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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 2

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Brownsville, Texas Page in the Hetland Mot buy May to Imi from the Public record Hospital admissions hot Hauville a mrs. Silva mrs. D. H. Oldmixon or. Don Murray mrs. Arturo Campos Mosier Toma Brege miss Guadalupe Gutierrez or. Morven Ketchum mrs. Domingo Brito mrs. Margarita a i in a z a a miss Sofia Ramirez Alfredo Martinez baby Francisco Rodriguez. Baby Daniel Buentello. Edbenia min Olson. Baby Virginia Zavala Jose Vasquez or. Guadalupe Sanchez. Mrs. Fro Esko Barbosa. Miss Doris Kidder or. Paul print. Miss Lee Ann Fitzpatrick. Juan Lorenzen or. Roberto Garcia. Mrs. X. R. Short. Or. Jose Luis de la Garza port Isabel Theoron Boynt mrs. J e s e Strines los Fresno or. Felipe Silva Matamoros or. Gregorio Saro. Or. Prato to Rolando. Or. F e i i z Gonzalez mrs. Trinidad Garcia dismissals Brownsville a Santiago Salina or Jesus Nieto Leonel Anzaldua Michelle egly. Peter eely or Gideon Steiner. Or. Maria t. Guerra. Mrs Fri Guerrero or. Francisco p e r e i., or Miguel Maldonado baht Ruben Ca Taneda Manuel Lopez. Ray Vincent John Forbes i or Ambrosin Villarreal. Or j Jack Cedar or. Guadalupe Garza or. Jose define Ros fro. Or. Pablo Gonzalez m r f Margaret Almazan or. Arturo Campo. Baby Ray Anthony cargo baby Maria de la Luz Ca a re or. John fairly mrs in greater safety for mariners in Gulf the coast guard has just commissioned a major new radio station a Mon at Rolle Chase. La., just South of new Orleans. Mariners in the Gulf of Mexico will be safer As a result. The stations improved equipment will be used for More efficient around the clock watches which the coast guard keeps on the International maritime safety frequencies. Also improved is the coast guard Ammer program a computer system for plotting merchant ship positions for assistance in distress cases. The station has six watch position consoles like the one demonstrated Here by coast guardsman Frederick Worles jr., five of which Are manned at ail times. Official . Coast guard photo congressional action seen boosting City Quot a fund bid some observer became a bit that the action by Congress Chang will have to put up part of the Bill that carried do million to apprehensive with a up Story my the Rule of the accelerated Money for most apr project continue the program. It said that the House and be on apr 26< the City submitted carried in sunday edition of the j Public works program is favor Brownsville Herald regarding be Oble for Brownsville. To the applications for $815,300 in . Deral Matching funds for four the up Story said that con a Cen Ere. Or Grants to match fund for four proposed projects Here. Gross has changed the Nile so change in reconciling difference a major projects. City sources however believe that local communities or states in a supplemental appropriation top Ltd pr0pnses t0 furnish its share of the Matching funds seek radio for use at Sams Pool anybody having an old radio that Isnit being used even if ifs 26th traffic victim Dies at Mcallen visitors Motel through Revenue Honda. A Revell in bot1d election for this purpose room ransacked was called by the City at its last meeting. The election is to be a local Motel unit occupied by hid on june 22. An Austin couple was reported ransacked saturday night while City officials said today they understand that most of the applications before the housing and 25-member list reads like who a w to Connally appoints judge Garza a on higher education committee. They slept. Items valued at about Macij ten oath of a 35- Worp Stolon As Woll ast h a a out of order Nill he doing t h Al yer old Rio Grande City Man in fifth of whiskey and a Beach bag. In Ivy youngsters of Brownsville a fave municipal Hospital Here sunday or in f mrs. W. J. Boyle of ?5 rent 0f the funds. In and by donating it to the Sam me raised the Valley traffic death 1410 Idlewood rd., Austin action when certain applicants mortal swimming Pool at r int toll for 1963 to 26. Police that while they slept their Cajio gel to or Bivs or Gold Park. Radio music Aid Idit a by truck Conj Ion which Cabin at the colonial Motel 2035 finance their projects they considerably to enjoyment of kid Currod Short la after 10 Satur May Central blvd., was ransacked and a old that Meta assume using the a life Tami night on Highway s3 resulted in a metric radio a Man s wrist Ager Rob Martin who issued an Fth spa h France c0 Guerrero watch two pairs of prescription prowt1gvine pc asking for Only anneal today for a radio. The Driver of pop of Ftp vehicles it glasses other items and the fifth ppr Pant of the total it the on received when he made guerrer0t whose Mai eng and. Of whiskey were stolen. A similar Appeal Fie it ears a g o dress a Fig it Rox re they told officer that they is now beyond in and h i grand 0 a Cpd h in want t0 bad about 8 p a Satur. Says a replacement is much need morning. Day and discovered the theft Sun it nov the the Mimm in Day coming. 0 ,r8 mid my season is just beginning. Day and discovered the theft sure Iid in j involved Reymundo Munoz 19, trance was apparently gained in 5kl�?o a a tetchy wow. Ends today clothing stolen of Austin a Federal District Hau Stive study of the needs of a Amarillo industrialist j. Har elation of Texas organization judge Reynaldo Garza of Browns higher education in Texas a n d 0 d Dunn chairman of the Board negro teachers. Delgado. Mrs. Melvin Ketchum Viu bag a pin appointed by gov. How Best to meet hem. The and re Jpn Poppu Jap officer of the a contractor j. M. Odom aus baby Diana Velasquez. Or. F. Quot a a group will report by aug. 31. 1964. _ 1 m. Roof. Mrs. Roberto Saldana. J Lonnall to the 2o member committee member Are Shamrock Oil and Gas corp. To. La Feria or. Felipe Silva 8ovemor s committee on Educa a Houston industrialist George a prominent fort Worth actor Harlan gun or. Jose Faus won beyond the High Brown president of the Brown nay executive Jenkins Garrett. To Ham Drake j committee members Are 19 Lay end Root interests. I a Federal dist. Judge Revnaldo Garza. Brownville. Beaumont banker Busine Michigan Albert o Brien men and six educators including births presidents of several universities. Or. And or Donald cold mix h. B. Zachry prominent san on. A on. May of. Antonio contractor was named or. And mrs. Marvin Ketchum chairman of the group the list Martin Burn of Houston International steelworkers to Nion. A san Angelo utilities sex furtive Manju in e. Gray. E. A Danner president of Gen a exe tuve Howard h. B u d Cit i 2-5527 a a a cd i will b. Pie-1 Gre Quot a of of pjs ten Hird up. A Dor a t in Terr War Terr ton Monji a by Hyrd not to by of cd tar. Or to bar Mindr Orlf Fly a ,ls0 a a Quot Dot no whether it out of commission a r1� Grande City. J he said. Quot if someone want to according to the investigating Maurilio Trevino of Matamoras give us a radio that a not work officers Deputy sheriff Raul be reported to City police the theft ing we can get it a and Deputy sheriff Adolfo a saturday night of three men mire Guerrero attempted t o suits and three pair of Slacks make a u turn on us 83 from the v a i u e d at $125 from his Auto right hand Lane and As a result parked in the Heb no. One Park the truck he was driving collided no lot. Almost head on with the truck be Trevino told officers that he ing driven Westerly on us 83 at had just gotten the clothes from the same location. Lerma fines 3 fishermen $100 each a educator or. Harry m. Ransom Austin Chancellor of the University of Texas. R r ,. three fishermen were fined a educate far rudder col St shop. Ppm Den of d. J lbs Mil Prmt Nunt Midland the cleaners. A Sci som Noy 4/at 4 f 00en Lemoe Mina in is y-6-4 Tat aficionados Matamoros is. Brownsville 2 Pell Culas a 40c k i be Fem sea in a Smay 17. Of which reads like a a a who Setal Telephone co. Of the South mrav vice president of the Tex a of Kurator Willis Tate Dallas mar Cal fishermen it Shmit a i or. And mrs. Martin or a who of Texas education and West. A Eastman co., Longview. Resident of Southern methodist cens a Jun Mort re. Dallas industrialist Gifford University. East Taylor St. And Jose j of Lin a i tipi i Poppu Ftp is Stopf May 0rz rent Dpt and enc we a a in Cut of Donnell san Antonio administrator of Santa Rosa med-1 St Ana president of Navarro Jun ipad Center for College. Daughter. May it. Business. A industrialist Morgan Dan of or. And mrs. I Reno Flores a in line with legislation that Houston chairman of the Board Job ngon president son May 18 cleared both houses in March of r e g e n t of the University Temco might inc. Or. And mrs. Tomas Silva a the committee will make an sex of Houston. A educator Ben Vav. Jones Cor Annando Casanova Quintana r f t 1 t Vin Capitol f i t it i # v t i today and tuesday no. I her comi the champs i 2nd feature Iii me hold that baby a it h 1/iajcstic a the committee will make an sex of Houston ton. May 19 or. And or. Gudalupe sin chef a son May 19 court records marriage License Reynaldo Gonzalez and Maria Irma Meza Roberto de Leon and Della Rebecca Saenz dry ohm today a weather. In the magic Valley on Mantilla Pena both of port Isabel. The same charge filed against promo oppt Corpus Christi St Lron. lop Oria by port in Bol forecast partly Cloudy a electronics magnate Erie Lomey Harvey Weil. Vas dismissed for Lack of Suffi Jonsson. Dallas chairman of the a Lubbock banker or. D. M. A c put Evi it Ienco a Board of Texas inc. A Iggins former president of Tex James Preston Rogers 31. A flu Eaton a. B. Martin Ama As tech and Texas Western col flou0�, entered a guilty plea to i Rillo president of Amarillo Junior luge Al Punao. Let no driving and fined $50 and contractor businessman h. Sentenced to serve three Dis in Falcon Lake and \ Iceme Pupator Abner Mccall pres 3. Zachry san Antonio. Jail a re and Ramona Almanza Juan the widely scattered showers to South to Southeast winds 8 5dem of Baylor University Waco. Torres and Noemi Blanco Raj a thundershowers this after to 18 knots this afternoon Vernon Mcdaniel Garcia and Rosalinda Medina i noon. Cloudy to partly Cloudy by shifting and becoming mostly Austin executive Secretary treas Donald Jack Bartels and Maria with cd tiered showers or Thun northeasterly to to 20 knots of the teachers Sta e ask of heirs. Elena Gomez. De showers tonight and tuesday. Tuesday. Winds variable and Gus a Little cooler tuesday with the to near thundershowers. Partly a Iofi judgment in flt tic temperature Range 88 70 84 on the loud this afternoon and Cloudy District doubt roast 91 69 87 mid Valley 9-4 68 to partly Cloudy tonight and tucs Jeanette j. Lands a. John l. 90 on upper portion. Mostly Day with scattered showers and Clark plaintiff awarded $1,750 southeasterly winds 8 to 18 Mph thundershowers. Temper promissory note default judgment i Ftp noon becoming variably attire Range 93 to 66. Jerry Don Osborn Vashelia mostly northeasterly to to 20 Mph Harbor and Bay mostly Ann Osborn divorce granted. By tuesday. Gusty near Thunder southeasterly winds 8 to 18 knot the governor said he will Call a meeting Early in june to give the group Inocenzio Gomez 50, pleaded guilty to drunk driving and was their duties As mom Given a three Day jail sentence i plus a $65 Fine. Last Day Bettyjo Ray Carpenter it. A showers. Cob Owen Carpenter d i v o r c a j Mattie Fox it Martin Fox. A rav course plaintiff granted temporary Ais. Tody of minor child and child tup in acc i it port. 1 jlt>cwmevt8 in Issell distr act co tit Jesse Galvan by next Friend Antonio Galvan is. To g. Galvan. Divorce granted. Merry Here male and female applicants Are no being accepted for the two pm i this afternoon gradually shifting and becoming mostly northeasterly to to 20 knots by tuesday. Winds Gusty near thundershowers. Cloudy to partly Cloudy Wilh fide by scattered showers or thundershowers ibis afternoon tonight and tuesday. Barometer 29 97 tides a High today at 1 14 with Low at 6 29 . Highs double feature today and wed. Opening tonight no. A in color All Star cast Quot the mighty crusaders Quot no. 3 Michael Renny in Quot Vampire amp the at do i. Resaca of cd Justice court totes a Tustle pan Dye no Driver License All fined year a Ray technology course tuesday 7 27 . And 1 38 which will begin in september of tuesday lows 7 27 . And 7 07 mercy Hospital. Applications . Must be in by june 36. Sunrise pm. 5.42 . Sunset age of 18 and 30 tempered and have a Pontes lzavu., of it a put Ramon. Hor to Rotello Char. Arvillo. Guadalupe Gerza. Speeding oar i get p1 a. N plus 615 50 pm of Cotta Farista poetic Quot hard working. Lova $1 Phi 815 60 Nurt coat Reginald Recd sri Quot. Same Fine ppr in my and cold. Xhu course offers Pra chiral sex failure to Pas in safety Ruben Peric nip under qualified raviolo. C rodr1g,te7. $5 plus $13.50 court logical and technical supervision. Post. Satisfactory completion of t h disregarded a Stop sign tack Var Turse enable the to rav Griffin time Tivi Cost int take Ftp Natrina Pami no state Maer trip sticker sch a Tir it a offered by the american fined a plus 835 50 West Willis Rorr try of radiological techno Lay. Disturb be the near Jimmy exist to work anywhere in obituary mrs. Laira m Herrera funeral sen ices will he held 8� 4 . Today for or Laura m. Herrera. To. Who died Satur initial r t. After his name. The school of radiologic technology at mercy Hospital is approved by the Council on Oduca lion of the american medical association. Crested person Malone Hines. Supervisor at mercy pertinent or. Herrera who a no Tir Velvor. Was employed at a pm a a tical nurse at the Hospital for Aii i Aly Many year. To a the funeral Erow will he Eon a of i inducted from St. Thoma Church Cli followed by burial in City Terne garbage skein Amarillo a a a a 77 46 Atlanta. 90 63 bismark. . 61 40 Brownsville a a 88 72 Buffalo. 62 49 Chicago. 67 15 Corpus Christi 88 70 de Moines 64 40 Denver. 52 35 Detroit. 67 51 Duluth. 44 33 Al paso. 91 57 fort Worth. 89 60 Helena. 67 40 Houston. 88 67 .iackon\1lla. 91 72 Kansas City 63 48 Laredo. 94 73 los Angeles 65 61 Memphis. 87 60 Mexico City 75 52 Miami. 83 a Midland. 89 52 i Nils St Paul 50 35 new Orleans 86 65 new York. 81 61 Oklahoma city74 51 Omaha. 65 40 Phoenix. 99 77 Pittsburgh. 74 52 St. Ixonia. 70 49 Salt Lake City so 43 wrong address due to an error in Tran i Ion of records the address of mrs. 1 Betty Laverne Fletcher was incorrectly Given in sunday Herald. Her Correct address is the Autry apartment on the port Ammri Menton Art the. Iii an a Quot 01 a Quot a Quot my no in t5. , us re Teton o Ihlen Klov mortuary. Two "rh�?T1 million. Sunday that of the woman my weekly. We no a name mrs Fletcher Alleg qty sanitation superintendent to for1jp i in a $25 Check. Henry Saldana said today that All Tho a area which were brought Lopez speak tonight into the City during the last an Homer i Pez assistant Feder negation started receiving two i Tritt attorney will he Peak collection a week last Pednea or for q1p rep liar meeting of the Day North crowns Dale kiwanis club prior to this since those part at 6 30 pm today at the fort of the City were annexed the Jbrown motor Jhel. He will were getting Only one. Speak on a fort Brown motor hotel choose your mortician As you woi1d Groose Yoni doctor or i. A Wyer Joe a. Besteiro funeral Chapel i Amri Lance service pm. I i a us e. Madison to. Miss Jacki Moore sweetheart of song Beautiful Blue Eye Raven hair gorgeous l ire that a Jarld Moore. She sing ton. Lard appeared on the Arthur Godfrey Talent Seoul show in new York in 1157 and has been a hit Ever Ainee she a played All the top Luha and Moat recently has been to great demand in Houston where she has Sung with the leading hands a featured such lilt. A two week engagement a appearing nightly through june 2nd. Russ in cold a Conn Filiti i Dany francs a Prentiss Robin a to Amiyr to Chad Pon Koci Janis us Mimi Mph Mke Rod Taylor Jessica Tandy Suzanne Pleshette inn Intro Uteg Tippit hedren a file mating no Pinon a vne., by Evan Hunte 0"oc1�j by Alfred Hitchcock it could be the Moat terrifying motion pictures i have Ever a a made a 4 Alfred it of a mfg Bamo of Daehne of Muumin l Cia Tate su�eense6tov also at Robert Mitchum. Curt Jurgen the enemy below i adults 9qt s p c 65t child 2st i Foryt our we recommend you see a the by kits a i rom Hie beginning. I eat ii re Start at l 00-s or it �?�5 15-7 25 and s5 imm. A 1 it j j j

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