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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1945, Page 1

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - September 19, 1945, Brownsville, Texas The weather norther thursday morning. Details on Page 2 54th year a no. 67 sit Prmt Meriu Static serving the Rio Grande Valley for Over so year final edition wednesday. Sept. 19, 194s Brownsville. Texas Price 5 Conia drive for Jap War criminals pushed More strikes cripple nations of Industry major Plant face closing As workers ask 52 hours of pay for 40 hours of work by the Ano Ruthd press a crippling strike against the nation s Oil Industry appeared gaming headway today adding new thousands of workers to the More than 200 000 already away from their jobs Over labor disputes across the country. New groups of workers joined the strike lines today As the Cio Oil workers International Union pressed its demands for a 30 per cent wage increase. O. A. Knight Union president predicted the walkouts would extend to the entire Industry. Continuance of the strike threatened to Cut steel production in the big Mills in the Chicago and Gary id area no new developments were reported in the labor situation in the Detroit area where some 80.000 workers remained Idle by strikes and layoffs. The Cio United Auto Mobile workers declared the Union plans to go ahead with its strike vote in some automobile plants if Ware increases of 3 per cent Wen not Given. Champions skin deep i nation sets up Barrier against Price inflation wants More of Texas labor Secretary takes action on Detroit dispute the dispute in the Oil Industry however was fast spreading and thousands of workers were ready to leave their jobs in refineries. With additional thousands to follow the strikes hit the Texas area. Major refineries face strike before the weeks end. A Union official predicted All major re j 5 Mav intervene wineries in areas around Houston j Corpus Christi and Beaumont in Auto strike would be closed. A in the Chicago area the Situ Tion became More serious As the Washington a a labor Sinclair refining co Plant in East Secretary Lewis b. Schwell Lenbach. Chicago. Ind. One of the country s a Ort no rih authority carried largest was slated to close. This Oul today his Promise to get right Mas regarded As a possible signal it Loren Middle of Detroit s for the closing of All Sinclair a troubled labor situation. J bulk stations and pipelines across he delegated his new appoint the country. More than 1.000 ted chief of the u. S. Conciliation workers in plants in East Chicago a Rice. Edgar l. Warren to study have gone on strike since monday. The Detroit strikes to determine i Nion issues order whether government intervention is in Len officials have issued a required \5arren, who flew to Tanke mobilization order to mid j Washington from Chicago last West refining plants involving an right also considered calling Prin a St i mated 30.000 workers. A strike rivals in the Michigan City s strikes thru said. Would cripple re threatened work stoppages to a labor management conference. Schwellenbac became the government s labor Quot Boss Quot under the department s reorganization labor gets Morr authority he held a presidential Grant of Broad new authority a although few new Powers a to Deal with Industrial disputes. President Truman shifted the War labor Board the u. S. Employment service and the War manpower commission to the labor department. By that action he conferred All the authority in. Herent in those agencies on Secretary Schellenbach. Schwellenbac had presented hts ceilings on costs of items in Home will be controlled by opa the Schaubert family of Rochester. N y. Claims something of a Corner on the City s freckle Supply. When Lois Schaubert 12. Defeated All Comers at a playground contest she had to share the honors with two Brothers. Gerald. 9, at left was Winner in the boys division and Bruce. 8, came in second in the same Section. Vote fining operations in Indiana. Litmus Ohio. Michigan. Wisconsin and Kentucky. Strikes by refinery worker in a Sec strikes Page two. Padding is out Truman declares Truman appoints Burton Patterson and Symington Quick confirmation by Senate due Justice War Secretary and surplus goods jobs Washington a and Swift Senate confirmation seemed assured today for three major appointments by president Truman. They Are 1. Senator Harold r. Burton Ohio Republican As associate Justice of the supreme court. He succeeds Republican Owen j. Roberts resigned 2. Robert p. Patterson present undersecretary As Secretary of War. He succeeds Henry l. Stimson resigned. Washington Ltd a the government set up some peacetime barriers against inflation today after Knock ing Down some wartime barriers to a free Economy. Opa prepared to limit rigidly the costs entering into new Home building which opens up october 15�? although it cannot put a ceiling on the final Price of the House. These developments marked the further March of reconversion in business and government 1. Opa told retailers finally and definitely that wartime increases in manufacturing costs Are not to be passed on to the Public in the form of higher prices for new washers refrigerators and similar Long awaited products. New Homes due soon 2. To Speed the Sale of vast War surpluses. President Truman signed a Bill creating a single administrator it the surplus property Board j 3. Another War Agency the office of economic stabilization was killed off 4 the Brookings institution held that Quot a powerful movement for higher wage rates is the greatest potential inflation Force 5. Builders estimated that 500.-000 new Homes would be started next year with building climbing to. 1.000.000 houses annually by 1948. Seek to keep Price Down Price administrator c h e St e r bowies reportedly was ready to announce stricter Price controls on a see reconversion Page 2> a lord Haw Hawk i is found guilty master sergeant Hubert Carroll a above of Paris Texas works on a stack of pancakes at Dallas after arriving from a japanese prison ramp where he was orderly toll. Gen Jonathan Wainwright. Quot i can t get enough of anything in he remarked As he hoisted Glass after Glass of milk. Adding Quot gee. I love milk map photo. Mercedes Marine to be awarded medal of Honor president Truman to make presentation at ceremony in Washington Nippon sources say to leaders to be punished another newspaper is suspended changes in Japan s Cabinet forecast Tokyo a it it put a Genera Macarthur headquarter announced today it would Issue soon a new and lengthy list of suspected japanese War criminals while reliable japanese sources predicted the imminent Purine of reactionary elements in the Cabinet of Premier Hirashi Kuni. Premier Prince Higashi Kuni in in press conference yesterday told correspondents that his government intended to determine responsibility for starting the War and try its own accused provided general Macarthur approved. Demonstrating its resolve to keep a firm grip on the conquered japanese. Headquarters suspended for one Day a second Tokyo newspaper a the English language Nippon times. The paper was ordered 30 minutes before press time to withhold publication of its thursday morning edition not because of objectionable material but because Ita editors had failed to submit for american censorship a Printer proof of an editorial on the recent change of foreign ministers on tuesday the big japanese language paper. Asahi. Was ordered to skip publication for two Days for printing inflammatory articles resignation due sources who spoke of in lending Cabinet resignations said vice Premier Prince Fumi Maro Konow probably would Lead the list he i a minister without portfolio two other Cabinet members without m the near , us hot medal of Honor Winner. Marine sgt. William George Billy Harrell of Mercedes has been ordered Back to the Mare Island naval Hospital from where he will proceed to Washington. D. C. For the presentation ceremonies by president Harry s Truman _ j the local hero who i net both hands in the bitter i to Jima Campaign was ordered today to report to the Mare Island base. His leave i on Dov _ i i Wil Tea cancelled _. A i a Quot 0�? a a j a till of sergeant Harrell and a Marine buddy of his pie. Charles Huber of to it in j�111 1 a order to 3. W. Stuart Symington As surplus property administrator. He Ham Joyce Lorn Haw a Quot we a a la Gen. Tosh the ire of to and take Ora Ogata the latter who also is chief Cabinet Secretary was named by Macarthur on a list of members of the a Black dragon society but it was understood american authorities had taken no Washington. A Dent Truman declared today that there will be Quot no padding in our rework meation plan to or. Truman armed forces and that a no one is Augustio. Yesterdays White Libor storms which appeared to be a see labor. Page two. B-29�?Ts half Way on record flight going to be held in the service a to ouse action was attributed to the Dav longer than is necessary. The president said in a statement that no one can accurately forecast at this time the future military needs and noted that general Douglas Macarthur had revised his own estimates of the number of troops necessary for the occupation of Japan and Korea. Macarthur first estimated that he required a Force of 500.000, but Cut this to 400.000 and then to 200.000. I _ Quot the army s plans All for the return to their Homes of More than Washington a up a flying .000ooo soldiers Between Vij Day non Stop from Japan to Wash ing Anc Christmas 1945.&Quot the Prest xon. Three b-29 super fortresses cents statement said Quot Between up pa5t the Halfway Mark of now Ana Christmas the discharge that 6.500-mile flight today Eurate will steadily Rise from the pre a Tiv on schedule sent daily figure of 15.200 to not at 2 a in cwt it. Gep. Less than 22.000 per Dav and by Barney m. Giles commander of the january. 1946 to More than 25.000 for it radioed that the three big or Ria bombers were 120 Miles South of the president said he wanted to Watson Lake. Yukon territory make one thing Clear a that the Canada which is almost 400 Miles Peixi of demobilization is not gov Pam the Midway Point at White earned a by our future needs for horse. Canada oct Rion and oter arc army officials said Here that the services he added Are car night should have no diff Rinc in demobilization As rapid Cutty in arriving at the capital h As they can and we shall not Al 5 p m cwt. As Giles Prev really acc the problem of he size Sously messaged he expected to do. Or makeup of the occupation forces the planes roared Over a until next Spring by hat rime. Mada. General Giles kept in a he said. We ought to know How Dio communication with air Force Many men we shall need for occur Headquarters Here relaying weath pation and to what extent that or information and comments Mei i Brough Volun about members of the Crews. Takes Over from a three Man Board which he formerly headed congressional republicans and democrats alike got a lift out of or Truman s unexpected Choice of Burton for the supreme court but for slightly different reasons. Republicans liked the selection of their 57-year-old% Senate colleague because they regard him As a highly qualified lawyer and because he is one of them. Another demo in Senate democrats chuckled at the political strategy of the president. Some said he was influenced in his Choice by Robert e. Hannigan. Democratic National chairman. I a a Burton s exit from the Senate _. Will give gov. Frank j. Lausche of bollworm i Ona Ohio a Democrat a Chance to appoint one of his party members in that doubtful state. That would up the democrats in the Senate to 56. Cut the republicans okra Gean up called for in stalks program two Man Alamo of vegetable. _ Lake City. Iowa. Have been visiting of the German radio with mrs. Harrell the local heros convicted of treason in old Mother. Bailey today and sentenced to Hanff. A jury of to men and1 Watt ten up 4n Tim a several weeks ago for the Tremenda two women required Les. Of Battle he and Marine Andrew than 25 minutes to arrive at Jackson a Duke Carter of Paducah a verdict after Justice tuck Texas put up. Harrell and i Buder had ruled that Haw Haw do were officially credited with i j Sui 10to slaving twelve Jap on Northern had left this country in 1939 Elma time. Iod of Ollow. A wrapped up in the Union Lar Stor it of vhf -rw0-Man Alamo Quot Jack in order to t Arn on of iwo Jima. German propaganda. On the night of March 2. 1945. The Justice informed the hrn11 and Arter dug their Fox -. 4. Hole near a Ravine on Northern jurors after listening to Jwo Tnp would stand watch an three Days of Lej Al a juju Bour the other slept. About Bond Issue vote Al Harlingen is set october 8 the japanese government time to prove its Contention that Hwa not a member. The japanese predicting thu Cabinet resignations said a wide Gap Quot existed Between Premier Prince Higashi Kuni and the three they expected to leave the government. They described Higashi Kuni a personally interested in the gradual democratization of Japan both As a Reform step and in compliance with the wishes of general Macarthur and said Konove and it d t t j others had opposed the Prem Oncy i o do is a Vera Tempia to smooth relation for water system Atempa Between the japanese and american government. Cabinet criticised the Cabinet has been critic a Harlingen a because bollworm like okra when Harlingen a monday. Oct. 8 Merit that Joyce was not a 5 o clock in the morning Harrell has been set As the Dav on which British subject hut never awakened by Rifle fire mar Harlingen citizens will be a teed to japanese for Pink Thorp we vip owed allegiance him or a a Duke Carter ban Long vote on the $850,000 Revenue Bond solving pressing problem such he is. Be Quot Wen aide inane a by i four Jap. Tempting toll. For a 1 a it Polt of to the British Crown when filtrate. Carter got them not ten the Central Power a Light co a Chen growers like Cotton growers must Protection afforded of the Ravine Harrell got two tension program. Or. Truman s Choice of the 54 comply with planting and clean of in he a British passport. At Twenty five Yards. Carter got an a to 39. With one progressive born in Massachusetts Burton Faw t in Tenn Anlu va11�?zv Rykr. A nitrate Varier got Mem be was mayor of Cleveland before his a. He left the country because feet from the Fox Hole. More Cairn water system and a five year sex election to the Senate. A i. i _ to. A a yes eel a a car ant Art i of the sum to be voted upon. $525,000 would be issued immediately for Purchase of the existing up a l system the remainder while Duke ran to get a new would be issued for the proposed Rifle the japs began tossing Gren five Vear plan worked out by City Aries at Harrell. He heard one thud Engineer Alfred a. Tamm. Year old Patterson As Secretary of up regulations. W e. Conn. Chief of to. Despite his hairier War brought Praise and criticism Pink bollworm control pro a a la so anti Ftp fact that from both Sirius some domn Renu k Ricail Dir la Ann the Lait Mal Gram in the Valley said today from both sides. Some democrats grumbled that he la a Republican. _ some Republic amp is replied that he okra is subject to infestation by citizenship. In t in their fold. The Pink bollworm. Conn said and senator Taft of Ohio chairman if the regulations Are not observed of the minority steering committee Fari. A i can become a Breeding place foretold a reporter the republicans announced. Dont regard Patterson As a re bollworm during non Cotton sea . I under the okra control program. Growers must obtain permits from Pink bollworm offices they must other and i Garand jammed Battle of grenades Joyce later took out German Joyce will make an Imine see occupation. Page 3.j Hospital drive plans Complete ,. 10inside the Fox Hole but had diff it the Bond Issue would be retired Cliate Appeal a lawyer Cully finding it to toss it Back. To within thirty five years out of Cating it. He picked it up and was revenues from the water Plant about to toss it Back when it went the City has entered into a con teen saying soldiers arc being return a see services. Page two Don Pedro looked a bit dejected and lacked his usual fire and ego. Apparently politics is a Shade rough for you. My Little j among these he told How James t Leavey or. And los Beverly k. Martin of Milwaukee and Glenn e Whatley of Canton. Tex., were Quot pulling baby shoes and snapshots from their pockets and wondering what their children. Who they had never seen will be took off yesterday the super fortresses which took off from the japanese Mainland beginning at. 3 01 p. In. Cwt a see non Stop. Page 2. Foreign chiefs muddle session san Benito a the fundraising drive for establishing the ohm hit left a i Quot a Quot the Quot hand Quot was tract with Raim do vids int co Quot of Quot la. A Fly Ita Fea 63 aiseimp1 Hilll Imsu torn off and his left hip was for Sale of the Bonds. The Bonos accidentally snot broken. Carter came Back As two will Bear 260 per cent interest. J i i. Nan my. To Matamoros cop is Matamoros a one cop was Jap charged. His new Garand Jam the contract with the Bond firm is med and the Paducah Marine pick rot permit their okra to fruit be shot Here by another yesterday. Up a souvenir Jap Rifle he had in i use Bonds. Page London. A the Council of late bulletins by i i me remarked Quot it is not Quot he replied Quot but it is annoying. Quot i am being pushed on All sides by various factions. I must decide where to throw my strength a Quot you have a poll tax a we asked Quot that is beside the Point. The main thing now is that my Bones feel a bit of a norther coming. Who knows one May arrive. A i leave now to do some individual a detailed weather report an Page 2 Brownsville pos Are Back in u. S. Two Brownsville soldiers members of the 131st Field artillery have been released from japanese prisons in Java Singapore and Thailand. Associated press reported today and Are Back in the United states. The local idlers were among fifteen texans who were survivors of the first Cruiser Houston and the 131st artillery. Brownsville s o i Diers liberated Are Cpl. Refugio Medina and pfc. Jose Vallejo. The liberated men were Tram erred directly from la guar la Field to Mitchell Field. Long Leland Navy personnel were sent to Washington. D. C. Allied foreign ministers weighed the italian y u g o s Lav Frontier claims today and it appeared that the current meetings would get no further than the italian peace treaty so complicated has that become. Such topics As the Balkans the Dardanelles and the Western German Border probably will be relegated to the next meeting in late november or Early december of the foreign ministers of the United states. Bassia. A great Britain. France and China. Russia s expressed interest in a see big five. Page two no the Fox Hole. He impaled one of the Fields by july 15 Fields must each other were chatting a a or japs on the Bayonet the Sec be inspected before Thev or har n Bem cleaned his pistol while Ond up swung his Ember and Cut vested and shipments of okra from were unconcerned a a i King Carter forehead infested Fields will not be a he gun went off striking officer a Jung Harrell in a riving con Juan Gomez in a Nez was upper Ltd a or pad hospitalized at the civil Hospital. And it under has had in. It a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Able to see the Mercedes Man movements in the dark the japs1 did not see him make one last Effort with his Good right hand. Har Rell took the grenade and shoved lore Jan. I. And Thev must destroy see okra. Page two. Prince absolves Hirohito of guilt r in the Aztec building has Leen mapped. Leeroy Crawford chairman has reported. Crawford i head of the advisory committee he said that about $18 031.50 already had been raised toward the goal of $50,000 members of the committee at i tending the meeting were Charles Harvey. Alex m. Bowie. Sim Clark. Flint Harris. A m Hervey r m. Collins. A. A Thompson. Rudy Bendixen. J. W Spradley. Clyde Fincher Whit Plaisted. Scott Norman. John Benson. C. D. Oakes ,. G Mccandless and Brad Mason. The employment of a profession wa8hington�?iapt�?arling secret and of late ache in said today the i Nitro stale government and not general Douglas Macarthur is formulating american policy for the pacification and control of Japan. Or. Najera to take up new duties As foreign minister los Angeles. A a a or. Francisco Castillo Najera who has been an honoured guest at Many functions during a visit Here left last night by pan american plane for Mexico City where he will take up has new duties As mexican foreign minister upon his arrival tomorrow. Washington a president Truman today signed the executive order giving Secretary of labor Schwellenbac Broad new authority to Deal with labor problems. Washington a map a legislation giving president Truman sweeping Power to reorganize the government was approved today by the House expenditure committee. Chung King apis a. H. Chang a government spokesman and Counselor of the executive Yuan said today the United state had keen invited to Send troop to Shanghai. Banking. Piping and tientsin for the purpose of helping disarm the japanese. F # new York a apr a Erie a. Johnston president of the chamber of Commerce of the United states today was elected president of the motion picture producers and distributors of America. Inc., succeeding will Hays who resigned after nearly 24 years of service. Prince Naru Hiki it from under his head toward the Kuni. Japan s occupation Premier a1 Hospital architect to work out jails the explosion took off i told Allied correspondents that the plans for adopting the build right hand. And killed the last or had no Advance knowledge of my to Hospital needs two japs. Pear Harbor did not order sex ecu Crawford told the committee that when the Navy medics carried lion of Doolittle fliers and Doe school children in san Benito will Carter and Harrell to sick Bay the rot consider emperor Hirohito a stage a two Dav fiesta funds j next Day. The Mercedes Marine War criminal. Tor the project. The program he grinned and said Quot get that Jap the Prince made those state said. Is being handled by school Saber for i ments yesterday at a precedent children of mexican descent. He smashing press conference. The also said nearby communities like first Ever granted by a member of Rio Hondo. Los Fresno. La Paio he Royal family and the first Grin-1 a. And Loa indies Are cooperate Parni liar to Tilc by and Premier in a Long. Long tog in plans for financing the pro rime to foreign newspapermen Jet. Harlingen this truck was Higashi Kuni Najfi the japanese a a a too familiar to remain lost for government plans to determine res Onk i Pons Bilitz for starting the War and the truck was stolen during the win try rhe accused if general night of sept. 15-16 police capt. Macarthur approves police recover Washington apis legislation iring states the title to submerged land under Tidewater and navigable Stream is scheduled to Rome up tomorrow in the House. The measure was reported favourable by the House Fudie Arv committee in Jal. Harold Crossett reported. It was a 1941 Ford next Day it was found on a Harlingen Street after the thief apparently despairing of getting away with it. Abandoned the truck. It was too conspicuous and Well known with its Grey colouring and big Holsum bread Sigil he it Aid two injured in traffic Accident Corporal o. D. Strobl and sgt and naw for prison ramp cruelties honer of the 3 k air base received minor Cut Yea s me japanese already had been punished by the nip ponese army but gave no details. Say he protested he a Higashi Kunia Quot would Uke to abolish the army and Navy i see Hirohito. Page two i Gerdav afternoon when the motorcycle they were Riding was in collision with a Ford Sedan. The Accident occurred at Elizabeth and s. E. Thirteenth h

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