouns Hutu of Safarr than Faszl far for re Ai Border to far paver a Hohner Piet of of Arr a to to however they re caned oat Fanaff. Pro ram for i dog Crim % have of Kwa Mer and Fao wid by Enama de Man Are Eider on United Rome Ahern Arr 0 bad Hurt far re unable to War for Tang per of of i Are or of i or More effective or Utate in drug farm a m Harmor want Dvo a pc h include far cd of Cincinnati in that program fans in Mai for under Cioa v4jerv win in Par a and Fher Public pm Siitam and Repa Thror victims a a the mane far ram to App Ruo h Naae Mere sen than ump it amp my voc Tufui lawbreakers As jail where the Ca do Altir or Foj fax in to team a Trade or repair far damage the it done tuck in those ears carrots and a Abbate to prudent it Arter for vetoing a Biti require far fun Emma to inspect domesticated Rabbit and rabbet meat one than we Dorsi need or this Row mtr a a new rabbet i wipe floors or Tram in Caa hear a now shape up von Rab Tatu twi As Thor ear drab Vur mop a to a stub 1 a disgrace besides we dread have a ref suntan Hawpe Cummi program Pate for a papa a a Well Rabbit meat Why Maor ii Mandator. And Jar ripens of far Ere at major of to spa in it never eat Rabbit risky stunts thru Bould by a warning to coaches and yrs Tew Hen a. Far us Jar offered re Natl a i ear wid owl a Aiem in stat Woeff a tvs cd far War of Penn stat Bah coach Dor Pat Emo. A As Smous it Hurt whee he fell of a Tram Speenr As ass elementary struck by head ors a Frior to a be the fir surfs Accident it will it be far a the Amene an Academy of Perm no in fact has Reni Kriendel that far trampoline so fund of own As Vonh Fuard be banned from it in. Cia saes and rom us a Omar Diw spans. Studies by Doc Tun have identified nume Raits use of to Sporar it or permanent para.1 a caused a Fra Potee a indents Mao of which at Ciao far lamp War itself rather than As a result of Fahm Fot far flour deaf stunts on a tramp for a hard enough far Eipert for it our Jar s id David Pai Emo it a Rad far d v better off not to we net chef t Siane was Agio Suwa. Scnpp-h0w� 3 a a scape % i Bill inequity Ftp Kea Arth f la or hip it not Rea of at or a rec new. A Tawse Tang a neigh to appt Quot or a re gig. That wowed Raar it easter for Vietnam Arter a. To attend Cooke and tech Cai a rhumb 1 far fax to Ltd Der to to a i Uia Towb. Air and a tuned by far Senate vim h pern i a Trier a to w it Erat a Benefit if or Eft is 1rn a re a re curing More thaw to a Lear a Rifton instead of re it Tine a i a month far Tong As five Wadena ears a Arford Lerra cow id receive As my i Ai a i my oct for to and Jne a Iran if or Werea re t a a it Pul a of at Rammer for example run 11#-ne. 1 e technical shoot. To by Law mid per Trot a Veteran in draw accelerated b attend hmm Mouar. Pm at Coli eggs by Bort Aruar Laptew a. A razor mop of we wry Arr located a far order state to approach is a pop coax with Hep olm f Teague fat i ar-4 a her pc Grey it ten from the san be state and for Oln Yam reasons to be Gate have spam Bubon of Dollar quoth t v a earn. B Irv Low cart fir a a ported Tsege and Unne Nutis and have Utlex 7npafa for Gate it it a a do Ai i More expensive a to eel a however is that Man pastern and mid Weir. Embt hat f litre chef High rate and of in a than oat in far South and Southwest he Ltd ber., Are far same Ever where far per owl. / a re fans Abir to. Afford Corege i hew York two and Penn i Vama is lower Thor Ai state axe a Furrukh Texas ans Florida tvs was t to after a arid mar ii whee the i Cuil paid f a car my it Lase plus its a month it s True my thou be of Vale Are too expel Ive or nun sex ail to acc Vera id Arrefus Prog ran. Would help to Correct fan Ines we it it Ami a w/3 enable More veterans to go to run Iiene a t. After ail is War we Haw a i Bill Ai far first pics Califano pitches hmm i but Sere Given some adv be about n Alf Sura re e Iri a n in hew York the other a by the u Retar of a f v Attai and welfare Joweph i Aldane of v it Uros Ftp a a paving too much for Hearth a sugar e auf a a 1 tinted what not or game your own health Are so go re r and provide better care at Rawet Curt a fast far we Friar has Ai maid is a National network of heal May nor Riund i Ganja to Clit like far Kaiser per Man Crete in urn a a a a per at in to f a. Forma f of Dorado obit and Ion of a1 other stain i re in see a. Falk Viiga the turf exec of pc a if a Abl org eat Carper Abow to a a of fam r or Jim. X in a Ashington next Rrt Miry the my a to or Jim a advantages it offers prepaid heart Art at Chi and it tries to keep. Its health if dead of Virpi treating Faery. When far re Silt a Forton who Wert for far mum usual Are paid salaries rather than or a tier is Arr Encin imaged to have regular pin a tie sop to Empi nuns is on Prev or Riv e Mech nne a deter ers in expensive Hasps to care Desriv the up service from wart Englon it. Recent a car it of related Handov of mos have sprung up anur�3 he try parti Bec a Usa of pm eminent red tape Ala fan a it he it Jap cation a be a sign that the a r a amp Quot in read to Cut through some of fan unlit lad Raat Mateas to get of Huo a Ragnarr of far ground s a a a St a i vat Ahw Usa a needed follow up by Hank a Agie and Karen a Aller Ashish Goth sea hem Secretary Joet a a Fayojr my be vehome Rifi a pawed to federa. Anding of a Bornean but he s not a know Nof asm and that a More than ran be said for some x Corg Rewt win share is pm Loop by Calif Anc has add twi r i d to insure Faut the enter for disease Tantra in Casarta wig Coli Rue in Martuc the Public heal Impact of the Cid of of me ii raid i Nanri a for abortions rep Henry j hide r ill Ruder of the and abort forces or Capitol he. Fad of rested the Morton no a Ragnarr. After re Doc ast Niverth reported the first Dor hairier Ted death Attr a Frabie in a cig of win cafe took effect or ask 4 a 27-ear-od Texas w Man denied a go emment past Legal abortion because of the funding bar mus a by ingress died Ort j it a Mcallen Tex Hosp to. A fief undergo the a Boodle abortion at a pharmacy Quot just Over the mexican Border f or her Warner two of whom Wert aah medicaid recipient were admitted to the same Hospital arg sept Compisi Attaei follow eng abortions at the same mexican facility far Doc reported As g happened the Doc report broke ast As House amp mat conferences were fighting Oner extend log the bar. Or. Pub Bri i ranked abortions for the Pac Hyde apparent Felt the new Freer. , was t i. To help the Bouse conferees who Are seeking to perpetrate the existing Var total bar on far ase of Edera. Fir for abortion so he called a Calif Anc to complain to health Eda cation and welfare Secretary to his credit a reportedly lad Hyde to take a Kerf waa off a Short Bridge though be no a Cubit phrased it More tactful to m a nit Oring program Calif Anc told cd offs Nail will go Forward without political interference and that is As it should be it is one thing for president Carter Joe Calif Anc and a a May my of the Congress to decide a foe whatever pm. Sophic and Puu Lical reasons a to prohibit the use of federa. Funds for Aborom it is quite another tatter however to suggest that the gov err men need t bother to ascertain far consequences of sack action to Center for disease control has been monitoring abortions in the u s both Legal and illegal since Isi her that period there has Beer. A steady increase is the number of abortions performed from us of Ltd if to 61 my r. Hcs far ast year for which Complete statistics Are available hut Ai the san in Tine far number of a Burtion related deaths a dropped sharply is Pecany since the Andrea it supreme court dec Siao of ii made Mega. Abortions available Rattan wide there were 13 deaths in is and Ani 44 a 5ti> both Congress and the executive Branch vat to Mentor. The rest of us need to know w nether the Demai of medicaid payment for abortion we affect the number of a Bort ans performed and fat deaths associated wife them no Tratier what Congress Jet rate decades about Fae scape of Fae funding cwt of far the future Warner who rat afford to pay for abortions farms be Anil continue to recede Faery May be the poor w ill beg borrow or Stoa enough Money a Buir. Safe and Legal abortions Ever without Putter funding maybe they la have Fletr unwanted babies the amp mag the welfare Roll or maybe they ill thit. Us Desper Atter to Back Alley watchers a mexican pharma Cie and wind up i the cd mortality Statt Slis nobody knows what Fae Impact will be the fund Cut off is still too new to any conclusions to be drawn but Carfano is Abs fully 1 ight in insisting that Fae Monitor Jig Prog air continue so that some of these questions May be answered a wife ass viewpoint ir01mmooc Halir % commentary Don Oak Ley thoughts Mund a1 hard to your Vel get and to Al far Flat k. In a Hilt h it a h i he made v ii guardian a feed Fae Surv 4 the i Ord which he a Ablated with his own by id a acts to i 3 it believe in a Fate the a men however they Art but i do believe in Fate that a alb it the mules it Thev i Gilbert k 1 Bester on English novel to Enda i i Watha my life. I Miller a a Frev utterance to my am Piniat. I will Prak in fat by tie nit is of my soul a a Job 111 a a Dou rate in is or turn and happiness alike a Are never either so a ret n a Happy a it via it we j re Honor de a Nae French Tiv list a 1 us Sadaa a it or or a shall fan by far we and Vur Mishev men a Haiti and her Gates shall i men and mourn. Avard be shall sit up it a Facer and isaiah3 sub a cd in Niaj Sty 3. Be c t inc life to a., bid the systems. It and changing a n a Ham of Vaxner. In eau bsh poet Thi kid a a it re Why Dost thou cast or off a by Dos thou hide Fay far from me Quot afflicted and pm see death from my v oath up i Suffin Fay terrors. I am helpless a psalm a. 14.15 strength a it us a in the keep is Leoce of Uvo differ ing hearts not amid Joy Felicia Hermans encase poet y rid a in not be confirmed to this world but be transformed by Fae run a a1 of your mind. That you May prove what i the will of Glt cd. What is Grid and acceptable and perfect a romans it 2 there Are no warlike Peoples a just warlike leaders _ Ralph j. Hunch former i it Dele t ate to the i Nitt a nation Arkada la not quem h the spirit. Do not despise prot it Phi a my. But test everything hold fast what is go cd. Abstain from every form of evil a i thess s Ian a a must be True How. And a a or in the Ards rotary affairs f a Ife before we can be truthful and fair in patriotism and religion Elyar Howe american Douma its Siniva a there shall no mor it be anything a i Ursa a. Hut the throne of gtd and of the Lamb shall he in it. And he Crants shall worship him. They shall Sec his Falt a. And Al name shall he on their me he ads and night shall by no More Thev need no Hight of lamp or in. For the a Ord god will a their Light. And they shall reign for Ever and Ever. A Rev a a 4. 5 Iff is the soul s training place for the destinies of it Emit ail am m thai Aery of novelist air my a i vol fill u Assn a crib that i a Quot ave you a Tosef of now it can be told % Ash gov to a nerf is beg hit a Wrapp trat fat Vul s a of to Rovt a pcs or Rte of world War ii s franc to too it Ween Berlin and woman dry in far old. It sofa had been it real a by a Tufa me it gence s fan Turfe it operation i a a a to my or v a to Huttl syrians and for Fae first Lime t x store a in Imti Gen Asea cracked Fae German of of a a by Lapin Catong in Naris Enigma encoding Rac Huhe Are a Blip knowledge some time ago but the a a a % a the first to be released from a file that be. An u it a As Early As few an i>4 it org Jeths be Wever. Before Sperat it a Ultra Aas ranted during whih hitter scored some of hit tis in Ely a. Si1 h As the the Leavis and France in May do but is the c 4rrr�d was Reading virtually Ercy Melva the Mcmerr Aas sent Arf on the air sometimes Belfre Vav reached their mended recipient to int dry ranged from the tactically bin Frk Art to to it rate Aby Cru it ta., from the camouflaged positions j a German Airfield for example to the extent of in or strength opposing Allied troops egged do n on the Normandy beaches on dam it a Ber of Tanu bag questions have Beer pro we by in to Itra revelations but chiefly since the nazis were to effect fitting with one hand behind their Back at least in far Atter part of the War. Why did to Uke in Tang to smash Faery. Or was the War shortened by Ultra and if so. By hew much cd uld it conceivably been lost without Ultra to Doc merits now being made available Are not a ported to result in any Funda Meru rewriting of the for. Of world War ii but the knowledge of what Fae is Are a strategist on both sides knew and when they try new d Ray shed new Light on individual operations of the War to Aper will reveal perhaps Allied bungles that a Aid of have Uken place or opportunities and i certain keen scholars Well fed with the raw meat of Lance s Law whatever else happens to Ben Lark a the former lined a of the of e of management and budget he ought to be remembered for his advice to the Federal establishment of St Ain t broke Don t fix it a perfect example of How easy it is to v slate that dictum for the noblest of purposes is illustrated by a True Story making the rounds of the academic Community i varsity of Missouri president James c Olson entered an elevator with a student in a wheelchair recently to St ode looked around in vain for the Button and asked where they were is that department of health. Education and welfare regulations required specifically that for the Ever erne of people in wheelchairs the University mud Pue the Button panel on the Back Wall of new Kiev a tors a at some considerable expense to incredulous student informed the president that nobody n a wheelchair Ever enters an elevator front first they balt k in a fortunately nobody in Washington Ever thought to ask a handicapped person about that Fountain of youth is dry Well sow Wear w How Picc Del it Eon Felt to exposure of elderly americans to High pressure a it Gen treatment once touted As a veritable Quot Fountain ? it Outha is no it a called a waste of time and More eve hyperbaric oxygenation is a technique in which elderly climb into a chamber and breathe pressure pure Tyder. The belief is that the oxygen revitalizes Ells and reverses or retards senility unfortunately tests conducted by Fae Natrona. Institute a Merta. Health show no such Benefit in fact says the Tater of the mud team the oxygen treatment produces re. More mental stimulation than a person might get from a cop a of martinis wet that s Consolation is West i 11 in k pm m is is commentary Kenneth Eskey in Washington Martha Angle and Robert Walters

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