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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1967, Page 1

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Brownsville, Texas Paratroops Safin 7# the no. Won mini. S. Takes heavy losses in Saigon up a is paratroopers repeatedly assaulted strongly entrenched North vietnamese forces on Hill 875 near Oak to hut were thrown Back and lost 157 men killed or wounded in two Days of some of the bloodiest fighting of the 19-Day Battle of the Central Highlands it was reported today. South vietnamese forces were More successful killing 360 communists a n d capturing strategic Hill 1416 in the embattled Highlands in the air War . Spokesmen reported four american jets lost in raids against North Vietnam a Hanoi Haiphong Complex and two More downed in South Vietnam the assault by three companies of the . 173rd airborne brigade against Hill 875 was launched on sunday it dusk today the North vietnamese still held the Hill officials reported 76 of the paratroopers were killed and another 81 wounded the american had no report on hot a a Many communists were killed the North vietnamese Force estimated at about a battalion of 500 men was entrenched in a network of tunnels and Bunker and kept up a Stead Stream of fire from the Heights de pie two Day of pounding by american warplane a s. Strike planes and artillery first softened up the North vietnamese bunkers top Hill 1416 nine Miles North of the Allied bastion at Dak to then South vietnamese troop my stet1 thro no the Aurin North v o Hill alack proved. V i planes in a in must f or Day \ \ to a a now p Battle . Veil Flea a More communist ugh near a i Nuvy rth or. I in a Page v vol. 75�?no. 120 or. Amigo9 go fete slated for tonight the or. Amigo 1967 a observe Heman As or. Muguerza would Ante continued today toward a Honor the citizens of South Tex climaxing banquet at the civic i As by coming Over Here to be Center tonight where Jose guest for the occasion a Ca Muguerza of Monterrey. Mexi a Vazeos said. Co will officially receive the after the beef Barbecue with a emr Amigos title. All the trimmings. Federal the Celebration started offi judge Reynaldo Garza honoured scially sunday afternoon with a Muguerza in a speech and in Stag Barbecue at the san Pedro formally welcomed him to ranch at i pm. On military Brownsville. Highway North of town. About Muguerza who was Instru-2 it attended. Mental in the formation of one Cameron county commission of Monterrey a most respected or Johnny Cavazos on whose hospitals which bears his name ranch the Barbecue was at the Valley inn and \ welcomed Muguerza on behalf country a i u b in Brownsville of the Bienvenido committee saturday by automobile Rara i of the Brownsville chamber of to open the fourth annual i Commerce. Quot we Are pleased or. Amigo Celebration that such a distinguished Gen the Monterrey businessman is immediate past president of the International Good Lau Sewal Haiti i i or i mirth h july 1 192 copyright 1967, Freedom newspapers brow n s \ a i la i n ilk i i my it La Laci prick 10c Market rallies after severe drop parliament jeers As devaluation instigator talks pairs bids taken London up a Chancellor followed by a rash of heckling neigh of the exchequer James Callag questions from the opposition Bor advisory Council. Hun admitted to a jeering House but a full scale debate on a reception was held at 7 of commons today that devalue devaluation was scheduled Only m a Al the fort Brown motor hotel Don of the Pound Sterling will for tuesday and wednesday. Resaca club with Muguerza the boost living costs for the the conservatives planned to Iii j Filiti o guest of Honor after which he average briton. Move a censure motion against Quot attended a Junior chamber of but he ignored conservative the Wilson government but Commerce Benefit dance in the opposition demands that he quit Wilson was expected to survive civic Center of the fort Brown there were similar demands it without trouble his govern memorial Center. Rom the press and Public. Ing labor party has a majority Cameron county commission in attended prime minister Harold Wilson of More than 80 seats in or court today opened bids Fin Muguerza was introduced to Bas staked his labor govern commons. Repair work on Queen Isabella the Public at the Resaca club men on forcing parliament to i he opposition conservative cause and referred them to reception by Gene Hooker pres Swallow a massive dose of party is bitterly opposed to the county Engineer John f Ruth a Dent of the or. Amigo Asso Money devaluation and Auster devaluation they blamed it on arum county auditor jacks Noe cation about too civic leaders to to save Britain from is ii songs socialism disaster for study of the Valley a ended the re bankruptcy. Trout a Aid Edward Heath the apparent Low bid of 128 caption. 4 a a a recommended the Cabinet conservative Leader but conto devalue Callaghan told the mauve Lack the votes to House. A they accepted my Tumble Wilson. Or bid received was for s49 500 ii. Adv be. It is my immediate left wingers and others in from Lam it Iii and s mexican people ire in Jimimy Tom Tho opera Wilson s labor party opposed Chat port Brownsville p a tos and Thoush a saturday s announcement or to be re Roll my a a Quot tip muulr2a said Callaghan defended the evaluation their labor Union alone a Kidd Teorre a i Quot Quot dec Boon to cot id a Al hours at Daimont in Ine Rouit of me i Ause behalf of the mexican people a value of Pound from $2 80 to in Antt h., Tinl Ltd Hub or enl it Rye following the reception the $2 40 in a10-minute parliament a but others in no i Punty judge Oscar c Dancy group went to the fort Brownly statement exited Quot reef Suth a in civic Center where they were Cavath Emps shouted a nne 1.it a a .j4u in ined by about 200 More per out and a a resign As both Way before March i. He said the sons to hear Brownsville May Alison and Callaghan entered f.1&Quot present tax and Revenue Bonds or Tony Gonzalez Welcome or the House on the causeway would not be Amigo 1967. Callaghan a statement was callable before March i today the schedule of events declines Are hit Slurf july Ohr t Pic Britain. A of the Pound and in i in discount rate by Etal Reserve Board a to vere decline on la. A Rev y a irk St or k Exchange to Quot in Lasse a f i Point or More were c in ii it. Shortly before the end of the second hour of i trading on y to issues were Abb to move higher wtul4 f i Ltd Lintel j the Imp. K t of re dual move seemed n a reach it Climax during the first hour and my no Cai in it it a t it were Cut sharply by noon. Said today the toll probably would not be taken off the cause some $2 million in pure tax Bonds Are being issued so that the tax and Revenue Bonds can be paid off and the causeway a turned Over to the Texas Highway depart ment included a luncheon at the Valley inn and country club in Honor of Muguerza while his wife will be honoured in the travel Lodge. An official visit to Matamoros was slated for 3 the Texas Highway m. Today also ment has agreed to take Over highlight of the Celebration and maintain the causeway As will be the banquet at 8 soon As the toll is taken off. The today at the civic Center when Texas Highway department has Muguerza will officially receive also agreed to reconstruct some the a emr. Amigos title five Miles of county Road Lead tuesday or Amigo will pay Bere today was by former state threatening Britain my from the end of the cause an official visit at to to rep. Maurice Pipkin in the dec this is a proud nation Pip lasts first vote Absentee the great depression tattered tax labor party in a decade. Wilson was counting on the and the traditional British stiff upper lip to tide him Over the Pound crisis and give him time to usher in some Prosperity before the next general elect urn in 1970 or l97l sir Winston Churchill offered american artillerymen noted xvii Wyant of Dickinson n i lie. William Boswell Arlington va., and Liy. Miles Foreman of Decatur Inch seem to he in a Jovial mood a they pre pare their position in the Bael like hell. Irti Mory piece for Helling of common a round dal to South \ in Nam. Sign ground Cada you yell we Shell. One11 2 i hour anal us and traders had unrated toe initial Impact it bargain Hunters seemed adv to take advantage of the Ungo and pickup Nocks at. A Price broker r x i it la in to that th1 boost in the discount rate probably would prompt a Broad hike in interest rat in and improve Hance of a tax hike to curb inflation but Many Buji Tho devaluation move Ai exp ted for quite Ohio ii be. Thus limiting it Long term p cd i population clock ticks off 200-Millionth u. S. Resident blood sweat and tears in rallying britons in world War Washington Cli. Johnson p Ltd a a ceremony in in Mil Wilson in a National president Johnson introduced in the lobby of the Commerce Challenge television and radio speech As a the Leader of 200 million department building where the the first Absentee vote cast sunday made a similar plea to americans a watched the Cen population cd irk turned to 200 in the county clerks office conquer the economic dangers sus clock tick off that Milestone million at slim a m even the in population today and government admits it probably we said the nation face mighty is running in its third Century Dotal Orient said now f. 1 live tog construe Dot a in had Man sought for Urban renewal hearing o Way and extend the Road Aneth the Brownsville City Hall after 2 Runoff Between Henry san have the Chance now to break shall eng it or 18-Odd Miles to the county we hich he will return to Monter Chez or. And Manuel a. Man out from the straitjacket in Lino cry j by Sanchez ii these past years. Democrat Henry Sanchez and a a we re on our own now it Republican Manny Sanchez Are mean putting Britain first vying for the legislative seat a any who fails through vacated by the resignation sept. Laziness or self seeking any who i of Pipkin. Frustrate the work of others by county clerk j Harrison unofficial strikes will imperil Hilt said today Absentee votes the right of All our people to can be East today tuesday and work the right to work not Only. 1a,. Wednesday Only this week be flt r themselves but for the in whim Tov mayor Liny Gonzalez said to of adopted calling an election also of the thanksgiving Hob n Itman of Winn v ,1 he will attempt to set a on the Reston of an Urban re 2�?o ill a Senate untie representative from the fort newel program. Xem week Absentee votes eau British Export Trade recent i Contr Quot Al r 1,11 i a a a a thud rlw1elec t�?~0n w0u, have 10 be East monday nos 27 anti was act that Bmat j adn i Roan development had to t e called anyway if prior to the tuesday nov. 28. When Absen pm 0rting too much and Export j attend the dec 19 hearing Here i dec 19 hearing the commission Lee voting ends a gab of Little tha ate up in h so or on a proposed moan renewal has been presented with a pet Diltz said mailed applications Money reserves Cut into world program Foi Brownsville. Mon sign pm b it East five for Absentee ballots mud be in Confidence in the Pound and Gonzalez san. He is trying to Tonj 0f the qualified voters of no a office by 5 . Soy j brought on the devaluation measure to i do get someone for the hearing to in was value posting that Huson designed i such election be called. Meanwhile a j. Tony car loading proponent of the Urban renewal program today said he tentatively is planning to have a group of local per behind the actual we Kin live in the a. A rat Arm in by noon the Dow Jones Nan St Riel average of Blue Chip was off oily 6 53 a sign a after having tumbled if a to 15 a Hunt i a component was off 3 17 at 227 7.5 and the Utility average fell 2 92 to 121 80. The United press International Stock Market indicator was Down i 95 per t ent but had harmoniously and fallen As now a Joo per cent a he said 01 the i 39 i a traded i 179 de lire i arid Only by adv Ani cd. At this was among steels Cut Early log a to challenges that Fra Dion motors followed a nation As a go similar route Ford a the big lion americans to loser falling i it we begin our Boid Stock usually ts>uj0�t As a in any Money crisis. A a Senate a sleep ii residing la till t Ellare in u a i x him a re he Swift March of mining climbed More than 6 Point i it it me mining adv arned around 4 and Campbell re i Lake added around 3 Ock electronic were rather Bard ugh each i welfare por an purity by up for Sleeper it up today w jillion the huge 1965 med Star p on e w Yurt if four Dorola tiered around 2 each Mal an 581 git an explanation on Urban renewal a Quot Haw it works and How it would affect our own to Neil Cal problems a the City commission after the hearing is to decide on the candidates can file their supplementary expenses accounts w it h the county clerk s office. Diltz added fre whether or not a Resolution will sons make a visit with him a to have cities where Urban renewal has been a fiasco and where Urban renewal has worked Well a prior to the dec 19 hearing. He said that to his knowledge no petitions asking for the Urban renewal election Are being circulated at this turn ton Pedro i a a police slate annual kids Hie party the police department today tarted a fund fruit and toy Don Pedro came into the newsroom with a hop and a skip a Bhat Are you so Happy about a asked the its . A Abb but business is said the Don a mow so a i Nair red the its . What with the Pound practical worthless and the Dollar a Little shake a said the Pun. A everyone is buying up tequila Ola Stock and pesos. Hot darn Adios a and out he went. Rumours that an Urban a Dave Fox the g9.h Annua. In renewal program is being push a Poi to for underprivileged cd in Brownsville in connection c n a Quot with the proposed am Goland rla.?.j_rn Paine were denied by Carnesi who also is one of the main proponents of the Disneyland Type development in Brownsville. Order to Dulca lower Price tags on British Export products and thereby give the nation an a the Blaek Vul ill balance of Trade indigo experts Aid a loaf of bread afford would go up Coe or two cents p r from 19 cents. A quart of milk fain.,. Was expected to Rue from a orig. Dime toll or 12 cents a gallon $248 t of gasoline was expected to Rise opera to 70 cent from 67 cent meat Gram and butter prices were predict Riutor cd to Rise. The Cost of a1 urn imported Good would n e get to i Prog Feder Calif o mass Exen fica it ral site me Javi virile Gnu i ii Iii pro for Tho a i e on ated he a medically two who cd Annot j. Medical care in it w d in died n said n Maii term asks let i Billyer i in Liick twist it i i ii Lino in London i standstill Ito salinity <1 11 ii ii r Prog the tee trash ure Weslaco a salinity in the Rio Grande was High today according to a weekly Survey and made by the Valley chamber of Pegram Commerce per Nelma police chief bus o. said that the drive is headed by traffic sgt Gus a Antu Del sgt Pat Tamayo. Krausse said a we need Mon total salts of i 040 part by fruit and toys a anything million were listed at Anz Akinas Feux min ventral station firefighters put we can use to fill the packs we darn 1,024 at Mercedes and i program out a trash Blaze at eighth and give to the children that sign 140 at san Benito. Elevation at Medico c streets at 12 35 a m. Today up a Krausse Sai Ltd the r Andy Falcon Reservoir str Good at 302.51 cent dispatcher Arthur Strubelt said been ordered and part of feet and storage behind the dam curved x that 35 Gallons of water were found. Collected will let a needed was 2,883,600 acre feet of a another used to extinguish the fire. To pay for the Candy. Try. Tates to we id Dot in must keen Ili this could

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