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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 4

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Brownsville, Texas Page 4 monday May 20, i mix Chat a tymm swim in cml no no that s not what i meant Dick West John Chamberlain an Independent Freedom newspaper founded on july 4, 1892 published every afternoon except saturday and sunday morning by Freedom newspapers 1135 e. Van Buren St. Brownsville. Texas we believe that All men Are equally endowed by their creator and Bot by any government with the gift of Freedom and that it is every Man s duty to god to preserve his own Liberty and respect the Liberty of others. Freedom is self control no More no less. To discharge this responsibility free men to the Best of their ability must understand and apply to daily living the great moral guides expressed in the ten commandments the Golden Rule and the declaration of this newspaper is dedicated to furnishing information to our readers so that they can better promote and preserve their own Freedom and encourage others to see its blessings. For Only when Man understands Freedom and is free to control himself and All he produces can he develop to his utmost capabilities in Harmony with the above moral principles. Subscription rates by Carrier by week 40c. By mail in the Rio Grande Valley per month si.70 per year s18.50. By mail up state or out of Texas per month $1.95 per year s22.00. Second class postage paid at Brownsville. Texas. Neither red nor dead is still better policy the communists Are in a s stand us through a cultural sex ters of psychology and they Are it will grow to like us usually adept at what is known that Khrushchev and Mao will As reverse psychology. Take for soon he at each others throats example the slogan attributed to and will Stop bothering us and Bertrand Russell a better red that we can buy the affection of than although this bit of Gomulka. Sukarno and Tito thus Lack logic has been picked up a driving a wedge Between these by the Lunatic groups the Majori marxists and the Kremlin. Of in of americans Are rankled by Happy thoughts hut How much the very idea of preferring slav longer will these strategies have cry to death. Yet led by the very to fall before we Are convinced idea of preferring slavery to that All we Are doing is playing death. Yet what has been t h e the communists game reaction of most of us to Stout if we Arp apr Doug about want in proclaim not me id rather jn2, f0 do fat communism we had be dead than red. Better quit playing the game by in saying this All we have done their in log and is Abish Somp of is to take two unpleasant situs our Man Phe tru b 0f Jap mat for tons a death and communist eng Jbv ran by defeat pm in a Hur Sla vement and pick what we of we win a put off suppose would be the lesser of of the and political Man of fuzzy edges can twin election now that Nelson Rockefeller and when the voting machines in Hopes that the mild deception has weakened himself As a presidential possibility there is a frantic scramble in Republican politics and the scramble reveals an old pattern the so called Liberal republicans Are looking for an turned in a result that was As precise As anything that comes out of an . Computer you smiled the satisfied smile of the Cheshire cat. Confused by the democratic synd it a a to in Ute Mammie John Abney Aid we have been giving them since we first recognized their corrupt murderous regime in 1933. The two evils. Actually we hat have we accomplished for the reds by simply reversing their a better red than dead postulation plenty we have Lent belief to their avowal that communism throughout the world is inevitable whether Rodman dead or dead than red. I gym temp through either concept embodies the itfr5endly�?� red nation West Point of aztecs located at Malin Alco even with the Malin Alco. Mexico a t h e one would die. The next one would Side. This resulted in some pretty men of letters Tell us this was a Send a message a keep the work fierce struggles and for a number sort of West Point for the aztecs emperor Moctezuma the of centuries the neighbouring tribes and possibly the Young braves younger no relation to Cato the wore All sorts of bruises used to come Over with a letter elder sent a Telegram every imprecise candidate in order to i successes of the Roosevelt Ian beat a precise candidate in t h e Era the republicans have sought National convention. To head off to imitate them without under old Birds Dandy for july 4th Washington up a every now and then something pops up that seems to fit in with my pet it economic theory which is called although it gets rather complicated around the edges the Basic concept of disposal ism is quite simple. It rests on the postulate that we Are nearing the Point where it will he harder to get rid of things than it is to acquire them. Already we can see signs of creeping disposal ism. It is for example easier to grow More brain than we can use than it is to dispose of the excess production. Atomic Power can now be readily produced but getting rid of the radioactive waste materials has become a major problem. And so on. I a new manifestation of disposal ism came to my attention in a volume of testimony published Over the weekend by the House t Al Quot a pro it Riata t1 Quot i a Nan politic is. In Short the a r t of whose would How How a -u.u. Franklin Roosevelt who gave dem n0, Fth o Btu sea. They stood with the Narv Randi As might be expected it was the democrats their great Tyven to i Date for president. Governor rep. Daniel j. Silent Dan Teeth Century winning Streak was on n a a n George Romney Mav have Possi flood d-pa., who Laid his Finger not by nature a precise Man but 18 something that the modern a. On the problem in fact he Laid he had sufficient political instinct i Pica Quot party does not seem to to explaining himself his thumb on it. Too. To know that when you go after a understand. The Modem Republic s around to explain Megji be flood posed the question of person it is Good politics to be on what the armed forces intend to be even a Job him. Do with their old ballistic mis sties when the models now in use Are made obsolete by More advanced designs. A precise Coldwater they axe talking about a Romney or a Scranton whose opinions on a great Many subjects have not yet been nailed Down. The fuzzy Man is supposed to be better than the Man of hard outlines. However in looking for imprecision to beat precision the republicans Are pursuing a Mirage. Bor the history of american politics since the Nineteen thirties proves that the Man of definition Alwy ays wins Over the Man of fuzzy edges on the first tuesday after the first monday in november. The victories of Ike Eisenhower do not disprove the Point for Ike a opponent Adlai Stevenson was always More imprecise than the general. Standing the Art of putting together a victorious coalition. This Art does not consist of being a 11 things to All men. To create a winning coalition you have to be As definite As a punch press about a lot of separate and Dis that is involved in such behaviour will somehow fool fifty one per cent of the voters. The exaltation of imprecision Ever cold addition recently encourager Amintore Fanfani in Italy to blur the edges of the Christian democratic party in Hopes of pm eking up support on the left. But the a opening to the let to backfired the Fanfani party lost ground to two parties of precision the communists and t h a free Trade liberals. If the republicans in America want to win in 1964, they had better Ponder Tinct things. You Promise t h e the Fate of imprecise candidates Farmer a guaranteed minimum Only Here but elsewhere in the Price. You promised the mothers world. That their sons will not be drafted to fight in foreign wars. You Promise labor the right to bargain if this column sounds Uke a collectively. You Are something to pitch for Coldwater who has somebody or to a collection of year opinions on everything from somebodies which is entirely Dif dates rights to Cuba let me Ferent from trying to be every hasten to say that it is not. Tile thing to everybody. Republicans have other precise men who they might tap in Hopes of p u 111 n g together a coalition cans have sought to wean cer and there is governor Jim Rhod Tain groups away from the of d is of Ohio who is giving his state Roosevelt Ian coalition. But they a heartening example of fiscal in Haven to been Able to put their rear Fly. All the republicans need hearts into the Job for fear that to someone who will be something the democratic strategy under hey might offend the groups that a separate detail to various will they be lust scrapped or Roosevelt and Jim Farley and have been traditionally Republic Mono Dies. In Hopes that the and what a flood inquired. A can Loo Howe was to make specific can by nature of inherited Loyal Jet Ion of definite a a somethings a Hose Birds he put in inventory ape Ais to specific groups and ties. W1jj or chop a winning coalition and used As support sometime then Trust that the sum total to Bridge a psychological in blurred Edge the a fall thing billions we from their congressman to enter year from 1503 to 1515 saying the aztecs were hammering away at Aion of communist domination Here in the United states. And have poured into their creaking the War College. Called they pie a let alone give them a project must continue without in each other in Tenochtitlan mexi Back around 1487, when Christo to eruption. Rocity. Corte heard about Mapher Columbus was studying a the buildings which was Ina co and voided it might As set of National geographic maps a big room carved out of solid Well be included in hostilities. Malin Alco a ruled As an Aztec Rock became a sort of military like old ammunition can they he reworked what happens to those Birds we have not done this yet but what do you think we might do a a you can see. When Quot silent Dan poses a question he touches in 1521 Heman Cortes and Thrall the bases and takes the Scenic route Home. The air Force officer who was in the witness chair replied that a we just do not have a specific disposition plan this is exactly what the Kremlin Standard of living comparable to by a gentleman named citral school. And although the Histo has been working toward a the paralysis of the american will to he belief someday the . Don t believe for a although flood and other subcommittee members did not appear particularly disturbed this ours. Of this unwarranted assist coast. Rains Are a bit vague about this _. It. A a. Ance were suddenly to be remove and or Cital Coati decided situation we assume it is where ont a detachment com resist through the belief that Chemin la ? Naico act a Ciao in incr a Fri remanded by a gentleman named communism will someday Rule the result in there Wasny to enough acuity so Andre. De Tapia to shut Down the Pear particularly disturbed this a never in the history of the if cent work of or. Hoover s a Redlands utter economic chaos. He called in the head of the become officers and gentlemen. I War to Harp or do Tapia and big Gap Reg Pong fa5rly made world has espionage been pm men. Minute that my St cer mainly the imagine Stone cutters Guild honest it was took Malin Alco by assault my hair stand on end. Pin sized As it is today by the agents say they hooked up a Vou must end up either red or of you Wuis by Ion of people drive kno in a he Tetle Manque for a and Ftp find o d bund nos carved in my opinion nothing less i communist nations. I closed circuit to system to watch up b p in by hunger to revolt. How Long conference. Would add up to Victory. You pro passe they have followed the Stra t j adj men approach a never mixed something definite to labor something definite to Farmers something definite to intellectuals Tegyo of choosing a candidate wccrk4pd. It never will. Whose political character is. So to speak still unformed still plastic. I Syndicate a a Fulton Lewis or. I trial again proves efficiency of Fri dead a by Choice that is. A Ruth of the matter is that we. Could the red dictatorships in an instructor would walk in at by the Union men became museum Quot i . Sharp while the class snap pieces although slightly damaged need a Good Public works program Ppd to attention and say a gentle the Spanish soldiers looked the so How about getting your men to mint today we study the function place Over and inspected the chisel some new buildings 0f be squad company battalion workmanship when the Battle and regiment. What Steps Are Tak was Over. The Stone Cutter Boss asked. In a bin you sight the enemy a Quot gee a one of them said. A these a Quot to of Quot r0< class would chorus carved nothing but Snake and up things together like a by mow the bums Down Quot Heads to ornament their buildings s us s r y Orami. Yep would then say they must have a whopping still a Waldo a cite Alcoa said. Can remain very much alive and Dure such explosive internal pres free. But before we ran he per sure a Ain of this we Are going to have to those who say there Are a no to Stop reacting a a and Start act simple solutions a we say it is ing communism the Bone in the time to Start with one simple National Throat we hich is slowly g0a in mind Victory Over Cam strangling us must be Defeated Mun so an in his year end report last december director Hoover called attention to the prosecute be action instituted by the Justice department against the communist Par nother agent was Bidden in drum to and its leaders. He said mond s office while the Navy vet Quot based upon witnesses and Brelan was allegedly secreting do formation located by the Fri cements for this soviet Ben fac jj1p communist party a an tetors. A animation was convicted on de rather than endured. ,.1 withdrawal of diplomatic re com a and or. Cite Alcoa said. A some Quot excellent. Now lets take up hid out Here somewhere to see so Tion of All red governments and thing a Little More original Wal some Fine Points of artillery a Many do. We got some big Stone forma out and make in be have Long entertained a determination to Cut off All econ lot of idealistic nonsense a All Mic assistance. When the reds aimed at taming the Tiger rather Are completely isolated Horn the than ridding ourselves of its pres . A the great provider their in re. We kid ourselves that we demise As a threat to our lives can co exist with it through the and Freedom will be Swift and in that if it comes to under certain Why waste Money ideological considerations think it could very Well run to aside it is difficult to follow the $20 billion or so. For an All time Peter Edson reasoning of a number of High peace time record government officials a in the in in the Light of All this which is Tenor department a w Ell As simple fact and not argument. Those in other agencies a who economic sanity would certainly fight unrelentingly on behalf of demand that the government Rig new and extremely costly social of Rousky refrain from any spend sized Power projects when private ing which private Enterprise and Enterprise heavily taxed and i private resources Are ready danced entirely with private Able and not Only willing but a earnings and savings is ready to Ger to take aver. Do the Job. Electric Power development is a few monolithic to squat on House tops and High Furm Warp decommissioned Points beside roads where they used for building a Convent. And than a crash program is needed. I a in addition to the use of offi Drummond take document this is not the sort of problem Jacial representatives for Intelli that can he solved overnight. Age nip purposes. Communist bloc after All there is a limit to Are training professional the number of things you can do undercover spies men like re with old missiles. They Are a bit of Ivanovich Abel to carry on Large to convert into Salt and Clandestine operations. Likewise jsj0te in addition to the drum Cern Ber 17 and fined $120,000 for Pepper shakers and i doubt there communist officials Are constant mond Case it the Fri last year failure to Register with the actor would be much demand for them by seeking Contact with Ameri broke up a ring of Ney general under the internal As Flower vases. Cans it contacts they can saboteurs operating in new York Security act of 1950. In times past they would have the words uttered last Deceron obtained evidence to convict Mark Quot in addition Archie Brown san made a Dandy item for fourth a it Arp those of j. Edgar Hoover Zborowski on perjury charges Francisco area member of the in. A a a Terna tonal longshoremen and areas now the use of fireworks expert on soviet subversion. And new soviet spy is prohibited. A Federal trial now underway in Jack sob a and disseminated in Tion so you Guy co hollow it a in Host Day it. Of Artiery u.o<1 a xxi of who to. Tuc Quot Clio Mefy Tho country. But arising bom he denial that he Waldo looked of la floor and could drop Rock on Tho head of the. Mort Quot an Tov Primc Quot hug Anilyan i new it t ? let Square c0ui a toll gence information which Refa ,, a. K Marp would need a ape House demonstrates once again tip. ,. A a cd Quot of Well. Who warn. To do Tho opposition. Nome conf to March and Rol it a use Ham for Duck he truth of Hoover report. Ult d per on non a a dec anything for the next Twenty or Aztec we Arr lors were also taught construction of the ancient los Bunting thirty years a that Odds were not even unless fellation in 1936. But the war1 the Aztec emperors were mad one of the emperor s men was up College never got Back into opera about this idea and every time against 10 or 12 from the other Tion. Ems cannot support hospitals it has built i m just thinking off the top Oft my head but As a Stopgap plan i would recommend turning them Over to the Navy it could use1 on trial is Nelson Cornelious them to hold the Mothballs for Drummond a Veteran of 18 years the Mothball Fleet. I in Uncle Sam Navy who has r pleaded not guilty to espionage d a Bdl i charges. In serious financial Trou a Barb Hie. According to the Federal by All it takes is owing Money to Reau of investigation Drummond make some people lose their me was a tempting target for soviet Mory. Agents who made Contact with him and last year came to an mail carriers appeared in a Southern town Parade with no 0n several occasions till Post cards to read. J charged Drummond travelled from Newport where he was to to new York returning orations and related action against several official representatives of communist bloc nations. Warehousemen a Union was convicted under the provision of the labor management reporting and disclosure act which prohibits communists or persons who have been party members within a period of five years from holding Union crossword Puzzle on the Wing answer to previous Puzzle lot of women who the fiscal position of the Feder the prime example Here. Hun a a a k is pottery to say Durd upon Hundred of million,1, Washington in Kat their death rat. Inadequate first Aid mom fund hat. Com. Upon Loaner. Tho iras. We Are. It seem., to of Dollar Are involved. The quo. A a a Nasonal to and a service Ai the Tan Day. With these development. It a e ate n t o. It Ned have Pix reduction with no reduce Hon is Whetter these shall head moral Rome Plata ii anybody Lewi then took the 100 a month pension porn me in a Bim mat i a a Hon in spending. Indeed the added to the deficit on a tax Hee can figure oui whal amt where action. He derided to have t h e used to Union Muter on retire Les non ministration is solidly backing in basis or whether we will give m the announcement that the hospitals built by his Union. Us intent at age 60 has been c u t to creased spending in virtually the Green Light to regulated us n 1 a presbyterian Churchina welfare and retirement funds $75 and the fund no longer is fellation and Biles and purchased a bar and every area in which the govern per taxed private Enterprise Board of National missions is being built up by royalties of five to subsidize the hospitals. Used oar lot Grill claiming that he had obtainment operates the result will and thus retard the drive toward considering a takeover of to to cents a ton at first now 40 no figures Are Given out on of Alk mt0 used car l from restive Mott be a deficit of Gigantic size. Some a socialized country. .v/1 i w,000 from and m with Large sums of Money. Little More than a year ago he ifs funny How people Pray for bought two 1959-Model Automo Berry a would paid by Coal opera cd Ion Cost for the to hospital., nought is a. A Avoca Bank. Ossea a r e Pppe in directions is during i Pilaf in Kentucky and the v i r a its a ton Gianias built by United mine tors with which the Union h a d but $750,000 a year workers welfare and retirement contracts ten too bed hospitals mentioned unofficially. I. R a Una. I. La it testimony of two Drivers who built. Go top hospitals will be closed no a h am Ashud miners memorial Hospital Bey were planned to Cost $10 by patients locked out a unless1 assn., Winch has been operating million in All. They ended up some new formula can be found toe hospitals since Loti Lins an listing $27 million but they were Jay keep them going in what now Neun ced it will have to dose four the last word in everything in Are depressed areas. I of the hospitals july i the Otchis f tiding medical staff and i ire the presbyterian Church mis 1 \ Ivay a by oct i because it is no longer i my welfare fund agreed to Long has stepped into the Soifua v j i Una scially Able to keep them pay $35 a Dav Flat rate for every Hon to in what can be saved 1 going. Hospitalized Miner and member,k0 Deal has been closed no to Thi has caused a great protest of his family but that covered cures mentioned. In the til state Coal area. There everything. Facilities were also the presbyterians Don t have have been threats of violence and open to All members of the com $27 million or even $20 million to fears of bombings. The Appala inanities buy the hospitals and done to want Chian Mountain people who never fyn is had enough Confidence in to buy them tile principal is had decent medical care before the Coal Industry to believe that to keep 1hem open until a Perma Avant diem kept open. Diere is no his investment would pay out nerd operator can he found to a doubt they Are needed. Hut Here he Mav have made a blazing to Al resources. The Story of these hospitals is miscalculation that turns his Mon some help May come from the something of an american classic Union into a Cross. . Governments area Reevel in human understanding. At the . Coal production has drop pm end administration under a my of world War la i tined mine Ped from >00 million ton in 1956 Section of the Ara act which eur workers president John e i a to 400 million tons in 1%? me Borie giant to improve of wit inspired a Survey of health Cham action of the big mine Clos v a Witie in local rehabilitation arum medical care throughout the cd Down production of marginal area ale. It a conducted by the mine. Gov. Bat t camb of Kentucky cot mines administration More Coal now is produced by say he will Call a special session across 87 expires i winged rodent 39 Salver 4 Small Bird 40 chinese dynasty 8 Black Bird 41 babylonian 12 period of Tim deity is ground Ivy 42 seat 14 go by aircraft 45 making an 15 weapon incursion Iglow saturation 49typify Leolor Biad vocal of the 18 colonized novel 20 Lamellar Watral 82 nautical term Birds 53 italian City 21 there 54 specious Many varieties 55 offers of Birds 56 Peter the great 22 nights before 57 musical 24 roman emperor 26 Broad Amil Quot att to Fitt or go Moon please with rear . Joel t. Boone 150,000 miners than used to be retired Navy surgeon general in produced by 300 000 miners charge. There Are 150,000 unemployed the Survey revealed scandalous miners today. Many former Union conditions. No modern hospitals mineworkers now work for below not enough doctor fewer Den scale wages at non Union Wagon something is wrong with an Leo lists terrible infant mortality mule which account for a fourth Nomy in which this can happen midwives for of Stefek Ian. B a h of today a production. Something is wrong with health nursing service big disease and the Bow welfare and retire Cere planning. Both need fixing. Of the state legislature of that will continued operation of the hospitals. Two Broad generalizations Mav be made on the whole situation. According to the Fri Drummond made a typical trip to new York last August 13. There he visit cd an apartment at 400 Central Park West the. Residence of Evgeni m. Prokhorov and Len y. Vyrodov second and third secretaries of the soviet Mission to the United nations on August 17, he had in his Possession 82 $10 Bills. His Gross salary at the time was $ii8.1u a month. By agents moved in september 28, nabbing Drummond in a parked car at night in Larch mond a suburb of new York City. With him at the time was la Grin Prokhorov. In his car. Fri agents discovered six classified naval documents and a tiny minor camera that had Beer purchased by the russians in j february 1962. He was charged with conspiracy to a communicate deliver and classified military in 27 pronoun 301 Legal instrument 82 Avera 84 Zelig Iowa Devotion 85 military term 86 Compass Point 7 Birds beak 28 goddess 8 containers 29 discern 9 plexus 31 persist to native minerals 33 performed direction 11 had on 38 exit 17 emissaries 40forefathers Down 19 thing found 41 one who bite 1 sack 23 holding devices 42 crustacean 2 malarial fever 24 possesses 43 biblical Nam 3 provisional 25 Village in new 44 mimicked 4 moby Dick Mexico 46 brazilian Tapir for instance 26 food for loin 47 t Idy 5 stage part Birds 48 Spanish paint 6 Kinder 27 passerine Birds 50 coterie Mead is an alcoholic drink made by the fermentation of Honey mixed with water. Sometimes yeast i added to accelerate fermentation alcoholic drink made from Honey were common among Jav the ancients and during the a Lsne. Middle Ages particularly formation to the soviet Upton. If in the Northern countries conic cd. He faces the death pet where grape did not flour 4,1 by eth. A a a a. T testimony at the Drummond i trial once Jain Post its to the mag i 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Roll 12 13 14 is 16 17 18 i i to 21 i 22 23 j l 24 25a or a 27 28 29 30 31 i 32 33 34 i 36 in ,3? 38 i 39 i to i ,4�?T 42 43 44 a 45 46 47 48 49 51 52 53 54 $5 56 57 of

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