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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 1

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Brownsville, Texas 44 free Dom is the open or Indol through we try pours tilt sunlight of the human spirit and of human a Herbert Hoover Horn on the ton Rill july 1892 weather cd on Fly and mild the roil fib tuesday Low 60, High is vol 78�?no. 96 copyright 1970, Freedom newspapers Brownsville Texas monday october 19, 1970 14 pages daily 19c sunday 16e egyptian taking hard Lim Over extending truce by i noted press International egyptian of resident Anwar Sadat indicated today in Cairo he would not extend the mid in East cease fire. Which expires nov 5. And said Egypt must take All measures a to face a treacherous and despicable enemy a his statement to Amu commanders and officers at a meeting of the general command of the armed Fortes indicated a further i a Deng of Egypt s position As set Forth in Lindsay i in i forts Goldberg new York up a mayor Johnve. Lindsay endorsed Democrat Arthur j Goldberg flt r governor of new York today opening the Way for his own possible switch to the Ziern erratic party where he is considered a formidable presidential possibility the mayor once considered a Roni Ender for the Republican Prudential Nom nation has at Odds with gov. Nelson a. Long been Republican Rockefeller la endorsement of Goldberg a former supreme Smirt bist ice and Amba ador to the United in Attis was tons Dot red a vital f of step if he wants to take advantage of his growing Pope int am g democrats and suit re i ambitions to the democratic party but Unsay insisted be was a a Republican and i intend to remain a Republican a Lindsay annoy wed at a news conference which was Broad Rad list Over the i to s radio feta Tion that he Wax backing Goldberg and state sen a j a Paterson of harem the to it err socratic candidate for lieutenant governor a be a u re they have expressed the strongest end silent for Urban survival a Lindsay a four term to pub 1-ra.i congressman Bis ame a National figure when he was elected mayor of predominantly democratic new York in ims hut his Strung Antiwar stand find generally Liberal views won a St Rong follow my among Democrat than republicans by the end of h s term the mayor noted that Gokl a g had stood above party lines to Back him for reelection last year when he lost the Republican primary and ran As a Liberal and Independent a to con it need by the issues in this Campaign that Independence is just As important tuns a said Lindsay did not mention Rockefeller by name but said a the dominant forces in my any h Ive been anchored to the past they have resumed change eve step of Tbs Way Quot plot Gefeller wlm of backed the regular Republican candidate Lindsay in the mayoral last scar. Is seeking an untre. A Quot dented fourth term As governor i Atosa v and Rockefeller have frequently in a Odds Over new Yorks requests for a larger portion of Federal and state Aid it statements in new York by egyptian foreign minister Mahmot id Riad on Friday. Riad made a Tough speech to the United nations general assemble in which he said the United states was wrecking its own peace Mai five by arming Israel during the cease fire on sunday he rejected suggestions that Egypt withdraw missiles from the cease fire along the Suez Cana. Israel meanwhile lodged its 23 re formal complaint with i \ ease fire observers. Charging that Egypt was still pushing ahead with its buildup of soviet missiles near the Suez canal in violation of the tease i fire agreement. An israeli army spokesman i n Tel Aviv said data gathered sunday showed the egyptians j with soviet backing had sent additional sym2 and s \ m31 missiles into the zone and were pushing ahead with construction and other preparatory work at new Sites earmarked for missiles. The spokesman repeated pre i Vious israeli charges that the sails Are egyptian manned with soviet advisers and that the Samts Are manned by soviet torte both Egypt and the soviet Union have denied there Are russians in the cease i fire zone Israel pulled out of the Middle fast peace talks he-1 Caus if the missile violations. Israel minister Moshe Dayan indicated in a speech in Tel a Vav sunday night that Israel might be willing to Settle for less than total withdrawal of the missiles since a firmer stand would make it too Iliff i cult for american negotiators Sadat a speech to the military leaders today was released by the sem official Middle East news Agency in Cairo a regarding the Milit Aries armed forces there will be no second cease fire and All measures must be taken to face a treat Berous and despicable he said kidnapper demand spurned in Canada shocks canadians police continue terrorist Hunt Ufa Rop i Sirms pm a. Montreal up a the but Canad aaa prime minister Nat it Ivar a Ranah no a not Canadian government hunted Pierre Elliott Trudeau who Montreal h be had mixed a these fix they Are Finaev two Neu s11spect i q a a a up observed his 51st birthday emotions about the Quebec Makuc Ramie afraid a today despite the chilling sunday in a Day of National liberation front it Alq. One a amp it a i out a not com a Ftp those emotions this weekend meat. She waved her hands re. 22 no wiring Ness to bargain with suddenly switched Lorn mixed Shook her head and Cho kingly a r Ross it x u it ands to anger bitterness retribution said. A leave me alone ifs for capitulation to his captors terrorists who hold Cross and the catalyst was the murder bad enough a of Quebec labor minister i Pierre Laporte Bye la terrorists saturday. Of two dozen Montre Alers interviewed sunday going to Church or eating breakfast in downtown Coffee shops not one1 voiced support for the Fly a a is Pourquoy in Ais pour Quoin but Why. But \ by a cambodians repel commie assault prime minister Pierre Trudeau emerges from his armoured limousine for a special meeting of the Canadian Cabinet in Ottawa. The meeting was called after the slaying of Quebec Jabor minister Pierre i Porte by terrorists. Jurors believed probing voting id fund liaising by Bill Yih no fund raising drive Here in july the court records tile afternoon Cameron county a 12member on behalf of the Cameron of june 30. After Scanlan had Jai term grand jury recon county a. Tosse. Signed an order impounding the vent d at 8 am today in the Nota pub. Hilda c. Guerra ballots the morning of the courthouse Here today a w is first witness called by same Day. Up trial grand jury session is the s to morning. Her airs. Guerra a name entered be Bevel to have a two fold name came up on june 30 when into the when purpose the investigation of assistant District attorney Murray entered a ballot sub alleged Absentee voting Menton Murray or read into netted by Daniel Alaniz of irregularities during the june 6 the record of judge William Brownsville a Fito the record. Democratic primary election Scanlan s 103rd District court Alaniz of 145 Garden Park Lily As Premier of Egypt and the continuing investigation some 30 rejected Absentee Here had applied for and on nothing Quot but having political observers said it of the activities of Dallas fund ballots from the june 6 voting received an Absentee ballot on opinion on everything probably would by Veteran a i it or James l. Huff during a Murray read the Cabot into grounds of physical disability. Career Diplomat i a h in o u a Balaniz application for an r Awa. A or demands already have assassinated que Bec labor minister Pierre Laporte. Denouncing the Fly As a a Small band of twisted men who offer Canada a no solutions except Trudeau said in a television report to the nation a we must expect that these vicious men May attempt again to shake our but he sobbed a French Canadian Wai a phenom penh up a Viet Allied sources said Richard predicted they would fail. A the Tress tears brimming in her Cong and North vietnamese Helms director of the has sown die seeds of eyes. A what did they Hope today launched their Central intelligence destruction a he said. Gain what could these maniacs heaviest attack in Cambodia s Cia flew in secret to Saigon suming the demand of tote Mink they would accomplish. Nce b win seven months1 Friday and conferred for an que liberation front a they murdered an innocent 0j Var Puj cambodian hour with . Ambassador which seeks an Independent and mat1 a forces killed 42 of the attackers Ellsworth c Bunker discussing socialist Quebec nation for the a Young girl dressed in Bluen ending Battle cambo the effect of the Vietnam nation t release of 23 it x scents and jeans answered a a done task me Dian Tieje reports said. Program on Cia operations and toe payment of $500 too Ransom How i feel. This is my first ins reports said the comm on expected communist moves in flow Bullion. Ted eau would time in Church in seven years.�?�. Attacked at Samrong 162 in Indochina. . Officials not go beyond his earlier offer a writer another French Miles Northwest of phenom penh declined comment on the visit of free passage to Cuba for Canadian stirred his Coffee in m the largest nce Proem a i re. A a. The Luncheonette and said i m Are i Ujj under cambodian of a i shocked i guess i really government control. I la lol Ollk Quot a didst expect them to do it s thus command in Saigon 1 if Illus j supported actions up until sad Feid re 1s showed no m 1 t list night. I thought they would an Encan troops killed in iwo up pal hold him for a while and let Vietnam Sunda the fim time i i i of i i him go was wrong. A lot of sme ept 27 the command had _ us were wrong issued such a no fal Auty report. A to Panli a a i was bom in Montreal and but three crewmen were Ira in Cli la Ive Law Ais lived Here but if mlvsii1c 2n a helicopter crash things keep on going Uke this presumably As result of new York Ltd quiet army explosive experts went to hostile fire a military spokes diplomacy rather than Public a a ouse in suburban St. Hubert men said the command did Delate is the course that will the sem official Cairo newspaper i Abram id adat will name an a outstanding Persona Capp fete scheduled on tuesday or Billing himself As an Cross raptors if Bev would release the 4q year old briton. Laportes bloody body his hands bound behind him was found saturday a Frt in Tbs trunk of the car in which he had been kidnapped oct. To. The discovery plunged Calzada into despair. Early this morning Quebec provincial police Ami special Sadat will present his Choice to the Central committee of the Arab socialist a Mon Asu tuesday for endorsement i though the newspaper did not speak a who it would be. From the description it appeared it would be Fawn. To a soft spoken old school Diplomat who Rose through the ranks to become foreign affairs adviser by the late Gamal Abdel Nasser. City w ill soil Airport rond a aque., in which they believe not say where the a copter was produce successful negotiations i Parte was kept he engage for a downed because search and 1� peace in the Middle East. La fore he was put to Rescue operations were still israeli i time m mister Rolda death. The House is located Only under Way. Meir said sunday. A Ort distance from St. Viet Cong and North Vietnam mrs. Meir who was arriving Nuvert military Airport where Mese gunners struck with Here on a two week . Trip to the car containing Laporte i mortars six Miles Northeast of address the United nations a found Saigon Early today in their general Assembly 25th Anither \ App spokesman said there closest bombardment to the sary session contrasted her it Awe big boxes in the House expert capital in three months. Only Hopes for Harmony in the said police feared if May a an Light damage resulted in the Middle East with the forecast be Bobev trapped with dynamite tar attack against a South Vietnam voiced Friday by Egypt a bombs. He added the police had Toomet Al Capp is slated to be Mese installation. Foreign minister Mahmoud been directed to the House by the speaker tuesday Field reports reaching the Riad that a special u n. Debate at1 Anonymous phone tip radio a Xzin eve it ung do a dinner sponsored cambodian High command said on the Mideast conflict should station Tkac said it had also mrs by the Republican workers club cambodian troops at Samrong begin after the anniversary been tipped off about the House Guerra sick a her n me As a Brown Vaie. Hie dinner will also captured three communist session ends oct. 24. The Fly Kidnap suspect. To the Iff vat on of Hie held in Jacob Brown soldiers two Mac Lune guns one a speeches have never solved sought by police were cab auditorium and Capp s address b4< rocket launcher 30 bags of problems a mrs Meir Saki Driver Marc Carbonneau 37 is scheduled for to begin at g plastic explosives and Large a fall or Riad and his and teacher Paul Rase to who quantities of ammunition and government have to do is wears a Castro tide Beard and the internationally known medical supplies. Recreate the situation according is known to have twice visited Absentee lieu of ballot Boce an his signature. Ustine a a a. The return earner envelope however had Alaniz name signed in full and this p t1, i written signature was witnessed the same creator of a Al he Abner will cambodian High command to the cease fire agreement and Cuba base his remarks to the Sou Icet said the attack lasted talking can begin immediate \ third suspect taxi Driver Brownsville dinner guests on two hours and was the Jamies Lanett. 25, has been amp Arins questions submitted to him by it Batta bang province since mrs Meir will address the sought sin re it to in con among the 30 ballots audience before the dinner i get no began in Cambodia general Assembly wednesday Rex Tion with the Cross kid a York company s bid read into the record by Murray begins the overthrow of Prince saturday she is to attend a Nam new wig five received. The were two submitted by although toe dinners Norodom Sihanouk March 18. And notarized by Hilda c. Guerra. One of the most example by i est by Sloss i York Low bidder or the 12-year opening of bids on Hie Sale general improvement Airport of $800 too in and Valorme tax Bonds sold by the City. Bonds for Airport improvements. The be including a new terminal was among y not her shuffle of top govern men leaders also was due in 5 30 . Thursday by the City Ltd of $233,549 Over the in year Nrown Vitie. A finds of r Reub Itcan Lann s Eastern order president Nixon visit with Telephone Booth sunday echoed sgt a the most int Wing of the of Browns is be and then Public Span effective interest rate on on May 18 Hernandez was candidates in Texas a special cambodian casualties were Canadian prime minister the pathetic message Laporte grab nations soured in Atassi qty opened this Bonds was set at 5 39374 shown to have applied for an Labe has b ten set aside for not reused of Sev Unity Pierre Elliott Trudeau and addressed resigned As president and this $800,1 00 represents the i1 Absentee ballot on grounds of a Loyal democrats and App ii its Lens i Rtin ent to the defense British prime minister Edward and state dinner in Washington. Her \ plea from Cross in two building will be received up to hid will accrue a net interest Hernandez of 247 Garden St. In Pic a Quot ugh go toward Cam the area stretches to thai-1 schedule includes meetings with Handwritten notes left in a in 12-.Vear Brownsville. Tina Trehub Tucan Law Dos Eastern Border Tojo me imm Stef baath party was Call a Congress Days to name his successor and the a in Beirut Arab political sources said a top contender was it Gen Mustafa Las the syrian thief of staff Las is the most prominent of the sunni represent second instalment of a $3 the $600,000 in Bond funds pm expected to million Airport unproven in. Was used on a $230, 727 contract to within a few Bond Issue voted nov. 28. 1967, tor a new terminal ramp anti or and will be used for a new apron received by the com at terminal building drainage Mission april 4, 1969 the to Street and parking clinic remaining funds were ear a ride a fixed an x to the did ate for govern said City manager Kirby marked to enlarge and improve place it a the ballot where he Liljedahl runway aprons and the taxi Way wag l0 Haxe Ned his name. A Loyal Democrat a a or disability. The at answer questions from the a my doctors name was floor following his in Teeth. A ii ally illegible but Murray Republican candidates who i in. Ports front nation the tune said it appeared Viu attend the dinner tuesday said soi.ju.1. At a tramese Mer Quot be i e. Isneros. Her Are Paije Eggers gof can a i Iii 20 \ in Cong and Politi his close Friend Kad a Quet it dec town official sources Heath during and after the two Premier Robert Bourassa five weeks in the United states la Jeda i said he has 1� a Plum a new terminal a a a and by twin North vietnamese in fighting 24�?T i ii i a Iii Box Fullerton lieutenant governor Mes Southwest of Ila Nang on candidate South \ let Nam s Northern coast l l tto am Loh new York up a the highest temperature reported sunday by the us. Weather Bureau excluding Hawaii and Alaska was 91 degrees at Imperial Calif today slow was 22 degrees at Marquette and Pellston Mich. In la was attested to by one also attending the dinner will moslem in Syria after Tassi received two inquiries both Man Ellis address unknown be de Yum candidate for a awl the syrian presidency is from san Antonio and the City a some funds left Over from the Siren Hernandez returned his attorney gemeral but a Martinez reserved for a person of that fiscal agents have sent out 83 46mioho Are being used with or ballot to county clerk j. Running for the . House of religion to 90 prospectuses pm the $800,000 the City proposes to sell Harrison Diltz however the representatives and Dan a a ,. _ proposed Sale thursday for continuation of the Canier envelope bore his health rept Hcan candidates at a is a8aint Allied continued to flare the first set of toe $3 million development project of the Handwritten name attested to for Texas commissioner off ass a a a Bond Issue in the sum of 3 or p o r t a t h e new terminal a waru nah air Maria m agn culture was to Between Arab guerrillas Ana Bomi Issue in the sum of a or p or t a t h e new terminal by notary Rubio government troops in Iordan was sold in Apoll building drainage streets and Monte Cav or despite the ceasefire the Merrill. Lynch pc parking troops besieged villages Kenner and Smith co. Of new a $698 0 10 contract with sunday Battlefield communiques said a two month old infant Kiel Tong and North Ietna pronounced dead on arrival this Mese activity increased Over morning at mercy Hospital i the weekend with six rocket according to sgt. Lupe Limas bases of the Brownsville police . Department Days before his murder a the Success of this search a he had written a would be my death warrant a a toss said he would never be found and that his Reed uni hinged entirely on the Lorena Merit s willingness to release 21 prisoners. In a communique the Fly repeated its demands Bourassa makes reply Bourassa went on radio and near the syrian Border the result of a weekend of fighting Arab truce officials nought to set up a local cease fire hut weekend attempt to end the fighting failed. Wooller slay mild fort Pedro says Baghdad radio claimed the on the drainage Don Perko came Inin he newsroom glowering a you must have had a had weekend a co in Mea ted the c los editor a Senor Don Pete passed up a fishing trip sunday so he could a nth the Dallas it of boy a said the Rtin. A today Don Pete is in the Market for a head Shrinker and Otu be went Donald i Ferguson was awarded by the commission july 9, for construction of the terminal building o her lads ranged from $716,000 to $766 000 the commission also recently awarded a $76,000 contract to a. Nor Cne a her. A Valley weather should feature Dodds and Vve Egartner con f.ght6ig spread to Amman late old temp feature ind con a fiction in. I sunday. Sid Erable cloudiness through project. In Israel defense minister tuesday according to the the prospectus to ladders Moshe Dayan indicated Israel weather Bureau the Bureau from the Yov s i a agent a a 1 May have to Settle for wuss than to Wanner temperatures will Ranson amp of company inc shows total withdrawal of soviet Emiitt accompany partial Clearing the City owns its electric missile from the Egypt Whiton tuesday waterworks and sewer systems of the standstill a we along the winds should lie from the a no hich Are operated under a Suez anal North Northeast a eight to 18 Public it ii it in Board Mph today and tuesday. Operations Are Vetrov profitable. Dayan said that the missile diminishing to three to seven As indicated by Issue has brought a confront Tom Gutt i statement Dallas killed Man Iii command said the bombard la Albert Castro said today television and reply Al a Hie ments killed six amen cans and that sgt. Lamias Mioi ted thai a of Vernon Ltd it this crisis shootout on May 20, Hernandez applied for another Absentee ballot saying he planned to be out of the county on election Day. The second Cump Tatish balls t contained the same Handwritten Hernandez had signed the application with another a Xuy Ivo other persons named Dali As up Hernandez Francsica and tonnes Zuniga. 24 Luis who listed the same today from a Chest addle s also applaud suffered sunday in a gun Battle a received Absentee with a polu Eman. V patrolman Stanley a South j Hernandez signed a. 27. Shot in the foot and infant a squid with firmness and will not let wounded 27 others. The Mal Quot flu m t american spokesmen also Zuni a. Was taken to Mercyl tse de Sfax Yed reported the first . Helicon Hospital at 6 04 today and i experiencing for the first Valentine died Early wound he Garden St. And ballots. Franc sea ter shot Down by communist that Justice of the peace t in a years the harsh gunfire since oct to an army Johnny Gavito ruled that the reality. Cold blood Ltd Pollik Al Chi Huey downed saturday 241 baby a death was due to assassination. Canadians Dif Miles Northeast of Saigon two unknown causes Feml about h w their govern americans were killed and two the child s parents. Or. And ment should re it a Pond to the wounded mrs Jesus Zuniga of 2#2 e. Terrorists and Over whether it Jefferson St told lamas that had kon<1 t0 car to assuming the infant was sleeping in a bed unprecedented peace time pow-1 with them and a baby brother Erv a Bort 5um am. The child a when 1 000 gathered in the parents told the officer they ctr a autumn winds under the j Hei name Kra Neisca on the thigh by Zuniga before souths Absentee application but on the pulled his gun was in Good return Carrier envelope she condition at Parkland Hospital the following penned Murray Southall answered a disturb noted at that time the return Aace Call in an East Dallas bar Flati be Page checked the infant and found a a that it had been bleeding from p i Hon Between the United states temp it or Tures Are expected to j a revenues.Vear ended dec. Ballot bore no notarization the room a Southall entered the and Russia and a the quest no Range from 6t to 81 along the.31, 1969 $5 542,4ti3�?~ year ending two signatures did not seem to place Zuniga left through a ii removing the missiles from coast 57 to 79 in the ski Valley i do Ember 31, 1%8, $5,111551 match he added rear door shooting As he went the standstill zone has now and 54 to 76 in the upper por rear ending dec. Ii 1967.1 r k ,rkl�?z7 Kun my he hit Southl i twice but de car mar Betws nth Lions 1�as is "j1 a his Minikis Mon two lawyers indeed it is now a no precipitation is indicated a expenses.Vear ended dec i aged to get his gun out and matter of american a today forecast. A see City Page la i Bee jury Page a tog. Abby. A amusements8\ classified. Emir. 4 a editorial 2% Horoscope. 4a Hospital. I \ obituaries. 6 a sports. 7 a weather. A women news. A it a of Trudeau a office on u Ament his while he the nose j conferred with hts Minuter the baby was rushed to some sane toe National Anthem mercy Hospital where Offin Alk a to Canada a a Banner read there pronounced the infant a can adar we Iazle dead on arrival a Large crowd gathered in the baby is survived by hts i Montreal to View the body to parents and older brother and Laporte. People mood for hours Lus maternal grandparents or in the cold whle machine gun and mrs. Mike Garza. I bearing troops and re Olin a burial was to be at 4 pm admitted them by Small today at the Vej Carmen groups to the Ftp Orthouse where cemetery. Garza funeral Home the body Lay until to handling . J afternoon funeral. Tuesday

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