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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives May 12 1974, Page 1

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, Brownsville, Texas I souse Mon panic outside than in-ddc�?T1 Kwiw wow to timer it rtt Foft it or it i n ii a i mrm Wii ii i in Ray a White House aides rebutting rumours on resignation Washington up White House aides saturday rebutted a barrage of rumours ranging from presidential resignation to presidential illness with the words Quot wrong absolutely they insisted morale is High and there s no panic at the White House in spite of the runaway gossip. Quot there a no panic Down Here a one White House official said. Quot everyone is concerned yes. A a i sense More panic outside than the momentum of the resignation Rumor especially built up through the week As one Republican Leader after another suggested the president step aside and one White House aide commented on the Rumor wave with some exasperation. A i done to know How i can he said Quot that morale is High Here and the president is continuing with the business of the people. Quot the president believes that watergate is a constitutional problem which will be settled in the House and if not there then in the in spite of repeated White House denials however the resignation Rumor built up increasing steam As members of Congress began Reading the president Nixon a watergate transcripts. On three separate Days this week from the podium in the White House press room Deputy press Secretary Gerald. Warren told reporters Nixon had no intention of resigning and every intention of completing his term of office. Another Rumor Given widespread publicity was the claim that James in St. A Lair Nixon s chief watergate lawyer had become disenchanted and wanted to resign. Quot absolutely wrong a said a Hium a White House official. St. A Lair who leads Nixon a Leys defense against in Xach ment reportedly had become oms no we u a mum dissatisfied to cause lie did not have All the Access he needed to evidence bolstering his Case. Some Felt he had Given a hint to his feelings when he said thursday at the opening of the impeachment proceedings on capital Hill. Quot id rather tie Back in Poston practising Law a a St Clair is representing a he the White House official said. Quot we re hoping the True facts will come the facts sustain the Lyes ident. He will he exonerated a the official responded with the answer Quot absolutely wrong and totally wrong to these Oiler rumours which have hit the w Hite House in the past few Days a that Nixon had suffered a slight stroke near his right Eye. A that Senate and House Republican leaders had come to the White House to urge Nixon to resign in order to save the Republican party in the Hall congressional elections. A that Nixon had summoned his Cabinet to announce that he was quitting. A that Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger had been summoned Back from h s Middle Hast Mission to to on hand for an imminent resignation a that the Nixon s daughters and sons in Law Julie and David Eisenhower and Tricia and Edward Cox. Were breaking up. Quot we sex the a resident All the tile official said. A the veterans organizations gave him a tremendous standing ovation when the met with him he insisted that Nixon s official family was Quot fairly anchored and not Gorut to routed out of the White House in his time of dwindling support the president could take Comfort from Telephone Calls reportedly coming in from All Over the country in a sympathetic backlash telling him that he should not quit republicans Are widely split Oil tape transcripts Washington up a the Nixon s watergate Conversa watergate transcripts left tons and Many were struggling Republican leaders deeply i with problem of How their sided Over president Nixon s candidates should Deal with it Horn on i lip fourth of july. 11192 vol. 81�?no. 263 copyright 1971, Freedom newspapers Brownsville Texas i nday. My i 117 i to pages daily 10c�?sunday 25e it Means for said in the november watergate election. At least one of them confided future and what the party. There were those who Nixon is innocent of any that the demands for Nixon a wrongdoing those who called resignation were motivated by for his resignation or impeach fears about what May happen ment. And those who remained to the cop at the polls. To Lent. But. According to a up poll of cop leaders almost All of them were dismayed by what robbers kill 3 Iii store Mckinney Tex. Up Cameron a democrats in gov. Otis Bowen of Indiana summed up their quandary saying that after Reading the transcripts a it is pretty hard to bandits armed with a .30 Caliper they read in the transcripts of decide which Side to get carbine robbed a country Gro the Calls for Nixon a Resigna very and filling station East of Tion were entered in washing Mckinney Early saturday and Jon. Five gop senators killed the operator and two Cus suggested the president should towers. Step Down and two House Preston Broyles 73. Of farm Republican leaders said they Erville operator of the Hilltop thought it might be a Good idea. Grocery and Gary Coker 18, of w a a Many More congressmen added the Princeton area were found i j i Lff it that impeachment probably face Down on the floor both Ulm Jim was inevitable. Dead. In Tennessee cop party Billy St. John 18, also of by Jim Aan Stoos chairman . Kopald said Princeton was conscious when there was Little discontent if Nixon should not resign but officers arrived but was dead any among More than 230 undergo the impeachment pro when he reached Collin memo Cameron county democrats in Cess. A and i done to think it will rial Hospital in Mckinney their annual convention to a tear the country up to have an no witnesses choose delegates to the state impeachment process a he said. No witnesses survived the convention and to adopt a we survived it shooting. But j. E. Austin resolutions for submission to the Republican House speaker who lives a few Hundred Yards state party caucus. Richard Hewes in Maine made away heard shots and walked the four hour convention at an even stronger Appeal for to the store said he heard some Tussell elementary school impeachment. A a in be seen body say , lets get outta auditorium Here saw the enough to discredit the Man a selection of 45 delegates and As he said. Quot things that Are the department of Public Many alternates to the party s revealed later might change safety put out a radio Alert for state convention slated for that one Way or the other but it two White men armed with a sept. 17 in Austini. Has to be carbine and Riding in a 1966 or a highlight of the convention but a vast number of gop 1967 Chevrolet. Was Strong passage of a leaders in other parts of the the Man who called the col Resolution calling Tor either the country said they found nothing in county sheriffs office at empty Horent or removal of in transcripts to support 6 40 a in. Had just passed the j resident Nixon from that of impeachment. They included store and seen two men with a a i. California gov. Ronald Reagan gun get out of a car. To re a nil Alabama National committee the Cash Register was open i by Man Perry Hooper Oklahoma but there was no Way to Tell ,7s�?T is chairman Clarence Warner How much Money was taken favourably. Out of about 40 which Oregon National committee investigators did not believe it went initially to the con woman Coli a Moore Florida was much because it was s0 chairman be Quot Tommy Tho Early in the Day. Fanner Mas Pennsylvania Senate the store is on u. S. 380, Hiudt r ? minority whip Stanley Stroup three Miles East of Mckinney. And of a or Nixon Cabinet i formerly was holders a it fit in is Quot a Ember wint0 m Rio Una wry and residents of the area cd Ner set to the full mini Trippi part chairman stif Ca a a Clarke bred vent one step ten she fired of what porn a Emit fur or in. Nixon it defense the Collin county sheriffs of Wilemon Vela called a Ilid s�yn8 that impeachment would Hee department of in Public Safeway among county Democrat. A a by investigators Texas rangers the Resolution calling for the be trans no Ltd not and a Dps helicopter vesti unconditional impeachment or in of a. Satis lion 8ated the to ase removal of prudent Nixon the conservative hate from his office was objected to and be i Poai Ament _ lobby Only by a few delegates All of 1 certainly think it is a whom Vela said were from car >1?. Cai1 .,0. Be precinct one. Port Isabel. A opt a stand up arid there was at the outset of c0nte<i,.l, l 1 the convention some question As but by Barnstead a Conser to whether the five delegates Yotive and go chairman from that precinct would even Massachusetts insisted be seated and allowed to vote. Not xon defenders Are because Cameron county Darling rabidly. Democratic party chairman a the Only people left Are the a total were considered a Jinni to the wire j usic. Husband 7 s Jet ending Nixon by Helen Thoma up White House reporter hut Irr i n being fix crumbling a Ile said these were Quot private Washington Ipi Julie talks under the most David Eisenhower said my situation in which the saturday president Nixon con president was trying to remove fixed Friday night he would the taint of any criminality take impeachment Quot cons Titu t Ion. Illy Down to Mereta in brim s Crum rather than res. The tape transcripts show him As Quot a Hun who saw his dreary Wing a standing in front of a grape Arbor in the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden their voices catching occasionally with anger and emotion they flatly denied rumours Nixon was preparing to resign and said the nation had no grounds for Shock Over the profanity or moral tone of the transcripts. The presidents younger daughter who said she was a so proud of her father and conducted the on Ferenec while from the White House Quot the wire Quot a is unfair to hold the tone of they said these conversations against him a he said. Julie worked visibly to hold Back tier anger when a reporter suggested the couple was merely inv thing the Whit House line on Nixon behalf. A a in a so proud of him that i would never in afraid to come hit Here and talk to any Metier of the pres about res gnat on or an it thing even though it goes against my Grain because i know he does t want me to come out stir said Quot he does no to want anyone to construe that in a trying to answer questions for him Quot Kissinger israeli proposal Jeri israeli it Alem Abinet her husband outdo it a news Nixon worked in his i office building Hideaki leaving for Oklahoma a Cut i be before of so de Henry Rwjr h f plot a or for a no Iii Kyj ii ment with by ravaged Dolan Kis. Singer re up the gave Secretary a Kissinger its n he on urd the War of Julie and David Eisenhower in a joint news conference saturday declare president Nixon xviii rest his Fate on impeachment through the constitutional process and said he would not resign under any circumstance. Cops Pilot s karate chop overcome plane hijackers Otom pre Dent least wit it Hoen thu in in his he trial hot mid time son told to the Irupe trough to Tetany. This Conal the a two rach mini two top an Heigh iced the plans meeting with after sending to the to of Tjun Eitra ring Hills the key to fire line a i inv israeli consider take them to Dar Row and report to evening to the in kissing or told to the meeting. Or go Ida Meir was a rce ment on a cease have the fun Range of . I will i ascus Tomoru k tomorrow sell Cabinet a porters after Ime minister Senf because in that Dwin lost g was really w i fat a tree Bogota Colombia up a the government told the dons As to the nun police aided by a Pilot with a hijackers through the control hijackers. The government karate chop saturday subdued Tower that it would not pay a it believed there were six hijackers who had taken an cent and called on them to one of 25 women and children Viates airlines Boeing 727 surrender to police. The gov let off at an intermediate Stop with 94 other people aboard on eminent promised they won t said she saw Only four two in an Aerial tour of Colombia with tie shot on sight if they gave up the aisle and two in the cockpit demands for a Ransom and Safe peacefully. Presidential spokesman Rafa passage to Cuba police said. Meanwhile the plane sat on Naranjo Villegas. What the passengers and Crew were the runway and had a new tire earlier said Cayuga Tex up a three unharmed except that several installed while other aircraft met int Vovou d a a Quot. Act it Inus it mint of but had Jack Skaggs had not received Bard Core and thrill never Hundred persons were out All Swiere minor injun it Are taking off and Landing All he kit pm a medic. Lies in the Stampede to get Oft. A p , offered minor injun around. 1w4 there urn tier threat the govt i Degoti pressure or required minutes from that rive in a he said. A they re the Friday a get searching an la precincts organizational kind who Budge even Opo car game preserve for police said. Meeting. If they found a gun with his game Warden Ernie Davig the Hijack my ended an hour Long conference of prints on it. But they re All year Oid daughter Deborah of apr a a the credentials committee that left. T. Iino. Old hijackers w a eventually recommended to the most of those who refused to i Edo ran was seen just before involved one of them was shot said they had not Darj and a Herla you a on a during the scuffle when they p were Conff acting ver lice had a free hand to end the re Hijack any Way they saw fit he would go to the Senate and he said that if there were one senator who believed in him that s the Way it would Eisenhower said. Quot he believes that its a constitutional process he believes this is the Best Way to handle the situation a asked whether there were any truth in the rising wave of Rumor that Nixon is Preo Anni to resign he said Quot no a and added Quot i think that s categorical he would to Julie described her father As a a disturbed by the increasing Calls from republicans for hts Nat on but determined to ensure said that both rides a its no in Blini-1 in Hill the were beginning to move Quot toward a serious examination at each others positions but that there were still very Tough hurdles to be cleared before agreement to reached. Israeli information minister Shimon Peres in answer to a question told reporters that Kissinger now had the Quot Complete israeli position Peres added Quot the Israel aia Gill by i and Lay 2�?z 1916 proposals were the fullest Given have ii Ore in common with until now in a Compromise on each other than the fact they Ever possible aspect at an both happen to fall inside the same month Peres said the israelis Mother s Day i be in Browns considered the syrian position Ville this year shared honors Tough but that Damascus or dreads with the earlier Day appeared Quot ready to reach an let to Moville i a a in tiry hits 02 ims full convention to seat delegates comment from the precinct As Well As read the transcripts. Those from precinct 12, Russell elementary school in Brownsville. The latter precinct also had not submitted minutes to Skaggs. Credential committee chairman Donald Crow when recommending to go ahead and neat delegates from the two precincts and allow them to vote urged that this be the last Haifa Israel up a Lime the convention recognize magistrate has fined any delegates from precincts housewife one Pound $u.24 for set democrats pig. In up Una ,r0 in her a hb0r a fish s a Little bit croak Road near her Home. When night were artes cd police said. Came and she had not returned the of the Hijacker Home her father started the wa5 shot was not search. The bicycle was soon known. Found by the Side of the Road tem Sald my Horah c was 01 a la a ads us Quot i Quot it in Ltd a 10 soviets quietly Wall off Square in May of having the record agreement along the lines of High temperature Ever recorded the earlier agreement Between in Brownsville for that month. J egg Star Mercury Rose to 102 degrees Here saturday which National presents resist them weather service specialist Tom pm David said the president was Jackson said matched the High Hafez. Now a Trot or than every a and of May 22. 1916 the record High important Day o the attire of Julie added that her Mother foe May. Also Quot takes with a Grain the blistering heat Felt by if Siili she a weather inc this Brownsville residents m i Aas almost an All time High founders senior member of the d Israel a i that when Kissinger the latest israeli to syrian president sad it will be Quot a very the in undersecretary of state to saturday a Eph j. A Misoo and Harold m. Pm. On1 heatedly denying Subj they had been sent out t As mouthpieces for the president the couple took Issue with soviet and the Lenin mausoleum charges that the transcripts Ithai it communism a most show shocking immorality in hallowed shrine will recorded month. For the City in any National Security Council flew speak Monin according he said news records Datin Moscow up just before 8 a m. Saturday a overcame authorities sealed off red w de came walking Down the j. He Jockers Square saturday building a Road she said she realized she the Jet was parked hundreds Neva Kremlin Wall that allowed closed until nov. I. It will in a a d not was lost and thought the Best of Yards from the tourists Only a Knothole View of reopened just in time for the hockey by a to do was sleep in a tree Ai which she did. To Jackson by helicopter to the Heights with israelis chief of staff la. Hack to 1878 show the highest Gen. Mordechai gut. Ones a a Mark Here since then to have there they travelled by car. Been by degrees on aug. 15, Blate department spokesman 1915. Robert Anderson said they the Jet was parked hundreds new Kremlin Wall that allowed closed until nov. I. It will Imd Fnu to see How you can be that Halij Quot a a of repeated we gone six a Imd Udog on sept 21 194,. Raki re Dot the travel time. Ana spent four up Iran. I tips Kink kit hours m Qun Eitra and its High Marks in the City a history hours in pot Pedro mj2s2 pot of fish Stew. Road deaths the attorney for Vanya Stein said her neighbor Tamara i Iff Malucha 57, caused his client 1 Quot great distress by putting the Austin Tex. It la i re the Crew to on to Bogota whatever Frog in the Stew because frogs diced Speed limits and curtailed and thence to Call Pereira and behind j building of Bogota s Eldorado Moscow a Best known land annual nov.7 Parade celebrate Julie said. International Airport. It had Mark ing the 1917 bolshevik revolt she said they should be read Fau in years urto Undine world the. Ivria. Just been refuelled and the officials gave no warning Ion. With the understand no that at a Quot.,.a a for h2 hijackers had demanded a apology or explanation for the pravda offered no explant the time Nixon was Quot a Man hot air oui Mexico a mini due for be fresh Crew to Fly to a final so id wooden Fence which will to Civ for the closure beyond who at flu in Meta a j?&Quot,0 a a a a Hwn. Quot Caw a s2�?o of specified destination. Surround most of the Quarter saying it is connected with arout him a record breaking tem a mile in site the Post of Tbs the hijackers seized the mile Long Square for the entire unspecified Quot repairing and Replane Enro Ute from Pereira to tourist season. Building work a Bogota on Friday and forced hundreds of foreign tourists was going on turned away disappointed and quickly became angry. Don Pedro came into the newsroom fanning himself with his Sombrero Quot Kinda warm out there. In t it a the City editor observed. A a that a the expletive deleted i understatement of the week Quot said the Don. A it is so expletive deleted hot Senor Don Pedro thought is Ririe in i to court then i reposed the symbolic Fine on mrs. Malucha. Are not Kosher under jewish driving because of gasoline Back to Bogota where their Moscow a favorite guessing a a ifs hardly Worth coming to dietary Laws. Because of this shortages Are keeping Texas hijacking ended. Game Moscow if you won t let us into he said his client was forced to traffic fatalities 28 per cent be-1 the hijackers ordered the police kept people away from the Square a a French speaking throw out the Stew Low the 1973 Levels the depart colombian government to Deli the Fence earlier in the Day but woman told a policeman. The judge rebuked the ment of Public safety reported or >460.000, the latest Ransom later relaxed the ban. Musco authorities placed no signs attorney for bringing the Case saturday. Figure for a flight to Cuba. If vites craned to see what was Ito in in Quot to tour for t1 through noon Friday 815 per the government still refused happening through chinks and inconvenience or giving any sons had lost their lives in Tex the hijackers threatened to Knothole in the seven to eight explanation As traffic mishaps 312 fewer blow the red and Gray Jet up foot High Structure. The fences went up during a High and in w than the 1.127 deaths reported with everyone aboard. Inside soldiers appeared to National Holiday Friday night new York up a the through the same period last the hijackers firs set a to Mak no preparations for a when traffic barred from lowest temperature reported year. That was a decrease in deadline of i . 2 . New building several heavy the an i saturday to the National Wea deaths of 28 per cent. Edt but later extended it by cranes and excavators were tens of thou ands of v tors ther service excluding Alaska the number of accidents in an hour. As the second deadline parked in the Square and piles normally pass daily through the Hospital. Is a Corno be Llama was going to my Hawaii we As 3 decrees a solving one or More fatalities passed the hijackers said they of lumber and building Materi red Granite mausoleum that to obituaries. 1s-a melt off. Butte Mont highest reported a declined 24 per cent Down wanted a fresh Crew the als could tie seen a retains the embalmed remains sports. La aim out he went still fun i Friday was 99 degrees at 221 from the 930 in 1973 to the airline indicated a new Crew the communist party news of the founder of the soviet weather 10-a Tong. 1 Pituc Usri n m. 799 reported so far this year would be provided. Paper pravda said the Square state Vul. Lenin. Woman a news-c Cwi Pera Tures registered throughout farthest israeli Advance in Tho tyls a a a Quot purim 17 War. Now a ghost town. ,1 Quot a min who was met inc in a 105 Dot ref its saturday and Rio lies at the heart of Kissinger a Man who was reacting As a a ride qty noted a of efforts to get agreement on 108. The cease fire line. A High i Brownsville moms fearful at official with his party has said another scorcher on their that once the truce line is s special Day today May be some agreed on the other issues will what relieved by the prediction fall into place., f 4 a i h the Viv of i feature. Page Abby pc amusements. Eva nazi fied. I a comics. K b editorial. 4-a that a weak cold front which the visit appeared to lend was Over Central Texas credence to reports that Israel saturday will move closer to is willing to give up Qun Eitra. The Valley today dropping for weeks sources and temperatures Here a Little newspapers in both Israel and High temperature today and Egypt have reported Israel monday is expected to lie in might be willing to give up the mid 90s, and skies should Qun Eitra itself As part of a remain Clear to partly Cloudy settlement but would insist on both Days. Low tonight should retaining three strategic Hills be in the Low 70s. West and North of the town a mostly southeasterly winds to Hermon it Tel brutal and today and monday should be Tel Avital. They protect three from eight to 16 Miles per hour. Israeli settlements. It

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