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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 1

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Brownsville, Texas Newspaper a to insist on attempting to do by Force what men will not do in free action is itself authoritarian it is the attempt to cast others in ones own image it is that weakness in Man which lets him try to play a Leonard e. Read your Freedom newspaper weather showers today and tomorrow High he Low 70 vol. 69 a no. 273 8 pages dial i 2-4331 the Brownsville Herald monday May 20, 1963 final edition Price 5c Magnifico is discussed at sunday meet All seven trustees of the Board first National Bank room. Sever of education held a rare sunday a1 Hundred persons Are expected afternoon meeting yesterday to to attend. Discuss methods to be used to items slated to be discussed by answer charges levelled against fhe Board prior to the petition the Board and supt. L. X. Magni hassle Are fico at a Public meeting held last a Reading of minutes of april wednesday night at Jacob Brown la apr 1 22 and May 9. Auditorium. I renaming of of Debanos a the Only business discussed gcb0l0 was the Public meeting held May. 1 in u a n w 3. Discussion on consolidation of la by or. Ray Kaspe and the tax office. William r. Rock Austin up a the conference earlier swelled the general reve i Iii Char a in Jerez the Board Wood committees 400-Page spending Billie fund to Between $477 million will be answered by the Boater and 470 million the hone Hill and or. said Bob 4. Report on awards. Mrs. Salo run state government for the crucial wheat vote tuesday tests administrations farm program spending Bill due tonight die Blackburn. Bower Board president. A action will be initiated immediately to obtain documents to an emendations from committees of ser the charges a he added he Board of trustees. Appropriated $437 million in Gen next two years was being printed Eia Revenue and the Senate $456 Progress reports Ana recon today and will be distributed to million 6. Superintendents report. A organization charts a n d end. It takes nearly three Days to Senate but neither made personnel of the Central of Knish the Mammoth printing Job. Trou at Quot get out of tile appropriations Bill is the Ommittee both houses have last major task before i he 58 the passed Bills for new slate colleges legislature Kyes Toto toe history an Ange 0 and Edinburg and books at Midnight Friday. Jle House Bas passed another pro rep. W. S. Neatly of Paducah Postai for permian stale College head of the House conferees said at Odessa he Felt it was a Good Bill �?oa1 ,. A tile Odessa proposal still is though it Doest contain every. 1 j. Ii. T turn j u a i awaiting Senate action where Ltd thing i would have liked in it. Uncertain Heatly was one of the leaders in the House who pushed for a the House worked most of the general pay raise for the states dast weekend staying in session judiciary. But House members tote Friday night and working in in a Day Long Battle some to Days j to noon saturday. Proposals passage voted against the judges pay and sent to the Senate included raise proposal. A Bill to create new District courts rep. Gus Mutscher of Bren n lotto Houston san Antonio fire by maintenance report and discussion of summer projects. Cd Progress report from secondary education committee. Do Progress report from elementary education committee. A a Progress report on guidance and testing. Of a report on development and expansion of Industrial arts program for the Central Campus Complex. Go receive recommendations for summer school and pre school faculties he approval of tax Roll and Ham a member of the Confer end Orange and one to tighten knee committee said the Bulky toe code of ethics governing Law spending Bill appropriating $3.1 makers and state officials billion for the biennium Bas been today and tuesday Are the last certified by the comptrollers of toys House Bills can be consider Tice As saying within expected cd for action. W wednesday is sensate income Over the period. Air Bill Dav and toe 72-hour Rule Mutscher said the $32 million tax v hich prohibits consideration of increase voted by the legislature any Bill except on third Reading takes effect on thursday another Senate hut ments. In financial report. 7. Discussion of Junior High zoning Bruce Aiken. S. Letters to the Board. The meeting May be the longest session for the Board this year. A the statements and documents obtained by the Board will be made Public As soon As 1 further questioning of Bower disclosed it will take two or three weeks to obtain i he necessary documents school records and signed statements. The truth or falsity of the birth age and Scholastic records of or. Magnifico were the primary subjects Ray Kasper radio newsman Dweller on during wednesdays Public meeting attended by 469 persons. Meanwhile petitions asking the Hoard to fire or. Magnifico continued to be circulated today. The petitions Are expected to be presented to the school Board at the final meeting of the school year at 7 30 . Tuesday in the protesting students suspended United press International hundreds of Birmingham negro students were expelled or suspended today for taking part in massive civil rights protests in the Alabama City raising a new threat to a shaky truce Between Whites and negroes. Birmingham school authorities said the disciplinary actions involved More than 1,000 negro children. Those Over 16 were expelled and younger ones suspended. Negro leaders had warned earlier the expulsions if they would bring a a response from the Washington Moscow Jet Mark set Moscow i Pic president Kennedy personal Jet plane brought atomic Energy commission chairman Glenn t. Seaborg Harp sunday in a record Washington to Moscow flight. Seaborg carried a personal message from Kennedy to Premier Nikita s. Khrushchev expressing Hope for fruitful negotiations on the Exchange of no classified information on the peaceful use of atomic Energy. The presidential Jet. A version of the Boeing 707. Flew nonstop from Washington to Moscow in 6 hours. 38 minutes and 41 seconds. Its average Speed for the 5,000-mile flight was 580 Miles an hour. Legislators tonight. I the san Antonio College bul die 10-Man committee complot was introduced in the House and co its arduous task Over the week the Laredo collage proposal Washington ready for astronaut Jar asks a yes vote Washington up a president Kennedy today urged the nation s 1.5 million wheat Farmers to vote a a yes in tuesdays wheat referendum on the grounds the administration plan is a in their own he said a no vote could Cut the Price of wheat almost in half. The president made the Appeal just before he signed a Hill extending the feed grains program for two More years. The Bill was rushed through for his signature on the eve of the referendum which will decide whether wheat Farmers will accept or reject the administrations production control plan. In his statement. Kennedy said the Federal government believes that a a a yes vote will mean reduced production and Sale of wheat at $2 a Bushel. Price hike possible on the other hand he added a it is our Best judgment that a negative vote will permit High or Ces and increased wheat if the production control plan is rejected the president predicted the Price of wheat will Cape canaveral up As drop to $1.10 a Bushel. Dateline the world Berlin bound Convoy held up Berlin up . Officials today wondered whether the russians had started a new Campaign to harass army traffic to Berlin on the Highway through East Germany. These fears were caused by the first russian interference with an army Convoy in six months. Russian Border guards sunday held up a Berlin bound Convoy of 70 soldiers in 22 trucks and jeeps for three hours and 45 minutes with a demand that the soldiers dismount to be counted. The army refused and the Convoy was cleared after a delay of to o hours at the West German end of the Highway and one hour and 45 minutes at the Berlin end. Integration its. There was no immediate indication what the a response Quot would be. Birmingham scene of bloody rioting following a series of bombings in the negro District eight Days ago was quiet during the weekend. About 1,200 Law enforcement officers remained on duty to enforce the uneasy Calm. Elsewhere in the racial picture Washington a the supreme court overruled convictions of negro sit in demonstrators in Greenville s. C., Birmingham ala., Durham n. And new Orleans. The demonstrations occurred in 1960 and 1961. Greensboro. N. Municipal court judge Herman Enochs threw out the first of More than 900 cases involving negro civil rights demonstrators arrested in the City last week. Defense attorneys argued that the warrant in the first Case was vague. Selma. Ala. A massive attempt by More than 200 negroes to Register to vote failed to materialize. Rain Cut Dow i the turnout of Whites and possibly delayed the announced negro attempt. Durham. N. A new figures released by police w to worked through the night hooking negroes arrested during demonstrations sunday showed More than 700 negroes were arrested. It brought to More than 1,800 the number arrested in the North Carolina tobacco renter in the past several Days in troops occupy Congo town Leopold Ville the Conge Iti a United nation troop have occupied a congolese angolan Border town in an attempt to halt Clandestine Border traffic a . Spokesman said sunday. The town in Dildo located on the re Guela railway from Elizabethville to Lobito. Angola. The town had been untouched by in. Forces since the january fighting which ended Katanga a secession. Tariff cutting talks deadlock Geneva Iti a the United slate today sought to break a four Day deadlock with the european common Market nations that has brought their Tariff cutting talks to the Brink of failure. A three hour meeting Between the United states and Britain on the one hand and Market members on the other broke up Early today and a . Delegate said Quot nothing is a settled a meanwhile in the United states Cambridge mass. Iti a Radcliffe collage girls staged a reverse panty raid on Harvard sunday night and touched off a noisy demonstration involving 2,000 students. Police broke up the disturbance and arrested eight Harvard men on charges of disturbing the peace and alleged property damage. They were to he arraigned today. There were no injuries and no major damage. Bill Day in the House no Hill ran be considered out of order Anri Only Bills on third Reading May be considered. On the final Day no Bill can be considered or passed under the rules a Only conference committee reports and concurrence in amendments. Five killed in collision police cover the body of one of five persons killed in a Headon collision on the Henry Hudson Parkway in the Bronx Section of new York sunday night. Gareth martinis 23, upper right photo is being held by police in connection with the fatal Accident. Martinis identified by police As the son of new York supreme court Justice Joseph a. Martinis faces charges of vehicle homicide driving while intoxicated assault of a press photographer and leaving the scene of an Accident. Police said that martinis was the Driver of a car which Cut in front of one of the cars involved in the Accident forcing the vehicle to collide with a third car. Tro naut l. Gordon Cooper undergoes further medical tests and additional debriefing today before leaving for Washington tuesday where he will receive the Distin Kennedy said wheat Farmers should he a very Clear on the meaning of a negative vote. Just before be spoke sen. Allen j. Ellender d-la., chairman of gushed service medal for his his the Senate agriculture commit Lone 22.9 orbit flight around Earth tee issued another Lith hour the slightly built air Force a warning against wheat Farmer Jar was relaxed and smiling Dur counting on Congress to Hall ing sundays tumultuous tribute to his 575.000 mile space voyage. Wednesday. Cooper will be honoured with a Ficker tape Parade in new York. Plans called for him to ride in a convertible up lower Broadway through the financial District to City Hall where he will be Given a reception. Sunday. Cooper described his breathtaking flight probably the last manned space voyage by the United states for 18 months As firm proof Man ran sleep eat and live for Long periods in space. ,. A j he told of seeing vivid up graph Mcallen a Falcon Reservoir level continued slow push up Cotton crop and taking care of in details sippy incr soundly eat one teenager is in jail and today held More than a million Ward engineers at the dam re Early vegetable crop needs if the ing on sub pulp Appouh he was three others who allegedly raped acre oppt of water for the first ported. Water is used carefully observers pot no bunk to and performing a 28 year old Mother of five Ime since april 24 and the i a k e Valley wide Rains earlier this Sato. Children Are being sought today woman tells assault by four youths Falcon water Back to million acre feet level by sheriff s deputies. 1 a a a the suspects forced the Brownsville Mother into a Ca As she walked along the military Highway about Midnight sunday. She told deputies she had left a private party at Las Prietas and was searching for a pay Telephone when she we As abducted. She reported the Driver of the Cai sped to a deserted area and scattered showers and Thunder while two of the youths held her showers Are predicted for the in the hark seat of the ear a i i Valley this afternoon and tues four of the youths assaulted her Davy sea tiered showers predicted month and a Sharp reduction in Elevation at Falcon dam this withdrawals from the Reservoir morning was 273.62 feet above have accounted for the slight sea level which meant a storage gain in water reserves according of 1,004.600 acre feet. To col. Kenneth Smith Valley water master. The current them out with new legislation if controls Are rejected. Ellender said that a if the Farmers done to like it the control programme be washed our hands of it As far As in a Kennedy said that a favourable vote in the referendum is the a key to maintaining the family farm system of agriculture in an environment of Freedom and tomorrow is a Day of decision for the wheat Farmers of America a he said. Big vote predicted a record turnout is expected numerous experiments assigned to in the referendum which has Gen him. Crated More heat than a major a really no problem political race to Many farm Cooper described his blazing areas a a fireball re entry under manual the presidents theories on con control an emergency step that tool of farm production face a die Reservoir level dropped below a million acre feet for the was necessary after the automatic crucial test in the wheat refer Supply of water first time on april 24 and then system failed in the 20th orbit endure. Democrats wanted him to should be ample for finishing the went on Down to the lowest Point and caused anxious concern it Ian the feed Grain Bill prior to of the year on May i when it held around the wheat vote for two reasons Only 890,000 acre feet according a there was really no problem a j the feed Grain Bill activates to n. S. Scoggins superintendent by said provisions of another Law under of Hie . Section of the inter a Ltd a pin Grecu Iatron that which of wheat controls Are act a a following the attack the teen agers returned to Brownsville the Weatherman says it will be a Little cooler tuesday with a h e salinity of by pc shows and when the Driver of the c a Range go t0 70 Alc no shorn Rise stopped til front of one of the hot it o , i / in a. In a Ley end fit to 6ft in the Rio Cran Weslaco a reduced flow in caped from the . The woman was found a Short a buy a a it the Rio Grande during the past winds will be mostly Southeast National Boundary and water commission at the dam. There have been no flow releases from the Reservoir since May 5 after the Valley Rains up to five inches in depth were recorded on May 4. Still another one Man space flight cup cd by Farmers a producers in the project Mercury series could Plant wheat on Idle fed might he held later this year hut Grain acres and vice versa. This a top official of the Federal space increased flexibility in planning Agency said it seemed Quot quite in farm acreage makes the wheat control program More attractive the statement by or. Robert administration officials feel. C Seamans associate director of enactment of the feed Hill Nasa apparently meant the next Means it cannot be used As a ve-. Manned space flight will not hide for new wheat legislation if come until october. 1964, at the wheat controls Are rejected. Re earliest. Publicans have predicted that Seamans said a definite decision Congress would Rome up with a time later in a dazed condition wino win be mostly soum Easi a has avowed Galt Content of dipped Bally s b tar d it Woodma who relayed afternoon becoming a a a b i Edwater to nearly double condition belter toe information to sheriffs <icpu-1 is 11 y Tolj As a Yaj a a 2�1 monday Quot by toe Valley chamber one year old infant Armitty following his question no of. for of Commerce Here. No to no Quot Quot whether there would he Aneth new wheat Bill if the referendum sheriff deputies nem Bryan the Brownsville area sunday was the Reading a Anzaldua dam of allegedly a to Vown or dreary flight. A a must he made faded. And Charlie Escobedo Are con a muggy 88 and the Low was 70. P u of mutation monday morning a Hon older a Ster he Hin the next week or ducting the investigation. Needles. Calif., was the nation s Vas t>a�?~5 ppr Mitock wit w of. He described the Cooper flight �?�iuit1 h Ltd m4 hot so. With 103 degrees drum a spared a Reading of 7s0 Vrtar Rondi Hon As a apparently. Most Success Loans reing made mood. Mont., registered a Low of weak increase today. To a and that a it seems quite in a Kennedy plan. De eat would Matamoros the National w degrees. Al Owa reflected to downstream pm mfg Juver nil officer cos Likely there will he another Mer he a Jie avy political blow to the agrarian Bank has started Grant pump station readings with Good by Contreras sad that a a doctors Eury Mission. Ing Small Loans to Farmer in the no Sweet Relief Mata mores area it was reported new York up a the Wor today. The Loans Are for Field wide shortage that has sent sugar j Benito at 900 work especially Cotton Cultivar prices soaring will last at least there have been no flow re he said the 16-year-old had in teams of astronauts into orbit Tot Tion. Until october when new sugar i leases from Falcon Reservoir the juvenile Ward in county jail periods of up to two weeks. Orders to Grant the Loans were beet crops Are harvested in both Siree Rains that totalled More Sirp saturday will porn Hahlo re the first manned gemini flight received from Mexico City it the United states Anri Europe than five inches in most Valley main in detention until the Ron Jis due sometime during the last Vegs said. Market experts said today. Areas fell on May 4. Dit inn of the baby is ascertained three months of 1964. President and agriculture Secre Dav states that the baby is better flights next comes project Gem and has started eating. Init a program to put up two Man to relic to says Don Pedro came into the newsroom wearing a Large Grin Quot Bie need events at the Billy f bulks a the Don announced. A kids dogs cats or rabbits a asked the City editor. A dogs a said the Don. A Biz puppies of which the children have no med four a Star Flag Aster the Friendly ghost not Ray and John Glenn. Quieti a Abe. and out he went. Tax break for special croup gels approval Washington up a the House ways and Means committee in its first action on president Kennedy a lax program today approved his plan to provide special Relief tor actors baseball stats and others whose incomes fluctuate sharply. The proposal which was tentatively approved would provide an estimated $40 Mil Hon to annual tax Relief for such persons. The plan would permit taxpayers whose incomes fluctuate sharply from year to year to a a average their income for a purposes. Down Hie Rio Grande from Presidio win reporting 777. San Juan i available to him to if there Are not More Mercury thy Orville l. Freeman. Id Oro Mercedes 1.1 2, and san a Fafnir , kqv.,. To a Kroner flights next comes project Gem pcs Gas rate plan is upheld Cactus cruise Heads for Brownsville big Bend Park a after sue pcs fully completing a hazardous 175 mile leg of their Presidio to Brownsville boat trip Down the Rio Grande the six fired battered. Bruised crewmen took a rest following their arrival last wednesday at Boquillas in big Bend National Park. The group making the a Cactus cruise through dangerous rapids flanked by sleep Canyon Walls includes adventurers photographers and a research St a Roiti Hie University of Texas. Old by boat builder d. E. Feathering and photographer will Thompson the party launched their boats above Presidio May 2 they plan to navigate the Rio Grande All the Way to t h e Gulf of Mexico. So far As can he Learned such a boat trip has never been made in its entirety. Tile first casualty was having to leave a sunken boat with motor in Santa Flena Canyon. Continuing through hazardous passageways in the Rock wailed River they managed to negotiate mammal and san Vicent Camons. Boquilla canyons Chal Linging 25 mile stretch will he a he next hurdle. Other members of the boat Crew include Earl Miller director of motion pictures University of Texas and his assistants cameramen Robert Addington and Charles Smith and Joe makeover w to makes ground Contact with supplies. The University of Texas is also supplying an archaeological team headed bed j e i k a to do research along the River. Dan Scurlock and Parker noun ally Are the current u of t boat team. In its fit St two weeks on the River the Quot Cactus cruise has run dangerous rain swollen rapids repeatedly hauled boats across uncounted Rocky shallows and around dams and led them Down Swift deep boiler filled Narrows with Long res guided by All hands to prevent loss of the Light 12 foot wooden Era it. Beautiful rugged and awesome desert scenery on both sides of the Rio Grande a rewarded toe Boatmen and tiny mexican settlements Seldom noted on maps of the area provide interesting material for the photographers who Are attempting to make a Complete picture record of the lower stretch of the Border River something that has not yet been done. Washington up a the supreme court today upheld the Federal Power commission new method of regulating natural Gas producer rates by areas lost cad of by each company individual costs. The decision a by a 5 to 4 vote with Justice John m. Harlan writing the majority opinion. A we recognize the unusual difficulties inherent in regulating the Price of a commodity such a natural Gas a Harlan said a a a respect the commission s considered judgment backed by sound and persuasive reasoning that the individual company Cost of service method is not a feasible or suitable one for regulating la rites of Independent my icon a

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