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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1945, Page 4

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - September 19, 1945, Brownsville, Texas Age 4 4> Wail in a Ewt no up fit founded of it a o Wnm in a. July pm of a Blie hed Fry tit Tram fun Fli Srda and sunday Worton the Brownsville Herald publish in company thin r. To and Adam Street tao t Owens i a Morristen or k c Osborn. Make i a aaa eclat Publ her us Vrr _ Law Stltt Edh of entered a set Odd claw not or at the poet fake a Bro Maqi. Tai a. Anet tie act of Congreve of Mere i ish men bar Tho associated a aaa a. Hts by per Enterprise association Cli a audit Bureau of Cir u i Atlon 1 abcs _ National advert isms Teiaar Dell Presa Tjw a inc Dallas Chi car be York St Louie Denver Loa aussie son Pra Claeo the Asack ated pres to Quot entitled to or use for Kuolt on of a a Idi or or credited to it or not Othero Ite credited in title paper and is. Oubs hed herein All rights of publication or a Edaj Dianat Alsea Perelr. Alae Are reserved water users Alert to future Cven though extensive facilities Are to be provided for the storage of water along the Rio Grande for in Ripe Tion and Domestic use under the United states Mexico treaty now awaiting final action by Mexico there is no Assurance that there will be More Wajer available than is my demanded. For this reason it is understandable that the Rio Grande Valley water conservation is looking ahead in the formulation of plans which will assure water for the presently thirsty lands in use with reasonable but controlled leeway for the possible inclusion of lands not now under irrigation. Such control is of course confined to use on the l United states Side of the River but it May be assumed that the mexican government is no less concerned in such control. It is estimated that there Are now 500,000 acres of land on the North Side of the River under irrigation. With an additional $200,000 acres probably having rights to the use of water. The owners of the 500.000 acres have certain definite priority rights to the use of water. They Are entitled to Protection for these rights. There Are other phases to the program of the water conservation association which spearheaded the drive for the adjustment of mexican United states interests in Rio Grande Waters and their equitable division by Way of a treaty Between the two nations. The association named a committee of three competent men All versed in Valley water problems to draw up a program. These men were James c. Bowie of san Benito Eldon Smith of Mercedes and Alfred h. Tamm of Harlingen. President a. L. Cramer of the association has announced that this committee estimates that a fund of $50,000 will be required to finance the program of the association. The program would include the following Steps 1. Legal and engineers Survey of existing water rights to form of legislation to protect present water users also to prevent expansion of water demands beyond supplies available to the United states under the treaty. 2. To provide a Valley Engineer As consultant to Federal agencies in drafting plans for dams and water distribution facilities. A 3. Employment of a paid Secretary of the association to handle the anticipated increase of detail work. 4. To provide funds to defray expenses of Valley delegates to Washington to urge future appropriations and enactment of legislation to carry out provisions of the treaty and to further the projects of the Bureau of reclamation and the International Boundary commission. V 5. To provide for employment of personnel needed in acquisition of rights of was for canals and drainage facilities. 6. Payment of a share of the expense of the six state committee which went to Washington last Winter to support the treaty before the foreign affairs committee of the United states Senate. A a a a or. Cramer explains the problem ahead in these words a if there is no curb on Over expansion and no safeguard of present developments it would he Only a matter of years until we would be trying to irrigate so much land that we would again be in the fix be Are in now. There is a lot More than 700,000 acres on the United states Side capable of irrigation hut even with the dams that is about All there will be enough water without water and an ample Supply of it the Valley cannot survive. The Brownsville Herald feels certain that All citizens Are so Well aware of the fact that they will offer no protest Over the use of tax monies if necessary to Advance the Caus of War. Each Valley county every Valley City As Well As every water District should support the financial needs of the water conservation association. Taps at the Xit Dallas newel another of these Tough fibred men who tamed the pc Baa Plain has gone on to his last Roundup. This time it is c. F. Vincent who was a Rane rider on the Xit ranch in the nineties later urns mayor of Plainview and lived to the Ripe age of 80. Vincent grew up in the Frontier Era when Texas in the Wake of the carpetbaggers. Treated herself to a new Constitution that set aside 3,-000,000 acres of the Public Domain to pay for a new statehouse. In the eighties this Fertile Panhandle land on the new Mexico Border was turned Over to the builders of the present Capitol in Austin. In Vincent a Day the Xit was the biggest fancied ranch in the world. It sprawled across ten Texas counties and was almost As Large As the whole state of Connecticut. Some of the Best cow hands of the Southwest pounded leather there and smelled six gun smoke As they guarded the Xit herds from rustlers or drove them Over the Long Trail to Montana. They built fences and windmills. Sent ten to fifteen thousand rattle a year to finishing ranges in the North and made what had been a Lawless Region Safe for the smaller ranch men who Ware coming in. Later the owners of the Xit brought in High Grade herefords Durhams anti polled Angus to replace the leathery longhorns and took a leading part in colonizing the Panhandle. Free from the average Early cattleman a antipathy for the a fool Hoe Man Quot they helped make the Panhandle one of the last meccas for the land hungry Pioneer Farmer. Most of the Early Xit hands Are gone now fewer show up each year for the annual reunion a Dalhart. But All of them like c f Vincent Are men whom Texas honors enc will Long reme Muffi by Clarence la Roche a he a a letter Are really hitting to wit. Mrs j. A. Bennett of Olmito la exhibiting a program sent to her by her youngest son Charlie. The program was printed for his ship personnel setting Forth their activities during a a Day in Tokyo Bay. Another son. Chief Petty officer Wiley Bennett a former bus football Start is Home on leave. Wiley a regular Navy Man. Was at Pearl Harbor when the japs struck. In a a downtown traffic is in the increase both automobile and pedestrian. We expect any Day to see the traffic lights switched Back on. This. However int our Story we re concerned with those persons a and there Art thousands who insist on crossing the downtown streets St any Point in the Block they Dart out from the shelter of parked cars and a Renly Cross without so much is a glance in either direction. Pressure to Stop this practice probably will not be forthcoming until somebody is killed. A a in. Tyr. Are now in the third Day since attention was drawn to the deplorable conditions of the Quot Brownsville wonder How Long it will be before they clean that place up a a a Arold Tex i Sherman the transplanted Damn Yankee sends us evidence to Back up his Contention that he is now a Bona fide texan. A note wonder How he got that nickname a Quot Tex a Ber Tex a i am prompted Here to present my claim to being one Hundred percent texan. Did i not marry a Texas girl is nol my daughter a native born texan and have i not lived in the biggest and fairest of the states the greater part of these past seven years and when it comes to telling tall tales. I ran stand up with the Best of them a example my fish Story you ran a few months ago. Not Only do i Lay claim to being a texan but equally As Well a Valley let or if you prefer a brow okeh. Tex. Okeh in View of the fact that your wife is texan and your daughter also. I suspect Well have to admit you to citizenship. A a a a Esar Pacheco our compadre of High school Days is Back Home from the wars. We chatted with Cesar Over the phone yesterday and decided to get together As soon As possible to reminisce Over a few cold one. Pacheco a medical corpsman. Was in the thick of tbs fighting on the Western front last Winter. A a a another old High school Amigo who dropped by recently was none other than Pete tend i Gutzi the Banjo Ace. Looks like All the boys Are coming Oak now. A few nights ago we ran into another bus mate of ours of fifteen years ago Carl Davenport. Carl is now out of the Navy and working with a government Agency in Dallas. Carl informed us that Miller Scanland the incomparable Duffy of High school Days probably would make the army his career Carl says Duffy a getting by with murder in the army just like High school Only this time he s making it count. Q-2 report the cig Aret in that off Brand pack on the newel Post in the Nel Roy apts. Is gone. Someone discovered it was a Lucky stuck in the off Brand package. A a a nother Brownsville family getting letters from Tokyo is the Edward Bennetts Seaman first Las Eorge Bennett forme the red ant foot Ball a Walls parents. Or. And mrs. Award Bennett. His a a Etter a dated sept. 5. A right George w Rote. A a it a seven in the morning and he Sun is just coming out of he mountains of Japan right now we Are pulling right into Tokyo George was particularly peeved Lecault the Crew of his ship the battleship uss Alabama had orders to Don Quot Whites for the chips triumphant entry into Tokyo Bay. Another Navy brother Eddie Bennett is in the Statas and due Horn the Herald. Brownsville Tenas marines $ Arn flyers in of perils in America by George Dixon aching Tony much has been written about the reorientation and indoctrination of returning soldiers so they can safely resume their places in civilian life in fact so much has been handed to the returning warriors themselves in the Way of pamphlets brochures lectures Etc. That they Are getting More than considerably fed up. In retaliation they have concocted pamphlets of their own. I have before me one produced by the Section of the Marine fighting Squadron entitled a survival in the pamphlet which purports to advise returning marines on How to conduct themselves in this country follows a the following instructions Are based upon report from Marine pilots who have landed in America and successfully returned to their bases in the Pacific. Under the present rotation procedure it is considered possible although remotely so. That some of this squadrons personnel at some future Date Mav also land in this theatre. In this event the information contained herein May prove invaluable. A in lieu of maps survivors in America carry Small Black Book in which Are listed the names and addresses of Friendly forces who if properly approached will afford the distressed marines shelter food drink and other essentials until he can escape successfully Back to the Pacific if you have not already done to. Procure one of these books immediately upon Landing. Or ask a fellow flier for the loan of his. He will be glad to oblige. Quot in America Many citizens Wear shoes and even most children Are fully cled. It is not considered courteous to handle the textiles they Wear and try to buy them As souvenir. You May follow the people at a discreet distance to study their quaint and colourful civilian costumes but do not try to Trade shirts Sheet and k rations for them. Quot you will find that the natives will help you if you Are forced Down and must remain in Rural or Urban areas. In this event do exactly As the natives direct and conform with their customs a faithfully a possible. It takes time to become proficient in the use of a knife and Fork a which americans use almost exclusively for eating purposes As weapons they Are inferior to Bolos and bayonets and it la improper to pick your Teeth with them. But try to eat with them anyway. Americans will be pleased and a mused at your Effort. Quot one of the outstanding traits of american natives is their Lack of a sense of humor. Such innocent fun As breaking a bottle Over the bartender head throwing furniture out on the Street or kicking a persons Teeth i is frowned upon. A America has just concluded a War and necessarily suffers shortages of certain foods. It is difficult to obtain spam at every meal neither milk nor eggs can be ordered in their familiar powdered form. Marine fliers frequently have been embarrassed by not having been checked out on the american custom of removing Sheila from rolled eggs. Do not mix soup and several courses including dessert in the same dish delicious a this May seem to you. Americans consider this a sign of inferior Breeding. The country has limited supplies of canned foods. You May have to put up with fresh fruits meat and vegetables until you return to the Pacific. A american custom forbids tearing Down houses for bivouac material because of the variability of season in America it is continued on Pate nine wednesday september 19, 1944 the nonconformist Navy confiscates base newspaper criticizing delay of discharges by Drew Pearson Jap people still Don t have wars real facts by Peter Edson checkups on what is being done to counteract japanese propaganda to the japanese people reveal that the Effort does no to amount to a toot in a typhoon. Thus far the japs Haven t begun to get the True Story of the atomic bomb their own atrocities again their american prisoners or the War guilt of their leaders. A few feeble shortwave office of War information broadcasts Are beamed to Japan but that is All. Responsibility for this Lack of an american information policy for Japan is kicked around in a Washington reorganization. Own says it up to the psychological warfare division of the army. War department says it s up to Owett overseas division which has just been transferred to the depart it of state. State has William Benton coming in As assistant Secretary in charge of information policy and he has not had time to find out what he might want to do with owl All these agencies admit that or the Long in it s up to supreme commander Douglas Macarthur. What he intends to do about it does t seem to be known officially in Washington. General Macarthur has an assistant chief of staff in charge of an information control Section. He is Brig Gen. Bonner f Fellers whose record does not indicate he has had any experience in Japan general Macarthur political adviser a George Atcheson. Or. Of the state department is an experienced and Able China hand but he has never served in Japan never met Macarthur and was not scheduled to leave Washington for Japan before sept. 15. Information service still Larking in the meantime. General Macarthur has appointed a thief censor and has suspended japans Short wave radio. His sept. To directive to the Imperial japanese government tells them to Stop putting out news that does not adhere to the truth or which will disturb Public Tranquility. But so far there is no sign of any kind of u. S. Information service to give the japanese people the facts of postwar life. This to in conspicuous contrast to the Job that a done when Macarthur landed in the Philippines. At Leyte a philippine newspaper was published the dry after the invasion troops stormed ashore. From that time on there was never and doubt As to the u. S. Information policy toward the filipinos Brig Gen Carlo p. Romulo has Given full credit for the Job that was done on the Philippines to Fred Marquardt and a Small staff of own people. Marquardt Job in the philippine finished he resigned and is now m his Way Back to the United states. To Fere la no counterpart to ii organization at work in Japan. Own is continuing it pre War Short wave broadcast to the a a intr area from san Francisco. Honolulu and Manila. They arc a Mere spit in the Ocean. Little propaganda reaching japanese these three stations plus a medium Waves a Ion on Saipan operate on a 14-hour schedule but the number receiving sets which pick up these programs in Japan is limited. During the War they probably were monitored by the japanese government but Little of this information was spread to the japanese people. Actually. The Jap were getting More american information before the surrender than they get today. While the War was on. B-29s dropped millions of leaflets on Japan but that has been stopped now. What i happening in Japan is said to be an exalt parallel to what happened in Germany. When Mill sry government took Over the work of the own in Europe was suppressed the president has just sept Byron Price to Germany to try to straighten out the news policies in that theater. The Job of telling the German and japanese people a straight american Story is obviously the work of some civilian Agency such As the own overseas organization now being transferred to rate. Feo seeing that Suer a Job would have to be done in Japan. Own had prepared full plans for supervising Jap publications and radio but in the confusion of a double reorganization nothing has been done about then Ashington while Mavor Roger t Sermon has repeatedly urged the citizenry of Independence. Mo., to clean up the town now that it la the Home of the president there remains near the summer White House one Block of pitted dirt Road which Mars the neighbourhood appearance. It la the Only dirt Street in the entire Vicinity of the Truman Home. This one Block is on West Van Horn Road Between North Delaware and North pleasant Street and Borders the summer Whit House on the North. Here is the paradoxical reason who it is unpaved several years ago when spa labor was plentiful at Little Cost it was suggested the Lone Block of dirt be paved. For a time it looked like a Eire thing but the Wallace families a Truman inlays intervened. They objected because it would increase taxes. Opposition to improving the Street came from the first lady Mother. Mrs. D w Wallace who actually owns the summer White House 219 North Delaware St also from George Wallace a brother of mrs Truman who lives just East of the summer White House at �05 eel Van Horn Road and in a Road supervisor for Jackson county and from Frank Wallace got Van Horn Road. Another brother who is measurer of the Waggoner Oates milling company in Independence the Wallace families own about one third of the property on the South Side of Van Horn Road Between North Delaware and North pleasant streets and figured that paving the Block would boost their taxes this summer however things finally changed what with visitors coming from All Over the country to see where Harry Truman used to live. The City fathers of Independence got Busy. So both time the president of the u s., who incidentally believes in High taxes came Home on his second trip to Independence this week end he unpaved Section of West Van Horn Street had received a coat of tar. Navy censorship Japan is not the Only place subject to censorship. Though the War la Over. A brass knuckled Case of censorship has just occurred at the c Naval air station banana River Phi. Suspected reason for he censorship la a police put out by Navy chief in Washington to squelch an news stories critical of the Navy discharge syn tem. Navy brass hat were careful not to put this censorship idea in wetting but telephoned to various Navy commanders throughout the country Down at the banana River naval air station. Voting officers and Navy men last week published their weekly paper. Quot banana peeling. Containing an a inquiring reporter a column of what Navy men think of the discharge system it contained such quotes a these from c f Robinson. Graham n c. Age or a the Navy releases men too slow i want them to Geen the Ball. My wife and two kids need me a lot worse than the Navy does now that the War is from j. E Eberhart Baltimore. My Quot As to How the Point system affects me. I dont know but if i done to get out soon in a going to butt my head on some Bulkhead i served my country and now in a read to go Home a from Ensign Frank c. Murphy. Philadelphia with four years in the nary a my Only regret is thai i am not married. Then i would have 4# Points and could be discharged shortly after a banana peelings hit the Street. Commanding officer w j. Slattery a regular Navy Captain cracked Down he ordered every Eov of the newspaper confiscated and burned. Only a few of them survived one of which reached this office continued on Page nine peeping into the valleys past from the files of the Brownsville Herald fifty years ago september 19. 1895 a Laredo big bicycle meet was a great Suc Cess. Get judge Hurt a decided that there it no Law in Texas to prevent fighting this decision made in the test Case recently tried at Dallas virtually Clear away the last obstacle to the proposed Corbett Fitzsimmons Mill. And the program will doubtless be carried out. A a a Many newspapers Are warning Farmers not to sacrifice their Corn by Selling at the Low Pancea now prevailing. With the improved methods now generally known for protecting Corn from Weevils it should be easy for the Farmers to store their surplus of the Cereal until the Market improves Corn will probably bring As much As 75 Centi per Bushel by next january. A a a the Alice stage passed the Sauz at a 30 this morning with two passengers. The Steamboat Bessie passed Santa Maria at eleven Oclock this morning and will probably reach Here this evening. Fortt years ago september 19. 1906�?john g Kenedy a Well known and prominent Stockman owner of the Model ranch. A la Parra. A an incoming passenger yesterday afternoon. Returning Thia morning a a f h. Bushie of the san Antonio express who was Here a couple of Days attending to business connected with his paper left for Home this morning entirely in love with the Brownsville country a a a Henry Edds. A Well know Stockman of Hebbronville and a boyhood Friend and schoolmate of the writer arrived in Brownsville yesterday afternoon on Buai Ness. He went up to Harlingen Thia morning returning this afternoon. Or Edda reports everything moving along nicely in his Section although a Good rain would be very acceptable Juat now. A a a tha Herald la pleased to learn that the first we Eek of Brownsville Public school give Promise of a Moat acc earful Tarn prof i. L. Candler principal informs us today his first week has been a Moat successful and encouraging one interest in education to on the increase a 9 9 Twenty five years ago september ii. 1930 a Browns Ville has been without mail since Friday night owing to the washout on the Railroad Between Harlingen and san Benito and while mail was expected today. President w. O Willman of the chamber of Commerce said the organization will take up this delay with the railway mail service for the purpose of asking More prompt attention to mail in the future a a a the Rio Grande continues to fall rapidly at fort Ringgold according to River bulletin reaching the United stages radio station at fort Brown however. Sam Fordyce reports a Rise of two inches which it la not believed to indicate a new Rise while Mcallen. East of Sam Fordyce report a fall of five feet under the stage a a a several report Are scheduled to be made tonight to the meet ing of a Board of directors of the chamber of Commerce by outstanding committees among those expected Are w 8, West to report on the Harlingen meeting to organize a Valley chamber of Commerce the railway committee. The water and Light committee. The mercy Hospital committee and Harbert Daenport to report on the reach of the Aurin meeting with the aute water Engineer

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