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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 2

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Brownsville, Texas Frage 2-a monday october la ir>7q \ on re the Best partner i Ever had misses the main Point Dick West the commission on Campus unrest has appealed to the president to 4 exercise hts reconciling moral leadership As the first step in preventing More violence in colleges and universities and to create understanding. A Only the president has the platform and prestige to urge eur americans at once. To step Back from the Battle lines wha cd they Are forming a says the commission s report. A it is imperative that the president bring us together before More by is Are lost and More property destroyed and More universities undoubtedly the moral platform and prestige of the presidency is an exalted one and should be utilized to the fullest to bring americans together that is also True particularly in this administration. Of the vice presidency. While the vice president s attacks on the student radicals have been As accurate As they Are colourful. It is unfortunate that the moderate majority of students has taken his celebrated statements As a Blanket condemnation of All students the commission advised the other Side of the communication Gap 4 students. Must recognize that they Are citizens of a nation which was founded on tolerance and diversity and they must become More understanding of those with whom they differ. A students must face the fact that giving moral support to those who Are pm arming violent a ebon is morally despicable a a students should no expect their own views even if held with great moral intensity automatically and mimed i lately to determine National policy a what the commission has avoided facing however is the fact that neither Healing words from the president nor More responsible behaviour on the part of the vast majority of students is going to have any effect on those among us who have gone beyond All reason. What possible words from the president could bring reamed i action with the students who could write in an editorial in the student newspaper of the University of Wisconsin a the bombing of the army mathematics research renter destroyed an object of widespread political hatred and struck a blow to the american military while mourning the death of the researcher killed in the explosion a Quot because we love life a the writers went on to urge that Quot in order for its the Center s physical destruction to have any meaning beyond a specific Point in time the movement from which the bombing sprang Muse be expanded a what Steps Short of giving the radicals veto Power Over his decisions could the president take to promote understanding with students who delivered the following ultimatum to the president of Western Reserve University a last May. In answer to our demand to abolish Rott the administration proposed reducing Rott to a dub. You be had All dimmer. This _ summer we have witnessed a a and a Walt Dulaney an escalation of warfare. We sat i the Brink of . Armed forces being deployed to the middie East. We be seen a summer of intensive repression a in View of this escalation. We demand that Roth get off Campus immediately. A this matter of Quot Campus unrest goes far far deeper than any words of reason. From whatever Quarter Are Likely to reach. T a \ my v4t a. Poor housekeeper bul a Good Mother and a Walt very dear Eye Mother Isnit housekeeper. That Sai is to it. There s dust a my Good blare Over Hunt for truth i by h. L Hunt the communist reaction to president Nixon a proposal for a cease fire in indo Cha held True to form. In a word Moscow and Hanoi called it the head of the North vietnamese delegation to the alleged peace talks in pans said Washington was calling for legalized actually the reaction we got from the deceitful world o f communism is the fraudulent element of the entire equation of War peace in Southeast Asia. This nation has made a legitimate proposal for stooping hostilities and freeing All prisoners of War As a prelude to meaningful negotiations to restore peace in troubled indo China. Since we abandoned our efforts to win a decisive military Victory National policy could Only dictate one solution and that is a negotiated settlement. But president Nixon May find As president Johnson did that the communists Are enigmatic and cold blooded in International deals. Their determined efforts at world domination dictate such a policy. They recognize strength. That a about All. If nothing decisive comes from the proposal it May at least bring to our Side Neutral opinion around the world. It is doubtful that the Ultra libera element in this country will place any credence in the administration s bid but apparently there Are Many in that Camp who would be satisfied with nothing Short of a peace dictated by Hanoi it has become obvious that Force of arms will not prevail in the War plagued areas of Southeast Asia. Common sense dictates that All parties concerned join in a concerted peace Effort. It in t too late for the communists to modify Mueller their stand. The place meals Are usually Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches and the Wash is like All the bad examples on television commercials when i take a boy Over to the House i have to clean everything myself or he s Likely in sit on baby food spilled on the sofa or step on a left Over piece of pizza on the Rug. But when the boy walks in the door my Mother makes him feel she a really glad he came she knows his name and also knows things about him so conversation is easier i used to be really uptight about my Morns housekeeping and i bet you some of Hie girls who read Date line feel the same but if their mothers Are Friendly and make the boys relax that a better than the cleanest House in the world if you print this Tell my mom Cathy loves and understands and her now Athy. You just said it yourself. Cathy. Congratulations mom you put the priorities where they Best belong on the human Side of living lie and wait dear Walt there Are Only three people in my lie who mean anything to me my Mother is one my father is something else the others ire my Girlfriend. Loma and my Best buddy Albert my problem involves All three Viben and i it a had been friends for a number of years before i knew them Thev say they re brother and sister to each other. But lately my Mother has been hinting that there is something deeper Between them once she started saying these things i became very upset with her and jealous Wiki them. I know they both Are confused at my behaviour and so am i. But now i just can to get the thought out of my head that Mayhe they re laughing at me behind my Back what can i do?�?up1- u0 dear upset your mom s suspicions Are probably groundless people who Aren t Happy with their own lives Are Quick to suspect lurking unhappiness for others a dad who so a something else does t seem Likely to have a Happy wife if von continue be no suspicious. You la wreck both Friendship and Romance so take a leap of Faith. Go to your Friend and Tell him wha mom has said explain a a it a like beg hold to keep your Tongue out of a space where a tooth a just been pulled you try to ignore it but it keeps capturing your focus a hell understand and be Able to share h s honest feelings for your girl. If that does t place your mind at of your Unur Gin too and Walt. Ease. Tell uneasiness share her Best Way dear ele should a boy if she does Way he looks at her a one boy stares at me he were undressing me Jet ifs girl like in a afraid if hell claim imagine Hon. Her the Tell the this us if but i say something ifs a my Reba. Dear Reba you can ask him Why he stares at you so intently. If he denies the stare then Alert him hence Forth when it seems he s Over peeing at Vou How Quot Why not use the old childhood gesture of pointing a pretend pistol at him and going bang it should Jolt him out of his compulsive focus a Hie a Beli Mcclure Syndicate feature. A of us want to Date but the social Stream is full of hazards Eie and Walt Dulaney s pamphlet dating hints a can help you with mans Damn problems. For a copy Send a dime and a stamped self addressed envelope to teenage Date line in care of this newspaper. Railroad seizure substitute Washington up during the first half of the 20th Century the first thing the government did in time of National emergency was seize the railroads the trams soil did no to run on time. Of course but seizing the railroads had a very important psychological Impact. For one thing it impressed upon the populace the Gravity of the situation. People told one another the government be resorting to such an extreme measure unless the situation were really serious secondly it created the illusion that the government was doing something about the crisis and soon would have the situation in hand this kept the populace in High spirits at a time when the realities Ai the situation called for Complete demoralization. Unfortunately however Railroad passenger service finally deteriorated to the Point where seizure of the railroads no longer cons tuned a sign cant act in the mind of the average citizen. Deprived of this recourse the government was unable to devise another effective resp o n s e to National emergencies and Hie nation has been flirting with disaster Ever since but now at last it appears that an adequate substitute available. Here in the capita the government makes a practice in dismissing Federal workers three hours Early when local emergencies such As half Inch snowfalls arise this. Of course does not prevent horrendous traffic to Temps Birt it does create the. R p government is acting promptly to Deal with the problem Early dismissal has. Indeed worked so Well it now warrants a tryout during National and International emergencies of during the recent Mideast crisis for example. President Nixon had ordered Federal workers or mussed three hours Early the Button might have cooled off a lot quicker such a drastic step would immediately have warned the russians that Nixon was determined to protect i s. Interests m the area concomitant v a iof cof us Nerv Ous be i Iee America would have been reassured that in Melody was in control. Well. The Middle East is relatively Tim at the Marrier so there s no need for participant action just now but if the soviets continue to build submarine baes in Cuba bureaucrats can look Forward to an after noon off soon Salph Toledano bleeding hearts and their tortured Loir in whenever Congress takes any Steps to hold Down individual crimes of violence murder rape robbery assault the bleeding hearts loudly bemoan the fact. In then opinion the criminals Ara the victims of their own environment of poverty and the cruelties of ghetto living. Congress the argument goes should turn its attention to the real menace organized crime. Now that the House of representatives has passed by a lopsided vote of i to 2t>, a measure aimed at o i g a n i z e d crime and racketeering the bleeding hearts Are at it again it in t organized crime that Congress should be legislating against. But to quote the Washington pest Quot murder rape robbery assault or even the bombing of laboratories the which have made United states perilous a Tho Post s reasoning my i single it. Out because it most conspicuously reflects the political Haemophilia of the left a would make a logician cringe for Washington s Only morning newspaper argues thai Congress is wrong in pasing an organized crime we because the organized underworld cannot be too easily brought to Justice. Given its ties with Quot politicians and the police. Organized crime or racketeering deals mainly with gambling usurious Money lending prostitution and narcotics these Are All reprehensible activities but the inescapable fact is that they exist Only because a lot of people who Don t consider themselves criminals want them a or other words if enough University crimes life in the seem so people want heroin with their Coffee forget about the Laws that make traffic in the heavy stuff somewhat hazardous if enough people want to return to the shoot out at High noon to the blood vendetta or to trial by ducking then let s All go to it but this is Only the beginning. Having said that ifs virtually impossible to do anything about tightening the Law against organized crime the Washington Post suggests As its own solution that we a a give More financial assistance More directly to local police the police that the Post Sayr Are Quot too frequently in cahoots a with organized criminals having said that organized crime i it interested in gambling usurious Money lending prostitution and narcotics the Post urges that the Way to end this is to a regulate the traffic in firearms and particularly pistols a the weapons used by isolated hoodlums and unorganized thieves. The poll however is pause by sister4 for was the re Leal Haemophilia a not brought to a logic. Having a years that crime ult of poverty and ghetto inequities he is not disturber when individual criminal activity moves out to rho affluent suburbs or when surveys show that most of the responsibility for the present tremendous wave in shoplifting must fall on Middle cles practitioners who cannot plead driving economic need i read this in the Washington Post but it obviously made no impression on the editorial writer permissiveness and tolerance of crime Are. Of it course factors in the growing crime rate As they Are factors in Campus violence and Street crime and it is also True that when the general Public turns its unremitting hate on All forms of criminal behaviour it will have a tremendous effect. But Ono Way of showing the Public a feelings is through Tough and enforceable Laws roughly enforced but this is what really upsets the Post and the political Haemophiliacs. The cat comes leaping out of the bag in the Contention that the Bill to punish crime a that it was passed because Congress wanted to vent a its moral indignation a a crime a a that it was the product of an election year and that it does not Correct prison conditions. The simple fact which the bleeding hearts ignore today though at other times they have made a great Issue of it is that present Laws against organized crime have loopholes in them big enough to drive through a hijacked truck this was demonstrated during the fifties by the Kefauver investigation. Nothing was done a bout it because of Tho ties Between the underworld and the bigotry political machines there was much talk of cowardice on the part of our legislators Ani the executive Branch because no Adion was taken but now that the House of representatives the attorney general of the United states Ord the president have mined forces to mount a War on organized come we Are told by the Washington Post that w hat Thev Are doing la mating in an a anti crime Racket or Justice Holmes would have a conniption Anthony Harrigan Church looks into its funding of the violent hoi Cerfeda my Ding hip i he doctor save by m psf a Stadt Brand a to Trottm smile Herald an Independent Freedom newspaper published every afternoon except saturday and sunday morning by Freedom newspapers 1155 e. Van Buren St Brownsville i exas 78529 542-4331 Ocean liners still provide thrill for leisurely travel this newspaper la dedicated to furnishing information to our Madera so that they can better promote and preserve their own Freedom and encourage others to see its Blessing. For onl5 when Man understands Freedom and is free to control himself and ail he produces can he develop to his utmost capabilities. A believe that All men Are equally endowed by their creator and not by a government with the right to take moral action to preserve their life and property and secure More Freedom Bod keep it tor themselves and other. Freedom is self control to More no less. To discharge this responsibility free men to the Best of their ability must understand and apply to daily living the peat moral guide expressed in the coveting commandment. Subscription Batea by Carrier by week 55c. By motor route 92-m per month. By mail in the Rio Grande Valley per month Imo per year $27.20. By mail up state or out of Texas per month it 15 per year $90.01. Sacobs Dass postage paid at Brownsville Texas 78529 aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2nea about 15 minutes before a Young Man with freckles came around with a hot dog Vendor s Basket full of Small oils of rope paper Blue and Orange and Green and purple 4 be sure to hold one end sport or it won t do you no Good a he said. So the Man stood there grasping the streamers in his dangling right fist waiting for the Queen Elizabeth 2 to sail. Far below hundreds of Small faces with their Mouths open looked up and waited too. The Man looked Back at the Tjien Mouths and then Down at his right hand Quot like feeding baby Birds a he said flinging a Blue Streamer at them. A pretty corny he thought. He had seen it in too Many fled Astaire movies the ships whistle blasts the a. Congers cheer the attending Public cries out the Queen Mary dramatic pulls away in a storm confetti. Could the real offer More than this i a he waited anyway. Suddenly Winch is the Way such things happen there it was Tho blast of the ship s whistle and rally of thing deep and Mellow like a Gigantic tuba oooo of my by then again longer. Oooo of Ompy above him Black smoke boiled out of the Lone stack beneath him the deck trembled slightly without noise and then slowly almost imperceptibly the huge vessel began to move a like the first Streak of melted Wax Down a Candle for the Sake of melodrama it might be Nice to describe this scene As the last of a Vintage wine or at least a disappearing sound like the fading Hoo beats of a radio horse galloping into the Sunset a Lippy clop a Lippy clop a Lippy clop. But it int sea travel it appears will be with us a while longer. By True there Arentt As Many Ocean liners As there once were. Before the airlines made trams Atlantic Crossings a casual thing nearly every country in Europe with a port had a passenger ship making weekly voyages. The piers in new York Harbor were a crunch of people coming Grid going. Now there Are Only two really big ships left in the North quantic the Queen know n is the France. The is making Elizabeth 2 better aboard and aboard qk2 and the s i 2 at least Money. While ships like the is United states found operations too extensive to maintain Cunard line which owns the ,2, pays its British Crew British wages and is getting Aion quite nicely thank you. Near Capa it Ity passenger lists have helped considerably. There is evidence that ships ire regaining popularity. As the Novelty wore off the automobile and the train Aud the ship it now appears to hive worn off the air plane. A on this voyage from new York to Southampton for example the qe2 earned nearly 500 More persons than it did at the same time the year before. Part of the increase about 190 persons according to Cunard was due to the rising popularity of sky jacking Quot of k.,�?� said one of the too a so it takes six Days to Cross the Atlantic on a ship which would you rather do spend six pleasant Days on an elegant ship or take a very bad Chance on being i lacked to Tibet for six weeks?�?T11 Qumy son. 32. Has become very unhappy since a Babysitter took away his Blanket a new Blanket does t seem to Sah Sov him. What would you suggest 4 a most toddler form a deep attachment for some object a doll a woo by dog or a Blanket. It gives them a sense of Security and does no harm if the baby Sitter w to should f have removed the Blanket in the first place did t bum it every efforts hould be made to get it Back or one like it that is not new. Qumy son 9, is hyperactive the doctor is giving him Dee done How Long can he take this chug a vie there any bad Side effects a if the hug is helping your son and the dosage is properly controlled he should be Able to take it for a year or More if however he develops insomnia nausea diarrhoea profuse sweats headaches or am other unusual symptoms you should report in fact to your doctor at once q a my son. To. Is hyperactive the school hounded me about it until our doctor prescribed leaner for him. Is this drug habit forming does it cause harmful Side effects a a d e a n o i acetamide Benzoate leaner is one of several drugs that Are helpful in Hie treatment of overactive children it is not habit forming to Knue Side effects from too Large a dosage incl ii lie headache. Mso Mima and an itching Akin rash. Con a tour it honer Are deeply troubled by the use of Church funds to finance revolutionary organizations and the role of some Den is As apologists for hate groups which engage in violence. This profoundly disturb development was the us of Public Atren on Here Las week As the episcopal c Hurch held its National convention in this southwestern metropol Many concerned members of thus protestant denomination Beleve that the churches tree Era i convention special is Ogram has been improperly used to fund violent groups evidence supporting the position of the concerned churchmen came on the eve of the convention when the executive Council of the episcopal Church granted $ 2 5,000 to Hie Black a a r e n e i s coordinating committee Bao in South Carolina Over the strenuous objections of Bishops Gray Temple and John Pinckney of that Sute Bishop Temple told the executive Council Bhat one of the leaders was among militants who Drew two year prison sentences for their part in a gunpoint takeover of vertices colleges an episcopal institution in South Carolina the proles by a shops tempi and Pinckney were of no Avail in the executive Council however. The reason May be that Bishop John e Hines presiding Bishop of the National Church does t agree with the established accepted concept of violence. In in a provocative statement Bishop Hines said the episcopal Church May have to formulate a new definition and concept of violence. He declared in a comment strangely similar to new left pronouncements that a Hie nature of violence emerges not simply a Ltd a of violence by individuals or groups but by a pattern of Long entrenched institutionalized violence Bishop Hines remarks ate of concern to All americans not simply members of hts denomination for his words constitute an apology for violent individuals and group. And condemnation of american society. If Bishop limes Doest understand or accept she established concept of violence he must tie cling his eyes to the grim realm of our country today. The United states Hasni to an4 need for a new definition of violence. The meaning of violence is very Clear from events violence is the destruction of the a them Center at the University of Wisconsin by Radical fanatics and the death of a to year old researcher and father of three children violence the pattern of assaults and a Asarin attempts on Pone Mien violence s murder arson and rioting by mobs in the big cities of toe nation violence is the wave of bomb attacks by 4 a a e a t h e r in e n a revolutionists thoughtful citizens cannot agree w i a b shop h Oes that there is Long entrenched institutionalized violence n the american system the. Is the country whose court have gone to an extreme a defending the a Girt of individual a against rights of society. Americana Beleve in Judice and in the Law and order that make pot pie of any a violence a is to be found any Fiete in America it must be in the tax exempt organizations that Supply Money to revolutionary groups. For example Radical clerics who Charmel Church funds to r. J lit ant can be said t o be institutionalizing violence that is something that undoubtedly will be Berry s world c i derm by the dts Gatas at Houston one Ca Mot b and believe in a Means of to and or. Per p o ii p e m e n served by Faun lawful # a Chrisman Sochi change Otoe Portia ii attacks in re it on snot cd taxed of it two by maim. A by. a of to notify for a in Ion it Ham. Endorsement of All Republican candidates n Avern Bari Quot running m i i

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