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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives May 19 1957, Page 1

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - May 19, 1957, Brownsville, Texas A Freedo .4 Wen s own Rons Rinere is hut sole tribunal and or should Rara no More for that phantom 1opinion than or should fray meeting a . He Idowu serving the Low or Rio Gran Tor 65 years w e a t h e r Shower Likely southerly in into the to h6 degree vol. 66�? no. 371. 30 pages Brownsville Texas sunday May to. 1957 dial i 2-4331 sunday edition Price 10coklahoma reeling from floods a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a weather costs Southwest Sigo million Thim a s Federal Relief is asked Oklahoma City. May is up a the Southwest has experience its Quot greatest natural duster 1 from floods and tornadoes this Spring Welcome i Wilson civil defense regional administrator said today. Wilson placed an initial damage estimate of 130 million dollars on the three state area of Texas Louisiana and Oklahoma. He flew to Oklahoma from his Headquarters at Denton tex., to make an Aerial Survey of flood stricken Oklahoma with gov. Raymond Gary who asked for one minion dollars in Federal Aid. A million Doar Grant was authorized for Texas Carter. A a this is undoubtedly the worst disaster in Oklahoma s history a Wilson said following the tour. Quot along with the flood and severe weather damages in Texas and Louisiana this adds up to the greatest natural disaster Ever to or the the flood area represents a distance greater than the distance from new York to Chicago to Atlanta ga., and Back to new York Wilson said Wilson a estimate of damages include loss of Public and private property and to agricultural production. It did t include the untold amount of human suffering that has been inflicted on the citizens of the three states. Wilson will meet with Gary and Tom Brett Oklahoma state civil defense director to sign an agreement in the areas affected. President Eisenhower has a1 and other a re h rescued boy to reported dead or i i i.? \ Max is to p Waffle hmm the min. Wal in Hospital Manorville. N y May is Lobar pneumonia and a d a up a seven a sear old Benny boy s temperature had risen to Hooper who survived 24 hours of degrees at 3pm Cost he being buried alive in a backyard was being Given Aero sin Well was found to be suffering four hours the doctor said from pneumonia int today. Colbin mid Bonny had cruel Quot he a a spot of pneumonia on a in. A a 5 m a and net Lune. Be. Joseph Kris at a o announced after a raving the boy or Frank Calabro. Director of a number of neighbourhood Chil the Bayview general Hospital., run out Sadr or Hospital diagnosed Benny a illness As Ltd a to hear word of their pal. One Billy Foster to of Mastic Tulsa May 18�?i pm water from the rain Swo Lien Arkansas River inched into Oklahoma s second largest City today and Many smaller Arras reeled from the effects of the states flood disaster. The death toll from a four Day siege of violent thunderstorms. Torrential Rains and Hail mounted to to and the damage to property highways and croplands was Eti sue Lanai traffic is increased Bench. N y pita bringing with him five comic books Crayon and a colouring Book he had Bot lit with i own allowance. Benny had been removed from an oxygen tent for the examination and was returned to it immediately. The boy was rushed to a Hospital Friday night after he was mated in tile millions. The red Cros estimated is families already have been affected by floods in Oklahoma so for and disaster workers were sent to Tulsa where officials said approx innately 1.473 Homes May be flooded. Residents of Tulsa a City of 230.000, got their first look at flood Waters saturday afternoon when rising tenters threaten Tulsa residents get their first View of the rising Waters of the overflowing Arkansas River. Bec k must face a new troubles showers fall on Valley a additional rain possible City is seeking Vreys Hith City of Brownsville has begun negotiations with Ngenng firm to make of electric sewer and rates. The Survey result of a Resolution recently adopted by the City commission is designed to make Brownsville rates a dearly Low or than those of other v Alle it it brought on pneumonia any a. Benny s parents both were at mayor h i. Stokely. Who re Home sleeping when news of the turned to office two weeks ago discovery of the illness rame. After a year and one half of lit a Only a Short time before. Mav 18 up it. ,. ,. Bicycled in he in. Re a Norma Morm cd or in Low orca backed level today under egyptian terms that All nations except France and Israel accepted informed sources said Egypt considered the canal con a Troy cry a closed chapter of his tory. Up and the Muddy water covered streets near the River s Edge on the City s Southwest Side. The main Crest was not expected until that Aper Midnight. Hanger postponed the danger was postponed when j. The Arkansas absorbed the Shock they said Egypt Wou d Rete. A a j of a murky 200-rn in Long flood any a a tempt by France to reopen. Tide on the Cimarron River. We re the canal question before the water two Days a of. It joins the Arkansas 12 Miles above Tulsa. or Ruh. Quot 1 a a in Lam Nav on Verity t 7 a Wawy Pucco in the Roxy Al a in a quoth a of a cup Jan or ring a had Quot n to n Quot a Inch Dou duct of fort to and o f , la the a King a. Wirt Union also was Given shots of Pencin terrible ordeal Egypt already had sen cd no River forecasters predicted a but Kris said that the terrible of intend to continue sunday morning six or ordeal of being trapped in wet nine year old blockade of is up Van Ftp Pho a flood stage. Sand for s night and a Day had Rar a Ipp inc 10 the canal and from Here Dow psf Arnm the Arkan will Stop any israeli ship sent to my ppr Rford m have the worst the waterway to test the ban. Gallon Over the november 1953 diced the Washington. May 18 up nearly on a noon ready declared areas of Oki Aho teamster president Dave Beck through Maas major disaster areas thus besieged by attacks from con up making Federal funds available a. Tax authentic and labor a for Relief. A half Inch of rain fell forecast by the weather Bureau Airport said saturday that the Valley wide Vav reek Simi in is underway leaders faces new trouble Mon Dera Howers Day a almost certain permanent loss of his posts As an afle to vice president and executive Council member. The afle Cio Council temporarily suspended Beck from the two jobs in March on grounds he had brought a the labor movement into on monday the Council Calls Beck on the carpet in the Valley was forecasters at More a Aler seen for Falcon dam the Brownsville the rainfall about 5 in Brownsville . After heavy Black Clouds appeared causing some residents to prepare for possible tornadoes. The rainfall activity was of Short duration however though j flood Ainee 1923 Send test ship meanwhile a a major flood at the ended nations in new forecast on the Washita in ,. J a. York. The israeli delegation Reaf a a outlier Oklahoma families Liv re suits or i n e jihad in with the labourer firmed Israel s intention to Semi a no along the River Horn Pauls election Intro who i kid i if t0 Kava the through for of a and Valley to i Ake Texoma on the and my a a Frt Quot Kraft a charged that the waterway is be Texas Border were warned after the commission at its last regular Samuel Woodson the 39-year-old my operated under a regime of River crested at three feet meeting. Construction worker who pulled deliberate it said the a Low the 1941 record flood City manager e. W. Watts said Renov from the jaws of death,.f.gyptlsn Contention that the t5411 Valley defense docs 3 two persons tied the Issue in a Tulsa thousands of people commercial and non living in two Urban area on either Side of the River continued a hit of out of at Mcallen the Valley s a Edinburg Edinburg police t la Cill i Leroy i.,-un a Turda Quot it , per Mannel Falcon storage at la a in. ,rz7f Quot a 7,1, Vuu f ,ni5. Again to decide whether to make Quot Anza looked better than Day stood at 1 170 407 acre Fecto y Fllch of Mou ?.�?� Ever saturday As moderate to and was reported still rising hut said police chiefs in comm tie the Council will base its Drei Nientsu for the Survey. Benny he gave the boy a hit of a y a moving out their belongings More Watts said the consulting Engi fatherly advice a stay out of a a than 2.000 had fled to higher Nee ring firm Nas been employed trouble a pm re tin a o i Quot a t ground late saturday. There were by the City on several of lick jobs Woodson and Benny were re in r d internal mat Vimr who of or ted to stay in hip Fol and is a very familiar Quot with the my fed in the Hospital loom where re a Terr would them or situation in Brownsville. The boy was under constant Obser pre. Dent carnal Abdel a it no deep. City Engineer f. L. Rockwell vation As a result of his near f government decreed a a pm Vlf of Vernse workers and vol the weather Bureau measured ,42 spa a no most of Friday checking on fatal 24-Jlour entrapment in a no in Tai ret n u Ymir or a pro prepared to Evart of an Inch of rain at the Airport. And a Quot or cars Ltd other Harvard Well. T of per those remaining Harlingen reported .69 of an Inch principal Valley towns and plans a thank you Var it. Very much t amen cafes May a com filing a authorities s us the Ai Kansas and several other Valley Points to submit a report soon on com Tor dragging my out of the Well Quot 1?. A a j�1 Hood Crest could inundate most of w rates Benny told Woodson i a Quot on un<1rr a ser w ill to form r of Fra in All of the larger Valley cities a obey your parents and watch in screen nut any candidates. Fri mfr homr Hont 4&Quot, a lurks rain and floods continued to Are suited by the Central Power out in oven thine Vou do a Wood a grinding both Nam units and heavy upriver storms were Send More slowly. Between 8 a in. Quot to a 3. A onion cd or m a out in every Ming you no it i7� to i cd two to three mocks wide a a a i a a a i. I j a. Funny Prtini of in Stenuf Liht c Oman Wou is o fit not in a no i Al thu r u Niri we a Roth i fifth ,. A ii Over the Vall a Aero beam a a p we Rio Quot it Aile l i Quot a a it a Quot it Quot a a Schnol a Brownn Lle have used a rond Quot men.hr.-. Ah., have been name i a a it a a a a a a or ill Over the Valley a Ere been. into Falco rest Ruhr. Acre feet had been recorded but Are Identa Lale Friday the ale of the City. Ii he Plant Woodson, Benny How he ineligible in pub Offlee a Quot r i Archon of the Rains were reported Over the dam a school bus skidded rpm a a # about inn families on the West Side Ning a Valley wide analyst of Constitution that one of the traffic Accident causes. Bow am it principles of the he said preliminary studies 1-1 in Unready of Cate peed and i Quot it Yemen. From any and All. Corrupt influences. My Are major causes of serious wrecks and sic id in Hidalgo coun Troubl i to. Sheriff k. E. Vickers and the in ordering the temporary sus stages saturday morning Federal Bureau of investigation pension the Council took note of were cooperating in the study. F t that the teamster pres i i Ile Aid officer Are ump what no drily had marked the it us to they Call an Quot enforcement Index Quot amendment in refusing utilizing a map marked to show into Survey. Location and time of accidents. The Accident reports Are Analysed to determine the causes of accidents. From the forms officers Hope to learn which Are the worst Arras and times for accidents and emphasize traffic enforcement and direction accordingly. More than too times to answer question by the Senate rackets investigating committee about what la had done with More than t j320, 0 in teamster Union funds. Since then. New troubles have Washington May 18 Unpi led up on Beck at a rapid clip. Postmaster general Arthur e. In two subsequent appear Summerfield whose held is bloody ances Beek ran his total Refu he unbowed in a Battle with Sals to answer committee ques Congress Over increasing postal i Lff it a Quot Nal finances it v Ford another. A. A it v.7 inc. A a 308 mrk Quot a department Aud a i tory a it it Daft i a the committee accused Beck of fluctuating rate on . A isl i Rains were to protect the watersheds of the devils and Falcon storage went up 37.976 ditch during a blinding rain at stokers Resolution also Calls. J Pecos and Rio Grande from acre feet in the 24-hour period Sudan in the South Plains turn for the hiring of a firm of Public , Eagle pass upstream Friday ending at 8 a m. Saturday a con no of Raj and dumping 23 children act Junta its to assist in the rate night. The Laredo area reported Sid Ruble drop from the preceding m two ,.of wafer. The child a Crest of 14 to 15 feet at Peak period when it gained 85.800 feet. A july Quot a vhf,. Youngsters on a bus in Lubbock additional thundershowers a that was hit from behind and Ivity Ever the Falcon dam area knocked into a ditch was reported late saturday boost a tent collapsed during a Dia my that borage even More mend Jubilee Home show on the report Here said a considerable grounds of the midwestern uni ram fell in the area during a itis n Quot Falls Friday two hour period late saturday a pm univ a a it run e Mai Only one was reported injured Parent in a fringe a lion of the a a ,. A j a. Pc. Little change was pred eted in Harlingen a More than to. Storm Clouds that moved through p i a i v pc path v it River from Falcon dam to too Valley residents flocked to , re it Simiry. Brownsville hut the watershed the Harlingen air Force Rase s a 21-year-old Mother dropped Lier water master k. M. Smith above the dam postal to git i s renewed 10,00111 Weic Tymi it a Ivania w inns display Molly r drops on saturday son into ill May 18 it up a getting Celebration of the eight annual 2-Yeaold a it a to his death in a order Rte . Releases from t h e plough rainfall to bring the Rio armed forces Day saturday. 70-foot Well today Beau a her Uncertain weather caused can1children a irritate a her police collation of several scheduled air at mom Momtaz of work by lawmen 0 Akoni. Not a of h r George Washington x before re ult Are shown. Orp jams pm ,0 reporters the Hay and the various mailing and he said the figures being col $320,000 in Union funds he is a delivery methods used Down looted would Only include Hazard cased of converting to his own through the years Ous violations. He said offences use. In conclusion Summerfield said such As Lack of Drivers License Yaj ways today s rates fad to cover postal mufflers and such would not a tile committee also listed 52 costs and that even if first class enter into he Survey. Kastin said ways in which ii said Beck had rates arc raised one cent they w ill he thought hic project could mis used his position As head of till be a the world s biggest bar result in a drop in the number of the 1.5 million member team gain a a Stern Union for the Benefit of a month ago Summerfield sur j himself and his family. Prised Congress and the nation by a Federal grand jury at to temporarily cutting of some Post Oma it Ash indicted Beck on a service because Congress was charges of evading payment of i plur Tant to give him the Money $56,4f in income taxes for 1950. Needed to finance full operations j Public relations advisers to he followed this up by again de Dav Haf the president budget j the teamsters Union recommend manding that first second and should he Cut a if it can re that Bock step Down at least third class rates be raised to help the regional gop conference temporarily As president of his Rover the huge Post office deficit also went on record in opposition Reservoir stepped up from 1.8 10 Grande up to crests stages cubic feet per second to 3,000 of dial Points second feet effective at Midnight tile Squall line which passed Friday and the dam reported to dlr saturday Tai releases saturday Are 5,649 cubic feel the balance now. Rain on most of the Eastern per afternoon children said. Craft flyovers but this failed to the body of the child. Michael Dampen visitors enthusiasm As Schmink a found in 10-feet of feel Groat but my Arm Syria. Los Civ Allied with Benny replied Egypt today led the Arab ram Benny plunged into the Shaft at a Ign against Israel see Renny. Page 13. Foreign minister Salah Bitar filled in the and soviet ambassadors to Damascus to ask their governments support for a syrian complaint against Israel. Tile complaint filed with the United nation accuses Israel of violating the armistice by build my a Bridge Ai Lake Huish in the Israel. Syrian demilitarized zone. In min r Mideast developments King Saud of saudi Arabia returned Home from Baghdad after week Long conferences with iraqis King feta iraqi Premier Nuriel said described the talks As a very itis Artory a traffic deaths in the Valley to rec re says being taken by Mexico which started taking water a Day or two ago. Regional lop leaders i in in i be s it Tai gel Cincinnati Ohio. May is a Upit top Republican leaders from seven states agreed Here of was reported to fir a no bout to Miles wide and dropped they swarmed Over air Force and water after his Abler. Vickie 4. Navy plane Worth More than $7 ran into the House and told her Tion of the area army temperatures in Brownsville were expected to Range from 70 to 80 Range the in id Valley Tiro City Range was predicted to a from 68 to 90 degrees baccalaureate service be for Sulla v million along with my vehicles. Inside tile big hangar Don Pedro mine into the newsroom dressed like the Doorman of Muni Mii s chinese theater. A what kind of an outfit is that a asked he City editor. A this is the uniform of a full Admiral in the Tamaulipas Boss Cav airy said the Don. A i am wearing it in Honor of armed Forres a a did t know Tamaulipas had a Bosn cavalry a said the City editor. A nah Ai Quot replied the Don. Quot is Ray sold them the horses and Muir Humphrey trained them. Congiu a Billy i think this will set the Good neigh Lior policy Back so Sears. and oui he charged like Teddy Roosevelt going up san Juan half. Own Union. The House to. T office commit housewife a it to it Tel i i Iii a minor it Harare to Federal Aid to cd has approved one cent in expressed a doubts creases in first and third class Dom of spending for foreign he Lii de for 8 p in sunday rites letter and bulk mail. On Stile party chairmen and other a Jan a a Bbrown auditorium tuesday it will debate whether to j officials from Ohio Indiana. Thu ceremonies will begin with the baccalaureate services education and a Quot Rte Han a Brownsville a about the wis graduating seniors for foreign Aid. Tanks grandmother. Mrs. Anna r Soh Mink 51. That a Carrie threw no. 37 Mike into tile Well a authorities degrees sunday with a local residents inspected numer said. An autopsy was ordered to of 70 to 86 predicted for Ous displays depicting Evo Lhing determine the cause of death Rio Grande from navigational equipment to the Mother mrs. Carne civil defense procedures. Out on Schmink. Who told police she had tile flight line an h-13 helicopter been hospitalized for mental ill bobbed up and Down Rontino sly Ness. Was held without bail on a As visitors gathered for rides. Murder charge by Justice of the during the Day millions of peace Charles w Henninger. She americans throughout the nation was committed to Dauphin gathered at their local military county prison at Harrisburg establishments for similar celebrating. Since 1950, forces Day observances i Bien held annually to give Ameti cans a first hand look at their would t throw him in it military defences. High Are in i Hidalgo Itri flip Mcallen a total of 1.972 8l stale police sgt Joseph aimed p itch a said or a v e denied throwing Michael into the Steve Well hut quoted her that a i Lar Tubisville gels \5ll is. I i to Fen i Brownsville won another convention for 1958 saturday through the efforts of tile local delegation of tile Epsilon Sigma Alpha sir Runty that travelled to Odessa e i Clay of die a vips annual Moil my. Connie Garcia president of tin Schmink local sorority chapter and mrs. Busto led Tiro Browns Villi for next 1.072 it Iai w it rows 11,f a increase second class rate affect Nois. Michigan Wisconsin. Mis process Moal led by i Letitia Willis bound for the Inien-ed1nburg�?Mcallen housewife ins new Iri pers ma6azmes in and West Virginia endorsed j and the Rev John a Collins. A or of Mexico crossed the meter a Republican farm program. in Radii gtd it Krail Ltd Brallier Iii Vii i rain i Iii but they also agreed that the administration Quot is not telling its achievement to Rosa Escamilla was acquitted late Friday of charges of contributing French Soldier and to the delinquency of a minor girl Nill a i i in Mcallen. Keitel 111 Ach bum Story of mrs. Escamilla was charged Algiers Algeria May 18 with having procured a dates Quot for a a in a Battle today and 28 others in opinion and map strategy t wih give the invocation National i Midg Ai Hidalgo Dur Oroville Calif tile Brownsville High school a my april according to the inter up a the Western Capella a Linoir directed by Lay National travel department of Chica go bound Zephyr derailed to delegates delegation in bidding year s convention site. Aikoui 150 delegates arc expected to meet next May at the fort Brown memorial Center. Steve Orsjo assistant Marigti of Hie chamber of comme ref. Who made die trip to Odessa with mrs Bosio. Said i he i Houlton Ami Longview also submitted bids for of the River. An electric Utility Public service Coa Texas co Oil refinery and City sewage disposal plants Are in tile affected area but were protected by sandbags some merchants in Small shopping centers sandbagged their businesses two Mote flood victims were named saturday. A woman was electrocuted by a wire blown Dow n at dim am Ami the body of i Lindsay Man was found a Day after he disappeared in a Flash flood near his Home although rams appeased to be lessening today local floods pestered residents a a dozen places Over Oil Chiyna. Along the Washita River in South Central okla see floods. Page 13 a is ear old kills mormon Mission urn fort Worth May is it i Little Santos Avon Igi six. Killed a Moi Mon missionary today with a 58 Caliper pistol. Ile told officers a i thought it was a play gun Hie missionary was Kathleen Sprague of Las vegas Nevada she would have been 25 year. Old monday. Miss Sprague and miss Mary Acosta another mormon missionary from Pecos. Tex had been conducting services tins afternoon from their duplex apartment on the South Side win n services were Over they went to the apartment of mrs. Hon i win a Vina while mrs Aetna May Irth Quot ir5r convention hut that was talking on the Telephone lit Pacific sub Townsville was the Choice of the do Santo got the gun minted it at m is Sprague and pulled tile the born c. Norris will present sever the american Jai selections during the Ceroma relation. Automobile a Day about 20 Miles Rast of Here Homo planned to Procto cd lion ii ,8kcr As it was winding through the Odessa to fun Worth sunday to miss Sprague was dead on a Upit French infantrymen killed the two Day meeting was de Nies being held for the second the months figures brought Feather River Canyon. Men Brownsville representatives rival a a local Hospital it he was 72 nationalist rebels in a single signed to sound out a grass roots Quot at memorial Center. J Hidalgo Crossings to 8,461 for the there were no immediate re of the state w Ide retail credit or struck in the left shoulder. Year. According to the statement port of injuries. The main address of the eve the homeless minor while the girl stayed at the Escamilla House. The testimony of the minor girl in Quot mop up operations an official for i be 1958 elections. Juning will by made by Rev. Ivan received at the Valley chamber a spokesman for the company mid convention this weekend solved and of another minor girl communique said tonight. Gap National chairman Meade h Dugan and Rev. I Glenn of Commerce office. Said that both the diesel engine a j. Earnest president of til Friend described an Orange Grove counting 17 extremists killed Alcorn predicted the Republican Smith will give the Benediction. A total of 2.599 individuals and the first two units had piling Brownsville retail credit exec party near Mcallen. In scattered fights through Al could Quot reasonably expect to pick graduation ceremonies for the hound for tile Interior of Mexico cd from tile tracks and crashed lives and miss Cline key of than All male jury of six return Gera. A total of 117 rebels were up eight House wats and retain High school graduating Ria a Are crossed at Hidalgo during april into tiie Feather River Bank one in a1 credit Bureau and to Sui re verdict of not guilty Friday j slam within a 21-hour period the five senators and two governors slated to be held May 21 at the bringing the total for the year to of the units a. Overturned and Quot ill bid for the retail credit meet evening. Communique reported. In the Region. I civic Center auditorium 113,052. I the Ether Wax upright he said. My for Brownsville in 13. 8 struck in the left shoulder the i ionization which is holding its an Bullet ranging downward and cutting an artery. Justice of the peace Whit Boyd Lilied the shinning accidental. Neighbors had baked a cake arid per arled a Surprise party for miss Sprague on her birthday monday \

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