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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1945, Page 5

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - September 19, 1945, Brownsville, Texas Wednesday september 10, 1045 the Story of the atom the Brownsville Herald Brownsville Texas to 5 no. La Busy scientists and spies High school boys can now graduate selective service else announced last night that College or University students who enrolled before reaching is May have their induction delayed in order to Complete the current school Quarter or semester. A lost battalion arriving san Antonio Tex. Members of the 131st Field Art re. Texas Quot lost battalion. Begin arriving at fort Sam or ton preliminary to furlough toe a is i the discovery of plutonium was of great importance. Like u-235 it could be made to explode by atomic fission furthermore unlike u-235, it could be separated from the other forms of uranium. U-234 and u-238 with comparative ease. The discovery of plutonium was a Lucky find in the Days when every minute counted. To make plutonium the scientists imbedded Small pieces of uranium in Graphite to slow Down neutrons that were used to attack it. 2 along with the scientists spies had been Busy at work. It was heard that a huge nitrate Plant at Rukan Norway was being used by the nazis to make heavy water perhaps for the production of the atomic bomb. Or february 1943, a group of Allied Parachute troops and norwegian underground blasted the Plant in a bold raid. The Plant was rebuilt and was bombed out of existence again by super fortresses. <3 the scientific research on atom Energy in the United states had been under the direction of or. Vandecar Bush head of the office of scientific research and development. In june 1942, when the work reached the manufacturing stage the War department turned Complete control Over to major general Leslie r. Groves. Cost of the project amounted to $2,000,000,000 up to july i. 1945. <4 the Federal government started erection of two plants to manufacture atomic bombs in december 1942. One was located on 58,000 acres of land. 18 Miles West of Knoxville tenn., and the City of Oak Ridge was built and operated by the government to accommodate the workers at the Plant. They lived in modern dwellings and were provided with ample recreational facilities. The other Plant was on a government reservation of 430,000 acres in an isolated area. 15 Miles Northwest of Pasco. Wash., where 17,000 workers and their families were brought in. Strictest secrecy was maintained. Monday experiments in the desert Washington a prom now on most High school boys will not have to enter military service until they have been graduated. The conditions required for postponement of induction Are these 1. A boy must have entered High school or a similar institution before he became 18 2. His course of instruction must be pursued a continuously and if he meets these two conditions he May ask for a draft Board postponement until he had been graduated. Or until he reaches his 20th birthday whichever la sooner. Poor digestion a a headache a a sour or upset a tired listless a a do you feel head Ehy and upset due to ted food a la i Peri a he Day. N nature must produce about vac can give vac self a belive 6�&l<wave poorly digested food to feel cheerful and Nappy again your food must be digested i Falt pro texan can to get Valley Man is aboard reenlistment is used to humane one a Lone Start vessel open to g. I treatment now austins top a news from the a Texas Navy a a the u. S. S. San Jacinto Veteran of every major Pacific naval engagement since May 1944, has leached san Francisco for routine overhaul and is ready a again to Fly the Lone Star Flag in any area where Yokohama a it put a col. Rich her services May be Ned Carmichael Leader of the first Lone Star Flag was hoisted on the u. S. S. Minneapolis another super fortress Crew to be captured Veteran of Pacific Battles amid the Cowboy a Pees of texans in her by the japanese finds two weeks Cret As the Cruiser Lay in tropical Waters. The Flag was presented to the texans by gov. Coke r. Stev a a governor received a Tele College scholarship Gram from . San Jacinto crewmen declaring a the uss. San Jacinto hard san Benito a miss Mildred hitting fast aircraft Carrier the Evelyn Henderson daughter of h. Little Queen of the Pacific and j Henderson of san Benito is the flagship of the Texas of Freedom entirely inadequate in erase the memory of his year of imprisonment. A live been under american care for two weeks and still can to get used to people being gentle and kind a said the handsome Austin Texas officer who formerly commanded the China based 462nd bombardment group. He is under won by san Benita in regard to men discharged from military service who wish to re enlist. The local selective service Board has received information to the effect that honorable discharged registrants who wish to re enlist May be classified i a at the discretion of the Board and processed for re induction without a waiver or other authority. If the discharge is other than honorable a waiver would have to be secured. In the Case of registrants discharged because of physical disability the Board would process the registrant through directly at any recruiting ablation without having to be processed by he local let it Oard. Such enlistments. However Are for a three year period in the army and a Lour year period in the Navy. Olo Roemer. Danish astronomer born in 1644, discovered the measurement of the finite velocity of Light and foresaw nearly All the Modem precision instruments. I two plot of a viral digestive juice to help digest your food. If nature fails cur food May remain undigested ving you headache and irritable. Therefore you must increase the flow of Thia digestive juice. Carters Little Laver pills increase Thia flow quickly often in a Little As so minute. And you re on the Road to feeling better. Done to depend on artificial aids to counteract indigestion when Carters Little liver pills Aid digestion after nature own order. Take Carter s Little liver Pill As directed. Get them St any drugstore. Only 25. Permanent at Home in 2 to 3 hours plus tax Complete with curlers Ano everything you need juju Tom Kow Quot a Cannels under regular pre peace cavy among 17 winners of the Fannie regulations Breedlove Davis scholarships at under recent regulations any re treatment aboard a naval Hospital reached san Francisco. I ship in Yokohama Harbor. I a. Mary Hardin Baylor College for gj5trant Mav Volunteer for enlist a a in be got in the habit of expect she has carried death and Des j9455 ins to be beaten or hit or forced traction to the enemies of the Henderson plans to Maior in rift Dora Dinar work and i still state of Texas and its great ally mu5f Quot Anaerson plans to major to do degrading wore Ana 1 own. Uni Tori Stites of America in voice. She a manager of the etch myself waiting for a Sud the United states of Amene. A amp of since the t5a,nd�?~ a he has privilege of being a member of the first fresh Man class in Mary Hardin Bay lords second Century of service. Den blow or slap. Being treated a having participated in like a human being is major naval engagement Carmichael was shot Down Over May 1944. She is maned by a Crew Yawata. A steel Center on Kyushu 0f seasoned veterans whose exp and the first target of american Pipits in Battle have been a credit a sri us la Llu a a Vul b-29s on the japanese Homeland to the Lone Star state As Well As t car Cele aug. 20. 1944. He was imprisoned t0 United states naval service rated its 100th birthday. A even weeks in the Tokyo police after a period of routine overhaul Headquarters nearly three months necessitated by Long and arduous fresh fruits and vegetable prices at a questioning station at of Una operation and not by enemy action were placed under controls for the near Tokyo nearly four months in amp he will be ready again to Fly the first time during 1943. A Federal prison in Tokyo then was Lone Star Flag in any area where moved to the prison Camp at Morl a vices May be required a a a pc a on one occasion he was brain. Taekle told in the a pm Blu relations 5� his were ral Zed for release sent directly to the Golem squeezed while he a Quot forced w a a in the its awards ceremony hold pencils and pins Between his boart the cruise Ainee the Rod fingers St Joseph the world largest seller at or another shipment just arrived army surplus office chairs 8 Hoo each solid Back a swivel style. Strong build. Gonzalez furniture store huh Street opposite the City Market a phone 1377 now you can give a ourself a genuine Creme cold wave at Home with new Toni. What a difference this Creme wave solution makes new Luster. New easy co manage softness. A genuine Beauty Salon Type permanent that Combs out into deep set longer lasting Waves and curls. Takes just 2 to $ comfortable boors at Home. East As putting your hair up in curlers insist on Toni Creme cold wave kit. Containing identical ingredients used by Beauty salons for cold Waves costing As much As $15.00 and More. Try it. Guaranteed to satisfy or your Money Back heftier one your daughter m Tosi cold wave. Yam u a thrilled and prod of the Ramie. # Creme cold wave a. #. Mem mar cm., tao of the War texans kicked Over geographical traces and for a few the marvelous pair for better hair use . Hair Oil daily to keep hair frae from Dandruff Flossy easy to manage. . Flt Carmichael said he Hopes to Fly Home in about ten Days stopping minutes became the Hub of in route at Tinian to visit Mem Minneapolis. Ber of his old Squadron. The awards went to one of his visitors today was Johnnie Erick Groeschel of men. Col Alfred f Kalberer of Holly Chan a Boatswain mate second Wood. His former Deputy Comman class for outstanding performance Der who succeeded him after his of duty in the Gilbert Marshall capture Caroline and Marianas islands. The Flag was sent to the Tex a a i or i ans in the Crew by the governor at airline i o increase the texans request. Ooh frs re the 63 Texas crewmen who re service a Juu a old Cei Ved awards in ceremonies on the new York a a a non Stop included Margarito Castillo four engine service from new York Raymondville. To Dallas. Fort Worth. Tulsa and Oklahoma City will be inaugurated too injured in riot in he next six months by amen Johannesburg a a one can airlines inc. C. R. Smith Hundred persons were reported in chairman of the Board has a noun Jared last night when nationalist ced party members who opposed South Smith said the airline will in africans participation in the War. Crease its present scheduled ser attempted to break up a meeting of gaming shampoo to clean the Scalp leave hair soft shining. Vice More than 300 per cent. A. And m. To Confer forty five degrees sex servicemen. Police with nightsticks. Intervened and foaming shampoo at Barber and Beauty shops drug. Dept. Amp variety stores College station. Tex., w a forty five advanced or baccalaureate degrees will be Confer 1 red Friday by the agricultural our men Home to a rid mechanical College of Texas. This makes a total of 2128 degrees which the College has presented under a Speed up program adopted shortly after Pearl Harbor. Officers wanted to bring there a the whistle. Have a coca cola the Only Bird known to have tilt Eye pupils is the Black Skimmer. If in irritations of or Vlf external cause Sterne ame pimple simple ringworm Tetter Salt Rheum built a blackheads end ugly broken out Akin. Million relieve itching burning and soreness of these in aerie i t h t he ample Home treatment. Black and White ointment goes to work at once. Aids Healing works the j Antiseptic Way. 25 years Sucre. Loe 1 25e. 60c Eire. Purchase Price refunded if you re not satisfied. Lee Only a directed vital in cleansing is Good Oai enjoy Black and White is Kin soap daily we have. Resumed dyeing a of dresses suits skirts blouses and other of garments. Phone i for service and dry cleaning od.,inc i 314 Vav. Elizabeth St. To the million of americans who have served Over seas a life at its bests a is Home and to Many of these men a whiskey at its bests is Hill and Hill from Kentucky. You will know Why the instant you taste the delightfully smooth Mellow flavor of Hill and Hill real Bourbon flavor at its Best Lesage co. Distributors. Cornus Christi. I i Clin Tex. 93 proof a 517 Kentucky straight ii Del no Bourbon whiskey 49 Grain Neutral spirits. Lunchtime is Friendly time in the Plant everybody likes company when lunchtime Rolls around its always a sociable spot in the Busy Day a Chance to talk to laugh be Friendly and refreshed. And the big red cooler is the place to meet for it. At the words have a col e things pick up and Good Fellowship begins. A Ostlid under authority of Thi coca cola company of Brownsville coca cola bottling company you naturally hear coca cola called by its Friendly abbreviation a Coke Quot. Both mean the Quality prod act of the coca cola company. >0 1943 two Ca. R

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